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A flashback to a transformation Empty A flashback to a transformation

on Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:14 pm
The training area is empty. You stand in the middle, having just graduated the ninja academy. You are ten years old right now. Looking around, you see the sea near by. The waves sound perfect, coming in as predictably as the tide themselves, forming a melody for the ears. The clouds flow above you. Some of them are getting dangerously dark, but you do not care. Back in the academy, you were the best at the transformation technique, better even than one of the teachers. You were always able to transform. The transformation technique was just second nature to you. Although learning how to transform into something other than your other self was a little harder. But back to reality. It is five years ago. You
are standing in the middle of a field in a village that existed once upon a time called Kirigakure. You concentrate on the chakra flowing through your body. You memorized the details of the transformation technique long ago. What was hard about it? Really nothing. It is a simple technique. You and all your classmates were able to use it easily. However, you were still able to use it faster than anyone else. The teachers weren't even sure if you used hand seals or not half the time because the smoke shrouded you so quickly. And the fact of the matter is, you DIDN'T use hand seals. You just thought and it happened. Just like you did to swap between your forms. Of course, it was slightly harder to do things that weren't very similar to yourself, but that always happened. Anyone learning the technique has problems with things vastly different than themselves. You were no outlier in that aspect.

Someone else showed up at the training grounds. It is a rival of yours from the academy. She always wanted to show you up, and her friends normally made it so that she always would. That dirty cheater you thought to yourself on several occasions. Maybe now you could teach
her a lesson. You pushed up the sleeve on your right arm. You had not yet taken to wearing the swimming suit. Waling over to the girl, you yell at her. “HEY YOU! You still want to try to one up me!?” She smirked. You ignore it and run at her, trying to punch her. She just deftly dodges to the side. “You can't hit me. I'm too fast.” She stuck out her tongue and pulled down the skin under her left eye. And she was right. She had always been faster than you. But you weren't going to admit it. You keep running after her, trying to land a punch, a kick, anything. She just keeps side stepping you. At one point, she even skipped away from you. You are really mad now. Running at her one more time, you instinctively use the
transformation technique. Your hair becomes a bright red and your face takes on a much meaner look. Your shirt and pants are all of the sudden pitch black. The girl is taken back for a moment, and that gives you enough time to land a square hit right on the jaw. The girl falls down, rubbing her mouth. “Hey! What do you think you are doing!” “Getting back at you.” You then walk away from the girl, leaving her to mend to her hurting jaw. Your hair color changes back and your face smooths out. Your clothes return to their original colors of blue and tan.

So, that was interesting. I think my hair changed color there, and I KNOW my shirt was black. Did I do that by accident? While you
ponder this in your head, the girl is running after you. She lands a punch right in the back of your head and you fall face first into the ground. “OW” you yell out before flipping over so your back is on the ground. You look up at your assailant. Her hand has a little blood on it and you notice you cracked her lip. You smirk, but that causes you to realize that the fall cracked your own lip. Probably landed on a rock, you think. You
try to stand up, but the girl places her foot on your chest. “Oh no, you aren't just leaving like that.” Then you realize she is serious. You are not sure what to do. She might actually be stronger than you. Then you realize, there are two of you. Faster than you could form a hand seal, you have changed forms to the male body. You make hand seals and stare directly into the girls eyes. It is a simple genjutsu technique your grandma taught you. Of course, she didn't actually teach you the technique. It was stored on a scroll in your belt, only one use in it, and the hand seals were simply to activate it. It was much stronger than anything you could have preformed at your level. Of course, that also meant that it was too
strong for your opponent to break. The last thing she would see of you was your body dissolving into crows. The crows would swarm her, pecking at her. She wouldn't feel anything, and she wouldn't be hurt, but it would not be a fun experience. The crows would just circle around her and peck at her. You quickly stand up and start leaving her to her own little world of torment. “SERVES YOU RIGHT FOR TREATING ME SO BAD AT SCHOOL!” you yell before sticking out your tongue at her, once again assuming your female form. It won't be long before someone finds her, and you just have a feeling that your clan will be moving soon.

Upon arriving to your current home, you show off to your parents your ability to use the transformation technique. While your parents are proud of you, they tell you it is not an uncommon ability in the clan. You feel a little disheartened, but still like the fact that you can do it so well. Then, two days later, your clan packs up and moves on, looking to find a new place to stay.

1037 words, Transformation Technique mastered.
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A flashback to a transformation Empty Re: A flashback to a transformation

on Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:46 pm
Approved Mastery of Transformation Jutsu!
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