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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:07 pm
Item Retrieval

Of all the strange encounters, Katsuragi has faced during his time in the ShadowLands, this instance would most likely place number 2 on the chart. His body was now crouched behind a rather large oak desk, observing a shady figure shifting through what appeared to be foreign trinkets in a wrought iron safe. Katsuragi managed to gain access into the manor due to not only its seclusion from the small town, but also due to his new friend, the Priest from the rip off church. Apparently the man who was under observation, was well known in the black market as a fence. A fence who actually managed to swing quite a few well known articles without getting caught up with the Shinobi from the major villages. However, the main reason why he hasn't been caught so far, was because of heavily enforced no snitching policy. You hear it all the time in plays and movies, snitches get stitches, no rats allowed, etc...

But it's all essentially put in to effect for a reason. It's a system that benefits everyone, allowing those who get caught up to work not only the shinobi of authority, but also send out a call to alert the rest of the pirates. One wouldn't really quite get it until they get involved with enough work to finally realize that none of this would be possible with the amount of surveillance the villages employ to keep a look out on the black market.

Still watching the shadowy figure, he finally sees the item in quest which he was to return. A blue orb abut the size of an apple, which sat on a small silver stand. It was called the eye of Draco, one of 100 jewels produced from the village hidden in the mist. The jewel itself was worth over 15,000 ryo, due to the fancy story behind it. It was good thing Katsuragi didn't know about tis, otherwise he wouldn't have made plans to bring this back to the priest. Thats right, this gem wasn't being returned to the original family in the town.

Deciding whether or not he should wait for the man to close the safe, or attack now, he chose to intervene before the safe close. The Manor was far away from the city limits, which meant nobody was going here the tree fall down. Gripping the hand of a kunai, retrieved from his weapon pouch, he hops over the table and  dashes towards the yellow haired individual. As the Fence turned towards Katsuragi, it was to late for the thief had already managed to pierce his back. The now doomed body fell over, the blood seeping from the lower right side of his back  continuously. He was doomed to die, and so he did by the time Katsuragi took the only item in question. He didn't have enough room in his inventory to carry the rest. He made a mental note for the future to empty out the junk in his back pack before starting long and tedious missions. Katsuragi is now seen leaving the manor, with the gem in hand.

Upon returning back to the priest, he hands this gem off to him, the priest nodding his head for the good work. "Good work, more jobs will come this way if you keep the pace. I've been meaning to ask you, how good are you in a fight?"

"I can hold my own, OG. What Chu thinking bout...?"

"Ill let you in on that in a week, be ready."

((Total Word Count: 596, 1 Stat, and 1 AP, Using the rest of the words to finish the training for this. The other words are from this))
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Item Retrieval [E Rank] Empty Re: Item Retrieval [E Rank]

Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:06 pm
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