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Legacy <3
Legacy <3
Fame : 2
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B Rank Mission Empty B Rank Mission

on Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:01 am
Mission Name: Down boy
Rank: B
Type: Intel
Character Requirements: None
Word Count Requirements: 600
Repeatable? No
Reward: 700 Ryo

Task: Someone has reported that a civilian is going to attempt to suicide by jumping off a cliff near the village, stop him by any means, just be sure that he remains alive.

Yusuke woke up early in the morning as he he was really tired as his alarm clock ring early in the morning Yusuke then tries to reach out to try and find the snooze button. Yusuke sits up as he was blur as he looks around and gets off his bed Yusuke then went to his toilet and wash up and then went on to the kitchen to have his breakfast, Yusuke then had his usual morning work out as he did his morning run as he thinks about what happen yesterday where he taught those genin how to deal with different types of mission as Yusuke up to now had not have any mission that is hard for him or anything he have not come across Yusuke then had to deal with some report about yesterday about the two mission that he brought the genin on as he thinks to himself (gosh how many paper work must i do just to bring genins on mission i need to write down each and everyone's report just to have a record of how they are doing and have more information on them but well no point whining i might as well get the paper work done and then submit the report. Yusuke then walks and got himself changed into his ninja attire and heads over to the mission office as there seems to be something wrong Yusuke went up as he was immdiatly task with a mission Task: Someone has reported that a civilian is going to attempt to suicide by jumping off a cliff near the village, stop him by any means, just be sure that he remains alive. The mission officer told Yusuke "go right now the person has been there about thirty mintues or so and make sure you are able to hold him until reinforcement has arrive". Yusuke rushes to the scene as fast as he can as he pass through the forest and soon came to the cliff while some people are trying to ask the man to calm down and dont atempt suicide. Yusuke then tries to talk to the man "hey hey calm down , why are you going to suicide? is there someting wrong?" Yusuke had to try hard because he have no experiance dealing with suicide so he have to wait for someone how has more expriance to deal with it. "ok now maybe you can tell me how i am able to help you?". As time goes by Yusuke had drag the time until he could not so he had one of the ninja cast a genjutsu on the man who wanted to commit suicide as the man fell for the genjutsu and collapse right on the ground. Yusuke then had two village ninja send the man to the hospital and have him observe in case he attempts to commit suicide again. Yusuke have to hand in a report to the mission office as he could not wait for the reinforcement to arrive and had one of the ninja to cast genjutsu on the man and there is no one hurt during this incident the report would go on. After the mission Yusuke decided that he would went ahead to the shop and have some food before he then carries on and take up another mission. Yusuke is thinking how the man that wanted to commit suicide doing because this is the first time he had heard of someone wanting to commit suicide from the village as Yusuke thinks to himself (hmm after my meals i should visit the man at the hospital maybe i can find out more on what is happening since there are alot of incident happening in this village recently).

Fame : 6
Ryo : 700

B Rank Mission Empty Re: B Rank Mission

on Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:53 pm
Approved for appropriate rewards...don't spend all that ryo in one place now
Legacy <3
Legacy <3
Fame : 2
Ryo : 1865

B Rank Mission Empty Re: B Rank Mission

on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:11 am
Mission Name: I saw a..
Rank: B
Character Requirements: investigation
Word Count Requirements: 800 words
Repeatable? Yes
Reward: 600 ryo

Task: Reports have come in on something or someone lurking in the sewers, investigate to make sure everything is alright.

It was early in the morning at about seven o'clock in the morning Yusuke's alarm clock rings as he was woken up by the clock but he was tired from yesterday's mission his eyes was still close but he stretches his hand out to try and find the snooze button to stop the alarm clock from ringing. After a few attempts he finally stop his alarm clock from ringing any further, as he slowly opens up his eyes but his vision was still quite blur so everything was not clear as he whisper to himself "ahhh... another day today i am a little tired and lazy but i was told that the village was short on man power so they need even ninja who are off duty to work until everything is restore everyone will be having a few mission in one day well i guess i should also play my part for the village and not slack off anymore here" after whispering to himself Yusuke slowly sits up this time his eyes was not open as he complains to himself "oh god my whole body is still aching after yesterday's mission how am i going to take up a mission with my current condition". After whispering again to himself Yusuke decided that it is best for him to do some stretching and try it a few time and see if it gets better or maybe even worst so he slowly gets off his bed and then did a head stretch a few rounds after that he went on to stretch his arms and back then finally stretching his lower part of his body. After doing the stretching for a while Yusuke felt better as his muscle does not really hurt anymore and his bone was not stiff either, "well i guess i better go wash myself up no and have my breakfast" Yusuke went on and wash himself up fast and then went over to the kitchen and took his breakfast as he packs everything he needs today and change into his ninja attire. On his way to the mission office Yusuke saw a lot of villagers which knew him as he wave and said good morning to everyone and after a while Yusuke finally arrive at the mission office he heads into the mission office and prepares to take up a new mission "hey i am here what is the mission i receive to?" asked Yusuke to the mission officer. The mission officer then replied him "ok let's see you are a chuunin now so a B rank mission should be ok hmm there this is the one you are going to take on" Yusuke took alot at the report task as it said Task: Reports have come in on something or someone lurking in the sewers, investigate to make sure everything is alright. After reading the mission task Yusuke accepted the mission and headed out of the mission office for his mission "ok then i shall accept this mission i should get going now". As Yusuke was heading to the sewer he rememberd that he once followed a girl into the sewer as they live there and a old lady he wonder if that was what the others heard or see as Yusuke was doing a mission on a thief case which was thought to be done by someone skilled who steals from villagers and shinobi in the village but after Yusuke did a little investigation he caught a girl with shinobi's reflexes stealing and she steals for her hungry grandmother so Yusuke thinks that there might be a link with this mission but he hopes that he is wrong because he does not want to catch the girl and throw her into jail but again the report he file the last time she should have been relocated into somewhere safe. Yusuke soon reaches the sewer as he slowly climbs down the ladder that leads down in the sewer as usual the sewer stinks but there was nothing he can do as this was the purpose he came here to check on what was going on the water level seems to be high for a usual sewer and there seems to be alot of rubbish floating around "ok let us see where this sewer leads us to" Yusuke took his map out and take a look the map only leads to one location which was outside the village but since the sewer was pretty long the problem might be either someone is going in and out from the sewer or something is really wrong as Yusuke walks further in he starts to hear some noise which seems like someone is jumping on the water Yusuke slowly was as the ound got louder and he soon came to the end of the sewer to his horror the end of the sewer was stuck with loads of rubbish not an animal nor a human this explains since the whole sewer got stuck all the rubbish starts to flow backwards and makes alot of noise so people near the sewer would assume something is moving around with all these sound Yusuke scratches his head as he prepares to head back to the mission office to report on the mission after the investigation.

Sameonna Hoshigaki
Sameonna Hoshigaki
Fame : -17
Ryo : 6575

B Rank Mission Empty Re: B Rank Mission

on Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:40 pm
I totes approve.
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B Rank Mission Empty Re: B Rank Mission

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