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Takeo is a little prancing fairy [P, NK] Empty Takeo is a little prancing fairy [P, NK]

on Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:23 pm
And so it was that Xyxer swam through the belly of the sea, using his natural instinct to find the ruins of Kirigakure. It was not difficult for him at all.. he had lived in that area for so long that he had memorized the subterranean species that lived there. As such, he had simply followed the prey of those creatures, waiting for them to be snatched before following. It was quite simply a hunt that had took him quite a while. Swimming, he had henged once more so that he could become a shark, holding now a rather elongated stick between it's teeth. Now circling the ruins, he'd be filled with lots of sorrow and memory.. depression also crippled him. He wished he had been able to prevent this from happening, but alas, it did. Regardless, Xyxer would head into one of the now destroyed buildings. Stopping the henge, he would walk in the sea, carrying his replacement body that was wrapped carefully as to avoid getting algae over it. Resting the body in that building, the room it was nestled in would be surprisingly well-kept despite the fucking up of the others. How weird. Exiting that room, closing the door behind himself. Now was the time to pretend that nothing had happened and return to his new home. Henging once more into a shark, Xyxer would head straight up this time however, and upon exiting the sea he would henge into a bird, flying gracefully away from the scene, unseen by any eyes, traveling all the way back to Tengakure. It was also a rather fortunate event that the predators that swamped the ruins of Kiri would naturally not attack or hurt the replacement body of Xyxer. They recognised the strong chakra and the scent as the man whom had 'fed' them tasty treats back in the good old days. It was their turn to pay him back, and as such, Xyxer would be ready to be reborn into a vassal of the sharks. A sunken guardian of Kirigakure.


[Soul amethyst body stored]

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Takeo is a little prancing fairy [P, NK] Empty Re: Takeo is a little prancing fairy [P, NK]

on Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:42 pm
Reborn much like a phoenix, the body of Xyxer awoke with a spasm in his chest, his eyes opened slowly.. this was weird.. ripping apart in front of him the cloth that binded his body, he was now completely submerged within water and he remembered.. these were the ruins of Kirigakure.. had he been killed? He couldn't fully access that memory.. but he must have been if he was now here.. where he had left his replacement body.. this was a terrible day. Leaving the house, the boy would exit and swim all the way to Tengakure.

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Takeo is a little prancing fairy [P, NK] Empty Re: Takeo is a little prancing fairy [P, NK]

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