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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 22450

Wind Release: Gale Palm Empty Wind Release: Gale Palm

Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:39 pm
Name: Wind Release: Gale Palm
Element: Wind
Rank: A-Rank
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Special Jutsu Type: -
Backstory: -

Wind Release: Gale Palm Tumblr_lvm07xgtIF1r1t4wmo5_250
Handseals: Dragon > Hare > Ram > Horse > Bird > Clap Hands
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 2 posts
Range: 5m diameter gale, moves 15m forwards; alternatively, 5m around the user in 360^
Power: 50
Speed: 50
Health: 50
Stat Boosts: Buffs or debuffs Speed and Strength of thrown projectiles depending on their direction, more detail below
What it does: Clapping one's hands after performing the needed handseals, the user compresses chakra across his back, drawing in wind charged with their own chakra which then creates a powerful gale which moves at jutsu speed in the direction the user's body is facing. Anyone caught in the gale's path will be knocked down and pushed back the length of the jutsu should they not have Strength equal or superior to the power of the jutsu.

Any physical weapon projectiles such as kunai, shuriken and senbon will have their throw speed and strength buffed or debuffed depending on whether they're traveling with the gale or against it, respectively. For example:

Ninja A throws a shuriken at base speed of 50 and base strength of 50. The shuriken has the following stats:
Throwing Speed: 90
Throwing Distance: 45
Bonus Sharpness: 25

Ninja A then utilizes the Gale Palm technique; this confers an additional 50 Speed and Strength to the throw, boosting the shuriken as such:
Throwing Speed: 140
Throwing Distance: 70
Bonus Sharpness: 50

The opposite works differently, as a projectile as sent by Ninja A could be debuffed by Ninja B applying a base power Gale Palm onto oncoming projectiles as such:
Throwing Speed: -50 Speed, total of 40
Throwing Distance: -50m, meaning it'd push the kunai back 5m
Bonus Sharpness: -50, meaning no sharpness bonus would apply.

Should the user wish, they can forfeit the range of the technique and the bonuses it can confer to projectiles, and instead create a dome around themselves of revolving wind which can deflect (in case of jutsu power being superior to throw speed) or redirect (in case jutsu is stronger than half the throwing speed of the projectile). A projectile will still pierce throught this revolving technique if they are twice as fast as the technique's power.

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to learn: 2500
Action Cost: 40
Mastery: Yes
Bonus Requirements: -
Canon, Custom or Village Exclusive: Canon, Original
Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Ryo : 137950

Wind Release: Gale Palm Empty Re: Wind Release: Gale Palm

Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:44 am
This looks fine, trial approved.
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

Wind Release: Gale Palm Empty Re: Wind Release: Gale Palm

Wed Jul 08, 2020 6:03 pm
If train A leaves the station going north at 120 mph and Train B leaves the same station an hour later going 145 mph how long will it take for this joke to land?

Full Approval
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Ryo : 233650

Wind Release: Gale Palm Empty Re: Wind Release: Gale Palm

Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:17 pm
One last thing:

Please add a note that "The buff does not scale"
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Wind Release: Gale Palm Empty Re: Wind Release: Gale Palm

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