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 Wandering the Forest. {Private}

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Kino R. Kyodo

Fame : 24
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : -
Ryo : 66500

PostSubject: Wandering the Forest. {Private}   Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:15 am

Takisho awoken, making his way out of his home. He wore a black cloak, with a black shirt and black pants. He was ready for a day where he would explore the forest of his old home village. He wore sandles as he walked upon the dirt paths of Konohagakure. It was rather late, and Takisho had rested up from a nap. Konohagakure was rather too boring for him to do anything else, which is one of the main reasons he had left, the other reason was to follow his goals, which he did not get even a single step closer to during his travels. He would sigh, looking up at the sky, the sun was nearly ready to set, he was most likely not going to be back until morning, he was leaving to do some training.

He would walk out of the village gates, passing the guards after a short conversation. He would continue to the forest, going farther into it and farther away from the village of Konohagakure. He continued to walk, as the sun was getting closer towards setting. He had soon reached a small river in the forest, looking down at it as the sun would shine it's powerful rays down on the water, making it ligher than normal.

He would begin his training, looking over at a tree which branches were hanging over the water. He would focus his chakra, deciding that he would use that one branch hanging over the water as something to train upon. He would focus his chakra in his feet, and begin to climb up the tree, heading for the tree branch. he hung upside down on the tree branch, keeping his chakra even. He would stay there for hours, slightly asleep as the sun was even more closer to setting. Soon he would charge too little chakra, and then force most of his remaining chakra in his feet and break the branch acidently, he would fall towards the water, along with the branch over head. He landed in the water, turning aroud to where he would move his head above water taking a breath of air, and then the branch would hit his head, and would knock him out.
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Akira Hoshigaki
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 0
Element(s) : Water
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Wandering the Forest. {Private}   Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:59 pm

Akira had been playing around with Hauru all day, it was pretty normal. Her finned-friend would butt his head against her sides playfully, signalling that he wanted to play. she laughed a watery, bubbly laugh, sending echoes though the water. The moon began to shine, white shafts of light darted through the dark water, the river full of energy. It was particularly fast-flowing tonight, smaller fish would fly past as Akira and Hauru played together, the strong current not affecting them. They had had practice. Hauru grinned a sharky grin, and darted away from her, his fins batting the water quickly. Amane smiled as some more bubbles floated to the surface having escaped from the corner of her mouth. She counted to three and swam after him, defying the current as she bolted upriver after her shark friend. She reached a sort of ramp in the riverbed, and looked around, slowing right down. silver fish flew past, but the current wasn't as strong at the bottom. She swam quickly toward a rock covered in some sort of plant. A pair of eyes watched her from a hole in the rock, and she put her finger to her lips, smiling. The pair of eyes came out, still watching her as the small creature tried to climb up the rock. Akira held out her hand slowly towards it, and it hopped on. She lifted it up to the top of the rock, where it scuttled off, swishing it's claws in thanks. Akira caught sight of a silvery fin sticking out from behind a massive mound of seaweed, and she smiled deviously. She crept across the riverbed, and swam silently around the seaweed. She suddenly reached out and tapped Hauru's tail. She laughed, bubbles escaping up again. "Tag! you're it!" She said in her siren soft voice.

Akira was about to turn and bolt away from Hauru, when a sudden crash awoke the water. The two snapped their heads back to see a giant explosion of bubbles. Akira squinted her eyes, and soon the bubbles cleared, leaving a human-like figure in the water. The human seemed to be struggling, flailing his arms and legs. Akira stared, but soon the figure was smacked by a branch and became motionless as the current began to carry him downstream. Akira turned to Hauru and flicked her eyes, signalling to him what they were going to do. Within a few seconds Akira had reached him, her speed outdoing Hauru's. She swam beside his body for a second. He was still alive. Without thinking, she began to try to push him toward the edge of the river, but he was too heavy for her. Hauru seemed to know what she was trying to do, so he butted him with his head, pushing him closer to the edge. He was too heavy. Akira's sharky eyes darted over him, and she soon had ripped open his cloak, which was carried downstream. It seemed to take a lot of weight off of him, and Akira pushed as hard as she could, kicking her powerful legs as fast as possible. Soon, he reached the edge. She quickly got underneath him, the current still trying to push him away, and forced him up onto the grassy riverbank. She jumped out after him, and Hauru sped after his cloak.

Akira panted, but began to push down hard on the man's chest. She tilted his head to the side, not wanting the water he had swallowed to drown him. Water squirted out of his mouth as she continued to force pressure into his lungs. Akira was a very shy girl, which meant as soon as he opened his eyes she would hide herself. Of course, her shyness was only part of it. Akira was a runaway Hoshigaki. She traveled by water everywhere. She would visit home once in a while, but other than that, she went where the water took her. If anyone found her, word would get out, and she would most likely be arrested by her family kept in the Underwater Village somewhere, banned from ever leaving again. She shuddered at the thought, and then realized that she had pumped nearly all of the water out of this man's lungs. He would wake up in a matter of seconds.
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Kino R. Kyodo

Fame : 24
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : -
Ryo : 66500

PostSubject: Re: Wandering the Forest. {Private}   Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:52 pm

Takisho would sit in the water, drowning. Him being knocked out by the branch while he tried to go above the water to get a breath of fresh air ended up in the result of getting his on the head hard enough by a tree branch to knock him out. While falling towards the river's floor, he would lose any ability to hear anything due to being knocked out. He had figured he was done for, ready to die now. he had imagined what the after life would look like, though he had knew he wouldn't be traveling to heaven, more like hell. Meh... he thought.

Soon though, he would awaken. Being pounded on the chest, he would open his eyes slowly, awakening from what seemed to have been him being dead. He would look at th eperson who had seemingly revived Takisho before he had began his trip to hell, however he had not known that, he had assumed he was dead. Seeing the female who had saved him, he had assumed he was in heaven. The reasons he had assumed he was in heaven was because he was saved by a beautiful woman, a woman, he had assumed she was an angel, leading to him assuming he was in heaven. He had never seen someone like the way she was in appearance. "Well.. hello there." He had said, hoping for a reply "I am Takisho Senju."
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering the Forest. {Private}   

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Wandering the Forest. {Private}
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