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Rikaro Shinkou
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Unlocking my doujutsu and training in speed and ch Empty Unlocking my doujutsu and training in speed and ch

Wed Nov 26, 2014 3:22 am
Finally he saw it the Grand Sea. It took him alot of time to get here but now he was here. Kage breathed in the air. It smelled good, he began walking towards a small forest which looked unhabited. He arrived at the forest and walked in. He remembered something he remembered why he changed his name. He changed it to make people fear him. His name is Kage Shinigama . His dream was to become apart of the New Akatsuki but he is nothing to them. He is nothing but a E rank missing nin. Today he was gonna start his training to become an S rank Missing Nin. But furst he needed to learn his clas famed Doujutsu the Golden Eye. His clan name was the Akari clan they had a rare bloodline and doujutsu. The bloodline to him was cool who wouldnt want to bend light. Hmmm he thought how am I going to unlock this doujutsu. Maybe it is like the famed Sharringan you unlock through trauma or training your speed and abilities it has and it awakens. I'll go with training. I should train in speed first I thought. I looked around the forest for a giant boulder then I found one. I started jogging while holding the boulder.He laughed as he continued jogging, as he figured since he wasn't breaking a sweat this was not working him hard enough. He began to jog faster, as he was looking forward, he saw that the path was begining to go up hill. "Perfect." He mumbled, as he was going upward, he felt himelf slowing down. He felt the sweat dripping down his face, as he put on his game face, he bit his bottom lip, and started to advance forward. He advanced upward, harder and harder, as he smiled. "I'm the best around, nothing is gonna keep me down." He smiled, as he he continued to get to the top. "Alright, we are almost here, just go down the hill, and we will be there." He put the boulder down on the ground and rolled it down the hill. Kage then ran down the hlll himself, neck and neck with the rock, attempting to race it down the hill. Kage waed his arms back in froth in a infinite looping rotation, as he spread his legs out striding and sprinting forward, faster tan he ever has before. Kage starrted laughing, as he looked to his side and the rock was no where in sight. He must have passed it up way before. Kage smiled, as he was getting close to level ground. Kage couldn't even slow down from his immense speed. He saw the upcoming river as he smiled as he ran in the river with know emotion. He stepped forward as heput on foot on the river, he instantly lost his place, and slipped. He instantly fell into the water, and was whisked away by the current. He flew down stream, until a large rock was seen in the middle of the river. He put his hands out, and caught a grip of the rock. He hugged it, as he looked forward, he grunted as he pulled himself up, and got to the top of the rock. he sat on top of it, as he sighed, and wiped some sweat off of his head. He sighed, as he stood up on the rock and jumped to the other side of the river. He groaned, as he lied down on the ground and took a deep breath. "Damn River, almost kiled me. I'll have my revenge river!"

He sighed, as he looked at the river, its fast rapids would surely blow him away. He then thought. "That's it, that wil be my training. I will run up stream and I will be able to over come the rapids, and surpass it. I will become stronger, I will accomplish the feat and run through this river. I can do this." Kage shouted out loud, as he pointed at the river, as he punched his palms, as he started to stretch. 'Oh don't worry, you will be destroy soon enough." He said, as he sighed. "Soon enough, senor rivera. Soon enough" Kage finished stretching, as he stood up over the river, as he stomped the ground in front of the river. he put his hand in the water, feeling the rough current as he smiled, and jumped up and down and started to run in place. "Oh,I'm so excited. Let's go!" Kage said, as he jumped into the air, and sent a kick in front of him. "Alright, well, lt's get this started." Kage said, as e started to walk to the front of the river, even though it wasnt much of a start, but he went as far front as possible. Kage set down his bag, as he sighed, and started running in place some more. Kage looked down at the river, and took a step inside, and quickly turned into the river. He felt the current pushing him backward as he started to moves his legs forward. He smiled as he began to move forward. He felt as he was going forward how much more freer he felt as he was advancing forward. He continued to run at a faster pace, as he began to yell, as he kept going faster and faster. "I will not lose, I will not fail." Kage yelled into the air, as he continued moving. Kage while running, felt as if he was on a treadmill. Kage was incredibly focused, on running and keeping his footing. "Focus, one mess up and I'm gonna get a face full of river." Kage whispered, as he continued to run forward. At the moment he was slowing down and now he was just in place. If he kept this up he would be going so slow the river would be taking him backwards yet again. He sighed, as he began to feel himself fail already. He shrugged his head and he jumped out and landed on the ground to the side of the river. "I'm still not ready. I need to work harder. i need much more training." He punched forward, as he and sent forward a couple of kicks. Kage looked at the river, as he cracked his knuckles he started to stretch and began to take deep breathes. "Let's get this started. Take this river." Kage shouted as he ran forward, as soon as he made it into the river, he started to run across it. He felt as he instantly touched it, he extended each leg as soon as the other one touched the ground, at high speeds. Kage waved his arms back and forth at his sides, as he looked at the rock ahead, he smirked he made a perfectly vertical jump over the rock. He then began to run at his top speed again moving forward. "GO GO GO AHEAD AND Run!" Kage shouted, as he was moving at high speeds, he smiled, he looked forward as he felt himself passing up the last spot he originally fell from. "I did it. Great." Kage said, as he put one leg down and jumped out of the river. "i made it.'

I smiled I made it. I ran threw the forest while running I was. Hmmm he thought. Akari are known to not get blinded by any kind of light and can see perfectly in everything except total darkness. He looked directly at the sun but didnt feel the sting on his eyes. He smiled maybe that is what the eye looks like he thought. He heard footsteps and turned around. He saw to man with swords in their hands they dont look like shinobi he thought. They pulled out swords and advanced on him thinking they were gonna get his stuff. They began running towards him they raised their swords to try to cut him but he was already behind them." Miss me " he said. They yelled and charged again. No he thought as he heard a wizzing sound like an arrow. He was to late to dodge it the arrow hit his arm." Awww " he screamed. The two men laughed and walked up to him thinking he was weak now. Something started pulsing in Kage he felt it. Energy started going to his eyes, everything started to become brighter the it happened. A pulse came out of his eyes awakening his power. Finally he thought the two men swung their swords hard and fast as they could but Kage stepped back and dodged the attack. To slow he said he then ran up to the man in the trees and killed him with one blow. He took the mans arrows and bow and fired two of them off going great speeds hitting the two mans in the neck. He felt reguvinated. He awakened his bloodline now he needed to train harder. He stopped the chakra from flowing in his eyes and the doujutsu fell. I wonder what it feels like to be an A rank missing nin he thought. It probably felt good he thought. Rank was nothing to him but new akatsuki needed A rank missing nin they wernt gonna take him in while just being an E rank. He had to do something something that will raise his rank in the bingo book. He dropped the bow and started walking oldlf from the scene when it started to get dark. 1 hour later it was night and the moon wasnt out. He then began to notice that even though it was really dark in the forest he had the sight like it was morning. He began to smile at the power. Hmmm it will be wonderful to get one sharinngan eye he thought. It will be even better if I unlocked the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan with it. That was it I need to train and find a shinobi with sharinngan eyes. I need to learn chakra control I thought. I went and sat upon a rock and started meditating. I felt the chakra all around my body. I begin to release it in pure killer entinct. Then he felt it a cold wind blowing no more animals were near him. He was a true evil missing nin who needed power. He got up and begin to pick up an leaf. He placed the leaf between his hands and started letting out small amounts of chakra to keep the lleaf in place. 5 mins later I stopped the chakra flow and began to get up from the rock. I went and sat by a nearby tree and went to sleep thinkingg of my future.

Kage woke up and hopped off the ground I needed some herbs he thought. I need 5 things

5 Cocktails

2 Mandrake Roots

1 Dandelion

10 strings of wheat

3 Sunflowers

He looked over the list he nade again then headed over to the threw the forest. Ok first thing coktails they will be in a swamp. He ran arounfmd the forest looking for a swamp and found one with cocktails growing. He grabbed 5. Mandrake roots he remembered what they looked like they were real black tree roots. He walked around the forest looking for the mandrake and found some but it was hard to oull oyt of the ground. He used the earth element and put his hand threw the mud and pulling the mandrake iut of the ground. 2 down 3 to go he thought. He was just about to go get dandelions when he saw that they were right onside of the mandrake. Today was his lucky day he was findinfmg rare herbs easily. He went and got the dandelions. Then went on to the next thing. Ten strings of wheat he begin to look around a found some while also finding the sunflowers. He gave hisself a pat on the back and contiued on. He needed to train he needed to become stronger. He needed to be death it self. People will begin to know the name Kage Shinigama the name meaning Shadow Reaper.

Wordcount: 2026
Ryoko Uchiha <3
Ryoko Uchiha <3
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Unlocking my doujutsu and training in speed and ch Empty Re: Unlocking my doujutsu and training in speed and ch

Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:00 am
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