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Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
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Take a trip on a sailing ship~ Empty Take a trip on a sailing ship~

on Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:59 pm
Just before dawn, before the sun graced the sky and before many people rose for their days Lucian was awake. More than awake he was packed and ready to head out on his journey. On his back rested a reasonably large backpack, atop his head sat a conical straw hat and on his feet fit a pair of sturdy leather sandals. He was prepared. Prepared to start the first day of the rest of his life. A first step towards his enlightened self. 

The Nazar compound sat very close to the sea, about a ten minute walk to be exact. While the actual Volcano village was a good hour away. Thus, Lucian's walk was a short one. Naturally he would not head for the main docks as he would no doubt have to wait hours for a halfway decent ship. No, he would not head there. Rather he would make his way to a private dock, a secret one at that. Well, it was secret in so far as the Nazar clan did not go out advertising it was there. One did not want to have the entire Volcano village knowing of such a place.

So, after a short ten minute walk he arrived. With the smell of salt strong in the air, the boy walked to the dock and the small boat docked there. Conversing with the captain, also a member of the Nazar clan who found his calling to be at sea, Lucian got himself situated on board. The boat was about fifty feet in length and had quite a bit of room. All in all it was a very nice ship.  Now all that remained was to wait aboard for his traveling companion, Taios. When he did arrive the ship would set off into the great wide open and set sail for Kumogakure.
Shiva Hyuuga
Shiva Hyuuga
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Take a trip on a sailing ship~ Empty Re: Take a trip on a sailing ship~

on Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:07 pm
Ever since he had conversed with Lucian, Taios had been living at the docks. He needed little in the way of comfort care, so all in all it was actually a step up. He had simply made camp on the lava fields, here was a much simpler place. It was early, and yet he had already made his way back with the bounty of his hunt. In the shallows he had come across oysters, and even speared some half reasonable fish. All out in a satchel, cleanliness hardly his strong suit, he awaited the departcher.

After some time he had just spied Lucian moving down an out of the way area to an out of the way dock. Following not so close behind, he would arrive after Lucian was most likely already situated. Making his way aboard range boat, he gave the sailer a nod as he passed by, not bothering to explain himself. If he wasn't meant to be there surely someone would let him know.....maybe.

Finding Lucian he would stand next to the man. He looked exactly as he had when he met him at the manor, only slightly cleaner from spending time in the water. The congealed blood and mud finally washed form his flesh, his hair just a little less of a tangled mess. Reading into his back he pulled out two oysters. Cracking one with his hand he would slurp the creature down in one gulp before doing the same with the other. However after he cracked it he would push it into Lucian's hands.

"Well let's be off and see this land of lightning."
Saladin Pendragon
Saladin Pendragon
Fame : 55
Ryo : 0

Take a trip on a sailing ship~ Empty Re: Take a trip on a sailing ship~

on Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:16 pm
The arrival of Taios was a hard one to miss. The entire boat shifted to one side for a brief moment as the large man got on the boat. Even as Taios joined Lucian on the deck close to the bow of the boat the old sailor began setting off. Fog still veiled the shore and waters themselves such that the boat would be unseen as it left unless one were actually on the dock itself. It was indeed fortunate that the sailor knew the waters so well. A less experienced sailor may have found himself in quite a pickle. Thus, as the boat set off, Lucian gave Taios a tour of the boat. It was by no means fancy, but it was not a complete wreck. It was serviceable. So, off into the fog sailed the boat.

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Take a trip on a sailing ship~ Empty Re: Take a trip on a sailing ship~

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