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Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
Ryo : 10600

Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam] Empty Re: Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam]

Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:17 pm
Valen moved into the exam hall with a sigh. How many of these had he done now? How many genin hopefuls had he passed? Failed? How many of the passed were even still alive? He simply didn’t know. What he did know was that he was about to do another one. This one would admittedly annoy him. As he had been called to do it while he was practicing a technique he’d theorized. A long range teleportation tech that would allow him to turn his body into intangible light release chakra and then move around as such. Capable of allowing him to move at high speeds over vast distances. He had almost made a breakthrough in it when he was called to do this exam. Something about an odd hopeful or something, he didn’t know.

As he moved into the room he’d speak up, his now freed mind changing his general personality and mannerisms quite a bit. No longer was he the extremely quiet anti-social Chunin. Now he was much more open, and prone to speaking up. Also, he was now a Jonin, so that was a plus. The words that would come from the long, black haired shinobi would be the following “Good morning, I’m your exam proctor. My name is Valen Akari, Jonin of Hoshigakure. Welcome to your Hoshigakure Orientation Exam. I prefer to call it, the ‘H.O.E.’.” He would begin, managing to keep a straight face as he looked out toward the hopefuls. One in particular caught his eye ‘Isn’t he a bit old to be a genin hopeful?..’ He’d think to himself before shaking his head and continuing. “The H.O.E. is your first step toward becoming a prominent member of the Hoshigakure shinobi force. In his exam I will test your ability to use certain techniques and your knowledge and physical conditioning to make sure you’re able to perform the general duties of a genin of the village." ‘Like what? Flower picking?’ He’d think briefly after speaking.

Honestly he’d done this stupid speech so many times he could recite it drunk more than likely. “Our first hopeful shinobi to try to become a genin will be Zenthir Ryutolbi” He would say as a young black haired boy walked up. The test would begin and continue on with Valen calling out name after name, passing some, failing others. Eventually the final hopeful would be in his room. Valen would look at the man in the eye with a tired and bored look on his face while also activating his chakra sensory and hiding his surprise to find that this man was no genin hopeful. “Forgive the boredom, I’m sure you can understand the monotony..Takeo is it? At least that’s what’s on the roll.” He’d say as  he worked his shoulders a little, and stifled a yawn. “You’ve heard what I’ve told them. But just in case you were day dreaming or something you’re to perform the clone and substitution technique. I would tell you to some physical tests as well but I can tell based on your sheer chakra levels that you aren’t a student meaning you’re trained. So I think we can skip those. What I DO want you to do is go ahead and demonstrate the two techs, and maybe share a story from your travels? I’m fairly certain I’d notice you around the village if you were.” He’d say before waiting in curiosity.

(800 words, figured clone and transformation would be annoying to write 800 words about so I put in a little something extra)

WC: 589

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Also Gin Kouen
Also Gin Kouen
Ryo : 8000

Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam] Empty Re: Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam]

Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:06 am
Valen’s eyes retained their bored expression as the man began to speak. Of course the Jonin had noticed the man was in a wheelchair with only one functioning hand so he expected his attempt to take some time. After all one couldn’t force oneself too hard in his condition or he would injure himself severely in the process. This would of course make his recovery even longer. So the man indulged him in sharing a bit about himself as he fiddled through the hand seals. Valen WAS mildly disappointed at not getting to hear about anything truly entertaining but he supposed it made sense.

‘I basically asked a shinobi to tell me about a story and I actually expected him to tell me about some kind of fight or battle he’d had that might give away some of his skills. How tired AM I exactly?’ He’d think to himself in annoyance. Of course he figured the man’s words weren’t all true. They were  shinobi after all, how could one expect such honesty? Valen couldn’t exactly tell what the man had been lying about though but it didn’t matter. Akihana was the current queen of Hoshigakure. Even if Valen didn’t agree with a shinobi having the throne he at least figured she wouldn’t allow a person dangerous to her city to stay. So he wasn’t worried about the man trying to kill him or anything.

Soon enough the man successfully performed the clone technique, the two illusory copies coming out and sitting next to the man in their own wheelchairs. Takeo would proceed to explain he’d recently been to Sunagakure and was attacked by bandits on the way home. ‘That doesn’t feel right, especially since it sounded like he was traveling alone. How did he get back here if he was injured by bandits on the way home? None would be operating close enough to the village to allow him to crawl here as that would put them well within our shinobi patrol range. No, he was injured in another way..’ He thought to himself, his expression remaining impassive. A trick learned and mastered when talking and dealing with brats.

He’d shrug this off though as not being his problem in all reality. After all like it was mentioned before in this post the queen trusted the temporarily handicapped man. ‘I wonder how much of the village really IS handicapped accessible though…’ He thought in idle curiosity. It was at this point that something interesting caught his notice. “Did you say you have a pet pig? An interesting choice in pet.” He would note, clearly just making small talk as the man moved through the seals for the substitution.

Eventually the white haired applicant would perform the final seal and substitute with a chair in the room. Thankfully not his wheelchair, as while hilarious, would suck. The snake summoner would reach into his desk and pull out a shiny new headband, star engraving gleaming in the light as he tossed it to the man lightly, making sure to toss it toward the man’s good arm so as to not be a dick. “Congratulations on passing your H.O.E. Maybe sometime soon you can take you Basic Intelligence and Training for Chunin of Hoshigakure exams or Basic Intelligence and Training Check of Hosigakure. Those who pass are deemed worthy of rank up and become a chunin.” He would explain. He wouldn’t go into the acronym for that test, he felt like he might get in a bit of trouble for it for some… odd reason. “If you have anymore questions feel free to ask, otherwise, have a nice day.” He would say, clearly dismissing him so he could get back to his training. He wanted to learn this technique damnit.

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TWC: 1214

Claiming all of the words toward Light's Path putting it at 2220 with the TWC from This

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Yasahiro Yagami
Yasahiro Yagami
Village Leader
Village Leader
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Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam] Empty Re: Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam]

Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:05 am
Yes, you may.

Approved n' such.
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Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam] Empty Re: Surely you can't be serious [Genin Exam]

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