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 D Rank Mission : "Find my Dog"

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Impudent Nova
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: D Rank Mission : "Find my Dog"   Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:57 am

"Ok thanks, i'm going. It's one good meal said Haru smiling extending his hand to have over the Ryo for the instant ramen he just ate. He walk out from the noodle bar, slightly touch his stomach for what he just ate. "Damn, i want to eat some more, if only that i have more money" mumbled Haru looking forward to see a man walking without any soul in his step, looking down depressing.

Haru approached the man before he open up his mouth to talk. "Hey! What's wrong with you?" said Haru as he get close enough. The man look up toward Haru noticing his ninja headband, Ninja Headband. Haru can't seem to take if off for a while now even though he's now wandering. Perhap, he need to take if off later, though it also worst that he find himself in Konogakure no Sato all of a sudden. "Oh mister ninja! You're just in time! I wanted you to---" said the man starting to panic but his mouth and eyes widen just before he finish his speech.

"The eyes...the eyes...you're one of the noble family...Hyuga Clam right!?!" gasped the man with a confusing voice. "Uhhh..yeah...what's so surprising about that?" asked Haru brushing the back of his head with his right hand slightly, gigling where his sweat started to drop. "Right, i'm just taking things too seriously. But still, i wanted your help...my dog...he's no where to be found" said the man slightly turn down his face, depressing. "He's alway there beside me... When i was down, he turned up and bark all the way to my ears. He even jumped up and licks my face cheering me up. We've been doing many things forever, but just now...when i was walking through the wood, i can't find him anymore. I'm afraid...that some beast might...might" said the man starting to stop speaking due to the sadness.

Haru lose all the comment as he has nothing to speak about beside going Uhh and Ehh. He raise both his hand up and finally start to smile. "Uhh..well...i can help you find him" said Haru, slightly close his eyes. "Really!?!" the man jumped back up in excitement. "Yes of course" said Haru winking as he started to dash off heading for the wood, turning his head back and wave at the man.

"Damn! What should i do!? Damn, this suck" mumbled Haru as he dashed off. He stood firm, approaching the woods ahead of him. He take a little more steps inside the forest before apusing again. "Damn, i'm scared" he mumbled, his legs stared to shake. He slightly touch the handly of his Katana, the weapon of the previous and death hokage. He lit up a faint smile on his face. "Let do this!" he said as he smiled.

He raised his hand up making a handseal.it's been a while since he used this skill, since he doesn'tlike it that much. It would be good if he use this skill more often. He exhale a long breath before opening his eyes wide, and now the vein near his temple started to bulge.. "Byakugan!" roared Haru. He glance ghe area around him for a few time, looking at everysmall thing he could notice. "Not that. Not that one neither" said Haru before dashing a little more. He knows that he couldn't look so far, and he need to train more to strengthen his eyes. It seem to be hs problem.

As he's getting deeper into the forest, he paused and look a round a little more. "Oh right, that one! A dog! Wait...what!?! There's a bear chasing him. Ahh, crap, i need to be fast" panic Haru as he hastily rush toward the way he saw that the dog was there earlier. The dog was being chased by a bear, and if he doesn't get there in time, he would get devour or killed by the animal, leading him to mission failing. "Damn, i'm so slow!" mumbled Haru.

The dog tripped, and the bear paused as well. It seem that it prey stipped it movement, yet it has all the time in the world to catch the dog. It raise the big hand up into the sky. The bear growl loudly before forcefully trying to drop it down but themovement only get half way. There's a sound of sword slashing, and there's blood dripping from the bear spattering the ground. From the other side, Haru sheathed his sword as the bear fall down. "My, my, you're so troublesome that even lead me to using my byakugan and swords. And i even risked my life on the line to save you too" said Haru before stepping up the dog. He crouched down and smile. "Ok, doggie, let me fetch you back to your owner" said Haru as he gently pick up the dog and start dashing out of the forest. He never even thought of entering this dangerous forest, courage is really something.

He get back to where he was, to see that the villager is still there sitting at the side of the roadwith a depressing face. Haru gently lay the dog on the ground as he smiled, when the dog started rushing toward the citizen, barking all the way. The citizen glanced at the dog and smile joyfully hugging the dog up tight. "Oh thanks god, you're safe! Next time don't run away from me again ok?" said the man. He rewarded Haru with what he promised and slowly walking away with his dog. Haru smile, it's alway fun to help people. Maybe the fairy tale ain't bad after all, his fairy tale. The Cowardice Fairy Tail of a young negative man with higjly gifted blood and a weapon that couldn't found it existence and now are in the way to the top and making it a "Ain't a Fairy Tale". Haru looked at Konoha one more time before dashing away.

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D Rank Mission : "Find my Dog"
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