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Character Creation Event 2020 Empty Character Creation Event 2020

Sun Mar 08, 2020 6:40 am
Hello, one and all, Kenshin here with an exciting announcement for a new event on NRPG, a familiar concept but one that is being done quite differently from the last time we've seen it. Yes, this is a character creation event, and whilst it is active we will be allowing the creation of characters up to B-rank in each Village and even Missing-Nin. The Event will run for an undisclosed period of time, but rest assured we on the staff team will be monitoring it quite closely and seeing just how well it goes. 

Now, there are some stipulations to this event. These Characters may be created in any village, or even outside of the villages… but there are a set number of slots available in each location, and once the character is created, you will be forced to abide by some rules for the 6 months that it is around, or else the character will simply be treated as dead and the slot will open up for someone else to claim. 

If any High Ranked Characters created in a village attempt to go Missing-Nin, within 6 months of character approval, then the character app will be voided and they will be killed off. This is being done to avoid some of the shenanigans that happened last time something like this was done on the forum. High Ranked Missing-Nin created during this event are allowed to join villages if they so desire, but doing so will take one of the slots from the village in question, and once joined the Missing-Nin is unable to defect from that village until 6 months after their initial creation. If the village has all slots of that rank filled then it is unable to be joined by High Ranked Missing-Nin of that rank that were created during this event. 

These High Ranked Characters will be held to a much higher standard when it comes to both their applications and their activity,  so for the first 6 months of character approval, they must post a set number of times, with a set minimum WC. To keep the character you must post 15 times per month on that character, with a minimum of 500 words in each of those 15 posts for B-rank, with an equal amount of topics but lowered WC of 250 for C-rank. This, again, is being done solely to avoid some of the flaws that were presented the last time such an initiative was put in place on the site.

These event characters will not be applicable for replacement rules should they die, unless you first manage to increase the power ranking of the character at least once, in which case they will be treated as a regular character for the purposes of replacement. Each person is allowed to make 1 character of B-rank and C-rank respectively through this event, but only one event character is allowed at a time, meaning you must either rank up the first or have it die, to make your second. In the event that the character ranks up, they will be treated as a regular character, not an event character, but they will still be held to the same standards for activity until the 6 month period concludes. 

Those who fail to meet the requirement of their post amount are able to "grandfather" decreasing their power rank by one and abide by the new post requirement. Therefore a B rank would become a C rank and a C rank D with the same logic applying to higher ranks if achieved. Grandfathering still counts as 'creating' a new character in this event and will count as your 1 C-Rank limit. A character that's lowered from C to D has no posting requirement to sustain and no longer a byproduct of this event. This system is a means of attempting to appeal to a Rper's storylines and try to ensure those around the offending character aren't penalized, however, if a character fails a deadline twice they must either choose to have them die or be rendered a D Power Rank regardless of the current rank. You have a week from your failing deadline day to request a grandfather rank down otherwise the character will die.

Characters generated from this event, for the first month since the day of their approval, can't be farmed for their rank and bloodline in case they perish in combat. Additionally, any ryo stolen/looted from these characters can't count as progress for MN ranks up.

In the spoiler below you will find what the higher-ranked characters will receive upon their creation, and below that, you will find a fully up to date list of all the currently available and taken slots in this event.Claims from Word Count Bank have to be approved on the stat page.

Starting Bonuses:

B-rank characters will start with the following:

* 30k wc that can be used for anything other than stats
* Up to 3 specs and 3 elements. If less is listed on the character app then that is what you will start with. No exceptions
* 200 stats
* 10,000 ryo
* 1 Jounin flak jacket
* Starting ninja bundle

You may not retroactively claim the rank up rewards for ranks the character has already surpassed upon creation.*

C-rank characters will start with the following:

* 20k WC that can be used for anything other than stats
* Up to 2 specs and 2 elements. If less is listed on the character app then that is what you will start with. No exceptions
* 150 stats
* 5,000 ryo
* 1 Chuunin flak jacket
* Starting ninja bundle

You may not retroactively claim the rank up rewards for ranks the character has already surpassed upon creation.*

B-rank: 1/3
C-rank: 0/5

B-rank: 0/3
C-rank: 0/5

B-rank: 2/3
C-rank: 2/5

B-rank: 1/3
C-rank: 0/5

B-rank: 0/3
C-rank: 0/5

B-rank: 2/3
C-rank: 0/5

B-rank: 4/5
C-rank: 2/8

Last edited by Kenshin Uzumaki on Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:32 pm; edited 8 times in total
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

Character Creation Event 2020 Empty Re: Character Creation Event 2020

Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:20 am
Hello everyone, Kenshin here again with further info regarding the character creation event. As you all know we have been running an event that allows people to create characters of higher ranks than would usually be allowed, although with some extra requirements to keep those characters in the form of a monthly WC and post requirement. Well, seeing as this event has been going on for a month now it is time for us to start checking to make sure that people have indeed been keeping up with the WC requirements.

Fill out the template below and post it once one month has passed from the time of your character apps approval in your stat page, not it's initial post date.

Note: You will be reminded to do this should you forget to do so, but failure to post and inability to meet the post requirements will result in the character being lost and unable to be reclaimed.


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