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 Getting Stronger. (W.I.P.)

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Fame : 1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Lightning
Clan : Deadaro
Bloodline : Deadaro
Ryo : 2600

PostSubject: Getting Stronger. (W.I.P.)   Sat Jun 16, 2012 3:59 am

Alex yawns as he Leans up from his bed shaking his head fixing his long hair. Alex tossed his sheets off of his bed and stepped out of his bed. putting his hand on his neck pushing it upwards popping it several times. He walked over to his bathroom scratching his head and yawning putting on his bracelets and then walking downstairs opening his door walking out feeling the sun shine directly on his face making him squint. Alex let out a sigh as he was going to be trying to get stronger. It disgusted him how he could not pummle people with his fists. Alex walkex along the streets with his head hanging low letting his hair roll over his face. Alex walked towards the gate of the leaf village activating his deadaro eye looking out onto the road heading into the leaf villlage transpoting himself to the outer road of konoha. Alex walked along the road until he found his little trail that he used to train his deadaro eye and his deadaro sword aswell. He needed to get stronger and this was the place to do it.

Once alex had arrived at the spot where he was going to do his training he removed his shirt and wrapped his firsts up in tape and gripped the tape in a fist tighter around his fingers. and popped each and every one of his fingers. Alex then walked over to the side of a creek where he had set up 2 dummies a few days before and along with the two dummies he had set up there was a punching bag and some logs to try to break through. Alex first needed to start warming up. He dropped down ot the ground catching himself on his hands and started doing push ups. he kept repeating Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, until his arms started to feel sore and sweat drip down from his chin. He stood up and sat down breathing a little more heavy and leaned back on is back streatching his arms as he stood up about 3 minutes later stretching out his arms once again next he would move over to the training dummys to practice punching.

Alex sighed as he brushed his hair out of his face and looked up at teh sky for a few minute as he grabbed his hands behind his back stretching them out feeling the strain in his shoulders and then walked over to the training dummy and looked at the head center shoulder and kidneys. he leaned back on his back knee taking his fighting stance and tightened his fists breathing slowly as hhe prepared to strike the training dummy.

Looking at the dummy he held his fists up to the dummy taking a deep breath and he closed his eyes for a second being at peace for a moment as he opened his eyes sharply she exhaled thrusting his shoulders forward. Closely followign his shoulders his fist flew out to the dummy striking it in the chest with a loud. "THUD" next he fillowed it with more sharp movements of his fists flying out forward striking the training dummy in the lower stomach. "THUD" then the mid chest "THUD" Then the head "THUD" in the lower stomach. "THUD" then the mid chest "THUD" Then the head "THUD" in the lower stomach. "THUD" then the mid chest "THUD" Then the head "THUD" he did that over and over again until his fists got sore from striking the dummy over and over again. Alex stepped back lowering his fists hopping up in the air striking the side of the dummys head leaving a large "CRACK" sounds echoing through the trees as the head of the dummy rolled off now detached from the actual dummy.

Alex crouched facing the next dummy with his fists up once again he sighed as he thought to himself. "Ow. My arms ache and my fists feel like they are bruised and im so tired. I dont know if i can keep this up." Alex looked at the dummy getting more mad as he bit his teeth together and threw his fist lunging his fist as fst as he could hitting it righ tin the chest feeling the wood crumble under his fists like soft clay as it sent a shockwave ripple through the dummy. Then he repeated the same process as he was doiing before. striking the training dummy in the lower stomach. "THUD" then the mid chest "THUD" Then the head "THUD" in the lower stomach. "THUD" then the mid chest "THUD" Then the head "THUD" in the lower stomach. "THUD" then the mid chest "THUD" Then the head "THUD"until he could not move his arms anymore.

Health: 43
Stamina: 17
Speed: 17

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Getting Stronger. (W.I.P.)
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