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Advertisement Initiative Empty Advertisement Initiative

Sun Apr 07, 2019 3:32 pm
Hello everyone on NRPG, Valen here with a new Advertising Initiative, details below!

The idea behind this is to bring some new blood into the site, while also encouraging everyone to take part in doing so. The basic idea is this, down below you'll find a code for an ad created for the site. All you have to do is post it on any other RP site (Or another appropriate place to post it, keep it PG-13 sites). In return, for every ad you post you'll get 100 wordcounts to put toward anything, stats, jutsu, skills, puppets, you name it. If you can use WC on it, then you can use it. Obviously, the words can only apply to one thing, so no using 1000 words for both stats and jutsu, just one or the other. No site can be used twice in the same three month time period by anyone. There is however a cap to this, you may not gain more than 2000 words a month from posting ads. It should be noted that these words will not count toward any total WC you have on your character in the case of character death. You can however split the words up however you want among alts, etc.

Post your lists of sites you've posted on an ad on here So long as the same site isn't used again in the same three-month time period. You can post lists as long as you want, but try to keep them in multiples of ten to make it simpler.

Good luck folks, and happy posting!

The Ad:

Advertisement Initiative Ti8yWTkBZR6DrXYz-UVzkCPGpkZYjMLYbyrUR5rZzC1B7VIlfm5PKv3Q82JOuYUZECiioZrxuG4iw8jUB47keSlVasghGohm1y_caVRsYOiFR_W6uW0GvdWBEUOfIlZDckLtsLEd

Rule Directory - Character Creation - Discord Server

+An original play by post adventure!
+Follow your own unique story
+Climb the ranks from academy student to kage
+Play as a loyal village ninja or a deceitful missing-nin
+Create your own epic missions and jutsu
+Take part in legendary battles against Bijuu
+Become a part of a vibrant, 100% player-driven community


[b][url=]Rule Directory[/url] - [url=]Character Creation[/url] - [url=]Discord Server[/url][/b][size=13][/size]
[b]+An original play by post adventure![/b][size=13][/size]
+Follow your own unique story[size=13][/size]
+Climb the ranks from academy student to kage[size=13][/size]
+Play as a loyal village ninja or a deceitful missing-nin[size=13][/size]
+Create your own epic missions and jutsu[size=13][/size]
+Take part in legendary battles against Bijuu[size=13][/size]
+Become a part of a vibrant, 100% player-driven community[size=13][/size]

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