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helping the academy (D rank mission) Empty helping the academy (D rank mission)

on Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:20 pm
mission specs:
Mission Name:Helping the academy.
Type: Help
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location:Tengakure, Ninja academy.
Word Count Requirements:400

The teachers at the academy are looking for some small assistance. Your job is to simply show a group of three academy students the basics of being your rank.

It seemed the one of the ninja academy teachers, was sick, and Hysterio, known for his nerdiness, was assigned to take his place temporarily due to his topic that day. The academy teacher was tutoring a trio of academy students who were particularly intelligent, at least, compared to their peers, and he had been about to give them a lesson on the role of genin, as these guys seemed likely to pass the next genin exam. The kids sat down in the class and Hysterio began his long, slightly sarcastic lecture.

“Genin are the grunts of every village. I don’t think I want to go into what that makes you guys, but I digress. Anyways, we are the fodder. Those of us with any real potential become chunin after a few years, the rest are promoted due to age it seems. Now you bright sparks seem to be doing relatively ok on your tests, hopefully you make it to the chunin rank by the time you grow up in a couple of decades. Now don’t get me wrong, one of you may show extraordinary talent, but frankly, it is unlikely.”

Hysterio flipped the page on his whiteboard and continued speaking. “This here is a picture of a genin. This is a list of his jutsu that he has learned. Pitifully small isn’t it. Look at that. Your typical genin spends 5 hours a day on average, out on missions. Of the remainder, 9 hours are spent sleeping, 3 hours eating, totaling with the missions for 17 hours. Of the remaining 7, 1 hour a day is generally spent training jutsu, if at all. The remainder is generally allotted to either the opposite gender, or…”

Hysterio flipped the page again. “Games, of one kind or another.” He tapped the board with his pointer, at 3 lines emblazoned on the bottom of thepage. “The 3 vices of the shinobi are… number 1. Money. I am not talking money as in wanting to do lots of missions, not that kind of money. I mean people obsessed with money, willing to murder comrades, steal from the poor, all in the name of adding to their hoard…. The second vice, is gambling. I am sure you heard of Tsunade, one of the old Hokage, who was almost bankrupted many times due to this vice, and only managed to keep things going with the help of her assistant, and a nomination to be Konoha’s next leader. Yeah, it was not pretty, even if she was, when not drinking. The third and worst vice, applying mostly to men, is women, or rather, an unhealthy obsession with women. Yup, not generally the women’s fault, some people, such as Jiraiya, a sannin of Konoha, were lucky to survive as long as they did despite having multiple vices, they were ultimately saved by their connections.”

“Speaking of that trio, it is a little ironic, but the one who was the most twisted and evil, Orochimaru, survived the longest. Probably because he was not afflicted with any of those vices…. Well, that is all for today class, if you have any questions feel free to pester me, but if you avoid the 3 vices, and train hard you will show improvement.”

Hysterio let his little class out of the room, their daily lesson complete.

(total word count: 553, claiming 3 ap, 450 ryo)
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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helping the academy (D rank mission) Empty Re: helping the academy (D rank mission)

on Fri Jan 02, 2015 4:24 pm
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