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Daniel Kiyade
Daniel Kiyade
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a brief appearence ((Private, NK)) Empty a brief appearence ((Private, NK))

on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:15 pm
Daniels body fell from the top of a building infront of the Mizukages office. Daniels body hitting the ground his knees dropped down as he landed, small cracks filling the ground underneath his feet as he landed. His knees arching up he stood directly up. His black cloak streaking to the left through the air, his straw hat not moving a single bit. Daniels eyes looking up to the entrance of the mizukages chambers, Daniel reaching down placing his hand onto the ground. As he did bone spueled into the ground rapidly, as it did the ground underneath Daniel rubtured and a massive spike came up with a flat top on it, the spike lifting daniel into the air his body shot up into the air. Standing straight up Daniel sat across the window into the Mizukage chamber, Daniel right foot pressed into the top of the platform and he shot through the air going through the window. Daniel rolling office the office desk and landing on his feet. Looking around he saw the inside of the office. " Hmmm, so this is what was suppose to be so special.. Wow." Turning Daniel walked to the desk Reaching down he pulled out each droor inside of it. Grabbing the cloth bag he had brought he dumped the paperwork and historic files inside of it. Going through the entire office taking every single shred of paperwork inside he dumped it into his bag. Daniel slightly smirked, Tossing the bag out onto the spike with the flat platform. Jumping out past the spike he landed onto the ground infront of it. Daniel standing directly up he looked around seeing no one in sight. Daniel kicked the door going into the bottom part of the office, quickly daniels hands flew together creating handsigns. neiling down he placed both hands onto the floor of the office building. " Sawabi No mai." As Daniels mouth spoke the ground quickly began to shake uncontrolably shaking rapidly the floor of the office came down caving in, and a massive spike flew over Daniels body lifting 25 feet into the air, suddenly more spikes that were 6 feet around did the same thing being 160 feet, and 360 feet long the forest of bones came up flying through the building rapidly. the spikes extending 25 feet into the air and so close together one couldnt walk through it. Thousands of spikes came up into the building flying through each floor. the building standing and any buildings around the Office being destroyed. Daniels body came out of the top of the spike with the platform. Lifting out of the bone the white of the bone molding off his body as he came out the top of it. Daniel stood sourrounded by a forest of thousands of bone spikes. The building he was just in collapsing on its self falling hitting the ground and several other buildings around it falling into the ground destroyed. Daniel stood looking. Lifting the bag of paperwork slinging it over his shoulder with the strong on it. Daniel pressed off his feet jumping into the air Pressing off the tops of the spikes he jumped to the top of the buildings. a large cloud of dust ecumluating from the building that just fell it billard throught he streets. Daniels body quickly shooting out of the dust into the horizon leaving the village once more. and its beloved Mizukages office in ruins to show that the Mizukage was indeed dead. Daniel jumping from rooftop to rooftop disappearing.

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