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Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads [V7] Empty Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads [V7]

Sun Aug 16, 2020 9:31 pm
Name: Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads
Element: -
Rank: E-S
Spec Type: Ninjutsu
Backstory: The Bloodline of the Tau Clan, Earth Grudge Fear, gave these clan members a truly unique body, replacing their flesh and bones with countless black, organic threads, allowing them to perform feats others could only dream of. This technique is one of the first any Tau will learn, as it allows them to properly control these threads and use them in a multitude of ways, turning their body itself into the ultimate weapon.



Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads [V7] Tumblr_mb4ml8IDaL1qeqhx5o1_500

Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads [V7] 0a9560da168fd69eba665edf047fc6e81e7ac021_00

Handseals: N/A
Duration: Up to 6 post
Cooldown: Duration +2
Range: 5m/10m/15m/20m/25m/40m
Power: 5/15/25/40/60/Vigor
Speed: 5/15/25/40/60/Vigor
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: -
What it does:

This technique allows members of the Tau Clan to utilise truly utilise their threads in battle, and the ways in which these threads can truly be used is almost endless. They can be used as weapons, they can be used as grappling tools, they can be used to 'heal' injuries, they are even able to be used to modify the body of the users. 

If the user of this technique has limbs severed they are able to use their threads to reattach the severed body part without issue and without the need of Medical Ninjutsu, although in turn they will be unable to properly utilise the limb for 3 posts. If Medical Ninjutsu is used then the 3 posts are skipped, but the technique used must be at least A-rank. It should be noted that the user will not be able to survive decapitation with this, and they are unable to simply reattach their head if it is removed. 

When the threads are used outside the body of the user they move at jutsu speed, and gain a sharpness stat equal to jutsu power at the tips. The threads can pierce directly through the skin of the user with no consequence, aside from tearing the skin and causing scarring on the user, so many users will instead create their own openings in the form of 'stitched cuts' on their body for the threads to emerge. The user of this technique is able to control up to 15 individual threads at once, although these 'threads' could instead be composed of thread clusters that are thicker than your standalone threads. They still possess the same sharpness and speed, they are just thicker. The user is also able to bind people with the threads, in which case they gain a 'strength' of jutsu power and will require the bound person to have a higher strength stat in order to break free. 

Finally, the user is also able to 'extend' their limbs with their threads, essentially using them to make their limbs shoot outwards at jutsu speed, connected to them via the threads and being controlled in the same manner, although the limbs will still maintain their regular functions while this happens. 

Character Specific: N/A
Wordcount to learn: Begins with E Rank/500/1000/1500/2500/5000
Action Cost: Activation: 7/12/22/35/45/100, Upkeep:  4/6/11/13/23/50
Mastery: N/A
Bonus Requirements: Possess the Earth Grudge Fear Bloodline
Canon or Custom: Canon
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads [V7] Empty Re: Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads [V7]

Sun Aug 16, 2020 9:38 pm
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