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Ryo : 500

Genin exam. Empty Genin Exam for Yet Another Preteen.

Sun May 19, 2019 7:14 pm
(Introduction of the Genin exam.)

Waking up from his deep forest sleep, he began to wipe the rather stubborn eye crust from his waking optics.
Standing up with a slight wobble Artimus yawned deeply and began to walk towards the village. After awhile his walk began to increase in speed until he was dashing swiftly past the trees. Lowering his body his feet launching him ever closer to the Hoshi Ninja Academy. 

Barely stopping in time to throw open the first door he scanned around spotting the room in which the Protractor would take his Genin exam. Walking slowly to the door he would lay his hand onto the doorknob. Sighing he entered the classroom and took a seat looking around himself studying the room for no reason it appeared. 

Artimus held ready with a plan of action if someone where to hit him, his eyes always moving over possible threats.

Ryo : 500

Genin exam. Empty Blah

Mon May 20, 2019 12:01 pm
Artimus stood in front of the man that was there to see if he had what it took to be a Genin, Artimus sighed and the looked into the man's very eyes. In a very clear tone he started his Presentation to the Ninja who stood watching clipboard in hand. Artimus pulled back his hands as to show them to the man who watched in silence, fingers spread out as if to say there was nothing he was hiding about. " I will not demonstrate the following Jutsu art form known as the Clone Technique". His digits began to swiftly move as to meet together with a blue of well spent days of practice, Forming the Signs as follows. (Ram, Snake,Tiger.. ) With a rather big explosion helped by a small smoke bomb he had dropped at the beginning of his Presentation, created the amount of smoke needed to cover himself as to grant full coverage. Willing his arms into his cloak he began to form more hand signs as to complete his task, Projecting the Clone of himself in front of his current position he finished performing the Transformation Jutsu with his hands hidden as to do so as a surprise. Creating himself to appear as the man that was standing there watching him through the think smoke, As the smoke cleared the form of Artimus could be seen doing push ups quickly. As another figure Appeared from the smoke that now appeared to be a replica of the Protractor himself. Speaking In a voice that could pass as that of the man currently watching him he smiled slightly at him. Artimus the real Artimus was in fact doing push ups, until that revealed to be a falsehood as to say that he disappeared as soon as Artimus dropped the Transformation Jutsu. Reappearing like himself once more he cleared his throat and began to speak outloud. "I guess I'll really do those push ups now." Artimus lowered himself down and began to do his push ups which weren't to hard to do outside that fact he didn't know how to proceed with the last part of the exam. He didn't know Valen very well in fact he never even met him, he never made life easier for me and he never paid for meal for him nor greeted him as to say he had really any opinion what so ever. Pushing his body up and off of the smoke that still lingered around the floor from his earlier event. As he worked his body up and down he thought of all that he had been through all the hardships that be overcame as of now. Everything on this moment he believed he would not fail or hold back but he had to tread lightly. Knowing that he could fail this exam even if he had not over the little show he had put on earlier. Rising himself up from the ground he dusted himself off and glanced at the protractor, he began to think about how he would put how he felt about a man he didn't even know. Clearing his throat he smiled and the began to speak outload towards the Hoshi Ninja, " I Artimus Uchiha do not really know The Kage Valen, I have never seen him fight or eat.. I only can assume he sleeps, He could be a great man and he might be a fair Kage..." Clearing his throat again he smiled and thought again where he was going with his monologue but he didn't want to embarrass himself. "I think overall, That he is a Decent Person..." Artimus waited a second before he began to add more to his statement, " Who has turned the apex of warfare to a new level, I'm sure it takes guts to do what he does." Finishing off his statement he stood up abruptly and took a deep bow for some apparent reason that he was not so sure as to why and grinned up at him. Artimus smile started to fall into a simple unsatisfied frown, deep in his thoughts he didn't think he would pass the exam. He Transformed into the Man he used way to much Bomb smoke he faked doing Push ups and he probably insulted the Kage. Seeing this now was all to clear how cloud he be such a fool, he should have planned this project out better, Damn his lazy lax behavior. This would be his down fall no doubt, dammit he hoped that he didn't offend anyone or he would never pass as genin. He couldn't find the peace of mind he wanted so he simply took a deep breathe as sighed out out in frustration, all that was left was to wait and see what the Hoshi Senor Ninja had to say. [802 wc]
Tanji Heiji
Tanji Heiji
Ryo : 7500

Genin exam. Empty Re: Genin exam.

Mon May 20, 2019 5:11 pm
This chunk should be between the first two posts, but Forumotion gonna Forumotion:
The smell of freshly brewed coffee, chalk dust, and aging wood filled the air; this was the academy Tanji Heiji remembered from years ago. Unlike many, he had attended as an adult and the memories were still fresh in his head. And yet, it felt strange—even wrong—being on the opposite side of the desk looking out at the empty rows of desks.

Yes, today he would be proctoring Hoshigakure’s latest round of genin exams.

He’d gone over the dossiers of the genin-hopefuls, already had two cups of coffee, and steeled himself for what was certain to be a long morning. By all counts he was ready and now all that remained was for the first student to arri…—the thought was interrupted by the appearance of a small boy? For half a beat the jounin could have sworn he was looking at an unkempt animal or he would have had he not reviewed the dossiers previously, this was Artimus Uchiha.

“Ah, Artimus,” the man’s deep voice filled the empty classroom. “You are right on time, please come to the front.”

Tanji paused watching as the boy approached, evaluating each step he took, before continuing.

“The exam is simple,” he gestured to the blackboard behind him on which Tanji had written the three parts of the test. “First, you will demonstrate the clone technique, then the transformation technique, and, after doing fifty pushups, I’d like to know what you think of our former Hogokage, Valen Akari.”

The silence that followed was hopefully cue enough for Artimus to begin. If it was not, then Tanji retrieving a clipboard from his desk and scribbling down a few perfunctory notes surely would. Now it was time to see if the Uchiha boy had what it took to become a genin.

TWC: 301

[Please craft an 800-word post doing as Tanji asked and you’re a genin. Don’t? And well, you fail. Good luck!]


Tanji took a few more notes, the clock ticked down another minute, and silence reigned in the wake of the boy's words. The jounin paused, glanced up, and then glanced back down at his clipboard going over the boxes he needed to check one last time. The boy had clearly tried very hard and surely he would find that hard work was not always enough.

"Very well."

Today, however, hard work would be enough.  

"Congratulations, kid,"
he reached into a drawer by his desk and pulled out a village headband. "You passed, you're a genin now."

Tossing the headband to the boy, Tanji sighed. This was going to be a long day. There had to be more interesting ways to spend a morning. Though, then again, it could always be worse; he could have no coffee to keep him going.

[Good job! When you exit from this thread be sure to claim genin rank and all it entails.]

Potential exit.

TWC: 447

+2 stats
+447 words to Gate of Limit
Ryo : 500

Genin exam. Empty Re: Genin exam.

Mon May 20, 2019 6:31 pm
Claiming Genin Rank and all that Entails.
 ( Nodding to the Senor Ninja he Bowed and them left promptly thereafter, Tieing the headband around his right thigh he began his journey to achieving a meal.)
Ryo : 12000

Genin exam. Empty Re: Genin exam.

Mon May 20, 2019 11:05 pm
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Genin exam. Empty Re: Genin exam.

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