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Tau Clan Empty Tau Clan

Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:40 pm
Clan Name |Tau
Home Village |Scattered
Clan Specialty |Ninjutsu
Symbol |N/A
History |

The Tau clan, a clan shrouded in mystery, its members spread to the far corners of the world.  Tau are considered a ban omen to have in your village and thus they have never really been trusted, causing most Tau to be rogue shinobi, very few able to endure the village system.  The characteristics of a Tau is their dark hair, and darkened looking skin due to the threads running through their body, most Tau make a point to tan to hide the different pigment in their skin.  Tau are not seen, or treated like human, refered to a monsters which cause them to remain in the shadows, and play the part of a monster to which they were so kindly labeled.  Tau tend to favor the medical arts, some members wishing to invent a cure for this bloodline of theirs so that they can live a normal life.  It is not uncommon for Tau clan members to not use their clan name, if Tau really even is, or if it is the name given to them as a way of identification.

Joining Requirements |
• Must start as missing ninja, for this clan you are not required to commit crimes, being ostracized and kicked out of a village (No majors) is also acceptable as per back story.
• Must start with Earth as your first element

Clan Bloodline |Earth Grudge Fear
Clan Element |

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Tau Clan Empty Re: Tau Clan

Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:41 pm
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