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Kenzo Uchiha
Kenzo Uchiha
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kenzo training - An Average Morning...[Massive Training] (Private) Empty An Average Morning...[Massive Training] (Private)

Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:03 am
A battle between Acad's, therefore expected to have been such a small-scale insignificant bout, had disturbed the air of Konoha. Even the gods -who gave the forecast of today-  cried, causing a storm to gather above Konoha in the night, as they watched the two brother's fight like lions, throwing punch after punch in an attempt to prove their worth. In the end, only one of the brother's had returned home safely, Kenzo. The other combatant, Kenshin, would be spending the night at the hospital to have his burns treated. It was unlikely that Kenshin would have been returning home soon, for he had been introduced to the young flame. Although Kenshin had been the one sent to the hospital, it could not have been said that Kenzo returned home at 100%. His body had been pushed to it's limits; only after he began to limp home had Kenzo noticed. Slight as it was, that inability to move grew with every step Kenzo had taken, and this weakness explained to Kenzo the many things that he would have found otherwise incomprehensible: why he alone had been the one to return home; how his father's death influenced his new outlook on certain topics; how that same outlook had effected him; why he alone out of all of the children at the academy had no nickname; why no one joked in his presence, or even told anecdotes about the funny things he had done; why nobody teased him; why, without his mother, he never felt at home anywhere, or felt that he had belonged any place. But that feeling of separation, and loneliness only made him stronger, for even as his legs struggled to carry his upper body through the heavy puddles of Konoha, he could feel himself growing powerful. He loved the sore feeling in his muscles; the pain that crippled him, causing him to stumble forward before bracing himself on the side of a building without the help of his hands. He simply leaned on the building, allowing all of his weight to momentarily be pressed against the wood, It was so cold, and the feeling of the wet rain on his face didn't help at all.  Now, Kenzo wondered... How long had he been walking through the rain? Minutes? Hours? Time could not be told without a watch, for the shadows that resulted from the moon's projection were unable to be seen clear enough for Kenzo to read, given that he could read them - which he couldn't. The dark of night cast a shadow over Konoha, and the light of the moon hit the nearest side of buildings, poles, and various other items, casting shadows within shadows until Konoha had been covered in black with only small areas in which on could see. After shifting his weight till he was once again on both feet, onward Kenzo stepped, slowly, but his progression was steady. He could even see the door to his home. It appeared to be so far, yet it was only steps away.


The scratchy, high-pitched sound of a feminine voice caused Kenzo to turn his head to the left. The sound was barely able to reach his ears over the spatter and pitter-patter of rain, but when Kenzo turned his head to view his observer he could see why. A little girl, though still taller than Kenzo, with extremely long scrawny arms was peeking around a corner watching him. Her hair had been laid flat against her face by the falling rain. As he looked at her, he continued to close the distance between himself and his house. He had seen her before- before the baby that was once within her belly had came too soon and died. Even after all this time, she was still so sad to see. Kenzo stared at her. He tried to see her without looking at her, and never, never went near. Not because she was absurd, or repulsive, or because he was frightened, but because Mama had warned him about strangers who looked crazy. Most of the time, the lone traveler had no idea what the crazies were capable of, and Kenzo knew well the propensity that the shadow dwellers had for assaulting those unfortunate enough to have been traveling alone.
"P-p- Pretty? Aren't I?"

The girl, covered in mud turned away, looking around to see if there was anyone else in her vicinity that Kenzo could have possible been staring at, or at least that's what it looked like to Kenzo. The ominous squawking of many crows could be heard echoing throughout Konoha, or at least in that general vicinity. One crow called out to the other, then they all responded. It wasn't long before all the crows could be heard screaming about like children in an auditorium. Suddenly, Kenzo's eyes met hers. Her eye seemed more empty than his, almost as though she were already dead. Then, he shook his head. Her life had been worn away to merely picking, and plucking away at whatever resources she could find among all the waste and beauty in this world-which is exactly what she herself was... wasted beauty. Suddenly Kenzo felt connected  All of his waste which was dumped on her she absorbed. And all of his beauty, which was hers first and she gave to him. He felt wholesome after seeing her. He was so beautiful when he stood astride her ugliness. Her simplicity decorated him, her guilt sanctified him, her pain made him glow with health, even as he limped towards his home, her awkwardness made him think he had a sense of humor, so he chuckled. Her inarticulateness made him believe he was eloquent. Her poverty keep him generous. Even her waking dreams he used -- to silence his own nightmares. And she let him, and thereby deserved his contempt. He honed his ego on her, padded his character with her frailty, and yawned in the fantasy of his strength!

But fantasy it was, for he was not strong, only aggressive; he was not free, merely licensed; he was not compassionate, merely polite; not good, but well behaved. He could do no more than court death in order to call himself brave, and hid like a thief from life. He substituted good grammar for intellect; switched habits to simulate maturity and intelligence; he rearranged lies and called it truth, see the new pattern of an old idea the Revelation and the Word. His thoughts, however, had been interrupted she the woman stepped over into madness, a madness that protected her simply because it bored him in the end. But it was not the end. The indifference in his eyes, and the mirth carried in his laughter only served to surface the animosity she had kept submerged within herself, and redirected that hatred from whatever/whomever she had beef with, and redirected it towards the young Uchiha known as Kenzo. He was so small, and so innocent. This made him an easy prey. He even looked to be weak by the way he limped forward! How dare he make a mockery out of her!!!

"M-me no pretty..."

It appeared at first that she was going to cry as she stepped from around the corner; fell to her knees, allowing her hands to dangle freely at her sides; then slowly lifted those dandling arms to clutch her face, covering her eyes from view. But those hands soon slid down her face, revealing the contortion of her face and body as she leaned forward into the moonlight.

"Me no pretty pretty.. den... ME H-H-HUNGRY!"

Kenzo's eyes widened at the sight; her palms were slammed onto the floor, and she began crawling towards Kenzo with all the haste of a starving cheetah. Hungry? The fuck did that have to do with him? He had no time to wonder... He had to move, but his body would not follow his commands!

Faster! Faster!

His breath sudden became heavy as she rushed towards him, stepping out of the moonlight, and into the shadow, then back with every unnatural movement she made. His head turned forward to see that he was standing only inches from the door now, and he opened it to slip inside as the sound of her palms and feet splashing against the mud and water grew louder. Once inside, he lean against the door in an attempt to close it, only to find that her fingers had already been placed within the crack of the door way. A blood curling screech left her lips as blood began to run, from her fingers, down the doorway. Kenzo did not stop pushing, for fear that the crazy girl would enter his home, polluting the good air, and destroying his home.

"So hugry! Just one bite!"

She insisted! What the hell did she want to eat? How did she know if Kenzo had food? It was then that Kenzo began the push with all his might, forcing his body to do as he pleased. It wasn't too hard to match the strength of a broken woman, probably because her body ached just as much as his did. The woman, kicked the door, yanking her fingers out in the doorway right before the door was shut closed, and locked by Kenzo. His heart was pounding within his chest, and even though he knew she was still out there, he did not let it worry him. She wasn't going to get through their door. Upon catching his breath, Kenzo climbed the stairs leading to his room, and stepped behind the soon closed door, locking it as he did. He could still hear the girl outside crying. Only moments past before Kenzo removed his clothing, all except his briefs, and fell forward onto the bed, shutting his eyes the moment he did.

It was then that his mind began to wander. He had total lost control over what happened now... What did happen? Kenzo opened his eyes to view the world once more, but this time, he was not laying in his bed, reaching for the covers that he accidentally kicked away in his sleep. Kenzo was standing in a wasteland. His back was turned towards the endless miles of nothing but dirt, and before him, stretching completely from one end of his peripheral vision to the other, were men. Some of them lacked a shirt, exposing their massive chests, and bulging muscles. Some of them had blades, others had scrolls. Some were large, some were small, and it was obvious, just by looking at the face of some of these warriors that they were young. Any man who could hold his own had been brought here today. Those who had been moved to impotence by the fear of death's shadow had been allowed to return home to their families, or whatever excused they made to evade the responsibilities of all Shinobi. What those men who were to afraid, or busy, to fight had failed to realize was that if the Shinobi of Konohagakure had failed to succeed today, the village would fall forever. Each and every one of those men that stood within Kenzo's army, shirt or no shirt, stood at attention, and faced Kenzo. Kenzo himself was built, much like they were. Every inches of his body was hard and defined, like a cement sculpture. He stood there as the commanding officer to this military force. He wore no armor, nor did he wear a shirt, for his muscles were toned far beyond the sharpness of any average blade. He stood tall, holding himself as any warrior would. He hands were balled into fists, and he flexed those muscles as he toke in a deep breath of air. As they bathed in the fading sunlight, Kenzo opened his mouth to speak. That small, cute , voice that he once had when his body was small was long gone now. Now, he yelled with all the force, and power to shift any man, woman, or child from impotence. His voice could have even been compared to the roar of a lion, for as he spoke he sent a wave of fear, anger, sadness, and alas inspiration through the crowd.

"Men of Konoha, At this time I would like to address the bravery shown by each, and every one of you by doing no more than standing here today. As you all know, a new threat has shown itself to this world, our world, and I give you all my sincerest apology for making you endure such a long journey away from home. But we could not fight this battle on our home-front, lest we be hoping for more casualties than necessary, so we journeyed for a week here, to this barren wasteland! We walked, and we ran, we climbed, and we marched to meet our enemy here, for we could not wait any longer for them. I would first like to thank you for all giving your flesh, bones, hearts, and souls to your home, Konoha. You endured those cold nights, during which we had no food, or water, and were grateful for the days which we did. You have all brought honor to your families."

A young man dressed in Konoha's usual jonin attire raised his hand.

"Permission to speak, sir!"

The man yelled, he had to if he wanted to be heard.

"Permission granted."

"What is the plan for launching our attack? How will we be able to take out an enemy we know nothing about?"

Kenzo could see that the young man was quivering; how obvious the boy made it that he was indeed scared. The thought of lying to the boy crossed Kenzo's mind, but Kenzo could see that the male was not the only one who feared what was to come. Kenzo's eyes scanned the glum expressions that sat upon the males' faces. He knew that each of those men were hoping that he had some kind of elaborate plan that would ensure that they would return home safely, but Kenzo had no plan. He did have an idea of what was going to happen however.

"I shall, at this moment, explain the plan. Our objective is to eliminate any, and all hostile forces we find beyond this point. There can be no survivors. I will lead you in the attack. Your job is not to protect me. Your job is to fight along side me, and eliminate as many foes as you can. "

A voice suddenly escaped the crowd of men. It sounded both shaky, and broke at some points when the man spoke.

"The plan! What about the plan?!?"

Kenzo could see now that a number of the men were getting impatient. They were scared of dying and losing their families, along with everything else they had ever cared about including their lives.

"Yes, the plan. Two days ago we crossed through a barrier kept up by the enemy. They know we are here, and are likely at this moment gathering a force larger than we could ever imagine to counter our assault. We can not sneak in without a fight, we cannot hide, and , since we are already in their territory, it would be foolish to run."

"So there is no plan!?! Your crazy! Your going to get us all killed! I'm not fighting a pointless battle! I didn't come here to die."

"Yes, there is no plan."

These words alone caused an uproar in the army of men. They were swiftly moved to impotence by the idea that they had come here only to die.They were calling him crazy, and whispering about leaving. None of them moved however, for fear that, within seconds he would have been upon them, and ripped out their throats if they even toke a single step backwards. Sweat ran down the mens cheeks, those hands of theirs that were once curled into strong fists had lost the strength to clench the air; those arms dangled lifelessly at the mens sides as they looked to their leader, Kenzo, who had only brought them here to be slaughtered. Kenzo could see that the fear within the single man had quickly spread throughout the entire group. He sighed, allowing his head to fall towards the ground as he witnessed his own people cowering, but he could understand why they trembled. He too feared that he may not make it home after today. Though he had no family, there was one person he had been dying to see again, even if it was only once.

"I'm outta he're!" 
"Me too!" 
"C'mon Takio, let's go"

Kenzo looked up, and what he saw bewildered his mind completely. One man turned to leave, and began walking away, then the others around him followed in his footsteps. Fear became an epidemic, and Kenzo did not know how to deal with it. Kenzo could see, however, the men that still stood at attention trembling with fear as well. He could not help , but sympathize with their brave hearts. How badly did they want to turn away? Would they end up betraying him later on?  It didn't matter now, they all deserved the truth.

"I left Konoha with an army, of millions. I did not expect to return with anymore than one thousand at my side. I permit you all right now, at this very moment to leave if you wish. That is my decision! I shall pardon any who leave now, if you choose to desert me. Those of you with fear in your hearts should never be forced to fight again. We have all been crept up in our houses with locked doors for fear that we would be the next to be hunted. Those of you who have learned that fear should leave."

And so they did. Thousands turned their back to Kenzo, and began to walk away, back towards Konoha. The small amount of people who still stood at attention were quite the sight to see. They shook like never before. Kenzo could see the sweating dripping from their faces. He was not surprised that so many would have chosen to abandon him, but he still had one more thing to say to them before they went.

"And anyone who wishes to spend the rest of their days hiding from these demons should also leave!"

Suddenly, a number of men, those who had heard him, stopped in there tracks, and turned to meet Kenzo's gaze.

"If you wish to be preyed upon, leave! If you wish for you family to be preyed upon, leave, and know that today you could have made a difference. Know that today we, as a whole could have eliminated this threat from the earth, but you were not here to make it happen, for with every lost warrior our power as a whole dwindles. We already know not what we are up against, but you are the difference between having a fighting chance, and dying like hogs! You! Know that, in the future, when your doors are finally broken down, and your children and loved ones are taken from you that you chose not to fight!"

The warriors marched back into their positions, some had tears in their eyes, but they were all quivering. They feared that their families who were, at this very moment, hiding behind closed doors would be forced to live in fear, and experience something even worst than simply being hunted. A smirk spread across Kenzo's face as he listened to the sweet sound of feet shuffling back into their proper places. He heard something else as well however, it was the voices of those men.

"I can't leave now... How could I look them in the eyes?"
"My sister... she is..."
"My brother... he is..."
"My mother... she is..."
"My daughter... she is..."
"My family... they are..."


He could see now, as the men shuffled back into place that they had something they were fighting for. Some were fighting for vengence, and others were fighting to protect something precious.

"Let me tell you what happened many, many, many years ago, about the history of the world. There was once a war like no other. The Five Great Nations had come to together to defeat an unbeatably foe. A man with an army of ten million, and, aside from that army, a second faction composed of their ressurrected loved ones. I do not know how the tales goes, but humanity and mankind still exists today! What does that say to you!?! Those Shinobi fought to keep their humanity, and lost so much for their cause, including thier lives. But they had begun to fight from the very beginning, so our lost will be much greater than theirs. We will not only lose our loved ones, and lives, but we will lose our humanity! We waited until people began to go missing, and misdirected our  anger completely. Because of this, some of you have even wronged the man standing next to you. Now the world ... no, our world, has been introduced to a new threat, and I'll be damned if I allow that threat to invade the borders of my realms: to which, my family, my home, and my village resides in! I myself will take up arms; I myself will lead you to glory, or to death, which ever comes first! On this day, let it be remembered that we, the people of Konohagakure did not hide, nor did we cower! We fought! Today, men of Konohagakure... No... my brothers! Today, my brothers, if I am to die fighting for our humanity, in an effort to take back all the sanity which they have taken from us, then I beg of you to die right here with me!"

Kenzo watched as those men looked to him. The eyes that looked-looked for guidance, power, and hope. They hoped that this man was as strong as the legends had told, and could, somehow, breath strength into them as well. But still, they were silent, for the terror that was to come would not leave their hearts. They couldn't be like Kenzo. They couldn't lock their fear away, or transform that fear into hatred. They could only cower. There were some mens whose eyes were just as cold as Kenzo's. Those eyes had experienced the war, pain , and the like. Nothing would deter them from defeating their enemy, for they had already lost everything. Even in death these men would fight,.. or so it seemed.

The ground trembled beneath Kenzo's feet with all the force of an earthquake, sending men onto their butts. Trebled? That was quite an understatement. The earth shivered, shook, and quivered; it shuddered, quaked, and convulsed, for no material could resist the force and power of what was could come! It was then that Kenzo turned around to see what,exactly, he was up against. The stance he toke was quite wide, giving him an excellent balance against the vibrations of the earth. He turned to stare off into the horizon, the direction in which the enemy should have been approaching from. That was the only place he could think of that the vibrations may have been coming from. As he, and all the men behind him, stared off into the distance, those tremors became weaker, much weaker in fact to where they were little more than a small quiver of the earth. Kenzo had guess that this was the trembled of the force that was beginning to converge on his groups with the intentions of war. Was he correct? At the end of the horizon where the sky met the ground, a shadow of black began to rise.

"Here they co-... What is that?"

A single man, who had been blessed with one of this worlds many doujutsu, the Byakugan, zoomed in on the shadowy figure. What he saw cast fear into his own heart, and made him fall to hims knees, landing on all-fours. The men began to crowd around him, and a single man asked. 

"What did you see? How big was their force?"

Suddenly, the men all began shouting out numbers all at once, each in everyone of them inquiring about the size of the incoming enemy.

" Hundreds!?!"
"Tells us, what did you see?"
"How many of them were there?"

The man's answer was as vague as describing a section of the night sky as "The Dark Part". He could not answer completely, for what he saw had completely taken away whatever hope this man still had.

"S-so big..." 

A swordsman of Kenzo's army turned his head away from the man who was on his knees, and towards the direction of the rising shadow. The tumult that had rose to question the man that was on his knees suddenly died out. That tumult had been interrupted by the clanking sound of that swordsman's blades hitting the earth after falling from his hands. His jaw fell open, and he too felt the weakness in his legs. Upon noticing this, every single man that the military  force was composed of turned his head to see what had caused the men to lose the strength of their legs, and they too felt the strength they once had leave their bodies. Weapons of all kinds were dropped. They clanked loudly against the hard ground. men fell to their knees, and the arms of others had completely lost the ability to do anything, but hang lifelessly from their bodies. The was the state of petrifaction that had consumed all of the men, even Kenzo. What they saw was the silhouette of a man standing tall. The "man" was standing tall, damn-near 20 meters tall. It was only his height that cast fear into their hearts. How could a man be so large? A single man could be heard chuckling as all the others stared in awe, but that chuckle sounded more like the cry of a pre-teen, who attempted to stop their crying. 

"You've got to be kidding me..."

It was then that another voice could be heard emanating from within the crowd to ask a question everyone was wondering.

"K-k-Kenzo! What do we do now?"

Kenzo said nothing... He did nothing. He simply continued to stare at the 20 meter tall monster that was headed in their direction. The beast was still miles away. That question alone caused in uproar in the crowd, and when Kenzo did not answer, the crowd only grew more restless. 

"Give us an order, Kenzo!"
"What do we do Kenzo!?!"
"We should retreat! Let us go Kenzo!?!"
(Dream End)

"Kenzo... Kenzo... Kenzo..."

Kenzo mumbled as he tossed, and turned in his sleep. Naturally, Kenzo could only roll so far. Upon tossing a little too far, Kenzo rolled right off the bed, and fell, landing face-first as he did. Kenzo rolled onto his stomach, panting heavily as a drop of sweat rolled down his face to his long black hair that was spread wildly upon the ground beneath his head..  He could feel his own sweat drenched shirt sticking to, and detaching from, his body in random areas as he laid there, staring into the dark. It felt so nasty, but nothing could be nastier than the odor of piss that irradiated from his soaked crotch. He laid there, in his own filth as the sunlight poured into his room. The rising sun illuminated the east side of Kenzo's home, shining light through the thick glass and into the house. Light was welcomed into Kenzo's room through the glass window to irradiate light throughout Kenzo's room. The light cast away the shadows within Kenzo's domain, revealing those indiscernible silhouettes to be no more than Kenzo's furniture. It illuminated his face, and upon being interrupted from his thoughts, Kenzo rose to a standing position. He looked down at his crotch, before throwing his hands up to flail in the air for only a second. He then removed his pissy clothing, and grabbed a new pair from his closet. He left his clothes on the floor in his room, and disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes. While Kenzo was in the bathroom, the running shower water could be heard tapping against his body, and the floor below. A sudden flare of orange light illuminated the cracks around the bathroom door, and the water could be heard evaporating. That steam soon began to leak through the cracks of the doorway, and, as it did, the water ceased it's tapping. 

Kenzo emerged from the bathroom shirtless with nothing but a towel to cover his private area. That towel was soon removed, and Kenzo was dressed, and ready within seconds. Well, he wasn't completely dressed. Kenzo wore only his underwear, and a black pair of sweatpants. He remained shirtless, and that seemed like the best way to go for today's workout. Kenzo clapped his hands together, and approached a nearby wall. Chakra was flowing to his hands to mimic the Tree Climbing Technique, which usually a young ninja would use to begin to learn chakra control, by channeling chakra to their feet they can cause it to either repel or attract thus allowing them to walk up flat surfaces, or along water. Kenzo was training his chakra as well at this moment, but not the way one would expect. Kenzo placed his hands on the wall, and began to scale it, which should have been a more difficult task for one of his size. Kenzo made it look easy. His legs dangled beneath his body, and his climbed until his hands were stuck to the ceiling, and his body dangled beneath him. It was then that he choked, literally. The scent of his body wash mixed with the rising odor from his pissy clothing was too much. Usually, Kenzo would wash his clothes, but he couldn't take the odor that was being presented to him this time around. Having lost his focus, Kenzo fell towards the ground below, and landed on his feet, which were conveniently placed beneath his body. He choked, gagged, and coughed before picking up his pissy clothing. Where could he dump them? He head turned left, then right, until he spotted the window. He rushed towards the window, pushing it open with his right hand before hurling the clothes out. His left hand formed a single half-seal, and Kenzo spewed flames, in the form of a cone, towards the clothing, reducing them to ashes that blew away in the wind. He then pushed his window down. The window screeched loudly as it always did. Kenzo didn't push the window all the way down. He left it open just enough for the wind to carry out that horrid odor. 

Now... what was he doing again? That's right! He clapped his hands together again, summoning chakra to them, and scaled the wall until he hands were placed on the ceiling, and his body hung  from his hands. He detached an arm, and begun swinging forward. When he did, he extended that arm forward to latch onto the roof, using the Tree Climbing Technique of course, and swung forward. He continued this motion, switching from hand to hand to move to the center of the room. Once his body was located in the center of the roof, within an equally estimated distance away from each of his walls, he began to pull his body up. His head touched the ceiling, then he lowered his body. One would expect such an exercise to be quiet difficult, or maybe even impossible to do for a young man such as Kenzo. Whoever assumed that was completely wrong, and they would be surprised by the stuff Kenzo could do, for this was only an average morning. Kenzo counted allowed with that cute little voice of his. He hated his high-pitch voice, but when he exercised and strained his muscles, his voice sounded a bit scratchy to his own liking. He continued to count them as he did his pull-ups.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,  19, 20, 21, 22..."

And so time passed, as Kenzo hung from the ceiling, and did his pull ups. He voice began to strain, and he could feel the muscle in his arms burning away. As any man would during workouts, Kenzo began to groan, and the time he numbers he called out were stretched to make up for his dying strength. 

"Foorty-five..... Foorty-six... Fooorty-seeven... Fooorty-eight..."

Kenzo hung from the ceiling for a moment, believing that this would help his energy return to his body, but it didn't... Kenzo realized this, and he continued on with his pull-ups, or at least he would've. As he made an attempt to do so, his arms lost their strength, and Kenzo remained their, hanging from the ceiling. He released the chakra from his hands, and again fell to land on his feet. Upon landing, Kenzo began to stretch his arms. He wasn't quite through yet! He toke a knee, then moved to a position which he was on all-fours. He toke deep breaths, waiting for his heart to slow a bit before he formed the push-up position. His legs were extended, and his arms pressed away from the ground, angling his body. He lowered his body, then pushed himself up, feeling the burn in his arms that nearly made him fall over. That was one push-up. He went down again, pressing off the ground only to topple over. His arms were almost dead now. Gah! That means it was time for a break. After a small break, Kenzo would be back at it. He put his shirt on, and headed into the kitchen. 

The house was always so quiet without his mother home. She was probably already at work. Hmm... maybe Kenzo could get a job? ...Nah. Upon entering the kitchen, Kenzo could see a pot of hot water boiling on the stove, and a sticky note of the counter reading, "Have fun at school today boys". Kenzo retrieved a bowl, fork, and some noodles. He sat the bowl on the counter before placing the uncooked noodles in the bowl, then he poured the hot water over them. He'd probably be going out after this, so he should lock up, he thought. He did just that. He walked around the house, closing, and locking all the entrances, and exits to the house, before returning to the kitchen. His noodles were ready. He picked up the hot bowl, and placed it on the table. After moving into position, he pushed the chair slightly away from the table, knowing that once he sat down he would be unable to alter the position of the chair without getting up. It did mattered a lot, for his small size would only make it harder to eat if he was too far away from the bowl. He sat down in the chair. Perfect. Everything was perfect, except that Kenzo was sooo bored. He sat at the boring table with a empty stare on his face, and ate his boring noodles with his boring fork. He listened to the boring sound of nothingness, and observed the boring walls. It seemed to take forever to finish his boring noodles, but he finished. With a sigh, Kenzo finally placed the bowl in the sink, and headed towards the front door.

Now that he was outside, and well fed, he could do some more exercising. What should he start with? A lower body workout seemed like a good idea at the time since his arms still ached from earlier, but Kenzo knew no effective lower body workouts. Oh, well. Running would have to suffice. Two laps around the village... go. The toke over, shutting the door behind himself as he sprinted near the inner wall of Konoha. Could he really make it all the way around the village? Probably not, but that's not what mattered. All that mattered was that he pushed himself today. He would have to push himself to the limit. Within seconds he had already sprinted past numerous blocks, but he had already begun to lose interest in this workout. Still, he continued. He past a number of people that were setting up shop for the morning shift. None of those people had recognized him at all. Should he have expected them to? Likely. His goal was too become one of the strongest, and the only way to get strong would be for others to acknowledge your strength. He'd have to make himself known somehow. He'd have to get his name out there, but how. This was what Kenzo thought about as he continued to run past the shops, people, trees, and empty benches. Perhaps there was no way to make himself known, and he would have to let word spread by himself, but first he would have to do something that no one could. What could that something be? He had no idea. It didn't matter now, first he had to get his headband, then he could worry about making himself known. That was his next goal... receiving the title of Genin. Once he did that, then he could build a reputation. He'd always have to best that other kid who moved oh-so fluently, and with the speed of a cheetah. 

Competition wasn't much of a problem. It only became a problem when- Trip! Kenzo's tripped over his own foot, and hitting the ground face first. It wasn't a pleasant feeling either. He looked around, and saw that no one was outside in this vicinity to see his fall. This made the event more bearable. He got up, and dusted himself off before beginning the sprinting session again. His eyes had locked onto a library as he toke his first couple steps, and Kenzo's altered his course to the direction of the epitome of information. Konoha's library is a public library in Konohagakure. It is centrally located and is accessible by all members of the village. It contains books referring to many subjects ranging from advanced medical textbooks to self help books about social interaction, or so Kenzo has heard. He headed down the dirt path, and eventually stepped inside of the library. He was questioning whether, or not the place was open, since it was so quiet and he could see no one, but he hadn't taken into account the fact that most people where sleep. Aside from that, the morning shift had only begun. Upon stepping inside, Kenzo could already see the rows, and rows of aisles filled with books stacked up on shelves. So much information had been compiled into a single place, and it appeared that all that information had been left here for Kenzo. He stepped forward, but was suddenly interrupted by a rather soft voice. 

"Excuse me sir.. Might I ask were your parents are."

Kenzo looked to the woman with those innocent black eyes. She had called him sir, and it made him feel like a big boy.

"My mom is at work, and my father is dead."

"Oh. That must be so hard for you deary."

Kenzo tilted his head as he looked to the woman. Why did she pity him? He hadn't asked for it, nor did he need it. He shrugged, and pointed towards the vast collection of books, inquiring only through his hands if he could go read them.

"Go ahead."

The woman said in response, and Kenzo was off. There were really big signs separating the large collections of books, but Kenzo hadn't headed over there. He went to the colorful corner of the library in search of information, and pulled out a small book. The title of the book was proudly printed across the cover page in bright blue variants; "Chakra, the fundamentals" Kenzo opened to the front page. There weren't many pages within the book, but they were all filled with information. On the front page, there was a picture that depicted the silhouette of a man holding up a single hand-seal, and his body was surrounded by a large flame that was labeled as "Chakra".  In the center of his abdominal area there was a large ball that was separated into two halves. Those two halves were labeled as Physical Energy, and Spiritual energy. Kenzo found himself to be quite interested, and laid down, propping himself up on his elbows as he read the book in his head. It read, "Chakra is essential to even the most basic technique; it is the molding of the physical energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. Once molded, it can be channeled through the chakra circulatory system, which is to chakra as the regular circulatory system is to blood, to any of the 361 chakra points (called tenketsu) in the body." It was there that Kenzo stopped reading, and began flipping through the pages. Tenketsu... what is that? He could only wonder. He finally reached a page about the Tenketsu, and began to read again, "Tenketsu are simply nodes from which chakra can be released. There are 361 tenketsu in the body, each one being a checkpoint on the Chakra Pathway System. Though ninja use chakra regularly, very few ninja possess any great control over their tenketsu." There, he ceased his reading again. He wondered what the chakra pathway system was, so he began to look around. Eventually, he found it on the first page. There was only a small section, and he read the whole thing, "Chakra Pathway System is the term for the channels within the body that transfer and channel chakra. Simply put they serve the same function for chakra as blood vessels do for blood. Along the chakra pathways, there 361 nodes called tenketsu that control the flow of chakra like circuit breakers, and within those tenketsu are Eight Gates which control body function and strain levels." Those onyx eyes were opened wide as he stared at the page. He had probably learned more than those stupid little "know-it-alls" at the academy learned in a month, in the small about of time that he had spent in this library. With this in mind, he continued reading. "Molding chakra involves the extraction of energies from both the body's cells and the mind's consciousness, then mixing them together within the individual. The amount of each energy will differ based on the type of technique the ninja wishes to execute. In other words, a ninja could create too much or too little chakra for a given technique, resulting in the chakra being used inefficiently. In addition, even if a ninja is able to mold the correct amount of chakra, if they cannot manipulate the chakra properly, the desired technique will not be as effective or will not execute at all. Wasting energy will also create weaknesses like early exhaustion, which would hinder the ninja's capacity to fight long-term battles. General training methods for improving one's molding and manipulation of chakra are the Leaf Concentration, Tree Climbing, and Water Walking exercises.The Leaf Concentration: This training method is done by placing a leaf over an individual's forehead and having them direct all their chakra onto the leaf, using it as a focal point. This exercise can be used by Academy teachers as a way to teach students how to control their chakra more effectively. However, the true purpose of the exercise is actually to hone the individual's concentration and to keep their mind from becoming distracted. Only those who have worked hard on their ability to concentrate can become excellent shinobi. For generations Konoha ninja have practiced using this method in order to better their mental focus. The leaf emblem on the Konoha forehead protector is said to originate from this training." Kenzo closed the book. That was enough for today, and it was time to put all this gathered knowledge to work. 

Kenzo put that book back into it's proper place, and began heading outside. Time for more training of course. Kenzo had read that some ninja could use chakra to enhance their own speed, and strength. Time for practice! Believing that speed would come from the legs, Kenzo clapped his hands together, and forced as much chakra as he could to his legs and the soles of his feet. He could feel the power of his chakra lightening hi body. It was so simple; so-- 


After a sudden scream broke past his lips, Kenzo hit the ground. He had forced too much chakra for his small body to handle. Why would he do such a thing? He didn't know! He fell to the ground, and gripped his right leg in pain. What was this pain he was feeling? He pulled up his pants leg to look, and there was nothing wrong. It just hurt. He rubbed his legs, sucking his teeth long and hard to create a sort of hissing sound. After sitting on the ground for a couple minutes, the pain vanished, and Kenzo staggered to his feet, trying to keep his weight off of his right leg, thinking that it was perhaps the weight of his body, or something, that caused the pain. Nevertheless, he continued his training. He created a single hand-seal, and sent chakra, again, to his legs. This time, he was a little more cautious and sent a little bit at a time, increasing the chakra flow until he felt that weightless sensation again. Then, he pressed off the ground, launching himself forward with that single push! 

Not again! Ow! What?!?

Suddenly, his leg cramped up, and he was sent tumbling along the ground. As he tumbled, dust kicked into the air. The rocks that scratched his skin, though only slightly, were sent flying through the air away from his tumbling body. He skid to a stop, and laid their, gripping his left leg in pain. The massaged the leg, and flexed it, but he found that the only way to keep the pain away was to keep the leg curled, so he did. He didn't move it from that position. The streets of Konohagakure were not as empty as they were before now, the people had awakened from the night's slumber, though only a few, they traveled across the streets. A little girl, about Kenzo's age, looked at him, and giggled. He turned away from her, and attempted to straighten his leg to no avail. It seemed like straightening the leg was causing the problem, but Kenzo continued to try anyway. He always flinched when he thought the pain was too great for fear of breaking his own leg. That never happened , of course. He pain so settled, and no longer did Kenzo sit on the ground. He rose to a stand, stretching his legs, and massaging them before even thinking about attempting to use the technique again. He slowly formed the RAM chakra seal, and pumped a tiny bit of chakra into his legs to prevent himself from cramping up, or experiencing any random pain again. He didn't feel the weightlessness that he had before, but that weightlessness was probably his body telling him that he needed to slow down, or even stop. He wouldn't stop though. Not until he got this right. Kenzo began to run forward again. This wasn't right at all. The chakra didn't do anything for him. Maybe he was doing it all completely wrong. Hmm... He began forcing chakra into his legs again, waiting for the moment when he felt that weightlessness. He kept the flow constant, and stepped forward. He could feel the chakra that poured through his body increasing his power. He could also feel a slight pain growing in his left leg. Immediately, he ended the technique. His hands remained in the form of the RAM hand seal, and Kenzo bent his knees. A single small burst of chakra was sent through Kenzo's legs, and Kenzo extended those legs with speed never demonstrated by him before. He went barreling through the air before landing atop one of Konoha's shops. He had done it! The technique work by sending small bursts, not a constant chakra flow... Finally, he had figured it out!

There are some who are masters of their fates, men who move from point to point in their lives with all the conviction of a god. Never sidelined by coincidence, never caught unawares by circumstance: these are the men who the singers craft ballads about, the writers of reality. And then there are men who find themselves bouncing along a path, pushed constantly by winds over which they have no control, finding themselves wandering in places in which they have no will to be. Yet they stumble along this volatile path and eventually learn to relish in the uncertainty of their footsteps. Random becomes their solace. Kenzo was such a man. He had lived a short life thus far, riddled with so many random and treacherous events that it was a wonder that he was still in possession of the bulk of his sanity. And so it came as no shock to him when he found himself staring at the open doors to a ramen shop, with nothing but darkness waiting before him. With so many years of triumph trailing behind him, and a lack of failure, he was not afraid to go foraging into the unknown. That boldness, that complete and utter lack of fear was his first mistake that day. Kenzo shuffled into the darkness of that open doorway. He did not call forth a dim flame to light the way; instead, he allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the cave, and shuffled forth by using his most primal senses. He eventually found a room, and in that room... Fate. Fate is often treated like an object of desire, called upon as if a woman of the utmost beauty, akin to the treatment of a boat by a sailor, a husband to a wife. Many court Fate, more concerned about capturing its fancy and living a longer life rather than staying away from its shadow and living to avoid it. Those who called themselves masters of Fate were only cowards trying to be heroes. Those who paid no heed were listless and playing right into the hands of destiny. Kenzo, after he entered that place, did not know where he fell. He did not pretend to know how Fate chose to feed her fancies, but he did know that she had allowed him reprieve. He could not search his thoughts and relive the memories that he could feel trapped within his broken consciousness, but to do so would mean to bring forth all the horror, pain and anger with it. The door suddenly shut behind Kenzo, and he felt alone as he always did.  Despite all these things, he could not feel the pain that an imposed eternity should bring upon. For so long, he had met men and women defined by their actions, who slowly deteriorated and had to live with their decisions. Fate had taken her revenge on these people, allowing their mortality to pay the ultimate judgement. The brevity of life was supposed to heal all wounds, teach all lessons, and, yet, The 'Man' was painless and bereft of any actualization. Could it be that Fate had simply allowed him to experience a living Hell capable of a pain that transcends physical torture. His eyes close momentarily as he starts to shake, allowing the images to flash just so that he could feel, but they shot open again, tears welling in the corners. Unable to see, who had just joined him, he calls out,

"Who are you?"

T'was only a classical opening for the horrors that were to come, for the black of shadows only foreshadowed an inescapable doom. Kenzo's call neither been answered in full, nor vaguely, but the man, if it was a man and not some twisted deep-voiced woman, had answered still, 

"Nobody. What do you feel Uchiha? What does that darkness bring to you?"

Very rarely did Kenzo allow himself to become engrossed so fully in the flickers of the past. As the sound of water beat out a constant rhythm in the dark, he slipped through flashes of memories that were long since forgotten. He remembered Konoha's great outdoors, it's blue skies, and the chirping birds humid air; and then the journey to Kenshin's orphanage, and his childlike wonder at the sharpness of those blades of green grass; the thrill of battle, raging in the pit of his stomach like a hunger that couldn't be fed; the despair that fell upon him in the dead of night, drawing nightmares from the shadows; where fire fell upon his body like a second skin, where he felt it cleanse his mind of the past; and finally Ayumi, the flaming angel who has manage to bring out every emotion he had locked away, or so he thought. These were the pieces to the puzzle that Kenzo had been trying to fit together for the last year as he wandered aimlessly throughout the village, without a purpose, cause, or change. They rushed to him now, cloaking him in the facets of his identity that had eluded him for so long. For once he felt... 


His eyes flew open and his gaze fell upon the man standing before him in the dark, but those celestial eyes, the Sharingan, had seen through the shadows. Curiosity stayed his fiery personality, and he did not reach for his blade.

"Blind. Kenzo Uchiha, give me your light."

A shiver danced along his spine when the name was spoken, and as was the theme of the day, the memories came bleeding through the barriers in his mind. Kenzo remembers the blood. He remembers the fear, and the loved ones that were erased in their wake. He remembers the feeling of helplessness, and he remembers being turned into a coward, for as the man reach forward he reach not for Kenzo's eye... no... not for Kenzo's chest... But for the small male's crotch.  A god admitting himself to be craven: that was something you didn't see everyday. The feeling lasted only for a moment, for as Kenzo's eye dropped into a state of indifference he drew a Kunai with all the speed, and strength that a child of his size should never display, and he severed that man's hand from the rest of him. Kenzo was not at fault here, in fact, he felt completely justified in removing a single unworthy soul from this earth. Of all the sensations stemming from the dam of memories that had been broken by this encounter, Kenzo felt one sensation in particular churning in his stomach, aroused by the steely tone of his blade that was stained by red. The sensation of battle. The man was large, but were not every challenger that proposed an unlimited battle to Kenzo one of the many who towered over him? His small size dominated his persona, needless to say that this man would not at all have been fighting Kenzo, but Kenzo's flames. In the dark that man could not see, but he could estimate. Kenzo wondered if the preserved remains of the man's head could prey upon the weak from atop a pedestal in his mantle, the man reached for the doorknob with his good hand, not the wrist that sprayed crimson through the dark, but the man, especially in his stupefied condition could not see through the dark, so he felt about. Kenzo on the other hand did not feel for any thing. He walked over, and rinsed the crimson of red from the steely black of his Kunai before tucked the Kunai into his back pocket. Then, and only then did Kenzo set the house on fire, with himself in it. Nothing mattered any more as long as the ass didn't get out alive, and the only way he would get out alive was running, for days and night's for his life, for Kenzo would follow him to no end. Sadly, the man did not get that chance, for as the heat cast shadows, and therefore light , through the room, the doorknob had become hot. Upon reaching for the door knob the man had done no more than burn his skin, and at that point, he was useless. Kenzo set the man on fire, and listened closely to the sweet sensation of his screams. There could be nothing better at the moment. Kenzo had been neglecting his flames all day, for he knew that they could not be controlled, and the beauty of it all may have tempted him to continue to trash whatever he could, and he did... Flames dances from the inside of his mouth to the outside, and ignited whatever possible, including Kenzo's clothing, Kenzo foot was then raised to meet the man's crotch. He knew it was folly to rejoice when a hit landed, yet he couldn't help the grin that broke his features when he heard the tell-tale 'crack' of contact. In his momentary stupor of victory, he failed to realize that the man could retaliate so quickly. Needless to say, the grin was wiped off his face by the abrupt contact of his head against the hard stone of the floor. Bells rang inside his head as he struggled to regain control of the situation. The pain bouncing inside of his skull made it nearly impossible to see or react with the quick movements that he normally boasted. He was pretty sure that he had sustained a pretty significant blow to his head, and he feared that the true repercussions of that blow had yet to surface. Nevertheless, he tried to muscle through the pain. He once again found himself in a position where his hands were near the floor, and so, bracing them against the ground for the briefest of a moment and exerting a ton of force, he tried to reverse his position with his opponent by rolling them both in the direction of a nearby wall of flames, and to his surprise, he was successful. Kenzo swift broke his grip, and bound away as the man was burned alive. He felt it as he rose unsteadily to his feet. At first, he thought it to be a side-effect from the head trauma he received earlier, making him think things that simply were not true. But as his vision steadied, and he reined in the nausea that momentarily attacked his body, it became increasingly obvious that this was no trick of the mind. The ground below him glowed red with heat. Unlike a layman who had never tampered with a flame, Kenzo did not scamper from the heat; no, he was a child hailing from a clan whose rite of passage was to blow flames from ones mouth. Kenzo was a rare breed of shinobi who legend claimed was born of fire, not humans. His skin felt at home among the heat that radiated from the ground, but never before had Kenzo ever display this kind of passion for the flame that he claimed was more than only locked in his heart; but boiling down through waters that would commonly evaporate, and engulf the figure of his very soul! As the man wasted away, Kenzo kicked open the door to the flaming building, and walked out side. He face could not be recognized, for the flames had left ashes in the air that found a home on his face; naturally if the ashes had managed to get one place, they got everywhere, 'cept in special cases such as this one in which a flaming male comes rushing out of a build. People began to surround him, inquiring whether, or not he need help. But Kenzo's sanity was as questionable as the universe itself, it came with the wind, and left with the flame. 

"BACK! Back you DEMONS!"

Kenzo commanded as his right hand began swinging through the air with all the ferocity of a caveman, and his bat. 

"I cast you away!! ALL OF YOU!! You cannot have my LIGHT!!!"

A single man made the attempt of detaining Kenzo the moment that those flames that lingered upon his body had died out, but the man's face was swiftly introduced to the flat side of Kenzo's foot; and he was out cold. Nobody else dared step closer, for the boy, Kenzo, was unpredictable, but rumors had began to spread swiftly that the boy had been birthed from the flames. He fit the legend completely, that is, until four shinobi appeared before him equipped with Jonin attire. Their breasts were held in place the moment they landed by some special Jonin bra, but they had breasts, so they were women... Hopefully. Upon seeing those shinobi, Kenzo's world spun around him, then he fell forward. He laid upon the ground, unconscious. Two of the women lifted him, while the other inquired about the situation at hand. Nobody knew anything except that Kenzo had been engulfed in flames when he stepped out of the building. They had no more information, for the male inside had been reduced to nothing more than a charred lump of flesh. Even still, the flames continued to burn, so no one could enter the building, lest they wished to be maimed with death. Such a wish was uncommon, but a common pet peeve was being questioned, something Kenzo had no time for, Well, he was unconscious now, so that didn't matter right? A single boy watched Kenzo as the crowd watched the dancing flames. His eye met the smirk upon Kenzo's "unconscious" countenance, but the act the truly broke Kenzo's facade was the moment his right sharingan eye shot open to stare deeply into the eyes of ther boy. It amused Kenzo how the male cuddled against his mother's leg in fear, and Kenzo wanted to continued to play with the boy, but remaining in character was quite a necessary task to avoid questioning. Kenzo effectively evaded the gaze other others, by shutting his eyes, confirming his unconsciousness with the world. He was to be carried to the hospital, and healed before being I.D.'d, questioned, then released, but when the nurses returned to Kenzo's room to I.D. him, Kenzo was had already bound out of the window. Only the morning had past. The sun had finally risen high into the sky! Now was the time, if ever, to awaken from slumber. Kenzo's day had only begun...


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Stats + 52
Ryo : 73000

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