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A Devilish Flight Empty A Devilish Flight

Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:52 am

(I got permission to do this from Mitsui, adding this on chronologically to the end of our last topic)

Hysterio hopped on the Summon. He sat, silently for the entire trip over the water. While the summon flew, he meditated, quietly thinking over what must needs happen next. He silently sat there, on the back of the monster, not moving a muscle, but carefully listening to Mitsui to see, well, not see so much as hear, whether he was keeping his end of the bargain. Meanwhile, he silently sat there on his rump, his legs folded underneath and somewhat in front ot him, each foot curled inwards, his legs bent at the knees, the feet crossing at the ankles, his knees sticking up into the air a little. The fingertips of his hands were pressed together, lightly touching, air occasionally finding a gap between the adjacent pads of his skin. His palms had a arge pocket of air between them however and the elbows rested just behind his lap, limply dangling from his shoulders, swaying in time to the summon’s movements as the wings of the demon beat themselves back and forth.

Mitsui seemed to not be trying anything out, which was fortunate, as Hysterio could feel that he had a much better grasp of the Genjutsu he had been spending so long trying to learn to a higher degree, he barely needed the hand seals anymore, like a kid with a bicycle whose training wheels only occasionally touched the ground. Yes, Mitsui would be foolish to try anything now that he did not even have much of his pride now, having been defeated by one much younger than himself.

Hysterio reached out with his mind, while the waters passed below them, feeling the faint glow of Yuumei in the air. Reaching out to it mentally, he grabbed it, and started trying to win the mental tug of war that resulted, slowly but surely pulling in the Yuumei and forcing it to join that which he had within his own body.He was getting a little better at this he realized, at first he had not had a clue what he was doing and now the Yuumei returned to him much, much faster. The Summon was approaching land again, so Hysterio finished up his meditation, fervently hoping he would not have to truly take any lives. If he did, he feared it might haunt him forever, it had been so long since he had seen a friendly face, as, let’s face it, the Tenkage, while a reassuring presence, he did nto exactly seem down to earth. As the summon landed, Hysterio hopped off and began looking for traces of his boss.

(regained +10 Yuumei from meditation, since it says I only need to post, that I meditate, if I understand it correctly)

(ttl wc: 431, claiming instant travel from the Land of Fire to the Land of Lightning)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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A Devilish Flight Empty Re: A Devilish Flight

Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:15 am
Approved, please be good while in Lightning. <3
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A Devilish Flight Empty Re: A Devilish Flight

Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:52 am
Mitsui would be getting tired of flying by now. Mitsui had been flying for hours and would hopefully soon finish his traveling. Mitsui would look around to see if it was remotely possible to see anything that was at all close to any kind of interesting. Mitsui would doubt it but he had to try. Mitsui would look to see a few fish and a whale. Mitsui would look and see it jump above the water and flop back down. Mitsui would see this awesome beauty from a good view of about 200 meters in the air. Mitsui did not feel like going higher else altitude pressure and temperature might start changing significantly. Mitsui did not want that. Mitsui would look to see some birds flying around. Mitsui would count about how many birds he would be able to see before he would manage to get to the borders of Kumo. Mitsui would know that he had a meeting soon. Mitsui had no clue who Mitsui would be talking to nor what would happen but Mitsui knew that he would be seeing a few people. Mitsui would not want any of that. Mitsui would wonder about what he would do in that situation. Mtisui thought that fighting may not be the best of options since it was clear that Hysterio's boss is likely to be really powerful. Mitsui did not think that it was the best of choices to follow the man home. Mitsui probably thought that it was likely a bad idea at best but Mitsui had already committed to it. Mitsui would be flying now and had done a fair amount of stuff. Mitsui would proceed to wonder if he should play the I spy game again. Mitsui would soon see the land though. Mitsui would realize that his flight was ending soon, so Mitsui would quickly get ready to jump off. Rakdos would land and Mitsui would jump off with his bag. Mitsui would quickly go and finish his burgers and then see where Hysterio would go. Mitsui hopefully would be able to go gamble or something and get some food. Mitsui seriously needed it and might not get it. Mitsui did not know. Mitsui would wonder if it was the right decision to go and fight that person or not. Mitsui would think a bit more and proceed to leave. Mitsui would de-summon Rakdos and follow Hysterio.

(Instant travel to Lightning Country borders, 400 words)
Hisano koutaishi
Hisano koutaishi
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A Devilish Flight Empty Re: A Devilish Flight

Tue Mar 03, 2015 2:58 am
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A Devilish Flight Empty Re: A Devilish Flight

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