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 Wrath Of The Dragon! [Part 2 closed]

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PostSubject: Wrath Of The Dragon! [Part 2 closed]   Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:32 am

Evens stood there on the field covered with sand, stone and much much more.
He looked at the trees that was ready to be trained on, his hands was burning, wanting to punch something, his calm self was erupting and willing to destroy. His anger grew but not knowing why.
He counted to 10, waiting for his anger to fall down.

He felt some pressure on his knees from above. The sword of his, has a weight on many kg. Not knowing himself, he was only wielding it. His strength was growing while he just walked causes of the heavy sword that pumped strength and power through his legs. The weight from the sword made him a bit slower, but not that much it was noticeable. He then looked at his hands.
With these powers of the Kekkei Genkai i got, how should i use them to protect my self? Other than just using it as a shield he thought in his mind, not knowing that the scales would be useful ... someday.

Just as he simply walked slowly his pace raised and raise as he was beginning to run, adding muscle use on his legs while running around the training ground. He ran at the highest speed he got and that was a lot. He just ran around the training grounds, not caring if other people ran after him, he was used to see people running faster than him, but here in Kumogakure he was the so called 'Lightwind' Known for his speed, just because he was a shinobi with a higher speed pace than the civilians, as a shinobi he was the average and was happy not to be too different.

[Word count: 283]

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Wrath Of The Dragon! [Part 2 closed]
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