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NRPG Changelog Empty NRPG Changelog

Sat Mar 14, 2020 1:37 am
Creations that have been changed/denied or what not are listed below to avoid confusion and keep transparency amongst members without needing to officially announce them. Be sure to check this topic to see what all has been changed. - Bow's now require a flat 50 base strength to wield - Increased handseals, removed Temp paralysis being able to be mastered handsealless, removed line 'If the user has mastered this jutsu, they may cast it by having the target look into their eyes, without the need for a handseal.' - Clarified IC knowledge is necessary to transplant DNA and expect benefits that must first be established in topics and/or apart of character history. Additionally noted bloodline transplants should be indicated somewhere in stat page which body part it is(i.e. Senju Dna comes from left Kidney). - Lowered handseals, can't be handsealless mastery -Increased handseals - clarified Byakugan isn't immune to Genjutsu. - Added this line "Those who have Ice release initially won't feel cold/freeze to death or suffer harm in that manner from their own ice chakra." - Added this line "Additionally, if the user is a Jinchuriki, the stats of the Bijuu are applied directly to the artificial stats of their display of power." - new link - new link - removed speed debuff since you can't have a technique that simultaneously boosts your stats and debuffs others.
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