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From shore to dunes... Improvement? Empty From shore to dunes... Improvement?

Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:19 am
His sudden urge was met by him using his Mayfly to visit the land in which he committed the ultimate mistake in battle that resulted in the death of a teammate. After visiting the same clearing that his friends had perished and vanished, he was ready to move on to another stop on memory lane. It was time he revisited Suna, he had grown stronger since he left that wretched place, and he wanted to test his mettle in dunes of sand that surrounded his home village.

He would submerge himself into the same dirt he once did during the battle with the man in the clearing. The memories flooding his mind, he quickly felt the rush of his body disappearing into the organic material that was the dirt beneath his feet, and would travel back to Suna.

Insta-traveling to Suna from Fang

WC: 138
+138 towards Honi (Familiar) (138/2000)
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