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Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
Ryo : 48620

The First Step Backwards [Solo] Empty The First Step Backwards [Solo]

Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:59 am
When he gained purpose, Yuuma thought, the nights would certainly have to be easier. That he would finally be past the days of staring at his ceiling and counting down the hours until that clock on the dresser went off telling him that it was time to begin his day. Sadly, this was not the fate that had come to be. Tired eyes ached, the image of a beam cutting across the roof of his simple apartment burned into his mind like a screen saver for his entire life. He could almost weave a journey over the boards of all the thoughts he had as he considered every fiber of the ceiling above him. To put it mildly, sleep was not finding the young man easily, and he was beginning to show it. His movements at the kitchen counters were becoming slow and sloppy, uneven cuts being returned with a shake of the head. Of course, it also didn't help that Yuuma had found a way to fill these early empty mornings with the help of the local hospital. After meeting Feng Yu, Yuuma had learned of the classes offered in the early mornings that would teach you all manner of helpful technique for free so long as you volunteered to help with the work. So, having recently come to the decision that he would not be slowed down by such a trifle thing as sleep, Yuuma would find himself dressing at a zombie-like pace. At the very least, he could enjoy the misty desert mornings brought on by the oasis on his walk to get something in his stomach. Not that he was all that hungry, but he knew that if he didn't eat, it would be a while until he did. Likely not until after the training, and by then he'd be surprised if he had the energy to function, food or no food.

One oat and vegetable breakfast later, Yuuma would find himself at the hospital a bit early for the lesson, though admittedly, it was less an eagerness for the lesson and more so to socialize and assist Feng Yu for the morning lessons. A reasonable distraction, Yuuma told himself. Not too far out of the way of his focus, and still allowing him to pursue something perhaps frivolous. Pleasant morning talk about the day would be joined eventually by the other early birds, few as they were. It offered Yuuma a chance to share stories of his missions with the Queeensman and the things he had experienced. He didn't bother to embellish the stories to make them seem more appealing, feeling that their content alone was appealing enough for someone like him. The others seemed to enjoy well enough, sharing their own experience with shinobi, and even asking a few questions now that they had an opportunity to speak informally to one. Many of their ideas, Yuuma would quickly learn, were romanticized. He assured them that only the most skilled could do things like fly, or hypnotize them, or make them see demons. Thankful he had learned a wide variety of jutsu, Yuuma was able to display the every-day utility that came with being a ninja. The ability to climb walls, the ability to store things in an intangible space, and the ability the heal over small cuts and bruises. It earned Yuuma the reputation of being a gentle sort, and he was glad to find such glad company to these lessons. A welcome reprieve from the kitchen to a more casual setting. This setting would never last long, however, as the other members of the typical classes would eventually file in, signaling an end to casual conversation and a call to focus on the work ahead. 

The lessons took place like any other, going over the basics of first aid in groups, pairing advanced students with beginners to help speed the process of learning things like CPR, application of a tourniquet, and what to do in case of trauma. As the morning proceeded, however, the lesson would be interrupted by a ruckus from the neighboring area that was typically reserved for basic clinical treatment of non-vital complaints. What started off as some garbled cursing escalated into the clattering of items and instruments. Feng Yu assured people that the issue was no big deal, and that man in question was a regular, but when Yuuma would hear the startled gasp of the nurse followed by a string of curses, he couldn't help himself but to quietly excuse himself from the group exercise to take a look at what was happening. Feng Yu told the class to continue before following quickly behind him. "Yuuma? Just wait, I'm sure the issue is being-" The warning was cut short by a yelp as a bedpan was tossed across the room to clatter into the wall. "Mr. Lewa, please!" Feng Yu cried, moving around Yuuma to move to the man. Yuuma observed the person in question. An elder. Balding, sparse hair around the sides of his head to decorate a shiny dome above it. Like grass leading to a round mountain. This same grass protruding from the old man's nose and ears, giving him a look that was as unpleasant as his attitude.

"I told ye' already! I'm sick!" He slurred.  "I took my medicine, it didn't work!" He complained, picking up another handful of anything to be tossed across the room the longer his demands were not met. The old man didn't take notice of the approaching duo of Yuuma and Feng Yu until they had captured his wrists to restrain him from becoming more volatile. The man looked first to her, then to Yuuma. "You! Boy! Give an old man his -hic!- his medicine!" The stench of stale booze washed over Yuuma in a near physical cloud, a tangible miasma of rotgut that clung to the younger man nostrils. The scent of it rumbled the bile in his stomach, threatening to upheave the meager offerings of breakfast his body lazily digested. "Come on, please!" Another wave of it was almost too much to bear, and Yuuma decided he had to act quickly in order to prevent himself from looking like an art student's thesis. Luckily, Yuuma recognized exactly what this was. He had to deal with it daily when the cure one seeks the morning after is the same poison they drank the night before. Thankfully, his new home had given him the ability to confront this ghost from his past, and with only a single finger. Yuuma heard the cries of warning too late as he pressed his thumb to the old man's head, enacting the Hangover Cure no Jutsu. A relieved sigh was evidence of his success as Yuuma was now able to let his grip on the old man's wrist. It was only after the commotion ended that Yuuma was able to recognize the sour expressions of the other nursing staff. Yuuma blinked in uncertainty, his mind racing to draw a conclusion as he had expected at least a nod of approval to remedy this problem.

"He was just hung over, I use to see it all the ti-"

"We know! We know he was hungover! This old fool keeps getting absolutely plastered, then coming here in the mornings because he knows we can give him an easy out of his reckless behavior." The attending nurse huffed. "Now you've gone and given him what he wanted. He'll certainly be back tomorrow, and when he does, you're dealing with him." The word came as sharp as the finger that was jabbed in Yuuma's direction before the nurse would huff again and dismiss herself back to the common area. 

Feng Yu smiled kindly, reaching out to pat him on the shoulder. "It's okay Yuuma. You couldn't have known." She offered kindly.

"Yuuma huh?" The old man said, leaning against Yuuma now, who stumbled slightly to accept the weight. "Yuuma my boy, you did me a solid. What'd you say we meet at the-" The old man paused, his face turning to Yuuma, his expression growing curious for a moment. "Do I know you? Have we met before? I've seen that face before." He said, boney fingers clenching onto the cheeks and jaw of Yuuma to bring his face into a better focus angle. 

Yuuma allowed this treatment for only a moment as his eyes narrowed down at the older man before his hand was swept away. "No," Yuuma answered simply, taking enough of a step back to threaten to let the Mr. Lewa fall. "Sorry old man, never seen you before." He finished, brushing himself off.The way the old man moved, his whole body, it looked to be in shambles. Evidently, whoever this Mr. Lewa is, they had a very laborious life. Perhaps he was at one time a prizefighter or a talented Smith who had struck too many anvils. Whatever the case may be, he had little to show for it now besides a pension for drinking and a willingness to take advantage of people's kindness.

Mr. Lewa, to his credit, was able to catch himself before Yuuma fully stepped away. "Old man!" He squawked. "Hmh! I'm feeling charitable so I'll forget you said that! I'm spry as I've ever been." Inclined to display such a claim, Mr. Lewa would jump from the table to the sound of popping joints and bones, though came to stand before Yuuma with a smug expression all the same. "You think? You're ain't tough. But tell you what, since you helped me out today, I'll make you tough." His points were made with patting the back of his wrinkly hand against the torso of Yuuma. "What'd you say, huh? Sounds pretty good, right?"

Thankfully, the answer was not difficult to find. "No, thanks. I already have a master." Yuuma said plainly, and even with a hint of boredom. Standing back, the group would turn their heads as the orderlies entered the room, crossing their arms as they watched the exchange for a moment. "Looks like your escorts here," Yuuma said with a hint of amusement as he looked back to the old man.

"Hmh! Only for now!" He chided, hobbling along to the orderlies, who seemed familiar enough with the man as they let him walk on his own. "Only for now!" The old man called from down the hall, a cackling laugh to follow him from the building.

"Believe it or not, he isn't the worst usual." Feng Yu added, smiling to Yuuma, who would puff out a breath and shake his head.

"Well, at least I'm awake now," Yuuma responded. 


The day had seen many a basic injury, and the lessons had been smooth with only minimal discussion of the events, and more light jabbing at Yuuma for rushing to be the hero of a drunk guy. It was a strange experience, being picked on, as Yuuma had often been the one doing the picking. Still, it was a nice reprieve from the usually serious thoughts that plagued the young man. The day was only midway through for the normal person, but for those that had woken up early, it felt more like the evening but with extra sun and a little less snow on the ground after the downfall from a few weeks back. As Yuuma took to the streets, he was thankful the last of the snow was finally vanishing. The cold nights made it difficult to melt snow once it had fallen, making the ground near constantly slick. But it was not the slick that Yuuma had to pay mind to, but the nagging voice that trailed behind him. "Oi. Oi! I'm talking to you, you jackass." Came the voice of Mr. Lewa, who hobbled behind Yuuma. "Is this any way to behave to your elder?! You should be ashamed of yourself!" The sound of his voice wavering from his step as Yuuma failed to stop walking, despite the man's requests. Eventually, Mr. Lewa would find himself winded, stumbling to a stop as the distance between him and his target began to widen. "I bet ye' don't get much sleep do ye'!" He called these words alone beginning to add weight to the steps of Yuuma. "Bet your dreams don't let you." And then it was a full stop. "Bet you can't help but notice certain things. Things other people don't seem to notice. And that makes it hard for ye' to talk to people, right?"

These weren't just taunts, this was something else. Blue eyes sparked to life as they whirled to look behind him at this old man who grinned at him so widely. Yuuma's analysis began without him knowing, soaking in every detail of this man in a desperate attempt to find where he recognized him from but failed to draw a conclusion. But this man spoke of things he shouldn't know. That no one knew. Things he hadn't ever told anyone. "Who are you?"

"Oh-ho-ho." Mr. Lewa laughed, slowly waltzing up to the youth as best as his step would allow him to. "Now I got your attention, don't I? I knew I recognized you from somewhere. I'd recognize that face anywhere, even in my dreams." The old man said with a shudder before turning around. "Come on! You are buying!"


TWC - 2,221

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Nero Yuki
Nero Yuki
Ryo : 14325

The First Step Backwards [Solo] Empty Re: The First Step Backwards [Solo]

Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:08 am
Sure, approved.
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