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Ryo : 8500

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:58 pm
He awoke on the floor. Face down still. Apparently he was quite a still sleeper. There was a dent in the floor from earlier that was probably helping keep him in the same spot. His forehead was sore, and he rubbed it ruefully.


He didn't mean to collapse like that, but the exhaustion had overtaken him. There was no plan when it came to the rest of the day, and the sun was clearly setting. The genin examination center might be closing soon. He wasn't sure, it had been years since that had even been a consideration for him.

Where was the brochure....

Dangit. It was missing. He would have to go to the examination center anyways just to replace it.

The beginnings of twilight were visible without looking through the window. The sun had begun setting into a pale purple and pink combination. Quite nice to view honestly.The city was beginning to wind down as workers scuttled away when their bosses weren't looking. Some people liked nature, and Logos found beauty in the quieting cityscape.

His throat was dry. He found himself strolling down the street, guzzling a canteen of water greedily. Which way to the center again... It had only been half a day ago for crying out loud.

Fortunately, there weren't a ton of buildings with ninja labels on them, so he found himself outside the examination center pretty quickly. The sun was still up, but it was clearly losing the battle to gravity, at least Logos liked to pretend it was.

The doors loomed large before him.

"Well, let's see how it goes."

He reached for the handle. If he could take the test now, he would join any existing lines. The sooner he could earn that dough, the better. That factory wouldn't pay for itself. Not at first anyway....


(Requesting proctor)
Faith Akari
Faith Akari
Ryo : 7100

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Tue Jan 15, 2019 3:50 pm

Darius, a larger bald chunin with a thick goatee had been sitting at his desk for the last 5 hours listening to these annoying small children trying to come up with an appropriate transformation or clone jutsu. Five hours had Darius had to listen to preteen children stumble over their words as they tried to explain how each jutsu worked, none of them doing a good enough job to get even close to a passing grade. The worst one though had to be that little green haired girl who tried to make an argument that…. And Darius quotes, ‘I transformed into myself.’ For real? This was probably the worst couple of hours in his life. Screw these little shinobi wannabe’s. Screw the Hogokage for putting him on this. And screw that Namikaze girl for not being around and making him do this. The only up part to this day? That it was over, and now Darius could drink away the day all he wanted.

Suddenly, the door handle would jiggle as if someone was about to head into the door. Huh? Who was this? The Exams had ended about 15 minutes ago. Presuming the door opened and the person that had grabbed the door entered, Darius would see a skinny young adult with dark styled hair enter into the room. He wasn’t wearing a headbandof any sorts so he obviously wasn’t a shinobi, could this be part of the Janitorial staff?

Darius would put his half empty bottle down in order address the newcomer “I’m still here,”  Darius would spit out, not an ounce of respect could be heard in his voice as these words left his mouth. Formailities was for formal situations, and no man could be expected to act like they were in a formal situation after the hell on earth that Darius had just gone through.  “You can come back in to clean when I am done. Till then, go clean something else.”

Once Darius had finished talking, the large man would pick up the beer that he had just put down and take annother swigg. He had annother two dozen of these bad boys hiding under the desk he was sitting at, and he was planning to down every last one of them.

WC: 383
Ryo : 8500

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Wed Jan 16, 2019 2:32 am
Either trying to prompt a genin exam, or working in the techs during the course of a normal conversation (aim for 800 wc I guess)

"I'm still here."

*Oh good, I haven't missed the exams!* Logos thought.

It took him an awkward few moments to determine the source of the voice. He was really quite used to a bustling exam center, not this almost deathly quiet shell.

"You can come back in to clean when I'm done. Till then, go do something else."

Had he walked in on someone sneaking a secret stash of booze? This guy sounded pretty irritated, even someone as dense as Logos could figure that much out. That or this guy was one of the raging alcoholics barely beneath the surface.

*Wait a moment. There must be some misunde- oh. shit.*

Logos paused in thought. That explained why the building was so quiet. He sighed morosely.

"Actually, I'm not in the janitorial department. I'm actually a very recent student, a drop in if you will. Go ahead and laugh, I wasn't expecting this either. I wasn't really sure when the exam guys closed up shop, but it looks like I missed the boat today. Think I can find a pamphlet at least?" He wasn't totally sure but it was a pretty safe bet. He'd seen open shops with less business than this exam center staying open. Then, sometimes you got people who really didn't want to be there, and giving them space was the best way to smooth over negotiations. Not that he was intending to make this an opportunity to make some sweet ryo or anything.

"Do they let you swig those during actual testing? Can't be too hard to tell if someone has what it takes. Either they let out the magic smoke and voila! Or they send you more excuses than a debtor staring down the enforcers. Man, I dropped by the academy earlier and the sight of this was enough to make me decide on self study instead.”

As he spoke, he weaved the hand seals - Dog, Boar, Ram -  for the art of transformation while lost in his train of thought. The jutsu was primed to go off at what seemed like a logical time (“the sight of this”) subconsciously. His shape wavered and his form took on the form of a short kid. It was not based on anyone in particular, just the amalgamation of a bunch of the kids he had seen watching his sneering younger brother earlier. Ok. Maybe the sneer of his younger brother fit in a bit too well. This chap looked disgruntled though and giving him something stupid looking to maybe laugh at could help cut the tension in the room.

He ended up with a 4 foot monstrosity of a child with a cowlick, dirty baggy clothing and muddy shoes. One stubby arm slithered up the rotund chest and pretended to pick his nose, before flicking the imaginary object away. His eyes were somehow gormless and listless at the same time. His feet refused to stay still and constantly fidgeted, digging themselves briefly into small divots in the floor. He stuck his tongue out at an imaginary passerby before reverting to his normal form. Despite all the descriptive words, he only spent about 7 seconds in his transformation, much of which was while he spoke. Meaning he didn’t actually take “that” long.

“I noticed that this other technique works as an initial distraction for thugs and presumably wild children. Don’t ask me how I know this….” This time there was much less of a preamble, as he weaved the hand signs to form a couple of clones.

“Honestly, I only needed one most of the time to form one target they could see, but I guess two can come in handy too sometimes as well. Now to get them to stay in line for me.” He waved, the clones imitating him, before dispelling them.

“Ah shoot, sorry, you probably had somewhere else to be too right? I talk too much sometimes.” He trailed off, realizing he had probably blabbed for at least a minute straight, though it was probably more.

(You can entirely ignore the following paragraph in terms of RP)

He took a closer look at the other guy. Yep, definitely large. Come to think of it, that bottle was pretty clearly half full and he thought he had seen the fellow putting it down as he came in. He wondered internally whether this was the mans first or seventeenth, as some people could hold their liquor quite well, and this chap sounded like he had been here a while. And was he an employee of the exam center or a bystander with a day to kill. Cause Logos knew from indirect experience that people drinking during the day were either very sad/frustrated, or up to no good. Logos decided to wait a bit to see what this chap would reveal about himself. Hopefully it was interesting but likely not, not that it mattered.

(Ttl wc: 806. The intended timeline is about as long as it would take for Logos to speak in “real” terms)
Faith Akari
Faith Akari
Ryo : 7100

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:50 pm
As the boy would explain that he was here as a student and not a janitor, the man would give out a deep hardy laugh.

"BWAHAHAH! You must be joking, a student at your age?! But yeah, there are a few of them in the back, feel free to pick one up."

The proctor would take another swig, finishing off this bad boy and going in to grab another when the adult student would mention something about the drinking.

"Of course not!" Darius would explain "Hell, those uppers discourage us from drinking even on our off time. But they can't stop us. So, that is what I'm doing."

"Hehe, yeah, that is exactly what they look like." The man would say, taking note that the boy gave a good explanation of the transformation jutsu and then completed the clone jutsu as well.

"Hey... that was pretty good." The man would say as he would put down his drink and reach in his desk and fumble around for a headband. "Tell you what, I am probably going to have to give these exams tomorrow as well, and I really don't want to have to grade you again tomorrow, so tell you what, I'll just go ahead and pass you now, and save us both some time, OK?"

The man would offer his the new boy a headband, presuming he took it, the man would say "Now get out of here and let me enjoy my drink in peace."

[Possible Exit]

I'll make my claims later, but passing Logos and granting him Genin rank.

Logos, I think you know what you need to claim? If you don't, Ill make a list for you.
Ryo : 8500

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:19 pm
Evidently the dude was as surprised to see a young adult as a student as Logos was.

"They don't let you drink on the job? Not even a bit? Thats a darn shame, it might improve their retention rate. Kids can handle a little unruliness." It was painfully aware that Logos was not up to speed with teaching standards. Or he didn't care. Didn't really matter though. What did matter was that the fellow had loosened up a bit. Turned out he was one of the proctors.

Logos seemed to have made a decent impression on the proctor in fact. Enough to overlook Logos arriving past the scheduled time of the exams, in fact.

Logos smiled a little. Things were going well and hadn't gone to shit for once.

He took the offered headband.

"Sounds good man, thanks for doing me a solid. I'll see you around, next time the drink is on me alright?"

Logos would tie the headband around his head. Raising his hand in a small wave, he would take his leave and make his way home.


(claiming genin rank, +15 stats (I think) and then these: art of substitution and surface walking.

The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Faith Akari
Faith Akari
Ryo : 7100

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:40 am
630 WC total

I'm just going to put it all to GE V2 On Faith

Nero Yuki
Nero Yuki
Ryo : 14325

Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:49 am
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Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam) Empty Re: Wait, how am I here already? (Genin Exam)

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