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 Ganki's chakra training

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PostSubject: Ganki's chakra training   Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:54 pm

Ganki had been walking all over the village for a few hours now, passing the time. He originally decided to train today, but he didn’t know what to train. The choices were to continue on training his speed to become faster, or to train his chakra, so that he would be able to use stronger jutsu. He had been wondering around the village all day deciding on what to do. He then started remember about all the current fights he was in. He remembered the fight against Evens, about how he completely over powered him, regardless of his speed. Ganki then realized that speed was not the only factor to winning a battle. Ganki then stopped at a bench and sat down, he started to drown in his own thoughts filled with depression, and envy. “How come all these other ninjas become so powerful so fast, I could only win in a foot race, while other could win battles… its not fair” Ganki said in anger. He started to have flash backs about what he did in his battles so far, all Ganki used to do was run and run. It wasn’t like Ganki was running away from battles, it was all Ganki knew how to do he never had any strong jutsu to defend himself. Then he finally decided to do some chakra training.
After complaining about how he was useless in battle, he decided to do some chakra training. Ganki got up and started to hustle towards the training grounds, but this time Ganki wasn’t going there for the running, Ganki was finally going do some real training, he thought to himself. While almost half way there he wondered on how he was going increase his chakra, he figured that he might practice on using his clones and see how much he can create at one time. Ganki had no clue on how he would start his training. Nevertheless, Ganki pushed on forward to the training grounds, to purse his goal for today. Ganki reached the gates of the training grounds, he then noticed that he didn’t have his training bag with him. He then forgot about the bag, because it mostly contained running equipment like ankle weights, cones, extra socks, and etc. Ganki knew that the only things that he would need for today are his hands, and chakra, with that said anki opened the gates to begin his chakra training.
When Ganki got to the middle of the training ground, he formed the hand signs to use (Bunshin No Jutsu) - Clone Technique. Ganki had poured in a good amount of chakra to get maximum results, when the white cloud of smoke disappeared, 4 clones appeared in a straight line. While Ganki took a moment to observe each of clones he had created, he noticed that each was almost close to complete perfection. Ganki was somewhat proud of himself to doing this, he then saw another ninja walking past the gates of the training ground. The ninja didn’t seem to notice him Ganki at all, but Ganki did. Ganki then formed the hand signs to use his (Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique, to transform into the passing ninja, while keeping the other 4 clones up and alive. When the cloud of smoke passed, Ganki had successfully mirrored the passing ninja, except with one small minor detail. The passing ninja’s hair was of a darkest brown color, while Ganki’s hair was completely white. Ganki couldn’t help but laugh at himself for his clumsy mistake, nor could the 4 clones either. With that task completed, Ganki disbanded all the other clones, and returned back to normal, he knew that there was more work to be done.
When he disbanded the clones and returned back to normal, he leaped into the forest to see what else he could come up with to further continue his training. As he leaped further into the forest, he then remembered about how his fight with his old friend Leji went. But it was all the same, during that fight he would just run around, to avoid and evade his attacks, never on the offence. Ganki then stopped again to only have more disgraceful flashbacks of the fight. Ganki would always dodge attacks, but would never counter or somewhat attack head on. “What sort of a ninja am I if all I do is run around? I never do anything to move ahead, I just take two steps back every time” Ganki said. Ganki wanted to just punch himself, but his body wouldn’t let him do so. He just stood there feeling sorry for himself, until he realized that feeling sorry for yourself, is pointless now. He then lifted up his head and began to push on forward into the forest, to make a better ninja of himself. Ganki was tired of crying, it was time to fight back.
When Ganki was deep in the training ground woods, he stopped himself in the middle of a huge tree. The tree was as tall as a skyscraper he then started to think how good the tree could be used as a target. Ganki then remembered that he had one offensive type jutsu that he had learned right after he had graduated from the ninja academy to become genin. He remembered how some old jonin rank ninja came by the academy and rounded up some of the ninja by random. The jonin wanted to teach us how to use a lightning style technique, in case in a event where we were in a life threatening. When Ganki was done reminiscing about the academy days he then posted himself about 15 meters from the tree. He then formed the hand signs at rapid speed to use his (Raiton: Raikyu) - Lightning Release: Lightning Ball. The lightning natured chakra crackled in his hand with a vivid light blue color, when he felt comfortable he focused on the tree and launched the ball of lightning at the tree. As the ball of lightning collided with the tree, it created a huge smoke of grey. When the grey smoke disappeared, all that was left was a somewhat large dent in the tree. Ganki thought he would do better, with that he just looked up to the sky and wondered about the future he had coming to him.
With that part of todays training done he leaped onward, deeper into the woods till he got to the center of the woods. When he got there he arrived at a lake that was at the center of the flat grass area. It wasn’t the first time Ganki had arrived at the lake, he had been here before during his previous training days. He then looked at the lake that was sparkling of clear blue water, “This lake has never changed, still beautifully as ever” Ganki said to himself. But Ganki didn’t have time to admire the lake as he had done in the past. Ganki need to get back to his chakra training, he thought to himself. He then looked at the opening of the woods from which he came from to arrive at the lake, he figured that he should gun it all the way back, but instead of a regular run he would use chakra to boost his speed. Yes, Ganki thought to him self, it would be perfect.
Ganki walked slowly towards the beginning of the woods from where he came from to arrive at the lake, but decided to take the longer way on purpose. Ganki focused his chakra on the bottoms of his feet, for better traction and faster speed. At full speed, he ran into the woods, perfectly intent on running and dodging for he was going to fun into an area full of branches and bushes. Trees were becoming blurs around Ganki as he ran, and his eyes kept darting around, trying to keep up with his surroundings. He focused more solely on the branches in front of him and continued to go around them. When he started dodging most of trees, it became almost second nature, which took about thirty minutes of running. He jumped on a tree branch. His pace never slowed, as he bounced from branch to branch, making sure not to miss a single branch, or land on a breakable one, or run into a tree. As he started to become a bit worried about hitting something or missing a foothold, but this was not his first time traveling through forests at this speed before. He then began focusing chakra around his entire body. Then the unexpected happened, once he jumped around a tree, another one was there to greet me. Just before he crashed into it, Ganki activated the (Shunshin no Jutsu) - Body Flicker Technique to go around it in an instant. After continuing through the forest for another forty-five minutes without any near incidents, Ganki decided to up the difficulty. Now he was going to start jumping off of the trees themselves instead of their branches. Just as Ganki was about to attempt the feat, he lost focus and slipped from the branch due to a lack of chakra on his feet. As he fell, he managed to turn himself around and land on his feet. Then, he started running on the ground again with more chakra added on his feet. It may have cost him more chakra, but this practice was also needed. Same as before Ganki dodged the trees on the ground for a while before moving on to the branches. They were a bit easier to jump on and off of with more added chakra, but if he continued to land on them just right, there would be no problems whatsoever. It only took Ganki three branches to slip and fall. He tried to turn over while focusing his chakra to use the body flicker technique, but most of thye attempts ended in pain. All he managed to do was go from landing on his head to landing on his back. He put as much chakra on his back as much as he possibly could before hitting the ground, to break the fall at least a little bit. The ground came swift and hard, knocking every last ounce of breath out of Ganki’s lungs. All Ganki could do was lay there, waiting for some of his energy to return to his now very very sore body. As a few moments passed, a good amount of his chakra came back and then returned to the front of the training ground. When he got there he stood up, still sore from all of the falls, but able to finish that part of his training. He turned around, and charged forward, only able to run half of his maximum speed due to fatigue and pain. Focusing chakra anywhere was completely out of the question he thought to himself, and Ganki knew couldn't take another fall like the previous ones again right now, so he had to remain on the ground for the time being. The trees again began to become blurs, although they were going by a lot slower, making it easier on my eyes. A tree directly blocked the sun out of his view was good to Ganki, but he couldn’t continue, intending to do more chakra training later, Ganki took a little time out of the time he had left to take a short nap right from where he had collapsed. Ganki quickly fell asleep, to only awake for more chakra training.
It was now nighttime in the village Ganki had just woken up to the dead of the night. When he fully opened his eyes he was expecting to see a little bit of sunshine, not the brightness of the moon. He then got up from the ground, his body was not as sore as it was before. Ganki could move around more freely and noticed that his chakra was fully restored. Ganki then looked around and said “well I had enough for today, time to go home”. With that said Ganki then proceeded to the entrance of the gates of the training grounds, to home.

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PostSubject: Re: Ganki's chakra training   Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:07 am



+10 Chakra.
+10 JP.

Now I'm invincible~

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Ganki's chakra training
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