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Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:51 pm
cait was a long way from her village now. which meant she could freely practice ninjutsu. she didnt want to live the quiet life of living in a village, she wanted to be a ninja. more so because it would mean more excitement and more things to do. a ninja life is never dull. but she would start small. baby steps are the best right? she knew that a clone tech was simple. so she started there. she tried the hand seals, ram snake tiger. as she hold all the chakra she could. but nothing happen. it was what it was. she never tried using ninjutsu before so she needed to practice a lot. thats when it hit her. she needed to get her blood going. being a ninja wasnt just about ninjutsu. all she needed was a way to train. she looked for a strong looking tree. and started to punch it. it hurt but she loved physical combat. it came natural to her. so she kept at it. punching as she breathed in and out. after about 5 minuets she stopped. that would get her blood going. then she tried using the clone tech again. as she did the seals she held her chakra until clones appeared. she was thinking of using them as a sparring partner but when she went to slap her clone on the back it went away. she then sighed thinking it was because she was weak. it couldnt be a one of one version on her so it was a weaker one. meaning if she was stronger so would her clone. but she couldnt just punch a tree forever. she nodded and started running laps. as fast and as far as she could. this way she could work on her stamina and her speed. both things a ninja needed surely. she was kinda excited to be doing this. she felt very happy. maybe this was her calling in life. being a ninja. which now meant she needed to find a village. she knew some just by name. she figured if she kept walking to would come to a village and she could join the first one she found. it wouldnt be so hard and she could train on the way. might even be exciting. after about an hour of doing laps she stopped. she was hot and sweaty. and now hungry. thankfully for her she had food and water with her. so she would sit down and eat as her mind rushed with day dreams of being a ninja. she felt like a little girl daydreaming of being a princess. it was something she hasnt felt in a long time. her new life she hoped would be a good one. and one that didnt smell as fishy as her old one did. once she finished her little lunch she would start to jog as she found a path. she didnt know where it went but she knew it would go away from the village. she didnt need to rush but she was too excited not to rush. 

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Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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boring title  Empty Re: boring title

Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:53 pm
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