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Village Rules Empty Village Rules

Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:42 pm
Introduction to Villages

NRPG World Map:
Village Rules EqbhlEq

Villages are unique locations on the forum where large groups of Shinobi dwell. They offer security and stability for those who inhabit them and consider it a residency. For these various boons, they typically attract a wide array of Shinobi that only help reinforce its strength, increasing their reputation. On NRPG, you can create your own village featuring three different levels that describe how technologically advanced it is: Settlement, Minor Village, and Major Village. More information on these village types and how to go about creating your own can be found here here.

The various Villages recognized on the forum can be found below.

Major Village:

Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Location: Fire Country
Hokage: Ishimaru Shinkou
Deputy Kage: Goto Senju
Village status: OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS

Konohagakure no Sato is known for its year-round warm climate. The shinobi that dwell within are nearly non-existent. The taxes levied by Kirigakure after the village's conquest have destroyed the once-booming economy and driven out most of those that once called it home. For a time, Konohagakure was led Kinzoku Nazar, a former shinobi of Sunagakure who joined the ranks of Konoha after Kumo took control of his old home, and later down the line Eleventh Hokage appointed by the previous Mizukage Xyxer Gyojin, who had conquered Konoha and taken control of the nation. Though uneasy as a great name such as Konohagakure being reduced to take orders from another village, Konoha continued their efforts under the monitored leadership of Kinzoku.

Called into war to attack Sunagakure ruins - at the time haven for Missing Ninja - Konoha honored the call and arrived on the battlefield, where Konoha aided in launching an all-out assault on everyone within its walls, be they, combatants or non-combatants. Kinzoku Single-handedly launched a mass attack on the village that in turn destroyed a third of the village and killed various civilians and refugees who had nothing to do with the Missing Ninja's residency.

After such a dishonorable act, time would continue with Konohagakure's people torn - hearing tales of their Kage partaking in such senseless murder though incapable of confirming said truths. Their fear remained unanswered as the village's distrust festered. Kinzoku handed control of Konoha to his deputy, Yensung Aburame. Still, as was shown quite quickly, Yensung was not a good leader and allowed both Kirigakure and his own shinobi to do whatever they wished. Soon his own shinobi lost faith in him, leading Chunin Tadashi Namikaze to head to Kirigakure in an attempt to talk to the Mizukage to lower the taxes on Konoha... but the boy was killed before he could even speak with the Mizukage. Furthermore, this act caused the taxes on Konoha to be raised. The lack of response from Yensung himself led the shinobi of Konoha to realize that their leader would do nothing against the tyrannical Mizukage. 

Yuki and a group of 4 Genin defected from the village, as did the up-and-coming shinobi Shibata Nara and Hanabi Hyuuga. They were only the start, with the result being a village practically deserted by its shinobi forces. Wan Senju, a Missing-Nin from Sunagakure, traveled to Konoha and entered the village through the gates unopposed and marched on the Hokage Tower, seeking an audience with Yesung. Still, the man attacked the Missing-Nin on sight. Wan acted in turn and killed Yensung, taking Hokage's empty title and draining the village of all remaining funds before leaving with one of the few shinobi that remained within the village. The Future of Konoha looks bleak at best, the once-bustling village having been completely abandoned by all that were once loyal to it. 

Village: Hoshigakure no Sato
Location: Haven Country
Hogokage: Ayato Hyuuga 
Deputy Kage: --
Village status: OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS

Far to the northwest of the world lies the quiet land of Haven, a diverse land bordered by forests, mountains, and deserts. Near its center lies the heart of Haven, Hoshigakure.  Formerly a non-shinobi city and the country's capital that it resides in, the area was under siege by rogue ninja factions until the entrance of a group of helpful ninja. A steady change has altered the village from an isolated kingdom to one of the world's major ninja forces, unique for its division between the shinobi and the royal traditionalists opposed to their presence.

The village itself is an oasis in the arid southern half of the country, with life and water spreading from the village southeast towards Fire's land. An altered climate provides an enjoyable living location, with cooler temps and gentle precipitation for most of the year. Far to the north of the village, the sweeping grasslands give way to the mountainous north, with a lush alpine ecosystem near its border with Stone.

As the years went by, the divide between the shinobi and the nation's civilians only continued to worsen, reaching an all-time low when the late queen passed and her distant relation, Akihana Akari, one of the shinobi that helped form the village, took the mantle for herself. This act of usurpation from the shinobi resulted in the order known as the Queenguard fracturing. The order tearing itself apart as brother fought against brother, with those loyal to the crown eventually slain to the last man by those loyal to their shinobi protectors. Only months later, Akihana herself passed of an unknown disease, believed to be the same one that took the life of their former queen, and the ancestral line of Hoshigakure's royalty came to an end. The village has remained in a troubled state since this time and as time passed.

Years later and Hoshigakure is in a stagnant state, the original leaders of Hoshigakure no longer present and leadership no longer at the forefront. A longtime veteran of the village named Yasaki Dosser stepped up after the failed coup led by the former Fourth Hogokage and current Missing Ninja, Valen Akari, that caused many Hoshigakure Shinobi that sided with him to either be executed for treason, captured, or leave and become Missing Ninja themselves. Yasaki, now the Sixth Hogokage,  wished to bring justice upon the tarnished name of Hoshigakure and establish the village as a force to be reckoned with once again.

When his successor Ayato Hyuuga took the Kage's mantle, his first course of action was to abolish the already frowned upon practice of transplants. There were, of course, the few who protested that decision believing that shinobi built their villages on the practice as it was an easier way to greater power. “Funny, they said the same during Valen’s reign in Hoshi, and we saw who that turned out.” the Kage had responded. “What happens in other villages is none of my concern. There are no shortcuts in the shinobi world. Actions like that affirm everything that those in Hoshi who would revile shinobi say about us." And thus, the matter had ended.

Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Location: Lightning Country
Raikage: Noboru Kaito
Deputy Kage: Ichigo Sato
Village status: OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS

Kumogakure is primarily a mountainous region. Though the majority of the mountains are covered in dense pine forests, there are craggy areas throughout. The mountains occupy more than two-thirds of the Land of Lightning. However, in the southernmost reaches, the area levels out to create what is known as the Black Forest. The area's temperature is generally low, getting no higher than 80 degrees even in the summer. However, in the summer, spring, and autumn, the humidity regularly hits 100 percent.

The land of lightning has always had a militaristic nature. The culture is based upon people's strength, where strength rules and the weak suffer. Many young people find themselves enlisting into paramilitary groups, into the shinobi forces of Kumo, or into the Daiymo’s samurai forces. Those who do not find themselves a part of these military forces often turn to crime, becoming bandits and raiders. The civilians tend to look up to those in power, placing them upon a pedestal. With the reign of the Raikage, Mortarion, this specific trait has become even more apparent. Civilians are fearful of enraging the shinobi forces.

Kumogakure is led by might makes right. Those who are in power are to be obeyed at all costs. Academy Students subjugate themselves to Genin, Genin to Chuunin, Chuuin to Jounin, and all ninja to the Lord Raikage. Failure is met with harsh punishment, like the Rot Forest, and the heads on pikes on the walls of Kumo are the very face of the village.

After Mortaroin's dismissal, Kumogakure continued to uphold the teachings he proposed to the village, favoring strength beyond all else. Since then, the Kingship passed down many names though failed to hold their seat and prove their strength to the people. One of the more recent being a young boy named Maximillian Yamaguchi, who sought a different method to reform the will of Mortarion that still held Kumogakure captive. Unfortunately, such efforts would fall short as the shinobi Nobunaga Hiyu who once was a Kumogakure shinobi, before shifting allegiance to Kirigakure, arrived and defeated Maximillian, a battle for Kumogakure, Nobunaga being sent there on a task to conquer the village in Xyxer Gyojin's stead. All seemed lost until a lone Missing Ninja came and defeated the traitor, declaring himself to be the scout of a much greater man that was now their Raikage.

Soon the Missing Ninja disappeared to retrieve his master, Gidyne Rygisae, of which arriving to now restore Kumogakure to its former glory that's deteriorated over time, along with fulfilling his own mysterious agenda not yet known to the public.

Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Location: Island Country
Mizukage: Sugi Murata
Deputy Kage: Chizu Hyuuga (NPC)
Village status: OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS

The once bustling, sunny islands of Shimagakure now lie under the weight of a dense mist that blankets the entire village of the remnants of Shimagakure, a village now known as Kirigakure, or New Kirigakure to be more precise. The village consists of a variety of shinobi due to the forced merger of Tengakure with Shimagakure, which of course, resulted in what you see now. The Shinobi of this village value strength above mercy in every situation, with the ruthlessness of their Mizukage being drilled into them in almost every lesson. The ruins of a former statue litter a field not too far away from the center of the main island, a testament that's kept to remind the village to remain humble.

The village still engages in an age-old tradition that was brought back by Xyxer Gyojin, allowing for the village to retain the title of 'The Village of the Bloody Mist, with the aptly named event, 'The Blood Games', which commonly features Genin fighting in varying brawls against one another, and in certain cases, higher ranks than themselves. The possibility of death remains high in these games, and so all of those who survive the games are seen as more accomplished Shinobi than peers who had not undergone the rite of passage. The economy of Kirigakure bustles with their ability to produce their own resources locally on their islands, with a surprisingly low crime rate due to the authoritarian rule and harsh punishments.

Time has passed, and Kirigakure is now in disarray. Xyxer Gyojin, otherwise known as the Leviathan, has disappeared off the face of the heart, hand it is unclear as to where he now resides, though it seems as if unlike his previous lapse of deserting, this truly is the end. Various other allies within Kirigakure have gone missing as well. The backbone of the great military power that aimed to take over the entire world now lacks its central pieces. Amongst the fright, one sole Shinobi known as Kizmaru Senju buckles down and declares himself as the Mizukage, recognizing his village needs a leader to guide them and willing to carry out that task. Though young and underwhelming in strength, the Mizukage must now prepare himself for the future adversaries to come against his village along with the growing unrest of the people as to Kirigakure's next move.

Village: Sunagakure no Sato
Location: Wind Country
Kazekage: Mizuki Kyuketsuki
Deputy Kage: Guren Chinoike
Village status: OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS

Sunagakure is an old and forgotten name to the modern village system, as the village itself was once as prominent as Konoha, but after the actions of Kumogakure, or more specifically, Maku the Conqueror, it was abandoned and forgotten by all. The few shinobi that remained within its walls grew weak over the years, dwindling the villages remaining funds down until nothing left save the desperate and slowly dying folk within its walls. That all changed the day Kenshin Uzumaki, notorious S-ranked Missing-Nin, of Hoshigakure, showed up at the village's gates, butchering every shinobi that stood in his path and crucifying those that attempted to flee upon the walls of the very village they once defended. The infamous Missing Ninja continued to provoke Kumogakure as he declared himself Kazekage and rebuilt. Still, his actions had unknowingly caught the attention of The Leviathan, Xyxer Gyojin of New Kirigakure. An attack was launched on the shell as it was being rebuilt, an attack that resulted in over a third of the village itself being destroyed before it could truly be formed, but Konoha and Kiri's attacking forces left without finishing the job.

The New Sunagakure was crafted to be an anomaly to the Village System as a whole, headed by an internationally renowned criminal wanted dead by almost every other nation. As a result, Sunagakure is far closer to a Black Market Hub than the traditional village, openly endorsing and supporting countless illegal activities within its wall. The village and those in charge endorse Everything from the sale of Bloodline Transplants and Prostitution. Some things are frowned upon even within the walls, of course, such as Slave Trading, but nothing is truly off-limits. They are just not endorsed or openly supported. One of the main attractions of Sunagakure is a relatively new addition, The Bloodworks, a massive fighting pit that is open to the public and allows any who wish to enter to test their might... a truly gruesome and bloody spectacle that is loved by the hardy people who live in Sunagakure and foreign visitors alike. Despite all of this, Sunagakure is run like a well-oiled machine, with its own clear-cut set of rules that all inhabitants and visitors must follow. Those who step out of line are warned, and those who continue to defy these rules are made examples.

The newly formed Shinobi Force of the village is as ruthless and efficient as the man in charge of them, and there is no mission that a member of this village would not take. Assassination and Kidnapping are everyday tasks for these shinobi, Torture and Information Retrieval. They can perform with the utmost efficiency, and even Genocide would be done without hesitation if the price was right. These shinobi have undergone intense torture resistance training. They would sooner die than reveal the secrets of their village... not simply out of a sense of loyalty, but because they know that no matter what tortures they are forced to endure, their punishment for breaking would be far worse. Despite how short of a time the village has been around, it has managed to gain a reputation for being completely ruthless and amazingly efficient, which is loved by its clients and feared by anyone with sense.

Due to the death of the Old Sunagakure at the hands of Kumogakure and the resurrection of the village at Kenshin Uzumaki's hands, he is considered by all to be the First Kazekage of the New Sunagakure.

Minor Village:



Village: Tanbogakure no Sato
Location: Rice Country
Kazekage: Yasahiro Yagami
Deputy Kage: --
Village status: OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS

Nestled on the northern periphery of Konohagakure's borders, Rice Country was once little more than an afterthought on the international stage. Only known for its rogues, rice, and remote ryokan, the country lacked a true, unifying force. Indeed, it seemed its only real claim to fame came from its namesake crop that fed shinobi and kunoichi alike well beyond its diminutive borders.

Rice County's status as one of the shinobi world's many backwaters changed, however, with the founding of Tanbogakure. Born from the meeting of Yasahiro Yagami's startup capital and Lord Naito Kita's local political clout, the up-and-coming village attracted an eclectic collection of misfits to its borders in search of a better, more peaceful life. Unfortunately, however, the settlement still stands as a pariah in its own land, for a warlord by the name of Zukumiki roams its southern borders hell-bent on holding the entire Country in his grasp before too long.

All said, the future of Tanbogakure is uncertain, but it is fast arriving at a crossroads. It must first face its internal demons personified by the warlord Zukumiki, consolidate power over a fractured country, and then turn its ambitions outwards to the inhospitable landscape of international politics. Regardless of the outcome, the story of the Land of Rice will not be without struggle as it continues to claw its way from its backwater status to the pinnacle of the larger shinobi world.

Village Leadership

A Kage leads a village. The Kage is in charge of all village decisions and is the highest-ranking Shinobi in the village, therefore a powerful political figure. They’re tasked with keeping the peace and managing the village positively, if not doing as such, failing their duties. Deputy Kage may exist to assist the reigning Kage in his/her duty but must be specified on the village page.

As Kage is the village leader, they can set laws within their village to follow. The Kage can make any rules they like but must consider the villagers’ reaction to such laws and accept the consequences of a potential coup d'etat. All laws are subject to staff review upon request to make sure they conform to the site's rules. The concept of having multiple Kage’s is allowed. However, one village may only have a maximum of three simultaneously, and any benefits such as ryo stipulation will be split equally amongst them rounded down. These laws are to be listed on their home village page, located in each village.

Though the leader of a village, the Kage isn’t in any way immune or incapable of being dethroned. If villagers feel the current Kage is unfit, they can take matters into their own hands and settle their qualms however they may choose, leading a revolt, a vote amongst the villagers, or even take matters into their own hands and challenge them for the title. It’s dependent on the village and their own morales; few limitations are how one wishes to RP these scenarios aside from following the site rules. If a village lacks a Kage, a member of the said village can post in the Kage office and claim the title for themselves, and if not stopped in 48 hours will now be recognized as such. Allow your story to flourish and direct how you handle these situations. Be it a tyrannical Kage undeserving of the position or well respected Kage, and you personally wish to dethrone for selfish matters.

Kage Summits were a concept created long ago to bring together the major villages - though certainly not limited to major only - of the world to discuss important political matters and consult any dilemmas, hostility, or other matters to keep the peace or reach a verdict. However, these settings deteriorated into warfare sparks and saw for justifiable reasons or simply selfish desires. They aren’t considered a requirement or scheduled event amongst Kage’s; however, the lack of proper communication with fellow Kage’s could negatively impact their village, causing the villagers to stress and may even consider overthrowing the idle Kage.

When calling for a Summit, it’s typically held in a neutral country, usually the land of Iron but can certainly be held elsewhere, and any Kage can call for a Summit. Doing so requires the member to post a letter in the Kage office sub-forum of each Kage being invited and notifying them. A minimum requirement of one month to be expected to arrive at the decided area. Ignoring such calls and not showing up is typically seen as a dishonorable act and taken as breaking away from the various villages' uneasy neutrality. Therefore it’s highly recommended to attend them.

There are some rules when it comes to taking the mantle as Kage of a village:

  • A Roleplayer can only be the leader of one village at a time, and there are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Kage’s are expected to be active and directing the village accordingly. Therefore they should be posting IC 10 separate times every 30 days with a minimum of 400 words each to verify their activity. The deadline day is decided on the date of approval for the individual’s claim of Kage. Leave of absences will be factored into these situations but should notify an Administrator before such and post on the forum in the farewell area to keep transparency. Staff members are exempt from this requirement as they need to manage the forum. If a current staff member quits or is fired, their leave date shall start their deadline.
  • Kage’s are expected to report their monthly post requirement, purchases of village upgrades, extraction of village funds, and describe the village's laws in their respective village here without staff having to remind them to do so consistently.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in staff stepping in and the character being removed from their position and won’t become a Kage again for 2 OOC months.

Village Economy

A village is sustained by its economy as well as how the leaders choose to allocate village funding. Each major village receives 6000 Ryo every Friday to symbolize a booming economy. Minor villages get 4000 Ryo while Settlement’s get 2000 Ryo. Other ways of earning money may be through competitions, espionage, and any number of methods the village chooses to employ at its own risk, such as warfare.

When a Kage wishes to deposit or withdraw ryo from their village, they must request the amount and the proper calculations for the new value on the village update page. Additionally, they’re tasked with upkeeping the village update page as a whole and reflecting any form of secondary income or otherwise described there actually to receive its benefits such as taxes.

Village Upgrades

Village upgrades are an umbrella term used to modify and create differentiation from your own village compared to others to a degree. Inherently a village on this forum only comes with so few properties that actually holds sustenance, such as the village gates or kage office; however, through upgrades, more personalized areas can take life and provide actual benefits to the Rper that otherwise wouldn’t be recognized by the forum such as a hospital, bank or crafting store to purchase from.

Upgrades can satisfy various areas of expertise, providing proper defenses for the village, alternate rank-up methods, healing quarters, or so much more; it’s a matter of what the Kage envisions. Only the Kage can purchase village upgrades or deconstruct them for 50% of the original price, and only 5 upgrades can be deconstructed per month. The least an upgrade can be is 25,000 ryo and are judged on a case-by-case basis. A Kage can ask someone else to the app for an upgrade, but they must be the one who purchases it on the village update page and links it. The limit of village upgrades is found here.

Upgrades shouldn’t be considered the primary method of victory or combating invaders whatsoever and more so different quirks to help their cause on a composed level. Furthermore, unique upgrades shouldn’t be copied and pasted from one another or be too similar. This will be monitored for abuse and, if found, outright denied. Upgrades such as a bank, library, or hospital are typical to see in several villages. However, more unique and creative concepts should wield their differentiations.

Village Entry/Exit

To enter or exit a village, first, a character must post at the village gates. If a village entrance or exit topic goes unresponded for 48 hours, it is assumed that NPC guards give the visitor entry/leave and now may freely enter/exit the village. These NPC guards only exist to let ninja in and out of villages and may not be used in combat unless registered properly. This doesn't in any circumstance mean upon being granted entry/leave from a village, the topic immediately closes, and no one can interrupt/invade the topic; it specifically is meant to be taken at face value: your character can now claim entry into the village with their next post(i.e., saying they walked in through the gates). Said post can still be interrupted within 48 hours of its appearance in which a character can timeline the act of entering/leaving the village not to occur if they so choose, in which case the topic must be roleplayed out.

However, once the allotted time has passed and no interruption occurs, the character is considered to have acted claimed and is no longer on the topic. Gate guards must abide by these rules and receive people at the gate and wait the allotted time before leaving the gate topic. There must be an OOC indication of one of these actions occurring, typically done at the bottom of a post stating "[Entering/Leaving Village]" or "Interrupting Exit."

A member can enter topics in the village upon claiming their character is in the process of entering the village even if 48 hours hasn't passed just yet since the post was made. However, it should be noted if the post is interrupted at the gates, the following posts of the topics they entered are void until the dispute is handled at the gate topic; be it they made it out alive or not, in which case clearly the void will remain as the character never made it past the gates. This will be monitored for abuse(i.e., PC gate guard states a character can enter the village. Said character creates a topic causing mayhem or some negatively impactful action to the village/person. The gate guard interrupts the character's entry at the initial gate topic to say they suddenly can't enter in an attempt to void the coming attack.)

Finally, it should go without saying, but a village gate topic should be just that: at the village gates. If a character is given entry into a village, generally speaking, that should be the coming ends of the topic - as in, there shouldn't be any major rping in the village itself. If characters wish to do so, they must make a new topic in the actual village sub-forum. There are special circumstances to this, such as combat occurring at the village gates, which spills over into the village or even destruction topics. However, if not necessary, gate topics should follow this usual procedure. Failure to do and circumvent the rules by partaking in a crime or other issues in the confinement of the village, then using the fact the topic is at the gates to exit into the country borders will be punished - typically resulting in a void of the entire topic, though certainly not limited to.
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