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[Genin Exam] for Akagami Empty [Genin Exam] for Akagami

Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:45 pm
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Shanks arrived early for his big day. He had got a good night's rest and was now ready to show the results of his training.

[Requesting a Proctor]

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Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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[Genin Exam] for Akagami Empty Re: [Genin Exam] for Akagami

Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:31 am
Proctoring genin exams was a good way to keep one humble when one had come so far from that point in their lives. It was for this reason, as well as a few others. Such as wanting to get a look at his future shinobi, that caused the Hogokage himself to arrive. Of course, most of the students didn’t actually know who he was. He kept himself inside most of the time, doing paperwork and otherwise training late at night when he finally had time to spare. It was quite a lovely morning, and he’d gotten at least a few hours before he came to take care of a few genin exams. He wouldn’t introduce himself, so anyone within the classroom would only know who in the world he was because they had already seen him and heard his name. Either way though, the tall, ashen haired, tan skinned teen would stand at the front of the room in his combat attire. Crimson cloak over black leather armor that formed to his body for a perfect, comfortable fit. His blade, Twilight hung at his side and his gray eyes surveyed the room carefully before pointing at a student. “You..” He would say, pointing at a blonde girl with green eyes. “Misaki Amurai, Sensei.” She would say, standing and bowing as she said her name and walking down to the front of the room afterwards. She seemed confident, if a little quiet. 

“Clone Technique, Transformation Technique, 100 push ups, and sit ups. Begin now.” He would order. Cold, stoic eyes watching the girl as she began to perform the requested techniques and exercises. She made it through the Clone Technique, as well as the Transformation Technique. However young Misaki collapsed halfway through her sit ups. “Fail, try again when your physical body is up to par with your technique control.” He would say, immediately taking his eyes off of her and scanning the crowd again before point at another student. “You..” The Light user would say as a dark haired and dark eyed student with pale features stood at once. “Yusuke Matsuda, sensei.” The teen would respond before coming down to the bottom of the room and facing Valen. “Same exercises.” He would say, to which Yusuke would stare at him blankly. “You weren’t paying attention to what she had to do?” The gray eyed man would say to which the teen would shake his head. “Then I suppose you can come back when you have the discipline to pay attention to your surroundings.” He would say simply to which to genin hopeful would sigh before turning and leaving the room. “You..” He would point at another student. Who would stand immediately “Chisaki Mureno, Sensei.” She would say before coming down to the bottom of the room. He would nod his head before speaking “I hope you were paying attention. Same as Misaki, begin.” He would say to which the girl would nod and begin the requirements. She performed the clone technique, and the transformation technique flawlessly. Managed the push ups and sit ups well too.

Valen would nod at the display as she stood before him, panting and arms mildly shaking. Clearly she had pushed herself. “One more test.” He would say as he reached into his shuriken pouch and threw a shuriken out toward the girl as quickly as he could. The star would flash through the air at it’s highest possible speed and just barely scratch the girls cheek. He eyes would widen in alarm as she felt the feel of blood dripping down her cheek. “Heal that.” He would say, gray eyes boring into her. She would nod, and perform the Basic Medical Jutsu adequately. “Very well, you pass.” He would say, before tossing her a headband. She would smile, and nod at him before turning and leaving the room. He would scan the room again. Before pointing at a tall, older, red haired man. “You…” He would say, and provided the man stood and gave his name he would call him down and give him the exact same test. “I won’t surprise you with a shuriken. Cut a small wound on yourself and heal it. Unless you’d rather me do it.” He would say, an eyebrow raised at the last and a small smirk playing on his lips as he said it.   

WC: 726

(Sorry for the shit quality, it's late as hell for me and I should've been asleep a while ago. Do 800 words performing the mentioned actions. Tried to give you a bit more to do since just doing clone and transformation is A. Boring, and B. Hard to do in 800 words. Feel free to do more if you wish.)
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[Genin Exam] for Akagami Empty Re: [Genin Exam] for Akagami

Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:39 pm
Shanks arrived very early. He had been waiting for this day and was both mentally and physically prepared. The events of last night helped put him at ease. He was once again certain about the driving force behind his goals. As he wandered off in thoughts, Shanks was drawn to the array of colorful feathers that adorned the large bird perched on a weakly tree branch just outside the classroom window. He never knew there were such exotic birds in the Haven country. Shanks made mental note to explore the country some more. Suddenly a young man would walk into the classroom where he and other genin hopefuls were seated, nervous and anxiously awaiting what was in store for them. Shanks hardly shared the same anxiety as most of the kids around him. While they were mostly concerned about whether or not they could succeed as ninjas, Shanks was concerned about how he could successfully change the world. Becoming a full fledged ninja was simply a stepping stone in that process. There was more work to be done if he was to achieve his goals as he carried the weight of the entire Kenja tribe on his shoulders. If these kids failed, they could simply try again next year. For him, failure was not even an option.

Shanks carefully observed the young man who stood before the class. He could tell that despite his youthful appearance, this was no ordinary classroom teacher. His flashy attire suggested that he was a medium to high ranking official amongst the Hoshigakure ninja hierarchy; probably a jounin or a Special Ranked Jounin. However, his cold gray eyes made it obvious that he was long accustomed to the harsh life of a ninja. Shanks was certain that this man would be a formidable opponent and he knew that people like him were the obstacles that stood between him and his goal. As the white haired man called out to the blonde haired girl, Shanks noted the way he issued out direct commands and demanded conformably direct actions. It was clear that this man was used to issuing out orders. A high ranking Hoshi ninja with a team of his own? No, not a team. This man probably had a whole squad or platoon under his direct command, attesting to the fact that he was indeed a seasoned warrior who played a vital role in times of conflict. As the girl Misaki failed to complete the task, Shanks noticed the abruptness with which this man sent her away. No second chances were given. It was a brutal but necessary assessment. If these children were to develop as fine ninja of tomorrow, they needed to understand that being second-rate was not an option. Thus, when the boy called Yusuke stepped up Shanks had high hopes that his gothic appearance would translate to potentiality. His hopes were quickly dashed when it became clear that the boy was still severely lacking. As expected, the exam proctor was quick to point out this fact and dismiss the boy. Shanks truly felt that if this was the kind of quality his class had to showcase, he'd much rather take the exam as a solo candidate.

A glimmer of hope came when Chisaki Mureno was called up. Of all the students present she had the most potential as far as Shanks was concerned. He had seen her practice beforehand and it was obvious that she was well grounded. Perhaps she had some form of tutelage growing up. A ninja parent or sibling would do the trick; or even a bloodline that awakened from an early age could cause Chisaki to develop far ahead of her classmates just as he had. Thus when she succeeded in completing the tasks, Shanks was relieved but not surprised. At the very least, the proctor would not assume the class was made up of total dunces. Despite her efforts, Chisaki's greatest flaw was exposed by a simple action from the examiner. Her lack of actual combat experience made her fall victim to the shuriken attack on her cheek, leaving her face bloodied. Thankfully, she knew the basic healing technique and could save face before the stoic proctor. A smile crept unto Shanks' face; Chisaki had done a good job. Not surprised to be called upon next, Shanks would gracefully rise up from his seat and without uttering a word, chain a sequence of three hand seals (Ram + Snake + Tiger) whilst at the same time focusing upon his chakra in order to release it outwards into the one meter space surrounding him. As his chakra is released to encompass his vicinity, Shanks would immediately conceptualize the physical features of his own body, applying shape manipulation in its basic corporeal form to generate holographic looking constructs that would wobble into existence in a hazy manner until they become characteristical replicas of himself. The red haired Kenja would then speak in a calm tone: "Shanks. Græy. Pleased to make your acquaintance.". He would say this as he took off his straw hat and placed it on his chest, bowing ever so slightly with a friendly smile across his lips. Both replicas to his sides would mimic his actions toward the proctor.

Walking forward to close the distance between himself and the young examiner, Shanks dispels both clones with sheer willpower and proceeds with another hand seal sequence. This time, he forms the Dog → Boar → Ram hand seals as he pools his chakra within himself. Once he reaches within three meters of the proctor, he releases the chakra gathered throughout his entire body as a surge. This is done at the exact moment when he begins to imagine the physical structure of Genthru, the jounin who stays in his neighborhood. He applies his chakra towards reforming the features of his face, arms, torso, legs, etc to replicate that of Genthru. Once successful, Shanks assumes the appearance of a man in his mid to late forties with a receding hairline, sunken cheeks, rounded shoulders, a pot belly and sturdy legs. Hoping he had executed both techniques to the approval of the examiner, Shanks would end the technique and revert to his natural form. He would laugh off the suggestion of the proctor to inflict the wound himself; he'd rather not have this man mark him with any of his weapons. They could collect his blood sample or record his chakra signature. No. Shanks had to be careful with his body if he wanted to keep the Kenja DNA hidden from poachers for as long as possible. "Dahahaha..That won't be necessary. I have my methods, Proctor-san." With that, Shanks would imbue his right index finger with raw wind chakra and make a clean but shallow cut on his left forearm. As blood oozed out of his open skin, Shanks would quickly link both hands, forming the Boar, Rat and Snake hand seals to aid him to properly mould the required chakra with which to infuse into his right palm. A gentle glow bearing a greenish hue envelopes his palm, and with it he touches the injury. This special chakra seeps into the open wound, speeding up the natural healing process within that region to allow for accelerated blood clotting. This stops the bleeding and slowly causes the tissues and muscles within the wound to begin regenerating themselves. "All done. Proctor-san."

WC: 1,231
Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
Ryo : 10600

[Genin Exam] for Akagami Empty Re: [Genin Exam] for Akagami

Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:47 am
The man performed everything perfectly. He seemed to know it too, if the confident demeanor was anything to go by. He seemed to be the type of man that could invoke others to want to do better, to be stronger. He was a leader, that much Valen could already see. That was something he wanted to nurture in his shinobi. Something he needed to nurture if anything. The man’s age did nothing to hide an almost childlike confidence. As if he’d never grown out of the stage of thinking he was invincible. As if the world wouldn’t be able to harm him at all. He could inspire, and Valen needed that in his forces. “You pass of course.” He would say, pulling out a paper and writing down a few things onto it before holding it up to Shanks. “Here, take this. It’s instructions to a personal training field of mine. Meet me there in a few days.” He would say simply, before waving the man toward the door after tossing him his headband. “You..” He would point toward a young man in the back of the room, continuing the exam.
The letter would of course be signed with his name. Letting the man know who had been the proctor. So long as he knew the name of his villages Kage of course. 

WC: 223
TWC: 949

Claim: All words toward Elemental Chains and 40 AP since I didn't use the 25% discount. The additional threads I used to claim toward the jutsu are linked with it on my stat page. 

Shank, you may claim genin rank, 15 stats, a free specialty and the free genin jutsu the jutsu list that are free can be found here. Once you post your exit and claims. Post this topic in the appropriate section here.
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[Genin Exam] for Akagami Empty Re: [Genin Exam] for Akagami

Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:00 pm
It was a success. Shanks had made it through the first stage in his journey towards changing the world. He was delighted but did not bother showing it. His phlegmatic disposition was brought to the fore when the young man began writing on a piece of paper. Shanks accepted the note, and when the man extended the invitation to his personal training field, the redhead nodded curtly and replied, "Got it." Without looking at the contents of the letter, Shanks caught his Hoshi headband and stepped outside the classroom. Once outside, he pumped his fist into the air and let out a triumphant YES! He then proceeded to read the note as he made his way home. To his greatest surprise, the note was signed with the name Valen Akari. So he had been interacting with the Hogokage all this while? That name was a household name in his neighborhood. With renewed gusto, Shanks donned his straw hat with a smirk on his face. He had successfully gotten himself recognized by the Kage. Now, he had to live up to the expectations; a new target had been set and he loved the exhilarating feeling it gave him.


• Genin Rank
• 15 Stats
• Medical Specialty
• All Free Genin Jutsu

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[Genin Exam] for Akagami Empty Re: [Genin Exam] for Akagami

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