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Elliryana Lailoken
Elliryana Lailoken
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Sorethin Begins Empty Sorethin Begins

Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:53 pm
Sorethin moved down the road near the sea at a rather calm and relaxed pace, his threads squirming just beneath the skin as he moved. He didn’t have a particular destination in mind, after all he wasn’t bound to any of the villages so why bother traveling toward one of them? He’d continue on with his life without having to worry about the higher authorities worrying about him. The best part? He was born outside of the village system, meaning he wasn’t in any kind of bingo book. This meant he had time to get stronger, to obtain the necessary power to be able to kill those who get in his way. All he needed was time, and his parents gave him all of the time in the world by leaving their village themselves. As it stood Sorethin was walking down the road moving through hand seals at a steady pace, making sure he had the order for the technique he wanted to learn down correctly before channeling chakra into it. It was time to learn the transformation technique. It was a staple in a shinobi’s lifestyle, including a missing shinobis. He honestly couldn’t fathom why his parents never taught it to him, but it mattered very little in the grand scheme of things. After all he could learn it now and move on. It’d certainly make sneaking up on people to kill them much easier. Well, it’d only be needed if anyone knew who he was to begin with. As well as his appearance. That however was neither here nor there. Now he simply needed to get this ability down and move onto the next.

As these thoughts flew through his mind he would continue flipping through the hand seals at a slow, steady pace. Dog, Boar, Ram. Dog, Boar, Ram..Dog, Boar, Ram..It really was getting quite repetitive. At this point however he felt he could accurately perform the technique however and so he quickly flipped through the seals while channeling his, admittedly rather meager chakra reserves, before a puff of smoke covered his form. He took out a small mirror he kept on him, I know, vain isn’t he? Before smirking as he appeared exactly like his late father, before he killed him of course. He quickly let the transformation fall and nodded his head. Now he just needed to test it in a live situation. As he moved down the road he noticed a couple of men moving down the path. So of course Sorethin decided to fuck with them. As he was still quite far enough away from the men for them to notice him he quickly flipped through the hand seals and transformed into one of them. This turned him into a rather tall and lanky man that had a small goatee and a bit of a pointed nose. The hope was that they’d notice he looked like him and mention it, after all if it fooled the actual person it’d fool anyone. So he moved toward them at a normal pace and soon came upon them. As hoped, and honestly expected, both men looked at him and confusion with the second man looking toward his friend and Sorethin himself. At this point Sorethin would simply open his arms in a gesture of friendliness and clasp arms with the men. Before using his threads to rip into their bodies causing them to scream in pain, shock, and hysteria as the tentacle like appendages ripped them apart piece by piece.

At that he would look down at his body and realize that now he needed to clean all of the blood and gore off him. He wondered briefly if he could use his chakra to do that. He concentrated on his chakra, feeling the pools of energy inside of his body flow throughout his chakra network as he harnessed it’s power. Shortly after he held a hand seal for a moment, Ram, and began to channel the chakra to just being outside of his skin. Closer, closer, closer, almost there, at that point he felt the technique fail. He felt the chakra unleash itself outside of his body in a huge wave around him, blowing away what was left of the two men around him. He then proceeded to think about the problem for but a moment. “A different hand seal maybe?” He thought before channeling his chakra again, wielding its power as he held the Tiger hand seal this time. He felt the chakra slowly rise up out of his network, forming a thin sheen of chakra on the outer layer of his skin and his clothing. He took a deep breath before forcing the chakra out rapidly. The blood, guts, and gore immediately flew off of him as if it was all never there. He nodded his head in satisfaction as he checked over his body and clothing, noting that he could not find a single trace of his two latest victims. Indeed it appeared all of the blood and guts had blown off into the wind. Giving one more nod of satisfaction he’d continue his trek down the road. At this point the afternoon sky was high up in the air and Sorethin briefly considered training some more. This was of course, before he realized that he needed to find suitable shelter for the night. That should be relatively simple, those two men looked relatively clean, before he covered their bodies in their own blood of course, but either way that meant a town of some kind was near probably a fishing village. He’d simply move toward it and rest there for the night. It’d certainly be nice to sleep in an actual bed. He could easily just murder the renter of a freshly bought room at the local hotel and transform into him whenever he left the room. Yes, he could find multiple uses for the transformation technique. It was certainly a good one to have. Meanwhile the Chakra Cleanse would be helpful in cleaning himself off after he finished with his ‘play time’.

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Claiming 5 stats and Instant Dry Cleaner No Jutsu as well as Halloween No Jutsu
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Sorethin Begins Empty Re: Sorethin Begins

Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:50 pm
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