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Training a new jutsu Empty Training a new jutsu

Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:16 pm
Power, power was everything and Youka was steadily gaining power the more he trained himself. It was indeed hard doing all this alone as he had to train himself in any and everything he wanted, he wished he could bring a partner along for the ride with him but no one would want to see what he was going to become in the long run, it my scare them away. Today he would finish the practice he needed to do to master a older jutsu that he had picked up along the way that he never finished when he got it and now would be the perfect time since he was about to head out on the road again. This was the first earth jutsu that he had picked up along his travels and it was meant to be a utility jutsu, to be variable in different situations without being too strong or too weak. Earth spikes was supposed to be used for when the opponent was already trapped or to guide them into another trap which is why it was so versatile.

Youka could already summon up 11 earth spikes from the ground and he had increased their distance to 20 meters. So that was nothing for him but mere child's play but he would still start small and again work his way back up and over that limit. Youka mentally envisioned in front of him one spike shooting out of the ground at 20 speed at exactly 2 meters in height and with in a few seconds after a little rumble a earth spike shot from the ground slightly slow but still with enough force that if anyone was there they would still be punctured. He didn't even break any sweat from that as he had the first time he had used this technique with just one spear, ensuring that it indeed was a solid structure and it wouldn't fall over he again visualized the next spear right next to the other. This time this one would come at a little faster speed of 25 again the earth rumbled slightly from where the spear would appear before protruding from the ground next to his previous spike and it was a little taller than the other at 3 meters in height.

These were so easy for him to do now, not even his chakra was in the slightest disturbed by this little amount of work, he was proud of how far he had came from where he was when first executing this jutsu. Youka could more than likely push himself to new heights with this jutsu and more than likely he would master it before the day was done and be able to use it to its full potential. He decided to up the ante a little now as he was standing in this blistering heat wave that was passing through the mountains for absolutely no reason at all, it was making his throat dry and his breathing labored which was sort of annoying but it was a mild annoyance that he could passively ignored. As he wiped a few sweat beads from his forehead he put in his mind where he would have two more spike come from the earth.

Within moments two more spike came up diagonally into the other two spikes crushing them and causing them to shatter and crumble back into earth and dirt. These spikes came through a lot faster than the previous at a speed of 40 it made the other two look like they had been moving in slow motion even though these two were still slow and not as fast as they could go. Youka was still amazed at the strength and speed of these spikes that were formed from just the earth that was under him. He still didn't understand how the earth could come together so fast nd also come out of the ground as hard as it did. Maybe the earth compounded on top of it's self and that's how it was so tuff but he never really questioned it anymore than that, he just appreciated the effectiveness of the jutsu and the ability it gave him to make it stronger if he needed it.

After four of these spikes his stamina was still strong, he barely had to even think about the jutsu and it was working, there was a little change in his chakra but it wasn't anything significant that he would need to be worried which was a tribute to all his training. In the past this would have tired him out and more than likely he would have needed to take a break, but after his training he had endured a while ago he had made enough changes in himself that this was no longer hard and it came as easy as breathing to him. Youka had indeed made it to another plateau of mastery, he smiled, but not a huge cocky smile just a humble smile that came across as if he was saying he was happy but there was more to do.

He moved on to focusing on making four spikes at once now shoot up in a vertical effect at a speed of 50 now he was slowly increasing the speed at which they could be used. If he was going to be going further in the world and indeed kill everyone that got in his way then he would need the best that all his jutsu had to offer. With this jutsu he needed all the speed it had to offer and all the strength he could get from it, he would again just need to train for it to be at it's full potential. When the spikes shot from the ground they were in the shape of a square and were perfectly erect and completely ready to impale anyone that would be unfortunate to be standing there. Four at once still was nothing it didn't require a lot of chakra which was good and his stamina was still high.

He wanted to try something a little more creative now with this jutsu, they were spikes of course but no one said they were straight up and down spikes and that they couldn't bend in any direction. They were controlled by chakra after all so he should be able to manipulate how they were formed even if it might take a little more concentration, he was on a roll and wanted to see how far he could take this jutsu. He would attempt to make one spike shoot from the ground vertically but he would manipulate it with chakra so that it would bend at a 45 degree angle to finish its growth at a horizontal route. If he could get this to work it would be very surprising to anyone that was expecting it to go straight up especially if they would have backed up just a little. It would give them a false sense of security and hopefully it would be the last thing they would have been mistaken on as they would be impaled and die. As he mad the spike grow from the ground he controlled it so that it was coming from the ground slowly so he could have better control over it until he was ready to handle this at full speed. He had it under perfect control as it grew vertical and the spike was being formed after it had grew a meter Youka began pushing his chakra into it for it to begin to bend at a 45 degree angle and indeed it did begin to bend till it was traveling the last meter of its growth horizontally. Indeed that would be terrifying to someone on the receiving end of this technique as the abrupt change in direction.

So far Youka had made 9 spikes in various spot in the ground around him which included the one he had experimented on in letting it take a different direction. The last one however would more than likely not be used in an actual fight as it took him away from everything else he would be doing and made him single out this technique which could cause accidents to happen that he didn't need to happen. He still wasn't feeling any fatigue from this training and he was pushing the amount of spikes he could create as well, he needed to be able to increase the numbers of spikes to twenty, he felt that would be a nice amount of spikes to come out towards some one especially if they were all at once. He needed to also increase the distance at which he could use this to stop himself from close encounters and also giving him more utility. That's what all this training was about was becoming more versatile in all his jutsu and using them more effectively to be able to trap and corner his prey as best as he could and this jutstu would more than likely be used to kill the prey after they had been trapped in one or two of his other jutsu.

Ok he had done enough thinking and pondering it was time to get back to what he was doing which was turning this jutsu into the best jutsu it could be. He would now do something he heard he could do with the spikes but had never tried or at least he didn't remember trying it, he made a spike grow from the ground as fast as he could at that point at a speed of 50 it would erupt from the ground at the right side of his body at its full height of two meters. As soon as he had finished his thought the earth spike had already emerged from the ground still at a slower speed than what it could do but faster than the previous ones that had been formed in the beginning. With it at it's full height and sharpness Youka looked at it and it was a very fine piece of work if he did say so himself, he touched the tip of the spear with his right index finger and it slightly cut him and drew a bit of blood from his finger. Indeed this structure that he made was sharp and ready to kill now he just had to do what he planned on doing with it and hopefully it worked as planned it wasn't something that you would normally do he guessed but now wasn't the time for conventional means. His opponents wouldn't be using conventional means if they were going to try and kill him, they would be using all the jutsu and skills at their disposal to ensure they were the ones to come back alive from the fight and that he would die so he had to ensure he was the one who could out smart his prey.

Finally Youka turned towards the spike and reached for it with his left hand as he focused on the chakra running through his hand to make sure he could match it with the chakra that was running through the spear he had made from the ground he wanted to ensure he could do this. Then with a thought he grabbed the spear and was surprised at how easily it came up from the ground as he pulled it up, it was actually a well made spear for it to be made from earth and it looked like a completed weapon. It was actually light as well which was good he could wield it very effectively without worrying about it weighing him down and being a cumbersome thing. He fiddled it around in his hands a little before running a few quick swings and slices in the air with the spear and a few stabbing motions. After all he wasn't trained in spear techniques but he could dream up different attack patterns for it if he put his mind to it, it also didn't seem as if this weapon was going to crumble in his hands and turn back into earth which he thought was cool. As he placed the spear on the ground by slamming the spike straight into the earth he was ready to continue his training in this. Now he was up 10 spikes in this little training game he was playing with himself and still he was filled with energy and chakra barely touched which sort of gave him an air of confidence in his skills and he continued the training session.

He would now perform the jutsu to bring up 2 more spikes from the earth sprouting up at a speed of 60 he was still increasing his speed the only difference is that he would make them appear at 40 meters in the distance he had to ensure they had utility and would be able to be used at any distance he needed. These would do well in his future battles as long as he could ensure that he had the time to use them still thinking on it he had 5 more erupt in front of him at a speed of 80 going outwards so that anyone that was running towards him would surely have been impaled and they wouldn't have had the time to stop themselves from forward propulsion this would have indeed been a dead person in front if a frontal charge was how they dealt with things.

17 spikes now is what he was up to that he had created at varying points around in the field he was in, these all didn't affect his chakra in the slightest sure there was a overall change his chakra had gotten lower from the continued use of the technique but not enough to where he was extremely affected by it and it hadn't taken any toll on his body. he pushed to the furthest distance of his range to where he could make these spikes appear and he could feel his distance limit reaching at about 50 meters into the distance and sure enough he tried to push further and summon the spikes but nothing happened at 55 meters, the same at 54 meters and even 52 meters, nothing was growing from the earth so he really knew the limit for his technique was 50 meters as when he reached that mark 3 spikes came from the ground at a speed of 80 which was the fastest he could get them and it was pretty fast with just a 3 second delay anyone slower would be skewered unless they moved.

50 meters was the distance ca he was at so far he wanted to push that limit he knew they could reach new distances hopefully 70 meters would be enough for him to fully control the battlefield the way he wanted it to be fought. He would now try to measure how far he could go with this as of right now he would have a spear grow ten meters away each and see where his distance was at now. right in front of him 1 spike shot from the ground and he would measure from there, at ten meters away from that one another spike ruptured through the ground and he didn't care about that one he knew he could do that of course. He moved right on to the next one at 20 meters away from him and 10 meters away from the previous, he was at 30 meters now and he continued with another spike at 40 meters puncturing the earth and rising high into the sky. 40 meters turned into 50 meters and 50 meters turned into 60 meters where he stopped for a while. 60 meters was quite far off into the distance and he had already broke the 50 meter mark that he thought was his limit apparently it wasn't but his mental state was getting weaker as he couldn't reach out much farther in the distance to summon up another one. He didn't know if it was possible to push another one out of him but he would try to reach it as best as he could he felt out to what would be 70 meters if he really could do it and he stretched his boundaries as best as he could and let it go and to his surprise a spear did emerge from the ground at 70 meters which was as far as he knew he could go it was incredible that these spikes would give him utility over 70 meters of space in the field. He would be sure to use this to the best of his ability. He walked up to each spike and began picking them up out of the ground and laying them down just in case anyone would have seen them he didn't want to cause suspicions on himself if anyone would come across and see spikes littered all over the field from one meter to three meters in height. It would look really weird to passer bys and also would cause anyone that was looking for a fight or maybe some extra cash to come his way which he didn't need, he didn't think he was ready yet for an all out battle besides he was using this time to gain more knowledge on himself and the abilities he had.

He still had to try one more thing with this spike jutsu and that was raising all the spikes at once in a central location, he knew he could do 20 all over the course of time and one after another and he knew he could do a few all at once like 5 or 6 but to try and raise 20 at once would trully test if he was ready to use this skill in the field and that he had truly mastered it. He visualized at 20 meters ahead oh him spikes rupturing going in all directions at 3 meters in length in one spot and with his chakra gathered he released it and 3 seconds later 20 spikes came flying out at a speed of 80 in all directions it was a truly awesome sight to behold and it had went off without a hitch. 20 spikes being able to be used anyway he would like is amazing he could have them come from anywhere in his 70 meter control range he was done with this technique and it was fully mastered and ready to be used should he need to.

He wasn't nearly as drained as he thought he would have been from the continued use of the technique and he was happy about that because now was to come some of the harshest training he would have to do ever he had made his own technique noticing that he would need something for a truly offensive nature but it could also be used for defensive if needed but all of his jutsu were utility jutsu and he didn't have anything purely offensive that was meant to flat out kill his attacker. This jutsu would do just that and he made it so that it would be just like the earth was protecting him, which is something he always believed was happening all the time he was traveling. So he made it in the likeness of a golem which was epitome of a earth guardian and would be able to fill the role he needed it to which was to destroy anything and everything. He had also made it so that with enough training he could make the golem absorb chakra from attacks that were used against it which would come in handy seeing as this world offered infinite possibilities for attacking and defending. With that he decided it was time to begin his training on something that was unique to him for a while till he found others that could use it. Now was time to get to work he clasped both his hands together and the earth around him started to shake violently as the earth swarmed on it's self creating a 3 meter in height golem with sharp almost serrated edges around it's body the golem was almost created instantly as it was at the users chakra level it was a bulky creature made from boulders and earth with it's one eyeless socket it also had a smile on its face just like Youka which made him slightly chuckle. After it was formed next to him and towering over him it just stood there for what he could only assume as it awaiting orders from him, but Youka dropped to one knee unexpectedly the chakra it required to create this creature was amazing and he didn't expect the heavy toll it took out of him so quickly, but this was the price he assumed he payed for having such a strong jutsu that he was using.

Standing back up he willed the construct to begin a little sparring with him it was only 1 1/2 meters taller than him but still it was huge compared to anything that he had seen and he could have made it bigger but all that would do was draw attention to himself. The creature began to turn towards him and it swung its right arm pretty fast he might add towards him, Youka quickly performed a backwards flip out of the way of the swing while causing a spike to raise from the ground at full strength and speed so he had a speed of 80 and strength of 90 and it came as fast as was possible and it completely shattered as it hit the golem and broke completely it had no effect on him save for a little scratch on its rock where the stomach would have been. Youka smiled this was indeed strong, he performed the hand seals for the substitution technique after he was finished he had another spike rise next to him at 2 meters and he pulled it from the ground and prepared to use it as a spear as he charged at his creation flipping the spear in his hand so the blunt side was facing forwards and the spike tip was behind him and he jumped at the golem hitting it with the blunt end on it's head which after he did it thought it was a foolish idea as it more than likely didn't feel pain. The golem reached up for Youka with it's left hand to grab him but he propelled himself off of the creature and as he was in mid air he hurled the spear after turning the point back towards the front but it was again of no use as it just shattered off of its head. Youka was still mid air as the golem quickly closed the gap between them and let loose a violent punch towards him, Youka did his best to defend the attack but it was to no avail it had double his chakra in strength luckily he had performed the substitution jutsu and he was replaced with a log that actually broke in half as he reappeared in front of the golem again. That was indeed close he would have hated to die training a jutsu that he had just made and also how crazy embarrassing would that have been, he could see it already traveling around the world man killed by own jutsu. He would have been the laughing stock of everyone to ever hear of him, he would have to take these training sessions a little more seriously from now on he thought to himself and with that he let the tendrils in his body release themselves slightly from both his arms they were squirming as they were only a few inches long hanging around his wrist waiting to be used and he would indeed use them to be able to get around this beast. As his creation made the first move towards him he lowered himself closer to the ground in an almost feral fighting position with his tendrils waiting, anticipating any action.

The golem again made a punching action towards him as it was in mid flight to its target Youka raised his left arm and the tentacles fully breached his skin and flew towards the constructs hand wrapping around the golems arm constricting it from advancing anymore with its attack. As he thought he had stopped the golem from succeeding with its punch it reeled its whole arm back pulling Youka with it luckily he had enought slack in his tentacles where with the pull he was able to semi control his path by pulling himself in on his tentacles using them as a pulley almost to catapult himself forward in the direction of his choice which as it was right now he needed to be as close to the golem as he could to fully restrict it and incapacitate it hopefully as he reached the golem it suddenly stopped pulling it caught Youka off guard as another fist was flying towards him from the golems other fist luckily he was still attached to the golems other arm and he used it to slide under the arm and end up behind the golem while detaching his tendrils from the construct, he didn't want the golem to catch him of guard. Even thought it was only slightly taller than a normal foe he would be facing if he decided to spar with anyone else this golem was still intimidating and it demanded a lot of attention and controlled all the space around it and it felt like it was encroaching into his space as well even though it hadn't moved at all yet and still Youka felt as if he didn't have a lot of moves he could take in defense or offensive forms for that matter but he wasn't about to give up on his chances of winning against something that was of his own creation even if it was like he would have won if the golem won since it's his jutsu, that wasn't how he wanted to win.

Jumping back about a meter when he landed he stomped his right foot on the ground and instantly at a speed of 71 swamp appeared under the golem which was growing in width and depth so youka had to jump back another meter to assure he wasn't trapped in his own jutsu as this was one he would not have been able to get out of on his own volition. As he cleared the limits f this jutsu he watched as the golem began to sink into the mud that was gripping at it and Youka smiled deeper as he thought he had finally beat his own creation until he realized something awkward. The golem was griping the earth next to it and actually pulling itself out from the swamp that had been created under it and Youka felt out towards the technique with his chakra senses and it was like the golem was absorbing the chakra from his jutsu into itself which was what he had designed it to do, but he didn't think it would have taught itself how to do it so fast and efficiently. As it finally pulled itself out Youka mentally told it to stop it's attack for a while, he was amazed at how fast this thing was learning and at the level of mastery he was getting with it at such a short amount of training even though he was far from being finished in everything he had maybe about 5 more hours at the minimum on this new technique and he was thrilled to be doing this again these long training sessions are what he lived for and made him feel alive as he was using every bit of energy and chakra in his body to achieve his goals and now that he had griped this power with his new found jutsu he felt that for sure he was on the right track and could if he tried beat anyone that would stand against him.

This was a nice break to have as well from jumping right into this technique after using the spear all in one go, maybe that training as well had been a little more taxing on him than he had thought because he was still slightly out of breath more so than he thought he would be from this. It probably as he had thought earlier had to do with the fact that this jutsu was very taxing on his body which he assumed had to do with it also being his first time using it as well so he had that on top of it being a jutsu of a higher caliber he was aleady spelling out a quick exhaustion for himself. But as always training was the key and was the only way to grow in this world he had been born in to and while before he would have hated to be apart of this world if he was his old self who was meek and a strict catholic his new self loved the violence and wanted to inflict this pain on the bodies of others. Since he had pushed most of his good thoughts and empathy in to the back of his mind to never be used unless it was to full the most suspicious of people, it gave him the freedom to think brutal and obscene thoughts and also make his training brutal on himself but that was enough talking he needed to get back to the training but he wanted to ensure that the golems chakra absorption was trully turned on so he willed 2 earth spikes to come up from the ground next to the golem and mentally gave the order for the golem to grab both of them and just as he thought the golem drained the chakra out of the spikes and they quickly turned back into the earth.

Youka was very pleased with his progress with the golem it hadn't taken as long as he had expected to master the chakra absorption attribute as well which was key to fighting ninjitsu foes. If he could render their jutsu completely useless by them being absorbed into the golem would more than likely make them think twice about attacking it with chakra based attacks because they wouldn't know that it had a limit on how much it could absorb. Which would play into his hand if they would stop using their jutsu to attack and rely on hand to hand combat it would make his fight easier and tip the scales in his favor because he would still be able to use jutsu and it todays day and age anything that you could use to get the upper hand on someone would almost always be the deciding factor. Youka loved the ability to control the battlefield in his favor and while he wasn't completely ready to have complete dominance over the field he was making strides in the right direction with all of his jutsu they would cause his attackers to stay on their toes and not take any ill moves as one misstep would spell disaster for anyone he came across if he played his cards right and didn't let the opportunity pass him by.

As he was thinking to himself about all of his types of strategies and how he could use his new jutsu to the best of his abilities. He was excited about the new doors this had opened up and it gave him multiple new areas of fighting strategy. While he was thinking about all this he started to hear a slight rumble almost like small pebbles were running over bigger stones. As he looked around himself to see if there was anyone around him maybe playing with rocks he would be sadly mistaken as that was not the case it was his creation healing itself of all of the little deformities that had taken it over from the little scratches that Youka had done to it over their little scuffle and they were automatically healing. This must have been the healing ability he had put into the golem, he didn't know how the ability would have manifested in the golem all he knew was that he applied a healing ability to it. He didn't know how much of it would heal or how effective it would be but it was obviously a very effective healing ability. When he looked at the golem it was perfectly healed and looked completely brand new as if it was another golem all new standing before him. It was time to continue training now he had spent enough time twiddling his thumbs and taking in the sights. With that final thought without him knowing he had willed the giant to attack and indeed it did attack but in the most weirdest of manners it picked up and uprooted on of the trees it was standing by with considerable ease. Youka was standing in awe of it all as it was uprooted with such ease it was like a grown man picking a flower it was just amazingly too easy and it made Youka take a defensive stance as he didn't know what the creature intended to do with it's new weapon in tow until it happened, the golem had begun to quickly close the gap between them at a violent speed as it did close the distance it didn't stop in it's motion and swung the branch at Youka, not a it's full strength but fast enough to knock Youka back and more than likely off his feet as well.

Youka had anticipated this action and although it was faster than he expected he still had a plan but he applied his chakra control and focused the chakra in his stomach and began the process of moving it down through his legs and into his feet which had come second nature to him after all this practice he had done. Nothing like this was hard for him anymore, and it was mere childs play for him and as the tree came flying towards him he jumped into the air and applied his feet to the tree and let his body fly with the propulsion of the tree he was completely attached to it which made him stick like glue and nothing would pry him loose save for him being picked off of it. As the golem finished the full swing Youka again used his tendril to wrap around the golems dominant hand that was holding the tree. By wrapping at least 200 tendrils around it he began to pull as hard as he could on the rocks and the joints holding it together as the rocks began to dislodge from the golem where the shoulder would have been on the human anatomy and with one final pull the full arm fell off and the tree and arm just fell to the ground with a huge crash and a loud thud. It was a huge accomplishment for him to take out his creations limbs as it was ten times stronger than he was, the golem stood there staring at its empty socket where its arm used to be with a blank expression on its face as it reached over with the other hand that hadn't been torn off and began touching it as if it hadn't taken in to its mind that its arm was no longer attached to itself. The golem looked back towards Youka and let out a hideous roar at Youka as if it had been dealt a tremendous slight with having its own arm ripped off or as if it could feel pain in the first place which it couldn't seeing as it was made of stone.

Just as he was getting ready to celebrate his short victory in their mock battle, he heard the same sound re had recently heard when the creature had repaired the little damage it had incurred from the spikes earlier. Except this sound was a lot louder and a little more violent in nature, Youka felt a small pit in his stomach start to swell as he had forgotten that quickly about the regenerative ability he had added in on the golem. As he turned around to face his creation the dislodged arm that had fell to the ground was starting to return to earth and rubble but it didn't stay that way it started gravitating back towards the golem and forming a new joint and whole new arm for the golem it was indeed a sight to see as it was his chakra that was making this possible. The golem didn't move while its healing process was taking place it just stood there devoid of any features that gave off what it was thinking if it was thinking at all. Its face was also devoid of any feature which of course was natural as it didn't have an of the working features that the humans had. It took only 10 or so seconds for the arm to be completely repaired and attached back onto the golem before it looked shiny and new or as shiny and new as earth and rocks could look and all the jagged pieces were in their place as well lining the golems arms prepared to cut and dismember anything it could grasp in it's hands.

As Youka continued their spar, it was more of Youka dodging and getting out of the way of the creatures wild swings and attempts at grabbing him. He knew if this was a real bout with an opponent that he couldn't control it's strength with mental commands to pull its punches and drop it's strength drastically then it would have ended bad for him multiple time over again. Yet that was his saving grace in this fight he did have control of the beast and it wouldn't do anything that he hadn't commanded it to do. Of course he didn't make it easy on himself by any means he was just pulling the strings on what would possibly injure him drastially or cause him death because that was not the goal of this session, he just wanted to train his creation to the upper limits it could reach so he could master it before the time came for him to use it in real combat. He didn't want to enter the fray of a new battle without being completely ready in everything that he did. With this new technique he had to close up all the holes in his strategy that would of course be there with using something he had never used before, and what better way to do that then to train it in secret and solitude where no one was there to get in his way.

As they were still trading blows Youka was learning the patterns of his creation, and the moves it would take if given the order to just attack rather than him instructing its every movement which was good for him. There would be times where he wouldn't be able to take on the finer controls of the golem and he would need to know that it could handle its own self without being damaged too much. It did have a healing factore but Youka didn't assume that that ment it was invincible because nothing was truly invincible in this world just rather sturdy and indeed his creature was rather sturdy. While they were doing their dance the golem surprised him by raising its left hand in the air and pounding it back down to the ground with extreme force that it cracked the ground and sent vibrations across the ground all around it causing a miniature earth quake in it's locality and restructuring the earth as it sent the vibrations raising the ground all around it in a violent nature as if there was a roller under the earth pushing it up and down. As the wave hit where Youka was it harshly threw him up in the air and he completely lost his balance and footing in the world as he was sent flying and into a backwards flip in the air trying to re balance himself up right and possibly stop this very bad fall that was coming up, he was more than likely 3 meters in the air from the toss. As he was crashing back to the ground at a violent speed he had to come up with a quick solution to this and he figured he would land on the tips of his feet and enter into a roll as soon as his feet hit the earth so he would minimize most of the damage this would cause and offset it by using the momentum to push forward spreading most of the force into the ground and his lags and knee caps would only take minimal damage.

As soon as Youka touched the ground after righting himself in the air he did just as his plan had been made in his head he landed on the tips of his feet and pushed off of both of them at a crouching state so he could enter into the forward roll away from the golem so he could re gauge the situation and decide how to move forward with this. He executed the moves flawlessly and stood right up again beginning to bend at the knees to ensure everything still worked properly and he hadn't let anything slip out of place. When he made sure everything everything was still working he turned back around to look at the golem and was amazed to see the terrain had been completely restructured around the golem the earth was either raised or lowered in different sections with cracks and mounds of earth and dirt littered everywhere around them for a 5 meter radius which was a ridiculous amount of room to re do the terrain to, this was something he wouldn't be able to replace and put back in order and whoever was to come out here later would be in for a surprise as even some trees were uprooted and moved out of place and lying on the ground.

Well he had outdone himself on the destruction meter this time as he had completely forgot about the seismic waves the golem was capable of releasing into the earth beneath of it, he had to ensure he didn't forget about this it would be invaluable to his tactics and give him an edge on all ground play because if you couldn't maintain your balance then of course your already at a disadvantage the only thing he had to be sure of next time was that he wasn't on the ground as well when this started or else he would be in extreme danger as well as the attackers. Not to mention if the fight was to continue after the effects of this technique everyone would more than likely still be at a disadvantage with all the raised ground and lowered ground as well which would lead to pour footing situations he just had to be sure that if that were the case he had to be on the better of the ground to keep a upper hand. After he was done observing the devastation that he had made he started bounding over the earth around them towards the golem to continue their fight as he was about 3 meters from the golem he decided to use the trees to to stay above the golem just in case it decided to shake things up again. Youka let the tendrils in his body rise from his arms and shoot towards a higher tree branch as they latched around it he used them to pull himself up into the tress as he began to swing from them to close the rest of the gap.

The golem was quietly watching him through its eyeless socket which Youka still couldn't really understand, then the golem made its move as if it was calculating his next move it started knocking down more of the surrounding trees that were still standing after its assault of the ground below it. before long there were no more trees to be seen in its general vicinity and Youka ran out of things to swing from so he had to cut his trip in the trees short as he landed on the ground his tendrils retracted back into his skin and they sewed up the little holes where they had extended from. The golem bean hurling trees at Youka as he was closing the distance which made him have to go into a dodging manner to ensure not to be punished for being to slow in dodging them all, Youka was astonished at the speed at which the golem was throwing the trees as they were pretty big in size and he assumed that they were pretty heavy as well but again his golem was strong as well and this much was more than likely just scratching the surface of what it could do.

As Youka finally made it to the golem he made a very solid punch to the golems pelvis since that's all he was able to hit in a dead center motion seeing as the golem was 3 meters tall. After Youka made his move he immediately regretted his decision for some reason he had completely forgotten that the golem was made out of stone even though he had been fighting this thing for a very long time it just slipped his mind and he held his hand in pain as it was almost too much pain to bear and his strength wasn't that high anyway. That's when all hell broke loose the golem was now as close as it wanted to be and Youka didn't have the space to react to it and he regretted this moment even more when the golem began to reach for him with its enormous hands and it grabbed him. Youka tried to pull away as best as he could and it was like a little child squirming to get away from an adult but it was to no avail as the golem was ten times stronger than Youka. As it brought him into where its chest would be located it brought his body close as if hugging him and began to squeeze slowly constricting Youka's movements even more and making his breathing all the more difficult as he tried to free himself as best as he could, to make matters worst the jagged edges around the golem were starting to bite into his skin as well and it felt like he was being bitten in multiple locations over his body by little bugs which as anyone could imagine it was not the best thing in the world to be feeling.

Youka wasn't going to tell the golem to stop what it was doing so he could take the easy way out he needed to see what would happen in this situation even if it ment him passing out from loss of oxegyn he wouldn't be killed because the golem would more than likely fall apart if he wasn't awake to control it, and if it didn't then atleast he would die sleeping which wasn't the worst way to go. He didn't have time to think about dying he needed to get out of this and the best way he knew how to do this was to detatch everything he could so with a thought the tendrills exploded out of his skin causing nothing but a mesh of tentacles to flood the golem and the surrounding with the he began trying to wriggle himself out using all the hundreds of tendrils in his body to give him leverage and room to wiggle and breath. Before long he was free enough to escape and he slide out from the gap he had made for himself and all the tendrils came with him, the golem slightly tipped its head to the side as if it was confused as to what had happened. Youka began attaching himself back together after he had gotten free so he wasn't just a mess of tentacles, as he finally connected himself back together he decided to stop the fighting part of this training and move on to forming a better connection with his golem by reading its chakra signature and connecting it with his own.

He ordered his golem mentally to come to his side and he turned to face it He would take a moment to familiarize himself with his golems chakra signature. He intently meditated on controlling his chakra as well and controlling it through the body and bringing it in his golem hoping that some how it would make contact with the golem with what he had. His chakra started to run fast again feeling the golem was almost something he enjoyed more than feeling the earth around his body even though the golem couldnt speak this was key in building what he thought was a neccassary connection between two partners and he needed to know what his partner felt like all around. He had taught himself that meditation was th key to fully knowing yourself but right now he just needed to flow chakra through his body and control every action that happened in his body monitoring his chakra and that of the golems which slightly was starting to feel more welcomed and known a little more as he was feeling for it little by little.

It was different for him to be focusing on channeling chakra and focusing it with another object that was of his own creation even though it felt like him it also didn't feel like him, he didn't know how that made sense but it did in his head and he was trying to focus it out and just ensure their two chakras were in sync. He had to rely on this sort of training to make a unbreakable bond for him and his golem because it would be coming with him inside of his body as well and he would call on it a lot of times to help him in his times of need. As always he enjoyed the challenge that came with this sort of thing and he hoped that the golem would allow him to make a connection fully and realize their bonds. The thought of gaining this new comrades trust even though it was something he created was thrilling for him because he was a loner of course so when he would use this jutsu it would be sort of like a friend he assumed and he wouldn't have to talk to himself anymore of transform into his father and have another conversation with himself, even though those times were fun he needed to stop doing that. It made him live in he past which wasn't what he was trying to do anymore he was a cold calculating killer and he would die that way now instead of being the wholesome choir boy he was now a murderer and he loved the thrill of murdering anything honestly whether it be a kid and adult or an animal death was all the same and he enjoyed all aspects.

As he was sitting on the ground he was meditating again on what he wanted which was control fully over his golem as he was pushing all else from his mind it was just him and the creature , he didn't need to remember that pain from having a tree thrown at him. He was beginning to have chakra loss he had brought on himself that made him want to go to sleep as he trained and pushed his mind to its breaking point. All he needed to focus on was chakra and the connections that made him feel as though his golem was a living breathing thing. Even though it was difficult he felt this connection with the abundant chakra still holding on inside him, was this the golems chakra that he was being attached to , he hoped that it was the case nothing would make him more happy than to feel his friend communicating with him through their chakra swimming together with each other. Still sitting and thinking on life he wondered how it was that all this training had happened and this was now his final waking moments life but this was the moment he had given to himself. He would use all the power he could muster to make this time his, and probably make a new friend with this new technique he had formed.

As he was still reaching out there was also something reaching out to him for him to grab on to and it was his won chakra imbued in the golem as if it also wanted to be attached to him in anyway it could be. As he mentally grabbed on to the golems chakra it was sending out they both shuttered a little visibly, Youka shook as he was sitting there and the golem rumbled a little as they both made connection with each other for the first time. Now they would be fighting as one instead of as master and jutsu it would be partner and partner to take on the world together and the both of them would be ready for all the world would throw at them. The next time Youka would summon up his friend from the earth he would make him as big as possible and it would more than likely be a troubling site to behold for anyone trying to fight them.

As the connection between them was finally made and solidified Youka had completed everything that he had honestly set out to do today and nothing else really needed to be done save for finishing up on ensuring that this jutsu was indeed mastered and there was nothing else that needed to be done. It felt complete to him but there really wasn't anyway to honestly tell if something had been completed until he used it in a real fight which he hadn't been in yet and he was really starting to ache for an actual fight where there was blood and hopefully someone dying. Youka loved death of course anyone would that had his past and sets of talents he just needed to solidify his hold on the world by killing some one here in this world, and after he did he would take their arms so he would be able to use jutsu with either set of arms while still having a free pair to be free and attack on their own.

He would also take their eyes as well, he needed to have a better visual of things around him and having just two wasn't enough anymore he was in his views with just two eyes. He would more than likely put them literally in the back of his head to increase his field of vision to a vastly greater degree, he would more than likely only use the eyes in battle situations as having them open and being used the whole time would be creepier than he would like to admit and he didn't need to be scaring people that would look at the back of his head. He was always thinking about the future and it would be the best for him to have a extra set of eyes, just in case anything happenes to his original pair he would also be able to switch them out as well.

Another thing he was sure he wanted was another heart, it just made sense to have another one just in case the one he had gave out which would honestly kill him because he was human and not at all invincible or immortal. Though he would be able to fool those around him that he could live forever if he took the hearts from other people he killed, he wondered how many of these hearts he could carry in himself it would be great to keep a stock of hearts inside of his body. Just on the off chance that someone was able to kill him or at least one of his hearts, he would come back to life in an instant ready to continue the fight and he would hopefully just steal their heart to make amends for them taking one of his. All these new possibilities were exciting him endlessly and opening up more doors for him to be able to use and giving himself a sort of fake immortality was really on the right tracks to that.

He meditated on controlling his earth chakra and pushing it into the earth and holding it in his body. This feeling of the earths embrace was always something he enjoyed with every ounce of his being so much so that he could see himself forming a connection little by little the chakra that he had taught himself to control all along and he began to understand the intricacies of how the golems chakra flowed through it's body and controlled every action that the golem would take along with his mental direction and orders the golem would make a formidable foe.

Youka had figured he had done enough chakra meditation and training on connecting with the golem he felt he was attuned as he was going to be in the foreseeable future and this was enough he didn't need anything else right now besides maybe a shower, he was covered in mud and grime from when the golem used one of it's abilities that honestly he had forgotten about giving the thing a seismic wave, that thing would trully be a game changer if used at appropriate times. The golem also had a healing factor which he was sure to save his life a few times, so when it looked like the golem would be destroyed it would just repair itself as long as it wasn't attacked again which would surprise anyone that would have thought they completely destroyed the golem. Youka still couldn't get over the seismic wave though that attack was just beautiful to watch and the destruction it caused in the vicinity was amazing to behold and the only unaffected area was where the attack had originated which was right under his golem when it used the technique save for a small crater where the golem had punched the ground. Youka assumed if he wanted to be safe he would have to either have to get on the golem or somehow manage to stay in that circle around the golem and just ensure he wasn't punched and crushed into the ground when he would order the golem to use that ability again, yes avoiding being crushed was the game plan after all he enjoyed being alive and not was a better feeling he would assume although since he had gathered that he could use these tendrils in his body he didn't really feel anything anymore. That was another thing he had forgotten he still felt pain by all means but it was lesser feeling of a tingling pain than extreme tongue biting death pain which he thought was good it would allow him to truck through more damage as if he was some kind of zombie.

Youka decided it was time to release the golem and allow it to turn back into earth and gravel with rocks strewn about and as soon as he thought it that's exactly what happened. The golem with almost a soft growl began to break down and return to the earth as just a mound of earth a it disapeard over time and was scattered in the wind till it was just a few scattered boulders and rocks laying on the ground. It was about time Youka started heading back to the village he was staying in and get some rest for the next day, It was also about time he left this village and started moving on to find other things to do in this little world he was now a part of. He had met two interesting people in the Kumo Village, First he met Ganki who had given him entrance into the village even though it looked like the man would kill him without hesitation with all that lightning hurling up and down his arms but Youka understood it was a show of force that he was not to be messed with and it had it's desired effect as you would indeed not mess with the man, but he still liked him and would like to get to know him a little better if the time would have permitted but he never ran into him again after he granted him entrance into the village.

The other person he had ran into was Hikarishi a man he had first met a little ways away from the village who seemed like a nice young man that had a troubled past just like himself they had talked for a little bit before Youka had thoroughly gotten a beating from the man in a spar they had and it was a good learning lesson for him as it showed he had to be prepared to fight people like him in the future and Hikarishi was the driving force for him making this new jutsu and changing his styles from taijutsu to ninjitsu He hoped as well that one day he could have a rematch with the man with his newer strength and prove to be more of a sparring partner than he had been before. He had also ran into Hika inside the village he was staying at which was another surprise as he didn't know that the village was staying in was actually the young mans home as well but it was a welcome surprise as Youka was lost in that village and couldn't find himself anywhere in the crowd, he had completely lost his bearings in that village but Hika found him and showed him where the food was which was what he had been looking for but of course he didn't let Hika get off with just food, he had asked him if he would train Youka some more in the arts of fighting and just making him a little stronger over all. Hika had agreed to his request and had made a nice training session for the two of them to do, Youka still remembered that god forsaken tree Hika made him climb to get a fruit at the top of it, and he also didn't mention that the tree drained chakra as he climbed it which was a shock as it almost messed up his chakra controlling and would have made him crack his head on the ground if he didn't have a better understanding of how chakra worked and ran through the body luckily he had trained that very same jutsu and control shortly before that so he knew how to deal with varying degrees of chakra and how to stabilize them in order to keep his balance. As he thought about it he really still owed him for that as well who makes someone climb a chakra draining tree for a piece of fruit, Youka should have ate the fruit but he didn't know what it would have done to him also he was asked not to and he liked him enough not to do anything the man asked him not to.

That was another reason actually why he had to get out of this village it was turning him nice again and causing him to forget what he had set out to do in this world, he needed to leave before things became to normal for him and he would refuse to go back to his evil plans for domination. So after he settled all his afairs in this village he would head out again and roam looking for a place to go and things to do, mainly he would be looking for bodies to take as his own eyes and arms and honestly maybe just keep the body it self if would run on just a heart and tendrils controlling it, the thought gave Youka the chills just thinking about it having a dead body following him around to do his bidding with and possibly hopefully fight along side him. That was wishful thinking though and he would cross that bridge when he got to it whenever that might be, all he knew was that this village was changing him and he had thought he didn't want to be changed anymore but he couldn't help but feel a connection to the people here that drew him to stay and see how deep it went. Even if he did stay he still had urges that were not so easy to get rid of and all his visions still were vivid in his head. they told him he needed to kill and he needed to do it all the time. Being under the control of a village would hinder his killing drastically if it didn't take it away all together, that was a idea he didn't want to think about and he also wouldn't let it happen if they wanted him in their village they would take it along with him freely even if it meant a few civillans had to die now and then Youka thought it would be a fair price to pay to retain his services to the ninja village but now wasn't the time to think about that it was very uncertain that that would be the case.

As he was walking back to the village he wondered where he would go after this, he didn't have a map and didn't know the layouts of the lands. Maybe hopefully he could find a map or someone could point him in the right direction and there would be road signs to help him reach the area. As his goals were he needed to reach a land that taught earth jutsu, they didn't even have to teach jutsu just have a understanding of how earth chakra flowed for him to absorb all of their knowledge like a sponge. Having someone strong teach him would be a plus as well, even if they had all the knowledge in the world he would still like to be able to test it out and if they weren't a capable vessel to measure his fortitude and understanding then his journey to them would be for nothing. He was still pondering all his thoughts while walking back towards the village gates.

Maybe the person he would run into would even have their own special techniques to teach him, that would just be icing on top of the cake he didn't need it but it would honestly be worth it ten times more if he could. As he made it to the gate the guards did their normal up and down on him, since Ganki had given him entrance into the village they didn't stop him anymore for extreme periods of time they just asked that he empty his pockets and ensure he didn't bring anything into the village from an outside source. They also just patted him down briefly to ensure that he really wasn't hiding anything on his person, which was good village procedure he assumed, even though it was a little annoying all the time. As they finished with the pat down they waved him through and gave him leave to enter back into the village.

While walking by the civilians he waved at a few of them and even shook a few hands it was quite odd because the people of this village were rather nice as well all things considered they could be extremely prejudice to new commers but they weren't and he could sort of feel like he could belong in this village and make a living. As he made it back to the room he had rented in the village he layed out his resting mat in the center of the room and took off his trademark blue sash and un fastened his shirt before detaching his ninjato from his side leg. As he lay everything in a neat way in the corner he opened one of the windows and pulled up the blinds in his room so he could seee the night sky and fel that warm air hit him while he tried to sleep.

Before he would be able to sleep he needed to say a prayer to the creator of all things and forgiver of all sins, so he knelt by the window as well and drew his cross up to his mouth while he also marked a cross on his forehead before kissing the cross and holding it in his right hand he softly began to say his prayer and rotate the black beads that were around his necklace through his hand like it was a prayer bead, which in a sense it was as it did help him concentrate on his prayers and block out any outside distractions he just had to remember that you started at the cross first as that was as the buddist called it the gourd bead and you rotated counter clockwise the beads in your hand while you said your prayer and it was supposed to garner more precise prayers and a better connection with your lord. There were a lot of things that he had picked up from his father that taught him which he had learned from other travelling priests and monks and other men of the cloth because it was not their way to turn people away based on what faith they were and if it differentiated from their own, every man had a part to play in the world if what his father always told him, and it wasn't his place to cast judgment on them because each man devoted their life to their own cause and who was he to tell them that what they had invested their whole lives in was not true and they would not meet a glorious end.

What his father said was true though, nothing in this world was permenant or the grand truth there were still some questions that he himself couldn't answer about catholisism and it was mainly just because he hadn't found the answers yet, not that the answers weren't there he was sure they were but with what searching he had done he couldn't find what he needed and it must be the same way for every other religion or they would have found out by now that there is one true religion and it would more than likely also end all this fighting and bickering among other rival religions on who holds all the answers to all of lifes questions. But that was enough reflecting on theology it never got him anywhere besides thinking in a huge circle.

" Oh father I come to you thanking you for giving me this day and I pray thanks to the great mother mary for her complete innocence that it might be brought on me as well to help me shun my evil ways, that I might lead by example and not by words, I know that we are all created in your image and we all have a part to play, I pray that might part might be to be your judging hand to strike down the wicked more wicked than I and bath in the blood of their inequities and wrongs that you might know that I am your sword, Amen"

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+60 stat points +120 jp

Mastered earth spikes(3k using spikes)
Activated chakra absorption (2k training with golem)
Mastered Golem spewing from mouth as well (5k training with golem)
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