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Chakra Control Training  Empty Chakra Control Training

Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:57 am
( This continues on from my character creation role-play sample where he found out some chakra control techniques: Water walking and Tree climbing, along with a few D-Rank Ninjutsu but this is mostly for Water Walking and Tree Climbing
Link to chargen: Uzumaki Raven
Word count to achieve: 1000 (500 Water Walking and 500 Tree Climbing) Excluding this massive contextual part: Click Here)

Raven soon found himself facing the big vast seas. After running and making sure he was not being followed by any nin, he let out a sigh of relief knowing that he was very close to being discovered. Now having time to go through whatever spoils the missing nin he killed had, he opened up his backpack and took out the loot. Knowing that proper elemental ninjutsu was still out of his reach, he set those scrolls aside and focused his attention on chakra control techniques.

There were two chakra control techniques mentioned, the second being a continuation to the first. Deciding to follow the order mentioned he made his way to a tree on the borderline between the sandy shores and the forested lands that make up the Fire Country. He read through the scroll, and then put it aside for now.
Knowing he had to apply chakra to the soles of the feet and walk on the surface of the tree, he started molding his chakra and sent it to his feet. As soon as his feet touched the bark of the tree, the bark splintered and he was sent back with a lot of force. He knew from reading the scroll that this happens when too much chakra was applies he slowly and steadily decreased his output. Though it was very hard to do due to the huge reserves form being an Uzumaki, he managed to get his chakra under an impromptu control. Once again trying it out on the tree, he was once again flung back.

Frustrated at his lack of progress but still not wanting to lose his mental faculties over, he calmed himself down and tried again, and again and again.....
Over three hours had past and his reserves were low.Still not being able to get the right amount of chakra control to walk up a tree he only could guess how hard it would be to walk on water.

Taking an ample amount of rest and refilling his chakra, he once again started training the tree climbing technique. Since Uzumaki were known to be chakra monsters Raven knew that he would have problems while training to control that monstrous sea of power inside of him. While his reserves were high even for gennin standards, his lack of control made him deplete his reserves pretty quickly. Remembering the time he was almost killed by the missing nin, he hardened his resolve and started training with an invigorated spirit. Trying to walk up the tree again and again, and getting higher and higher each try, his motivation shot up and continued to train this supposedly simple training. Each try of his getting better and the time between explosions also decreasing, as well as the force of explosion.

As he was getting the hang of it the tree soon shook and broke down almost crushing Raven underneath it. If not for his shinobi like reflexes, he would have been crushed under the tree. If his explosions did anything it was weakening the tree, and he wryly made his way towards another tree. This time ensuring that he would not break the tree completely, he resumed his training and slowly but surely he was making his way up the tree. After over an hour had past he was seen huffing on top of the tree, looking into the sea longingly as if something was calling him to it.

Removing the stray thoughts on his mind, he used his chakra properly to walk back  down the tree. Now confident in his newly gained prowess to climb and traverse trees, he took his bag, scrolls and went down to the shore. It was almost sunset and no one was on the shore, Raven decided to use his well practiced gift of hunting and fishing from his odd job days while traveling he made himself a nice cooked meal and decided to rest on top of a tree after removing any traces of him being on the shore.

Getting up early and finishing his daily routines, he checked for any surprises or enemy nin. Finding none as far as his weak shinobi training told him, he made it down to the shore and read through the water walking part of the chakra control techniques. It was basically the same concept, but this time it was keeping a constant flow of it and negating any commotion created by waves and/or movement of the water body. Removing his only pair of usable clothes since he didn't want to wear wet clothes and not knowing any skill/technique to dry himself up quickly, he decided to give water waking a try. The first few steps being a bit shaky but stable, he let that go into his head and try the deeper parts. Which as anyone's guess led him to fall straight into the lukewarm water. Regretting being overconfident in his abilities he made his way back to the shore and retried, but this time progressing only when he was stable enough.

He soon was getting a hang of it when a shark came out of nowhere and decided that the red haired skinny human was good meal. Raven soon leapt behind and dodged the shark's incoming maw. While this situation was perilous to both shinobi and civilian alike due to having no weapons on him, and the shark's friend encircling him, he had no way out other than to fight. So fight he did. Anytime a shark came out to take a bite out of him, he jumped and gave the shark a kick to the face, which Raven might add was as strong as steel for some reason. This whole time he was fighting while still standing atop water. They do say that necessity was the mother of innovation. This held true here as well, as Raven knew he would shark food if he slipped and fell inside the water. The adrenaline pumping in his body and the dire situation made something stir inside of him, as if trying to wake up, but not yet meeting the requirements to wake up. But the feeling itself was enough for Raven to move more swiftly, have better reflexes, and somehow had more strength, which at this point was not difficult to pass but appreciated nonetheless, Raven started to make more hard hits, dodge easier and all the time his chakra control was getting better and better.

At this point in time the sharks were pissed, and started attacking more frequently and violently. Which each passing moment Raven's skills grew better and the shark's rage grew as well. The sharks for once in their lives co-operated and made a well timed attack on Raven. But there is a saying that a wounded and cornered animal was the most dangerous. Being all the incentive that was needed, the thing that was sleeping inside of him awoke and six beautiful purple chains shot through his back as they roared to life. The chains almost having a life of their own, and with gentle persuasion from Raven, the chains struck accurately and precisely on the sharks. Noticing the heavy drain on his reserves from the chains, he decided to move quickly and end this situation as soon as could be done.

With a new arsenal and a weapon Raven started becoming more aggressive, and quickly in a few minutes made quick work of the attacking sharks. When they were all killed he used his chains to wrap them up and drag them to the shore, not wanting any predators of the sea to attack him again.

Before de-activating them, he took a good look at the chains, admiring their lethal beauty. The chains almost humming with pure power, glowing an eerie purple the same color as his eyes. There was no sound when they moves except form the wind being slashed aside to make way for these lethal beauties. Each and every command to the chains was almost instinctual and with almost zero loss, but not perfect and definitely needed more training to make better and efficient use of them. Raven knew he would need more chakra, a whole lot more than what he had at the moment. Deciding to currently keep them as a last resort or hidden weapon of sorts he de-activated the chains and they dissipated back into his back all the while fading from existence.

After taking a nice nap, he decided to wash his face with the salty water, whereupon he looked at his androgynous face in the water's reflection. He scowled inside his mind, remembering all the times he was bullied, made fun of and sometimes mistaken for a girl all due to his looks. It was not his fault that he liked keeping longer hair, or the fact that he cared how he looked, or how he liked getting his hair brushed by the matron and how...... He stopped his thoughts there and there not wanting to go past into the forbidden territory. He washed his face quickly and wore his clothes. Deciding to adventure a bit, he slowly made his way towards the ocean and just walked on it, avoiding the waves. He admired the sea's primal beauty and sighed knowing that his home was not yet achievable. He needed more power, and such power that could not be refuted. For that he had work and work hard. Vowing to himself to become as strong as some of the kage and enuring the welfare of his home village, he made his way back to the shore and decided upon entering the forest once again, to try and find at least one ruin/stockpile of the clan's during the Warring Clans Era. It was only there that he could find what he seeked, unadulterated and irrefutable power.

Total WC: 1635 (Excluding the context part on the top)
Tree Climbing/Water Walking Claim  : 500
Activation of Uzumaki clan bloodline : Chakra Chains
Stats gained: (1635 / 200 = 8 approx )
Strength + 2 (Due to fighting with sharks)
Chakra + 3 (+1 Chakra for each Control technique, and 1 for chains activation)
Speed +1 (Heavy workout due to shark fighting)
Stamina +1(Same as above)
Health +1 (Got injured and healed)

Hope it is within guidelines and the stat gains are not too much. If needed will nerf stat gains.


Last edited by Uzumaki_Raven on Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:34 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Added a couple more lines and increases word count to matchwith stat gains)
Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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Chakra Control Training  Empty Re: Chakra Control Training

Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:09 am
Good morning Raven, a few things to note. 

1. Chakra Chains do not require word count to learn. The moment you're approved to possess the Uzumaki bloodline you can use them. 

2. Please do staff members a favor and include some paragraph breaks in your posts. It makes it easier to read. 

3. At 1500 word count you get 7 stat points (1 point ever 200 words.) 

4. You do not need to justify where you put your stat points. As long as you do the word count you can get the stat points and place them wherever you desire. What we DO need you to do is make a stat page (Which you have done) and keep it updated. It also makes our lives easier if you were to post replies to your own stat page each time you edit in stats telling us how many stats (or items, techs, etc, Anything gained really) with a link to the thread you obtained them in.

I do want to make a note telling you to make sure that the thread in question is approved by a staff member before adding it to your stat page. 

5. (I realized this just now) But tree walking and water walking are tossed together into the same technique here

6. In future threads where you claim jutsu/techniques please include a link to said jutsu/technique in the post. Either a straight up link or a hyperlink like the tree/surface walking link I posted above. Either is fine. 

Now then, I can approve this thread for 7 stats, or you can tack on 83 more words and get your eighth. Your choice friend. 

Good job btw Smile
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Chakra Control Training  Empty Re: Chakra Control Training

Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:11 am
Bump! Edited in a few extra lines to increase the word count to 1635. Also edited in a paragraph structure for easier reading and helping out the mods and/or staff members. Added in link to the jutsu learnt
Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
Fame : 242
Ryo : 10600

Chakra Control Training  Empty Re: Chakra Control Training

Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:13 pm
Approved Smile
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Chakra Control Training  Empty Re: Chakra Control Training

Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:51 pm
Edited in Exit Post
[Exit] (To be on the safe side)
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Chakra Control Training  Empty Re: Chakra Control Training

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