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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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mountain nomad Empty mountain nomad

on Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:15 pm
Xuba studied the landscape as he traversed the rocky trails of the earth country. Studying the rugged rocks with many jarred ends. Xuba even admired the rocks that were nice and warm after staying in the sun long enough. It was a wonder of how long the land has been a full scale land. Well as xuba was told of his lone travels by the few travelers whom he passed on his travelers.
This discovery had xuba wonder what it was that made the land tick and how the land functioned over the mountain and hence xuba found himself a nice secluded valley after much travel and studying of the land. Tricky to climb and maneuver at first, but it allowed xuba the vantage point and a quiet temporary base of operations. A valley full of trees and numerous caves in which he assured to clean out as a small area for his work and eventual study of the land. Hunters as they did come to hunt game and such xuba made sure to hide his presence from the eyes and avoid the scattered forces of shinobi by simply taking to various other hiding places throughout the land.
Taking the fact that over several months xuba needed to take carefully with his appearance in drawing popularity. As his work took a long time to accomplish it required xuba to work his way carefully around the land and quietly, remaining incognito, but in plain sight Xuba took to appearing in inconsistent patterns or taking research to himself as he studied the remains of outposts or further showed curiosity towards the traders.
Taking time as he learned more and more of the past of this once mighty nation. And how it fell time and time again xuba took his time in training within the mountains. By furthering his control in the valley by practicing on the trees. Till he felt comfortable with the trees xuba slowly worked himself up to training with the rocks. Callouses grew on his hands and feet as xuba took his education of the land like his training. Hand in hand and with dedication.
Xuba at one point took up small jobs time to time assisting the farmers as a priceless gester of kindness. Working within their limitations. And not showing the fact he could work twice as hard as the average man. Still growing xuba took his time taking a name of a common worker. Yet in the depths of early dawn, and late nights xuba revealed his full strength as a shinobi.  However garnishing many false relationships and such, taking care to learn each person’s route and how they would interact with one another this allowed xuba to while he was remaining a silent cover. It enabled him to safely study the land up close and personal.
The wonder began to creep into xuba as he spent many days tracking food and such while surviving off his own hand gathered stuff and the deer he hunted. Weeks passed as xuba slowly shaped together the various accounts of merchants and traders alike. The land was once a powerful nation to be reckoned with. As it was a sturdy land like the mountains that make up the land. It was not to xubas surprise that the land lost a great deal of power. Unlike many xuba was realistic with the results. As with every result despite the bleakness of the end points. It was the driving point of each thing. As he gathered the results from each chat he had with a merchant or a trader, land civilian. His answer became more and more obvious.
Time is no ally and an enemy to all that exist. In time nation’s fall, become plagued by doubt and leadership. As there was no utopia to stand upon. Nor look upon without taking the consequences. Where one may be free to rule in a golden age. There was the others that suffer a subpar surplus of success, or even wallow in their own corruption. In other words, the most successful villages cherished off of the trade and willing exportation of other places.  Small places such as small communities and the smaller villages, even the poorest major village cannot shied away from the strongest village
Xuba thought as he stared down the valley before him. His thoughts were not jumbled nor lost, but they did string up the concept that for the case of the earth country’s former power was but a shadow of itself. It made sense to why it fell, and how it fell down in standard and also weakness. The strong became weak, while the weak became strong, even in time the leaders vanish out of lack of responsibility or fear, and what they once cherished as their land of promise became the very thing they regressed before their very lives.  As each night he studied the valley and wonder began to seep into his mind as to how such a fall and rise can come.
The answers became clear as xuba further studied the history he gathered of the land of earth. In the short time and on the time he spent asking and delving down into the histories of traders, farmers, and the civilians that existed there for generations, and some old scrolls he came across from the various scholars he managed to run into and offer to study the scrolls with them in friendly and educated debates.  Always taking into account of the way the scholars spoke and practicing their form of dialect for his own sake. The historians that studied the areas and deeply specialized into the land and its history. Xuba studied then compared the historic data he gathered on the land and its values held by the shinobi in the once great nature. His findings were conclusive and in the eventual point made sense.
It is the nature of humanity and the world. Kings rise and fall, like sheep to the shears, and crops to the winter. Change is ever turning and occurring. In the end we are all specs in the window of life. But should that very speck of life be the one that obstructs the view of the world? Or is it that speck that makes the very hands of time shift throughout the eons? This alone is not something that can really be studied by a single lifetime, however the leaders that once were have vanished, and hence with no leader or those willing to stand in the place as the pillars of the land, there will be no power, where home had a queen or some type of leader, here there lacks a strong sense of urgency in their standing in the world. In other words, since they are a speck they became in obsolete in their standing and instead forfeited their way and will in stature and began to degrade themselves into the very state that all civilizations will at one point. Into a simple land with no true values nor ways…
Xuba thought as he quietly surveyed the farmers and the traders from the shadows of the mountains, out of sight, but never missing.  As on such a day he was enjoying a nice cave overlooking the valley, fresh of life and game. The place where a ninja surviving outside in the wild would cherish. He even took to growing his own crops secretly as he pitched and set up camp as a nice cozy home for his time of studding and learning. Through this xuba slowly picked up the ways through this landscape. Utilizing his chakra in a slow, but understandable process of choosing when to use his body physically, and when to work his chakra network to assist him in his various tasks. 
Retracing his findings and conclusions over the land xuba continued his long and audacious training regimen over his body and mind in the dead of the night over the time of his learning of the land’s history. Many times it felt like with the history his training hit a dead end, but then again just like his studying of the land hand in hand he needed to delve down deeper and take risks to assure his success. Risks were not a stranger to the young man, but each risk was one that even if he had to make the option and choice over, he would not be able to make the progress that was necessary.  Many days, and nights’ xuba despite soreness or sickness would train and stay focus. He as if he let up even once he would seemingly doom himself and endanger his own safety.
From kicks, to various blocks and strategies xuba kept his sense of calm about him. Turning it into an art of power and speed, yet graceful, almost like the wind but not quiet. Xuba kept training his mind to keep at peace and control, where one would normally surrender, xuba made sure to do 10 more or hold his body at a point above the last point as he kept growing not only in body and spirit, but heart and soul. Dedication to a life practice was never easy, but it was al necessary for survival and existence. The long days of scholarly study was followed by nights of strikes, kicks, blocks and basic tactics. Even some nights xuba didn’t even fully rest. However, he felt the results. Making sure to keep himself alive and well by eating and staying on a vigorous diet.
Dawn was creeping up in the east. Xuba studied the valley quietly as he extended his senses. He studied the work he put on the trees. Each tree he worked on till it was simply useless. For that he used the tree for firewood, or he took to makeshift axes and made firewood for the various traders. Surely his strength and speed grew overtime, but now xuba desired to seek growth in the hand to hand arts.
 For this dawn xuba worked on the speed and strength of his strikes. Working on improving the coordination of his offense. To the average taijutsu specialist it would take to studying and outlining the other arts for "inspiration" but as xuba understood each art had many levels of training, and based on ones proficiency it affected what they could and could not do after all no fighter was perfect. At the most a fighter was incredible, mistakes were made, and perfection was a myth that many chased. Xuba did not want to be perfect, but well-mannered and practiced. Fully capable in defending himself. Which in his eyes he felt he was steadily improving. Keeping calm and continuing on his way. Even handling taijutsu while maintaining the tree surface climbing technique. Handing himself while practicing on the face of cliffs. From cliffs xuba maintained stance both inside and out of the water for the technical improvements the training applied.
Xuba was still finding his way as a man that fights with the fists, but slowly he was suiting for his own style of the hand to hand arts. One that fit him fully and nicely, like a suit. Each day xuba practiced the basic strikes working on each fundamental both slowly and quickly. Each strike taken into account for the way they wove together. Finding that if a strike couldn’t be completed he needed to add a block or a kick. Even both at times to set up positioning.
The strikes slowly became more solid and firm as xuba slowly took that the fruits of labor would suffice. Xuba took to the jabs first. Then he slowly moved onto the adding of a second and third strike behind it. Although the concept of an overwhelming offense was simple in one’s eyes. To xuba it was more of a puzzle in a multitude of ways. With many different ways to complete it. Hence while the number of strikes xuba would add in a single setting would increase. So would his options.  Every strike followed a flow of blocks and kicks respectively, then each kick flowed with punches and strikes. Makeshift wooden targets became his partners in training and study, as xuba made his area into a sort of training grounds for himself. Using the trees as his main means of propping, and applying new ideas for techniques and strategies.
Rap, rap, rap, tap, tap, tap, rap, rap, rap, flump, floosh,
The common sound that came from the valley in which xuba trained in the dead of night and wee bits of the morning. Each tap was the revolving hands of xuba circling and striking a tree in rapid succession. He stopped and reviewed his handy work. Only to start up and continue again. Adding a second or third strike behind the knuckles coming in contact with the wood. Or a series of kicks behind the strikes. When complete xuba would kick off a branch and balance it on his knee. As a way to gain focus and concentration. This training regimen went on for hours on end. Each time he would complete the segment of strikes. He would add another series of strikes. Then xuba would change up the speeds of the strikes.
Sometimes he would slow down the third strike, or the final strike. He would lighten the strike up, or even do all the strikes slowly, following up the strikes with a second rapid series of strikes. Other times he would do four rapid strikes, then his fifth strike would be incredibly slow, showing and practicing control and power through his technique and restraint. Eventually xuba began to mix each fundamental together with ease. As he swayed his body with the repeated sound of wood being struck in rapid succession. Each time the segment of five strike would end xuba would immediately proceed to an defensive stance, or he would rotate strike from a different angle. Continuously moving and striking with no end. Upon feeling his refreshing sense of having down such a tedious combination, xuba proceeded to apply pressure to the now weakened wooden log with single sweeping kick and then adding behind the kick a second kick.
The training quickly and effectively changed over the strikes to kicking as xuba proceeded towards the second wooden log and with eases began with the basics. As each kick being much longer then his arms required more of a tactical approach. Kicks requiring much balance and control easily could be countered or avoided without much effort as xuba knew due to the massive amount of shifting in weight and willingness to grant the balance to a single leg. An idea that while many would agree that range has an advantage, there are complications to the art. As xuba threw kick after kick he noted the length in time it took simply despite the speed to execute it. While in the lifting process is quick.  A strike has less time to fully execute the attack, while a kick retaining more power and reach may become quick after the initial release.
Isn’t that something… I need something to supplement the striking technique as well, while a kick is an kind reminder of the hand after foot, and foot after hand idea. We need something that will work overall after such a simple movement. The thing is while a rising kick is always appreciated. I would need to use more than an acceptable technique. A spin kick is too risky but then there is the fact that if used I should use something akin to a technique that is straight forward. And strikes with the power respectively. A sweep could work as long as it is nothing that diverts momentum. However, with a straight technique why not try to grant one with a bit more power. This will be an interesting development…
Xuba thought as be began to experiment with the various kicks, round kicks after the series of strike. Perhaps a thrust kick to send the log back several meters, each strike that made contact made xuba nod slowly as for hours on end he practiced. As the day gre to night xuba took to a momentary break to reflect over the development. Some kicks made sense, others did not quite as much.  Even at maximum speed the kicks meant very little in the grand scheme of the strikes. For a spin kick left xuba wide open, and a crescent kick made little sense with the length that was added to such a kick. Even then it was predictable. For with the next thing he desired was an affordable way to follow through his combination peacefully. This left xuba with the option of instead of simply keeping the opponent on their feet, it was better to send a person into the very place in which many are not used to. The Air.
Xuba proceeded to continue the striking combination carefully and quickly. However, now he was thinking on the terms of an opponent, needing to find a point in which to make an opening, this went on well into the night as he trained now in the dark using the sound of wood to keep him company as he fought in the dark with an continued focus. Dawn was approaching fast as xuba finally finished his bit of training, yet a gain he did not rest fully as now he took the day to regather himself and rest.
It was midafternoon when xuba returned to training, the work he put behind the late night training was exhausting but lead to insight. Each strike enabled him to act in a unique way afterwards, but to kick one in the air xuba needed to allow risks in this maneuver taking to the now worn wooden log xuba proceeded once more to the hand combination, the rapping of cracking wood apparent in the area. Xuba then proceeded to lean back in the midst of the fifth hand strike and aim a fast and powerful kick under where the midsection of the body would be. With an upward thrust and the log took to the sky. Xuba nodded with approval as he studied the log sailing upward with his strength and had an sudden idea. To shadow the now launched log. Xuba proceeded to take a stance and hence hopped of the ground as he added a powerful step off the ground to follow the log.
In the air xuba immediately noted it. His options were instantly limited as where the ground was where one could take a footing, the air there was no true footing at all. In that case the actions of both a target and xuba would be truly limited. Following the log in momentum xuba added a single powerful jab to send the log at least a meter higher into the sky. As he descended and landed softly on the ground the log landed on the ground next to him.
So many vulnerabilities, but still the opponent is equally if not even more vulnerable to an assault. Not simple, but easily doable however there comes an great risk behind following an airborne target, still it is well worth the risk if it requires an follow up respectively the best way would to be like the targets shadow. Not an easy way to follow, but doable. It will just take some time to fully preform, but I will succeed in due time. This is going to be an interesting challenge to partake in. the difficulty will most definitely increase, but with the right combination I could make that in air disadvantage into a complete advantage. Surely even with such a powerful technique in hand the, and it alone would scream a follow up is required.
Xuba thought as he noted the log split in two from the massive beating it received. Nonetheless xuba was pleased with his results as he took to the caves once more. The night life was quiet and peaceful. Still xuba could not help but feel that he was going to take quite a while to get the hang of such a maneuver. It wasn’t impossible, but very much a challenge that was to be expected. Xuba relaxed and took a deep breath. The dawn was not for many hours. So his body needed rest and some tending. For now soreness creeped on the young man as he felt his arms and legs finally scream in pain and exhaustion. The process of sleep fast approaching xuba as he finished cooking up his meal and dozed off with a full stomach.

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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Fame : 5
Ryo : 3350

mountain nomad Empty Re: mountain nomad

on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:00 pm
Xuba sat up. His body sore from his training exercises as he made for the previous 2 and a half days. Still without consistency xuba knew he was going to get complacent and ultimately lazy. Brushing off the various leaves and dirt he picked up from sleeping xuba proceeded to snack a little breakfast before heading out. The creaking of bones and a small “crack” from his knees. The soreness was temporary for the young man as he knew that once started it would soon become a long lost memory. The first act of business for xuba was to clean up. It was the akin to a massage for the young man. For it was the closest to a massage he ever received from recent allowable memory.
The morning took a pleasant change as the sun warmed up xuba. As he returned Fresh from a quick bath from the small lake in the valley. Xuba was now refreshed and relaxed he hopped down from the cave entrance ant into the dense wooded area from whence he came. Taking care at the point returned back to the grind stone of training once more. His thoughts went back to the training of the maneuver at hand. With a fresh stomach and more or less the simple points to follow up on. Xuba began to work on the first idea that came to mind. The application of jumping to a decent height.  The fact about a launching technique was that while xuba did agree its effectiveness was great, the real advantage was also a double edged blade. A technique had too many openings to be used alone. As for adding a technique before the launching kick would add more of an chance to hit properly. And be a lot safer to preform effectively.
If it truly had a use. It would be far more effective to keep an assault up over time then to strike out suddenly. This overall requires more of a set up. So now how high must I jump in order to keep the opponent in the air long enough.. Perhaps 10 to 20 meters? Maybe less. Perhaps it is dependent on the strike. Ultimately as long as they are in the air they cannot do much. Like a shadow to the back one is left helpless in that state so perfect to take advantage of the helpless situation. Now to figure the distance required. The trees shall assist in this maneuver greatly.
Xuba thought as he jumped from tree trunk to tree trunk studying the distance required for each jump. After several hours of the constant jumping and getting a feel for the height of his jumps xuba remained convinced that the technique would even require more than enough to keep at the amount of offensive pressure to keep the technique in a full blown assault. Even if the risk was great the technique needed to be perfect overall in order to keep up all of the pressure. After all xuba was a fan of defense, but also a great fan of maintaining a suitable offense as well. Taking a branch a tree xuba tossed it into the air. While studying it falling from the sky. He noted that he needed to remain stealthy despite the sloppiness of the launching kick. For this xuba tossed the branch a safe 10 meters in the air. Taking stance xuba jumped up and tried to maintain his center of his body directly behind the branch. For his first attempt the other day xuba simply kept it simple. But now he noted that maintaining the balance with a falling object or person was defiantly a challenge. Xuba eased his body as he landed by rotating his body to a small back flip and picked up the fallen branch. Taking a moment to reflect on the progress.
Seems like the move has a lot of work to be done still. A target wouldn’t be stationary unless hit hard enough and with well enough force. They would block or attempt to defend themselves at the least hence for this to be effective I must act immediately after the jump. As this would not be an simple technique to use of do. In the end should push comes to shove I would rather make sure I can take action than be on the receiving end of this. It will be a difficult thing to fully master and utilize fully. But as long as it is to the best of my abilities. It is truly doable. Lest I falter which I will not while using this technique.
Xuba thought as he picked up the branch once more and tossed into the air. Taking stance once more xuba proceeded to follow the movement of the branch while being like its shadow. Xuba appeared behind the branch and aimed a single strike to the branch snapping it into two. Landing softly on the ground xuba studied the two pieces of the branch quietly. It was time to step up the training partner. Xuba hence immediately to find a broken tree trunk or a fallen tree to begin breaking apart.
It took time to find a sturdy and durable tree to make into a workable and decent log. As xuba had to work into cutting into the log. This took quite some time as well as a few practice swings at it to make sure the tree was durable enough to withstand xuba’s practice session. It was well into the afternoon when xuba was finished with his work. The sun was heading west as xuba continued to work under the red light of the setting sun. The stars were peeking out a few hours later and the battered log had taken many hard hits. Some dents were in the wood. As xuba focused all of attention on appearing behind the log in the sky and immediately striking. As it was a challenge where his legs after forcing himself to jump most of the day. His legs where exhausted as sweat began to pour down xubas face slowly. It defiantly was not an easy task to tackle. But slowly xuba felt he was reaching not only his own breaking point, but also the technique was close to being finished.
To xuba at first it was merely a follow up, but as he experimented with other techniques and strikes. Xuba felt that it was slowly becoming easier to decide what to do. As long as xuba remained persistent with the idea. He kept his eye on the log and kept hammering away at getting back to utilizing the technique in full. Using his mind to keep it like a shadowy individual in the air for practice in making accurate shots while xuba and the log was in the air. His time to strike was immediately. Show no mercy and show full strength behind his techniques. After all if xuba eased up it would be quiet dangerous for his own health and body and leave him in danger. The technique was nearly complete yet his legs felt heavy that he nearly made a mistake, and stumbled a few times amid jumping so much. He was exhausted but it was the effort that truly counted.
Launch strike, land, launch strike land… to keep going is the idea of this. To follow through the assault is the idea of this technique if I hold up then I would be vulnerable too. If I did not hold up then perhaps it was vulnerable, but at least I am able to act and strike fully behind the technique. It gives me the speed to strike unsuspectedly on an opponent and utilize the close, but effective strikes. Perhaps even other moves such as series of kicks and grabs. I gotta remain ahead in this. For if I cannot, if I miss a single detail. It will cause more harm than good.
Xuba thought as the dull “thunk” and snapping of the wooden log was becoming more and more apparent. Finally with a heaving strike xuba struck a clean hole through the log and took a breath as he landed softly on the ground. It was not an easy task since he needed to practice almost continuously yet now xuba heaved an exhausted sigh as his legs were very shore. And as he now became more aware of the fact that despite all of the work he had many splinters in the hands and now a sore back. Xuba proceeded back to his cave. The cramping began through his arms and legs as they finally went into a relaxation state. Xuba knew as soon as he would sit down it would be an early retirement for the young man. He stood over the fire as he cooked his food and shivered as
Sitting down his body screamed at him for overworking it, but it was not a big concern. Xuba however had a more pressing concern on mind as even with the great amount of work he put into mastering these simple striking concepts and kicks, as well as a technique to follow through. His mind was on to the more pressing situation. The shinobi seemed absent throughout the land overall, no true rivals to improve upon nor gain experience from. As xuba noted the full power of an artist does not always come from the self, but what was learned by the combatant in trial by fists and strikes. All the training meant little if practical application was not implemented. However no mere civilian would do as they wouldn’t really have much of a chance. Xuba needed a shinobi for his practical application. For it wasn’t going to be much fun hammering down a civilian when even he has morals. Despite his crime xuba was a human just a young man who knew better then to seem like he was beyond a normal human. And for that safety it was best to test his full force on those equal or greater then him.
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Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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mountain nomad Empty Re: mountain nomad

on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:13 pm

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mountain nomad Empty Re: mountain nomad

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