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 Ganki's chakra training (private)

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PostSubject: Ganki's chakra training (private)   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:05 pm

Ganki had been once again walking towards the training grounds to practice on his knew jutsu. He was in a much better mood then the last time he went to the training grounds. He was more confident in himself, now that he created a brand new personal jutsu. Ganki just couldn’t stop thinking about it, truly a sign of improvement Ganki, thought to him self. A few moments later, Ganki had finally reached the gate of the training grounds. Ganki had remembered all the times he had been here, working and training on different sets of skills day and night. Ganki just couldn’t believe that all the work he had done was about to pay off at this point. With that done, Ganki entered the gates of the training grounds, to begin his training. Today was the day he would become stronger than he ever was, Ganki then reached the center of the open plain area. It was a flat area, full of soft grass, and had a beautiful scenery look to it. Ganki then looked around the area to see where he should try his first jump with his new lightning style vanish jutsu. He then started to wonder about if he should use it in a vast open area like this for everyone to see. He then decided that maybe he should go deep within the training ground’s forests, so that nobody would see him use his new jutsu. With that thought decided he ran into the forest to be alone with his brand new jutsu, for the time being. While Ganki was hopping of the tree branches looking for a good spot to use his jutsu, he stumbled a few areas, but none seemed like a good choice to him, However, Ganki then remembered about the lake in the middle of the forest. The lake would be an excellent spot to use the jutsu, the area was vast and well hidden from sight of others outside the play ground. He then pressed forward to the lake to start his training. After a few moments of hopping around the trees, Ganki arrived at the destination. The lake still sparkling with blue crystal clear water, and the grassy land surrounding it was still vivid with its evergreen color. Truly, a sight to behold, Ganki thought to himself. But sight seeing was not the reason he came here, he came here to use his new jutsu, and so he shall. He then walked towards the lake and looked over at the other end of the lake. Ganki knew that this would be a good spot to try his jutsu. He then focused his chakra to his hands, while forming the ram hand sign to use his (Raiton: Ansatsusha Shunshin no Jutsu) - lightning release: Assassin Body Flicker Technique. When he activated it he pointed his fingers towards the other side of the lake, when he did his body instantly disintegrated into a thin beam of light and bounced over the other side of the lake. When Ganki’s body reached over the other side of the lake, he could tell what happened, or if the jutsu really worked. He then looked around and noticed that the lake looked different from the last time he looked at it. Ganki couldn’t believe that he instantly jumped over the other side of the river. He couldn’t even recall any type of feeling he felt in that instant event, he was amazed at how he came up with a jutsu of this caliber. After that try with the jutsu, it made Ganki want to try it again, this time Ganki was going to point straight upwards to the sky and see how high he can go. Ganki looked up at the sky and then looked down at the lake, Ganki started to get the chills and also had second thoughts about doing this. He knew that he would have to try and angle himself at the point at which, when he uses the jutsu, he would just fall straight into the lake. However, he also knew that if he angled himself incorrectly, he would miss the lake and land on the hard floor, possibly breaking some bones in the process. He once again looked up and then looked down, twice this time. Ganki then said “ well you gotta start somewhere”, with that said, he formed the ram seal hand sign and focused his chakra to his hands, He then took a big gulp and then pointed his fingers into the sky, while angling himself to where he would be right above the water. But before he was sure he was at a right angle, Ganki had noticed that he was not on the ground anymore. He was hovering over the lake at about 15 meters off the ground Ganki again was shocked but also amazed at how he instantly moved to a different area. But all that excitement vanished as he quickly fell downwards into the lake, he didn’t know if he was above the lake since he was falling back first into the water. Ganki didn’t know what to do, but as fate would have it, Ganki fell straight into the lake. As he rose up from under the water Ganki yelled in relive that he fell into the lake and not on the hard grassy floor. After all that excitement Ganki felt the need take a quick nap as he always does, when he comes to train. He found a nice tree to lay against, with leafs that blocked the harmful bright rays of the sun, He then sat down next to the tree and dozed off to take a little nap, before he continued his training. As time pasted day became night as it was know nighttime. The village guards had finished securing the village gates, and all villagers were in their homes, fast asleep, except Ganki. Ganki had finally opened his eyes to the dead of night the only source of light available was the bright light of the full moon. But Ganki had been all to used to oversleeping during his training days, it became a second nature to him and he also couldn’t help himself since he would always tire himself out at the point of collapse. As he adjusted himself to the current time setting, he brushed all the dirt off of him and sprang up to wake up his legs that appeared to be still sleeping. With all that done, Ganki decided to walk around a bit to decide on what to do, go home, or do a little bit more training before he left. He then also thought about how much trouble he would be in if he go home at this time of night. Ganki still debating with his self about going home ended with a conclusion, Ganki saw that either way no matter which choice he picked, someone was going to get yelled at. So, Ganki decided not to go home now until he finished up here at the training grounds. With that problem solved he went further ahead into the dark forest to do what little training he had left to do. As Ganki zipped through the dark forest trees, he suddenly had a brand new goal in mind, to completely master his (Raiton: Raikyu) - Lightning Release: Lightning Ball. Ganki jumped down from the tree branches and formed the hand sign to use the (Raiton: Raiton Kage Bunshin) - Lightning Release: Lightning Shadow Clone. A single clone appeared two feet away, a perfect duplicate of Ganki. "I want you to master the lightning ball jutsu” Ganki said to his clone. “You have almost all of my chakra, meaning you can do what I can do… got it". The clone nodded his head while Ganki sat down and closed his eyes for a while. It had been a while since he had used his lightning style shadow clone, it takes more chakra to create than a regular illusion clone. The clone focused his chakra and formed the (Raiton: Raikyu) - Lightning Release: Lightning Ball hand seals. He concentrated his chakra into his right palm, he was right handed after all, just like the original. Lightning gathered into his hand, forming the lightning ball. "Now, what can I do with this thing? I could...". The clone concentrated on the lightning ball, trying to extend its size to that of a bounce ball. He opened his eyes, directing his vision at the ball of electricity in his hand. The ball began to change in shape, becoming more larger in size. The clone felt a slight happiness, knowing that he still had a long way to go, but also that he got somewhere on the first try. He continued his concentration, extending the ball of lightning inch by a few more inches. The sphere finally began to change its shape into that of a huge water balloon, and continued to grow larger. The clone had to close his eyes to force the lightning ball since it grew even more meters, but he was surprised he could make it that far, and on the first try. Once the lightning ball reached a couple more inches larger, the lightning became suddenly difficult to control. Small bolts of electricity began to fly off into the night sky, forcing the clone to close his eyes and forget all of the bearings of his surroundings. Everything became too bright to see, and the only thing that entered the clone’s ears was the odd crackling of lightning, obviously coming from the ball of lightning. He once again forced the lightning ball to expand further and further, until he couldn't make it go any more. The clone opened his eyes to look at his progress and see why it would go no further. The lightning ball could expand any further since it was at its max size, it was obviously over the limit of the lightning ball, as the clone still had plenty of chakra. He held the ball to his chest, with it facing straight towards the night sky. He swung the ball diagonally towards the ground, to see how light it was. To his surprise, it was virtually weightless, the only drawback being the required chakra focus to keep it under control. The clone began walking around holding the ball like he would hold a regular water balloon. Once he completed about three circles around ground of the training area, he decided to hold it around, to get a feel for the jutsu. It was very light, moving it almost no energy. Now the clone needed to test just how powerful this thing was. He walked to the lake of the training area and faced the lake just near the moat of water. When the clone had full disappeared from the area where Ganki was sleeping. Moments later Ganki had open his eyes to check on the progress of the other lightning style shadow clone. Ganki didn’t see the clone anywhere, just burn marks everywhere from the lightning ball, Ganki couldn’t believe that his own clone, his own creation, ditched him to do his own thing. Ganki began scolding at himself for being so stupid as to not watching his, then he noticed that the burn marks formed a trail that lead back to the lake. With out a moments hesitation, Ganki dashed off to the lake to see is the clone was still there. When Ganki finally arrived at the lake he saw the clone and what he was holding, Ganki was vex at twhat the clone had done to the (Raiton: Raikyu) - Lightning Release: Lightning Ball. Ganki said “ what the heck is that, that doesn’t look like the same lightning ball jutsu I made. And at its size it almost looks like a chidori, or better yet…a reseangan. Nah! There is no way that clone can do any of those things, because I can do any of those jutsus…yet”. Ganki remand hidden to see what the clone was going to do, the lightning style clone, then looked at the lake and then look side to side. “Maybe I should launch this ball into a tree instead of the lake”, the clone said. With that said he turned towards the tree and aimed at it, the tree that the clone was aiming for happened to be the tree the real Ganki was hiding behind. Before the real ganki could yell at the clone to stop, the shadow clone launched the massive lighting ball at the tree. When the clone finally launched the giant (Raiton: Raikyu) - Lightning Release: Lightning Ball, the clone dispersed into shards of electricity, as would the real Ganki too if the ball of massive lightning touched him. As the ball of lightning came hurling at him Ganki could see anything but a blinding light only seemed to get brighter. At a last attempt to evade the jutsu Ganki quickly formed the ram hand sign and pointed it at a random spot, which happened to be right in front of the ball of lightning. As soon as he did he found himself in front of the lake, he then turned around at the right time to see just see the ball of lightning hit the tree. As soon as the huge ball of lightning hit the tree it melted right through it like butter, the tree had exploded at the base of the truck, collapsing the tree in the process. Ganki couldn’t see anything after that display of power, for night had turned day. When Ganki regained his sight and started to get a hold of his surrounding he then stood up to try and get a hold of himself. He then saw the sun rise on top of the village for mourning had just started. Ganki found it kind of hard to believe that he spent the whole night here training. Ganki had finally realized a problem that he had his whole life, Ganki had a bad sense of time. As he began to walk home he relised that his so called problem made sense, it explained why he fell alsleep or daydream for the whole time in his class. But all that didn’t matter to him at the moment, for Ganki had just remembered an important matter to face when he got home, how to face his punishment.

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PostSubject: Re: Ganki's chakra training (private)   Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:44 am


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Ganki's chakra training (private)
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