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The Ragdolls Record

Rin Togakawa
7 posters
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The Ragdolls Record  Empty The Ragdolls Record

Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:40 pm
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)

The Ragdolls Record  5WzFah3

I have no interest in being a villain, and I don’t think that I can become a good person. I’m at a halfway point where I’m not even sure which path I should walk down… but I guess even there, I can still interfere in someone’s life and help bring things to a positive conclusion…
The Ragdolls Record  Linebreak

Name: Kenshin Uzumaki


Kenshin is not exactly a figure that would stand out all that much in a crowd, standing at a rather modest 5'9 and not packing much in the way of muscle. His most notable trait would be his albinism, rendering his skin exceedingly pale, his eyes a deep shade of crimson, and his hair almost completely free of colour. His silver hair is shoulder length and rather moppy in appearance, simply hanging from his head without anything in the way of styling or brushing, yet it still wasn't truly messy or tangled. Kenshin possesses no scars, but beneath his clothes his body is covered with stitched cuts to allow him to better use his Threads without destroying his body in the process. 5 Masks are stitched to his back, a symbol of his mastery of his bloodline and one of his most potent abilities. 

Kenshin will usually be wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a grey V pattern that extends out and down from his neck, over it, with a simple set of black pants, and a pair of simple black shoes. 

Note: Unless specifically stated in a topic it is assumed Kenshin looks exactly as described above

Kenshin Theme:

The Ragdolls Record  Linebreak

Rank: S-rank
Bijuu: N/A

Clan: Tau 
Earth Grudge Fear (+25 Vigor)
Natural Berserker (+25 Vigor) | +10AP per post
Sage's Body (+25 Chakra)
Uchiha Genetics (+25 Chakra)
Byakugan - Right Eye
Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan - Left Eye 
Rinnegan - Left Eye

Current Stat Points: 300 (250 + 25 + 25)

Vigor: 135 (75 + 25 + 25)
Chakra: 100
Speed: 60
Strength: 5

AP: 2000 (1000(Stamina) + 1000 (Missions/Training))

Specialties: Medical, Ninjutsu (Clan Specialty), Sensory
Heart(s): Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning | Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning

Advanced Element(s): Wood ReleaseMercury Release   [Slotless | Village Exclusive]

The Ragdolls Record  Linebreak

Jutsu Mastery: Increased Power Reduced AP/Half Handseals No Handseals
S-rank (10/10)

Earth Grudge Fear: Black Threads   [Slotless | Main Bloodline]
Masked Beasts   [Slotless | Main Bloodline]
Sage Mode
Corrupted Sage Mode   [Slotless | Clan Spec]
Assimilating Aura   [Slotless | Village Exclusive] [Mastered]
Sharingan Copycat   [Slotless | Sharingan]
Nemesis   [Slotless | EMS]
Truth Seeking Orbs   [Slotless | Rinnegan]
Absorption Threads
Scarlet Spheres
Miasmic Embodiment  
Iron Fist Prison
Great Blazeball
Dustless Bewildering Cover

A-Rank (Unlimited)

Mystical Palm Aura   
Mystical Palm
Yin Healing Wound Destruction
Senju Healing Power 
Damage Reduction Shield  
Chakra Scalpel
Chakra Scalpel: Lancet
Chakra Scalpel: Senbon
Body Pathway Derangement  [X]
Mind Reading  [X]
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Transfusion Deprivation  [X]
Medical Amplifier
Miasma   [Mastered]
Sharingan Copycat Technique   [Slotless]
Black Receivers
Six Paths of Pain
Shinra Tensei
Bansho Ten'in
Preta Path
Outer Path
Ninjutsu Amplifier
Ninjutsu Enhancement
Berserk Sage Transformation
Clone Great Explosion  
Shuriken Shadow Clone  
Shuriken Giant Body  [X]
Hair Needle Senbon  [X]
Sage Transformation  [X]
Chakra Shroud  [X]
Shadow Imitation  
Sage Art
Sage Art: Sensory  [X]
Nature Chakra Conversion 
Swamp of the Underworld  
Earth Dragon
Added-Weight Rock  
Light-Weight Rock  
Earth Flow Spears
Hiding Like a Mole
Earth Spear
Great Vortex
Water Dragon Bullet
Rain Tiger at Will
Water Trumpet
Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Severing Wave
Great Fireball
Great Fire Annihilation
Majestic Fire Destruction
Great Fireball Shower
Hiding in the Ash and Dust
Fire Dragon Bullet
Great Dragon Flame
Dragon Flame Release Song
Blistering Web
Demon Lantern
Vacuum Sphere  
Vacuum Great Sphere  
Electromagnetic Murder
False Darkness
Wood Clone
Foo Dog Heads 
Nativity of a Sea of Trees
Nativity of a World of Trees   
Corrosive Mist
Hiding in the Camouflage
Minds Eye of the Kagura

Fuinjutsu Breaking
Split Second
Bull Rush
Sharingan Genjutsu
Shackling Stakes
Skillful Achievement With a Human Body

B-Rank (Unlimited)

Poison Mist
Advanced Transformation
Delicate Illness Extraction 
Mini Damage Reduction Shield   [X] - Refund
Sage Art: Energy Transfer
Art of the Raging Lions Mane
Shadow Clone
Earth Wall
Hidden Mist
Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Trumpet
Stormy Blockade   [X]
One Thousand Needles of Death
Blast Wave   [Mastered]
Great Dragon Flame
Searing Migraine
Smokescreen Gale
Pheasant Hunter
Fox Fire   [X]
Drought   [X]
Elemental Detection

Demonic Illusion: Steaming Multistory Building
Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death
Genjutsu Binding
Cat Genjutsu
Seigan Peregrine

C-Rank (Unlimited)

Chakra Absorption
Spider Web Flower   [X]
Ninjutsu Art: Spirit Gun 
Manipulating Attack Blades   [X] - Refund
Summoning Technique
Hiding Like a Mole
Mud Spore
Phoenix Flower
Hiding in Fire    [X]
Dragon Flame Technique   [X]
Sharingan Genjutsu
Fuinjutsu Lock
Fuinjutsu Breaking

D-Rank (Unlimited)

Chakra Anaesthetic
Temporary Paralysis
Body Flicker
Spider Web Sticking Spit   [X]
Moving Earth Core
Headhunter Technique   [X]
Fire Piercing Darts
Fire Lash
Exploding Flame Shot   [X]
Spine Chill   [Mastered]
Chakra Flare
Scent Masking
Bull Rush
Mist Servant   [X]
Storage Displacement
Mass Shift
Flicker Movement   [X]

Leaf Whirlwind
Leaf Gale
Aerial Strip
Dynamic Entry
Iron Claw

E-Rank (Unlimited)

Hangover Cure
Chakra Cleanse   [X]
Surface Walking
Substitution Technique
Transformation Technique
Clone Technique
Genjutsu Release   [Mastered]
Spider Web Area   [X]
Rock Section Cane
Earth Tools   [X]
Shock Paddles   [X]
Inner Flame   [X]
Fire Stream
Flickering Lantern   [X]
Smoke Veil
Vandalism by Fire   [X]
Generic Sealing Technique   [X]
Mark Seal
Discipline   [X]
1000 Years of Death   [X]

The Ragdolls Record  Linebreak

Skills Unlocked:
Angel of Mercy   [Slotless | Village Exclusive]
Nature Chakra Proficiency
One Handed Seals
Miasmic Chakra
Silent Killing
Display of Power   [Free]
Chakra Suppression   [Free]
Chakra Infusion   [Free]
Chakra Sensory   [Free]

Memorised Chakra Signatures:

Active   |   Inactive   |   Dead

Keito Uchiha - Dead
Castiel Yuhi - Inactive
Akihana Akari - Inactive
Atem Chassuer - Inactive
Sasuke Toriyama - Inactive
Dusk Tachibana - Hoshi NPC
Taike Shen - Inactive
Yaksha - Inactive
Tentei Nakizato - Dead
Arashi Tekiatsu - Inactive
Artames Koutaishi - Inactive
Pein Yuki - Inactive
Shiro Kaguya - Dead
Keita Akiyama - Dead
Genevieve Oasis - Dead
Ayato Hyuuga - Active
Miyamoto Terumi - Active
Kyousuke Snow - Dead
Kazuhiro Hayate - Active
Jeisuta - Inactive
Ketsueki Tenma - Inactive
Arugula Rutabaga Lakoocha - Inactive
Hikari Namikaze - Inactive
Shouhei Sato - Inactive
Valen Akari - Inactive
Akemi Hiyu - Inactive
Sorethin Tau - Dead
Kutari Kaguya - Dead
Sanae Kaguya - Inactive
Mo-ri Jin - Dead
Kotetsu Shinogami - Dead
Cole Kaguya - Active
Yurei Uchiha - Inactive
Damon Uchiha - Inactive
Shiroi Shinzo - Inactive
Daniel Kiyade - Inactive
Komon Hyuuga - Inactive
Amaterasu Meijin - Inactive
Toshizou Shimada - Dead
Ida - Inactive
Kutari Uchiha - Active
Alice Nara - Dead
Levi Nara - Inactive
Taishi Ishi - Inactive
Ryalt'abi Shinkou - Inactive
Hayate Seiteki - Inactive
Senhime Tokugawa - Dead
Kinzoku Nazar - Inactive
Rin Togakawa - Inactive
Kai Uchiha - Inactive
Mizuki Ohta - Active
Ibari - Active
Guren Chinoike - Active
Taichi Uchiha - Active
Yuurei Uchiha - Inactive
Raleth Sarutobi - Active
Zaine Uchiha - Active
Kaworu Sanjuro - Active
Wan Senju - Active
Kizmaru Terumi - Active
Keita Uzumaki - Active
Tsubaki Senju - Active
Noboru Kaito - Active
Kiseragi Onomori - Active
Ryuzaki Nara - Active

Items on your person:

Surgical Knife
Fuma Shuriken
Military Rations Pills
Weapon Pouches
20 Explosive Tags
21 Smoke Bombs
44 Kunai
60 Shuriken
50 Senbon
24m of Wire
Wanderers Minuet (Book)
14.75m of Bandages
Yamaguchi Clan Scroll
Shinobi ID of Kenshin Uzumaki

Storage Displacement (15/15)

Magic Bag
All Ryo
Jar containing Ketsuryugan, lv3 Seigan, the left eye of Alice Nara, right eye of Wan Senju, Golden Eye lv2, 1 Byakugan
Stealth Cloak [X]
Manipulated Fabric [X]
Bloody Knuckles [X]
Blazing Knuckles [X]
Crest of the Overlord (Scarf that could be freely manipulated by user)
Yongpyo (Shapeshifting armour with various forms, each form giving a different boost
Buster Wolf (Gloves/Boots that expelled bursts of chakra powerful enough to launch the user into the air)
Yeoui (Broken - sliced in half with one half partially melted) (Staff that could have size and weight manipulated)
Jormung (Broken - sliced in half at the elbow) (Prosthetic Arm)

Magic Bag: 

1 Corpse Storage Scroll - Empty

Corpses and DNA:

Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Akinari Hyuuga:

Akinari Hyuuga (A-rank NPC | Earth Heart) - Intact
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Gisei Uchiha:

Gisei Uchiha (B-rank NPC | Earth Heart) - Intact
Corpse Storage Scroll - 

Jugoian - No Heart, No Right Kidney, No Lungs, No Liver
Corpse Storage Scroll - 

Symmetra Akari - No Heart, No Left Eye, No Liver
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Hashimoto Yashida:

Hashimoto Yashida (Water Heart) - Intact
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Shichiro Kaguya:

Shichiro Kaguya (C-rank NPC) - No Heart (Corpse Useless)
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Mikata Uchiha:

Mikata Uchiha - No Eyes, No Heart
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Nobunaga Hiyu:

Nobunaga Hiyu - No Kidneys, No Lungs, No Heart Missing
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Ares Pendragon:

Ares Pendragon (Wind Heart) - No Kidneys, No Liver,  No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Jiro Uchiha:

Jiro Uchiha - No Heart, No Left Kidney, No Liver, No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Hato Sano:

Hato Sano (Water Heart) - No Liver, No Pancreas
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Yoshou Senju:

Yoshou Senju (Earth Heart) - No Kidneys, No Lungs Missing
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Mai Uzumaki:

Mai Uzumaki (D-rank NPC) - No Heart (Corpse Useless)
Corpse Storage Scroll -
Calin Uetsugi:

Valen deleted the characters stat page and character app, so I can't really link either. I can however link topics he was in if needed. 
No Heart, No Kidneys, No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Love Sakumo:

Love Sakumo (Lightning Heart) - No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Setsuna Hayabusa:

Setsuna Hayabusa - No Heart, No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll -
Mo-ri Jin:

Mo-ri Jin (Lightning Heart) - Intact
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Shoku Uchiha:

Shoku Uchiha (Fire Heart) No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Ashe Senju:

Ashe Senju (Water Heart) - No Kidneys, No Liver, No Lungs, No Arms (Corpse Useless)
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Amaterasu Akari:

Amaterasu Akari (Fire Heart) No Eyes
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Kyousuke Snow:

Kyousuke Snow - No Heart, No Kidneys, No Liver, No Lungs, No Spleen, No Left Arm, No Left Leg(Corpse Useless)
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Ryu Reinhard:

Ryu Reinhard - No Heart
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Aravon Meijin:

Aravon Meijin - No Heart
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Tsume Chokyoshi:

Tsume Chokyoshi - No Heart
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Revan Uzumaki:

Revan Uzumaki - No Heart, No Kidneys
Corpse Storage Scroll - 
Raven Uzumaki:

Raven Uzumaki - No Heart, No Kidneys, No Lungs, No Liver (Corpse Useless)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Chokyoshi organs (2 kidneys and 2 lungs)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Hozuki organs (2 kidneys and 2 lungs)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Nara organs (2 kidneys and 1 liver)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Uchiha organs (2 Kidneys and 1 liver)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Tau organs (2 kidneys and 1 liver)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Akari organs (1 kidneys, 2 lungs and 1 appendix)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Rentei organs (2 kidneys)
Sealed garbage bag filled with Hyuuga organs (2 kidneys, 1 liver)
Sealed garbage bag with 1 Chinoike Kidney

Yamaguchi Clan Scroll
Rotting Corpse Puppet
Hoshigakure Headbands
Shinobi Headbands (3 Konoha)
6 Shinobi Headbands (1 Suna, 5 Hoshi)
Shinobi ID of Chuuta Pendragon
Shinobi ID of Kizaru Komori
Shinobi ID of Yoi Yuki
Shinobi ID of Mo-ri Jin
Shinobi ID of Ryu Reinhard
Shinobi ID of Kyousuke Snow
Shinobi ID of Tsume Chokyoshi
Shinobi ID of Revan Uzumaki
Shinobi ID of Kutari Momouki
Shinobi ID of Akio Inuzuka

The Ragdolls Record  Linebreak

Last edited by Kenshin on Mon Aug 23, 2021 8:37 pm; edited 115 times in total
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:32 am

Your Story: 

I'm a villain... and villains don't get happy endings. 


Chapter One: Innocence Lost
1. Kenshin Uzumaki
2. Kenshin's Training in Moon Country
3. Robbing on the Road to Waterfall
4. The Ambush on the Border
5. Kenshin's Inspired Training
6. Kenshin Gets Serious Part 1
7. Kenshin Gets Serious Part 2
8. The Recurrence of History
9. Kenshin Finds His Senses
10. A Tale of Two Missing-Nin
11. The Tale Ends
12. On The Road to Haven
13. A New Path
14. Kenshin Takes a Test
15. Kenshin is Evaluated

Total WC of Chapter: 39,567


Chapter Two: Sanctuary
1. An Interesting Training Session
2. Kenshin Gains Knowledge and Wisdom
3. The Queensman With Two Shadows
4. A Dandy at the Gates
5. Kenshin Teaches a Class
6. Kiss From a Rose
7. The Ragdoll and the Paper Boy
8. Day 2
9. A Burning Building
10. On The Road to Chunin Part 1
11. On The Road to Chunin Part 2
12. Recipe For Disaster
13. Getting Serious
14. The Hour of the Wolf
15. A Dance in the Gardens
16. The Fate of a Traitor

Total WC of Chapter: 79,102


Chapter Three: Whispers in the Dark
1. A Moonlit Stroll
2. The Evening of the Bear
3. Traffic Stuff
4. Lavender Peacock Stuff
5. Finding Sir Vant of Hoshigakure
6. Build a Chunin II
7. Backlash
8. Dawn of a New Day
9. Heart Raging Tea
10. The Reality of the Situation
11. Just a Thought
12. Hello... There... Zzz
13. Implications
14. The Final Attempt
15. You Should Have Picked the Swordsman
16. Following the Heart
17. Non-Generic Gate Topic
18. Power Boost?
19. Innocence Lost: Part 1
20. Innocence Lost: Part 2... Kind of
21. An Enticing Offer
22. A Match Made in Hoshi
23. Who Believes in Immortality
24. Water Anyone?
25. Punching Bag Time
26. An Uncertain Summons

Total WC of Chapter: 102,337


Chapter Four: Silence Broken
1. Another Power Boost
2. A Jounin in the Training Grounds
3. It's A-A-A- Power Boost
4. Small But Strong
5. A Rather Unexpected Meeting
6. Thorfinn Takes a Hiatus
7. Claiming Mangekyo Sharingan
8. Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes
9. Repercussions
10. Rip me a New One
11. A New Leaf
12. Revelation
13. Six Tails vs Kenshin Uzumaki
14. Jounin Tournament: 3 Way Battle
15. A New Organization

Total WC of Chapter: 42,618


Chapter Five: Bound Until Death
1. A Hope For a New Future
2. Improvements
3. Dear Kenshin
4. Dinner Reservations
5. Recuperation
6. Insert Here
7. Long May he Reign
8. Midnight's High
9. Time to go
10. Move Along
11. The Kage Summit (Observation)
12. Ryu's Invasion
13. Returning Home
14. Home at Last
15. It's Been a Long Time Coming
16. The Monster Returns
17. Catching Up
18. A Challenge
19. The Spice of Life

Total WC of Chapter: 36,214


Chapter Six: To Kill an Empire
1. God Damn This Boiling Space
2. Making Moves
3. Confronting The Apex Predator
4. The Siege of Sunagakure
5. The Final Stand
6. A Tale of Two Monsters
7. Kicking The Hornets Nest
8. Glitter and Gold
9. The Ragdoll and The Zombie
10. A Flames First Light
11. The Lord of Light and The Ragdoll
12. Fateful Encounter: The Ragdoll and The Widow
13. Mending the Magical Girl
14. Our Other Business
15. My Family
16. Strengthening Alliances
17. Arrival
18. Night of the Drowning Men

Total WC of Chapter: 69,727


Chapter Seven: Honour Thy Family
1. Until My Fingers Bleed
2. Strange Tidings
3. The Making of a Monster 
4. Morgue-ly Satisfying
5. A Sandy Chance of Death
6. The Herald
7. The Reaper and The Wraith
8. Like Kindling Upon the Flame
9. Bear Tracks
10. Coming Home For Better or Worse
11. In Search of Power in the Crudest Ways
12. The Hardest Part of the Journey is Starting it
13. The Ragdoll Enters The Fray
14. The Rebirth of Nemesis
15. The Parting Glass
16. OMG Civilization
17. Rivers in the Desert
18. What's in the Box!?
19. Third Time is the Charm
20. Leaving With a Friend and a Charge
21. A Delayed Meeting
22. A Transplant to Pay For
23. At The Store!
24. What Happens When Two Monsters Meet
25. Knowledge is Life and a Cure
26. A New Start
27. The Manipulator
28. Clairvoyance
29. Shattering of Rose Coloured Glasses

Total WC of Chapter: 72,374


Chapter Eight: A Leader Rises
1. Why is he in the Hospital
2. Meeting the Kazekage
3. Could This Be... Evil?
4. And so his Story Begins
5. The Ragdoll Enters the Fray II
6. Wrath of... People
7. Jigga What? Jigga Who?
8. A Plea For Safe Passage
9. Meeting the Big Guy
10. Interrogation: Crime Lord
11. Knocking on Kenshin's Door
12. Under a Weeping Willow
13. Dammit Jim!
14. Hi Ho Hi Ho - It's Off to Work we go
15. Time For a Change
16. Starships Were Meant to Fly
17. Desserts in the Desert
18. Splinters of a Soul
19. Politics as Usual
20. Sleep Tight
21. Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News
22. A Formal Apology
23. Minor Alterations
24. A Chunin's Duty 
25. How've You Been? 
26. Dance in the Dark
27. Transcendence

Total WC of Chapter: 75,901


Chapter Nine: Stepping Back
1. Leaves From the Vine
2. Meeting the Big Man 
3. Finally Here
4. New World Kage Summit
5. A Day to Remember
6. The Beginning of the End
7. The Beginning of the End [Part 2]
8. Another Destruction Attempt of Kazan
9. A Failures Return
10. A Discussion on Life and Death  
11. The Winds Blowing   [Ongoing]
12. The Ragdoll Enters The Fray III
13. Diverged Bloodlines [Ongoing]
14. Heart to Heart
15. The Ragdoll and the Wraiths Shadow
16. A Dance With The Devil
17. Mr. Fahrenheit
18. No Refunds

Total WC of Chapter (So Far): 25,168

Total WC of Story (So Far): 543,008

Last edited by Kenshin on Sun Aug 01, 2021 6:58 am; edited 14 times in total
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:02 am
Hadn't seen that Enhanced Senju Cells had been deleted, requesting refund (15k)

If approved brings my total ryo to 220500
Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
Fame : 72
Ryo : 14000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:03 am
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:57 am

- Removed Kenshin's Uzumaki Transplant (+25 chakra | +10 AP per post) and replaced it with an Uchiha Transplant (+25 chakra | +25 Fire Power)
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:02 am
Due to the changes made to jutsu mastery I'll be transferring the mastery of Mystical Palm Aura to Miasma (A-rank) to completely remove the handseals from Miasma. I will also be transferring the mastery of Miasmic Embodiment to Assimilating Aura (S-rank) to completely remove the handseals from Assimilating Aura.

Also, while I am here, claiming 7k ryo backpay for S-rank MN stipend since it was reintroduced December 28th. This will bring me to 277,450 ryo

And finally, I will be claiming a few achivements. 

Crashing the economy: Have at least 200,000 ryo on one character at a time. Claiming this achievement and all rewards it entails

Fireborn: Learn 25 separate katon jutsu. Will have 26 once this is aproved. Claiming this achievement and rewards it entails.

Like Kakashi, but better: Teach at least 3 people 2 jutsu. 123. Claiming this achievement and rewards it entails.

No-lifer: Be the highest ranked poster for 3 weeks in a row. Showed proof in discord. Claiming this achievement and rewards it entails.

Rivalry: Fight the same character more than once, and have both characters survive. Kenshin v Hikari 1Kenshin v Hikari 2. Claiming this achievement and rewards it entails.
Fame : 139
Ryo : 12000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:28 am
🙄 approved throws fit of jealous rage
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Sun May 10, 2020 9:47 pm
Last stipend I claimed was Feb 18th (as seen above), so claiming 10 payments from between there and April 24th, with the payments from after there being in the Sunagakure treasury. 

While I'm at it claiming ryo refunds on x4 Rings of Miasma (32,000), The Null Ring (9000) and Hakumei Uniform (9000), purchases can be seen within the links provided, and if approved my new total would be 166,950
Fame : 284
Ryo : 669000

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:10 am
Finally doing this

Old Build

Chakra: 150
Speed: 100
Strength: 5

New Build

Vigor: 120 (70 + 25 + 25)
Chakra: 100
Speed: 75
Strength: 5

Also, changing my third spec from Fuin to Sensory
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Fame : 105
Ryo : 205150

The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:15 pm
Event Dice Roll
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The Ragdolls Record  Empty Re: The Ragdolls Record

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