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Masashi Uzumaki
Masashi Uzumaki
Ryo : 35650

Masashi performs an autopsy (IO, NK) Empty Masashi performs an autopsy (IO, NK)

Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:51 pm
Masashi had already had a long day; that tense situation at the north gates was more stressful than he’d wanted to admit, and the fact that it happened right at the beginning of their patrol shift made the rest of it a little more effort than it normally should have done. And on top of that, he was doing an autopsy on the would-be attacker that Keina so easily dispatched earlier that day. To be fair though, he brought it on himself as he told the medical support staff that took the body away that he would deal with it. So here he was, getting prepared to dissect this body to find out if there was anything that could explain why he wanted to attack a village by himself.

Masashi scrubbed his hands and arms down with soap and water, as is normal procedure for doing any work in the hospital. It was something familiar and nostalgic for the Uzumaki Chuunin; he didn’t really do much work in the hospital lately on account of his self-imposed solitude. It was nice to get back into a familiar setting, a place where he’d spend almost half his life honing the skills needed to excel in this field. What he was getting ready for wasn’t exactly the part he was expecting to enjoy, but it gave him a chance to expand his knowledge in the area of medicine that he was most interested in; genetics and how the special bloodlines, the Kekei Genkai of other clans affected the body. With his scrubbing completed, Masashi made his way into the autopsy room to begin his work.

His butler was waiting for him inside. Since he was going to be doing research simultaneously, he didn’t want to keep washing his hands after touching other things like his notes and whatnot. His butler was also a trained medical assistant, which was part of the reason why Masashi had originally hired him. Masashi smiled at the man and said “ready to begin?” To which the man responded by bowing slightly. “Alright, we’ll start with the basics.” He pulled the cloth back, revealing the torso and head of the dead assailant. “Male, dark hair, and eyes, roughly five foot, seven inches tall and one hundred and sixty pounds.” The Uzumaki Chuunin walked slowly around the body, examining it in detail. “No scars or other indication of injury as far as I can tell prior to his engagement with our squad earlier today. Cause of death is clearly trauma caused by the two kunai that were thrown at him, one severing the spinal cord in his neck, and the other entering the back of his skull, causing massive damage to his occipital lobe.” He paused to make sure his butler had written everything down. “Death would have been immediate.” The rest of the surface examination gave no indications of any external factors causing a shift in the person’s behaviour. It’s all speculation though, as Masashi had never met them prior to their encounter this morning. With a nod he’d look over to his butler, “time to cut him open and see if there’s anything going on inside him that would explain his actions.

WC: 534
Masashi Uzumaki
Masashi Uzumaki
Ryo : 35650

Masashi performs an autopsy (IO, NK) Empty Re: Masashi performs an autopsy (IO, NK)

Tue Aug 25, 2020 8:45 pm
Masashi started the autopsy with a traditional set of 3 incisions, shaped like the letter ‘Y’. This allowed him access to the corpse’s ribcage and other internal organs. There was no trauma to his heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, or any other part of his torso. That made sense, considering that his cause of death was the kunai in his throat and head. He wasn’t looking for a cause of death though, since he was there when this rogue ninja met his end. The Uzumaki Chuunin examined each organ in detail, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. He took some samples for further analysis back at his lab, giving them to his butler to transport back to the manor. With that sorted out, Masashi would return the orgams to their original spots and sew the body back up.

With that completed, he would move on to the corpse’s head, cutting the skull open to examine the brain. There was quite a difference here from the body. ‘That’s what happens when you get a kunai in the brian.’ He thought to himself as he examined the damage. A good chunk of the brain was damaged beyond repair, and the rest of it didn’t seem to have anything wrong with it from what he could tell. He took a couple samples of it as well, put the brain back inside and closed the skull, and then had his butler fetch someone to have the body returned to the freezer. He’d write up the remainder of the report here and continue his own research at home in his lab.

WC: 266
TWC: 800
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