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Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Fame : 28
Ryo : 10300

Robbin Empty Robbin

on Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:09 am
Mission Name: Temple Robbers 

Rank: C 

Type: Apprehension 

Character Requirements: Genin Squad/Chuunin or higher. 

Mission Location: Mountains, Kumo 

Word Count Requirements: 4000

Repeatable? Yes 

Reward: 2000 Ryo 

Task: A nearby temple of the hidden cloud has been seeing some unwanted activity over the past few weeks. Reports of groundskeepers finding tombs and crypts raided for loot and what not have been found, disgracing the bodies of the ones whom once laid there. Your job is to go out there at night, find the robbers, and bring them in for questioning so that those belongings can be returned to their rightful place, this cannot continue.

“Over there take those too.” One man said to his underlings pointing at a gold plate on a crypt.

 “These people had to be important if they made golden name plates for them.” Another would respond while carefully removing the plate with a screwdriver.

 “Just shut up and keep taking stuff, the guard will be back in five minutes otherwise we own him another ten percent.” The leader of the group would answer.

“Why don’t we just kill him?” Two people would respond in tandem, by their looks it was obvious they were twins.

The leader of the group considered the idea but knew it would make their crime not only more severe but bring much more attention to what they were doing. This was the third tomb they had raided these last couple of days they needed to move the stuff soon, otherwise they would make nothing for their troubles and the guard was already complaining about seeing his money, speaking of whom had just returned.

“Alright, time is up for today get what you have and get out. Also, I want my money the next time I see you otherwise you get caught.” The guard would say arms crossed standing atop the stairs leading into the tomb.

The leader would sigh, the snitching part was an easy to call bluff. He wouldn’t announce that he failed at his job and even more so risk that they would try to reduce their own sentences by giving up the name of their accomplice. “All right men wrap it up!” He would yell, at this point he didn’t need to be quiet he was bribing the only guy around that could stop them. The thieves gathered their things and were prepared to leave. Walking out with their pilfered items in burlap sacks, almost as if they had popped out of a Dr. Seuss story.

Off in the distance stood Jiro with a pair of binoculars, next to him or somewhere around was a genin of Kumo. Sugimoto and himself had received this mission together as a chuunin it was obvious he would take charge. “There they are, the tip was right, and we have them red handed along with the guard.” He would pass the binoculars to the genin if nearby to have a look if he wanted.

“Sugimoto you are with me, we are going to arrest the guard he has more training than the brothers. After that we can track the thieves back to their hideout and take them out. The report says they have no ninja training, but these are just papers and they could be wrong.” He would say while keeping an eye on the guard who was walking back to his post.

“Okay, Sugimoto lets get to it.” The Uchiha would say keeping a low profile sneaking towards where the guards were stationed. It was about a half-mile off their current location. This temple was a massive area, which made Jiro believe that death occurred in this village more often than one would like to believe, though the thought was not relevant to the task at hand.
Approaching the guard shack Jiro could hear their target and another one of the guards speaking it was evident that his partner was being lied to.
“See anything on patrol?” The large guard would ask. This guard looked like he was a big fan of overeating. He was currently eating a donut as they spoke.
“Not a thing.” The other would say to the other oblivious that Jiro and Sugimoto would be outside waiting to pounce.

Beckoning Sugimoto to follow Jiro would walk up to the guard’s door and open it. To which the lying guard would nearly jump out of his skin while the other merely turned and looked confused at Jiro’s presence.

“Evening guys, we had a tip about some robbers around just wanted to check to see if you noticed anything missing.” Jiro would say to the duo. “My friend here might have a few questions for you too. Sugimoto have anything to inquire of these guys?”

If either attempted to flee Jiro would paralyze them with genjutsu and then knock them out with a rock or something. He didn’t think the big man was involved but running was a sign of guilt in almost anyone’s eyes.

Jiro couldn’t help, but wonder how far the thieves had gotten. It would be a blessing if with all they had stolen they weren't able to make it far. The sacks of precious metals would slow them down, even if they did manage to make it back to their base this guard would spill the beans or they would be beaten out of him.

The big man was the first to speak. “I haven’t seen anything and James just got back he said he didn’t see anything either.”

WC: 809

Last edited by Jiro Uchiha on Tue Apr 02, 2019 1:58 pm; edited 1 time in total
Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Fame : 1
Ryo : 500

Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

on Sun Mar 17, 2019 8:02 pm
The temple smelled musty and dank, it was the scent of those long dead and buried. Sugimoto found himself kneeling by the shinobi in the trench coat, this new mission seemed to have bought in some a new face for Sugimoto to meet. It seemed the shinobi Jiro did most of the leg work for the mission, gathering the intel on the suspect and then bringing us here to aid in their capture. Jiro would gesture with the binoculars, Sugimoto would take them and look at the suspects. The guard was letting three people with slacks slung over their shoulders walk out and away from a tomb. “Looks like we found our targets” Sugimoto would say to no one in particular. It would not take long for Jiro to start issuing orders. Jiro ordered Sugimoto to follow him to confront the guard. Sugimoto thought his skill set would be more useful in tailing the bandits, since he can silence his footsteps and hide his chakra presence. But we would listen to Jiro’s orders and follow him to the guard shack, Sugimoto was interested to see how they were going to confront the crooked guard. 

The crooked guard seemed to have a heart attack as the two shinobi made their presence known while the other one just looked like he was a heart attack waiting to happen. Jiro would not hesitate and start to question the shifty guard. While the guards attention was on Jiro Sugimoto would look around the shack and verify that the shack door was the only entry and exit. It did seem that if the suspect wanted to escape he would have to rush past both of us and go through the only door, so while everyone was still listening to Jiro ask them questions, Sugimoto would use his hidden arms technique with all his skill (ie max speed) to pull out and lightly tap the tip of kunais blade into the ground for the briefest of moments before just as swiftly using the same technique to hide it. Now if the fool tried to escape he would have a not so fun surprise waiting for him.

After Sugimoto stood up and made sure the door was shut, he would hear Jiro’s voice call out his name. Sugimoto would turn around, “Good” he would think to himself. Jiro seemed to notice what he was doing and took the two guards attention away from the door while seeming to open the way out for the sketchy guard to escape. Now with the guards undivided attention, he was going to find out if he could get a confession out of the scum.

The masked shinobi would slowly walk to the other side of the room, clearly leaving open a nice escape route for the fool if the tried to escape. So out of the mask would come a cold and emotionless voice “Yes, I do in fact have some questions  that I would like to ask.” the masked shinobi would let the tension build as the unasked questions hung about like a noose closing shut; slowly. A few moments passed as the guilty guard just stood there squirming around. It looked like his pirmal programing of “flight or stand there like a bitch” we're fighting for dominance in his guilty mind. The time was right strike, “I could not help but overhear you as we came in and I distinctly heard you say that you saw nothing on your patrol. Is this correct?” The guard seeming to regain some fortitude he misinterpreted the masks cleaver set up for belief for his lies would slightly stutter out a “Ye yes, I di did say that.” A smile curled across hidden face of the masked ninja, the fool took the bait hook, line and sinker. Now all he had to do was tug on the line and watch this fool fall right into hot water. 

Just like a few moments before the mask gave the guard some time to work himself up. The man behind the mask knew that when you had all the information you needed and just needed definitive proof, you should just sit back and tell the fool just enough to let him defeat himself.

The cold voices next words were said with each slowly and clearly, letting them seal the trap that has been so expertly laid for the fools downfall. “Then I would like to ask, who were the three men with you at the tomb just now?” You could see the utter look of shock explode upon his face, he would try to stutter out an excuse but the mask would not let him. Striking while the metal was hot, the cold and calculated voice would cut down the fools stuttering and propose another question. “So, when my fellow shinobi find these men and inform me of the contents in their bags, do you know what they will find?” The trap snapped shut the same time the fools nerves did the same, the guard sputtered out incoherently for a few seconds while his fat cohort look on him with shock.

 The time to set the fool up to fall was nie and so the masked man would hold out his left hand as if to ask for a moment before turning around and with his right hand acting as if he was getting something over a communication device. The fool still sputtering, would see the masked man nodding to himself and then pull a kunia from thin air. In that moment the fool broke and with the possibility of an emanate death right before him, would try to make a break for the front door. The masked man would gesture to Jiro to let him go and would slowly walk in the direction of the door. 

The fool with nothing but escape in mind would be running to the door as fast as his wobbly legs could take him, but as his hand got ready to reach for the door handle his feet would have touched the seal placed by the masked man just moments before. The fools legs now sealed  he would topple over like a tree, his head would make a solid thud as it hit the door and the would fall flat into the ground.  

The masked man would walk over to the now downed fool while he groaned in pain on the ground. The voice that came out of the mask now held a lot more mirth than it previously did, while using the kunai to pick the dirt from his nails the mask would say “Why so jumpy? Guess I will just take that as you confession.”

Sugimoto would ask Jiro for a means to bind this fool and proceed to prepare this man for the long trip back to headquarters. Sugimoto would follow Jiro orders for the next steps of the mission.           

AP 24 on Movement Seal Rune

210-24=186 ap

WC 1211
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Fame : 28
Ryo : 10300

Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

on Tue Apr 02, 2019 2:26 pm
You could see the dilemma within the guards face, answer with the truth and be jailed or lie and dig his grave further. He already understood it was odd for ninja of the village to be here and right after the theft that had went down, he was sweating. He chose the lie of course. Jiro would pick up a ball on the table and pass it from one hand to the next in silence, Sugimoto seemed to have things set.

Sugimoto would follow the lie up after a brief pause with a question that had shaken the guard to his core. He followed then struck again with his tongue asking the man what they would find within the thieves bags. The duo were aware of what they would find and the guard was aware that the ninja before him were aware. He was panicking his body shaking not knowing to run or fight. When Sugimoto produced an air kunai the guard knew it was time to run. Had the genin not stopped him the first step the man took would have been his last, but the man reached for the door and was stunned by a seal in the process,

Jiro would look to the other guard who had jumped seeing his friend fall and he would then be paralyzed by Jiro. Handing Sugimoto some wire to bind the hands of the guard on the ground the ninja would push his stunned guard into a chair making him sit. It was unclear if he was innocent yet, but he wasn’t guilty yet either so he would be treated with dignity and respect for the moment.

With a light kick to the face of the man on the ground Jiro would look to his friend. “You didn’t know your fellow guardsman here was letting a group of men steal?” He would then look to the ground. “And you, tell us where they are going or I start pulling teeth.” Of course neither said a word except for some gasps of air. “Right, Sugimoto break his paralysis.” If Sugimoto did so the man would spill his guts to where his associates would be, while the other guard denied having any involvement in his co-workers actions.

“We will be leaving this guard with you he gets away I blame you.” He would say to the sitting guard who nodded drawing his blade and aiming it at his friends body on the ground. “Sugimoto let us head to the village square, where we will find our targets.” After that Jiro would exit through where he had entered and make a run toward where he would meet the thieves.

WC: 445
TWC: 1254
Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Fame : 1
Ryo : 500

Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

on Tue Apr 02, 2019 6:52 pm
The smile under Sugimoto’s mask was not there due to any feeling of joy, no, it was there because the guilty guard made his job all to easy. He would have to remove his Movement Seal from the guard before he could properly tie him up. With that done Jiro would get the man to spill the beans with a little violence and some threatening words, it did not take long for the frightened and probably a little woozy guard to tell them where the robbers ran off too. The guard would say through bloody teeth “Ok fine I will tell you, the robbers have a hide out in the village. It a little apartment above a ramen shop and I normally meet up with them after my shift.  If you go now you could probably catch them cleaning off the loot before they pawn it.” Sugimoto was kinda shocked how smooth this mission was going, so after they got the necessary information, Jiro would then make the call to leave the guilty guard with the other guard. But not before making sure the other guard would comply, then on Jiro’s orders the two shinobi will head out to catch their prey.  

It would not take long for the two shinobi to ninja run their way to the village square and find the ramen shop the guilty guard described to them. The two shinobi would stop before getting within eye shot of the upstairs apartment. Sugimoto would stealth around a corner to assess the apartment so they could plan out how they will capture the grave robbers. The apartment had one staircase at the front of the ramen shop on the right side that would lead to the second floor. The only other method the robbers could use to escape would be to jump out of one of the two set of windows. One above the ramen shop sign out front or one the left side of the building that lead to an alleyway that lead to a parallel street.  

They did not want to give away the game before they were ready, so Sugimoto would turn to Jiro and ask him how he wanted to proceed? The mission required them to bring these people alive, so as long Jiro followed that rule Sugimoto would do what he asked of him. Sugimoto would offer a similar plan as before, placing Movement Stealing traps. He would also offer the suggestion of one of them covering the door while the other shinobi would climb the outside and enters from a window to cut of all exits. But regardless of what Jiro chose Sugimoto would follow orders.  

          WC 444
         TWC 1655
Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
Fame : 28
Ryo : 10300

Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

on Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:02 pm
Sugimoto had already identified the possible escape methods and suggested one of them take the stairs and the other go through the window. Looking around the outside it was as good an idea as any. The fools hadn’t left a watch, so would be unaware that the duo were making preparations outside. “Well the window is less dangerous than the stairs, you should take it. They will be less tempted to jump out from the second floor than to just bull rush the stairs. These men are weak though so it won’t be much to stop them.”

Jiro would take his place by the door and wait for Sugimoto to start his ascension of the building. If everything went according to plan the thieves whole operation would be done within minutes. Jiro could hear people laughing from the upstairs and others speaking of their day in the ramen shop. The place smelled nice maybe he would return later for a bowl it was making him salivate just thinking about it. Jiro walked up the stairs slowly he didn’t want to make too much noise and alert the targets to his presence. With so much noise below it would be difficult to hear a lone man climbing the stairs. Once, at the door he would place his ear against the door and listen inside.

One of the men was placing value on items four-hundred ryo for this plate, three-hundred fifty for something else. Another was complaining that his friend doing the pricing wasn’t aiding in the cleaning. The last who was the leader was just insisting the other two shut it and get back to work. It was more of the same like they had heard at the crypts. These people weren’t friends just people working together to fill their pockets. The guard had mentioned he visits this place after his shift.

Jiro would raise his hand form a fist and pound the door weakly. The three stood quickly as evidenced by the impactful thuds. It was quickly followed by whispers. “Shut it, shut it. It's probably our man come to collect his money. Open the door!” Pulling out a kunai Jiro would wait for the door to open. Once one of the fools had it open Jiro would throw the blade into the man’s foot and push him over the other two ninja drawing their blades. “Best watch out for my friend behind you.” He would say knowing Sugimoto would be around if he hadn’t already entered.

One of them ran for the window and would attempt to jump through and to the ground. The fall wouldn’t kill him, but it would break an ankle at the least if his attempt succeeded. As for the leader of these men he drew his blade and bid his comrade with a kunai through his foot to rise. “You could just make this easy for everyone here and surrender, unless you want a blade to the foot.” Jiro would draw his own blades and remove his jacket showing his arms lacking of muscle. This urged the leader forward as surely in melee he could defeat a man with noodle arms. As the man approached and got ready to slash he would stop cold unable to move.

“Did you think I would fight you fairly just because I drew blades? You and your friends are now our prisoners you will tell us where you have sold the things you have stolen so that they might be returned to their owners. In addition to giving the names of pawn shop owners who were in on the theft. Doing so willingly will shorten your own sentence, if you would rather not. Well there are methods to get them out of your head..” Jiro would tie the men up with things found around the apartment like cords and cloth.

“Sugimoto, make sure these men arrive at the prison and inform the guards of this place someone will have to sort these stolen items and return them. I have to go retrieve our detained guard. Get the reports of these men if you can.” Jiro would leave the scene and head back to the crypts to get his chains back along with his prisoner. When he arrived at the crypt the guard in charge was still there watching his tied up former ally. He didn’t say a word as Jiro lifted his prisoner and shoved him out of the shack. “You know where the prison is and don’t try to run. It’ll only be worse for you.”

WC: 759
TWC: 2013
Claims: 2000 ryo, 5AP, 250 WC toward Temporary Paralysis Jutsu Mastery completing it, Paranoia 500 WC, 250 WC Mark Seal, 1000 WC Spirit Gun
Tanjiro Nazar
Tanjiro Nazar
Fame : 1
Ryo : 500

Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

on Wed Apr 10, 2019 6:56 pm
Sugimoto was glad Jiro decided to go with his suggestion, all those thought exercises his mother use to drill him through seemed to have real life benefits. So Jiro would head up the stairs and to the door holding his position until Sugimoto managed to get to the flank. He would do a quick succession of hand seals of Ram, Horse, Ox to activate Quiet footsteps, he doubted that they would hear him. But it was better to be safe than sorry, so he would slowly make his up up the side of the building. He avoided the windows until he managed to get into a position that allowed him to look inside without getting sceen.

He was looking in through the top of the window only his eyes would be in view to the people inside the apartment, they seemed to be cleaning of the loot from the crypts, the gold of a name plate was gleaming from the sunlight. The group seemed to be fighting over the work, the boss was sitting back while the twins looked like they did the majority of cleaning and pricing the loot.
A sudden knock at the door would get an immediate reaction from the guilty trio, but they seemed to calm down once they realised it was most likely their guard accomplice coming in for his cut of the pay. The leader of the group said as much and ordered one of the twins to opened the door, as soon as the unlucky soul opened up Jiro busted in and through a kunai through his foot pinning his foot too the floor.

The other twin would jerk up and make his way to the window once Jiro made his entrance, it just so happened to be the window Sugimoto was hiding above. So the masked shinobi would wait till the cowardly twin opened the window to escape. Sugimoto would use a Kunai plunged into the wall as leverage to swing into the now open window feet first, the bottom of his boots smashing into the face of the twin. The coward would skid across the floor until he laid still on the ground, knocked out. Now that the masked shinobi was in the room he was able to get a better picture of what was going on inside. Jiro was in a standoff with the thieves leader, his Kunia were drawn. The leader tried to rush him after Jiro offered some banter, but it seemed useless, Jiro used some kind of technique to subdue the man without raising a hand.

Jiro would then go around the building and gather things to tie them up, once the trio of thieves were apprehended Jiro would order Sugimoto to handle them while he retrieved the guard accomplice. Sugimoto would get his kunai before he headed down stairs and and asked the ramen shops owner if he would call some Shinobi from the guard force to meet him here. He hated paperwork but with how smooth this investigation went, the paperwork should be quick and easy.

WC 512
TWC 2166

Mark Tracking 1000/1000
Dark River Breaking seal 1000/1000

2000 ryo 

5 ap
Maximillian Yamaguchi
Maximillian Yamaguchi
Fame : 107
Ryo : 10

Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

on Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:51 am
Approved guys. 

Sugi, please provide links to the jutsu going forward. Makes it easier on staff. Thanks, man.
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Robbin Empty Re: Robbin

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