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 Big Bad Wolf! D-Rank

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Echo Uchiha
Master (Konoha)
Master (Konoha)

Fame : 9128
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind, Fire.
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Mangekyo Sharingan
Ryo : 49110

PostSubject: Big Bad Wolf! D-Rank   Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:22 am

Echo was walking towards his destination down a small path outfitted in his basic gear,His green shirt, Black pants, Wakizashi, His Ninjato heavens sorrow and of course his Headband. 'Damn...I'm Anbu Captain now...can't believe I'd get this low on cash...' He thought a frown on his face as he trudged forward at a casual pace his hands slid up to the knuckle in his pockets his gaze directed upwards towards the night sky filled with the twinkling of bright stars 'Koroshi would have loved this mission...' He thinks his eyes softening from their normal happy shade to a darker one 'I wonder where he's run off to..?' his right hand slides up to his chin as he leans forward in thought closing his eyes as his fore fingers cup his chin in a thinking pose. After a few minutes of walking through the forests of Konoha...Echo is utterly bored and decides 'TO HELL WITH IT I'M A SHINOBI WHY AM I WALKING LIKE A CIVILIAN!?' with that thought Echo grins wide and begins channeling chakra through his being before taking off high above the Tree line in a slightly over extended Body Flicker leaving Echo soaring through the air,He must be at least Fifty feet above tree level as he spreads out his arms and legs yelling out at the top of his lungs "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" is his cry of choice as his shoulders hunch backwards and he places his arms back to his sides closing his legs as he dives forward at an incredible velocity a grin on his face as his eyes begin to water slightly from the speed 40 feet down. 30 , 20, 10 , 5 "DAITOPPA!!!" he yells out his palms shooting forward letting out a controlled burst of air which sends him up slightly upright flipping in the air and with a show of impressive dexterity and control he lands atop a branch and takes off at high speeds leaping from branch to branch rebounding off of tree's with the skill that only a Shinobi of the leaf could possess, No Shinobi force is better trained to fight in the forest then that of Konoha who are raised in these forests who know how to make this terrain their own and use it as such in a battle. Echo grins at his theatrics spinning flipping and cartwheeling through the forest in mid air as he does a front flip trying to get to the plains of Hi No Kuni to start his mission and get some information from his client, 'Wolves huh..?' He thinks on this. He's dealt with Wolves one on one but never in Packs he's gonna have to be careful with this one. With that thought in mind he finally breaks through the tree's and begins a dash towards his destination a farm land near another patch of forest no doubt where these wolves make camp after a hunt.

After twenty minutes and a couple of slaps by two irate teenage southern bells plus some tending from a third who thought his antics charming Echo arrives on this land a goofy grin on his face taking in the landscape. A red barn a Silo for what looks like feed Four Acres of field and a house in the center no doubt where the farmer lives.

After a long chat with the farmer regarding Important mission parameters such as 'Where do the sheep usually sleep,Where does your moderately attractive daughter sleep, Could you please put down that gun I'm just trying to do my job and of course what time do the wolves usually attack?' The farmer hmms in thought before answering "I'd say around 3 or 4 Am most of the time...they be tearing up my flock and I needs ya to drive em off for me young'un! Do that and-" Echo cuts him off a grin on his face "You'll let me take your daughter out to dinner?? Why how thoughtful of you!" he finishes the farmers eyes going wide as the young Uchiha winks at the Young lady who face palms at this wondering if the kid is really a Ninja "I'm joking of course sir...These wolves won't be bothering you anytime soon I'll get on it later tonight...Now Miss what did you say your name was?" his grin returns the Two sweat dropping at this ninja's antics

It's late at Night now and a Howl is Echo's cue to spring into Action leaping in front of a Pack of at least Thirty wolves who growl at him as he stands in a ready stance the sheep retreating as Echo grins giving a rather bestial growl of his own right back his eyes giving the look of a predator,The two forces prepare to pounce at one another before a bark cuts the tension,A familiar wolf walks up to Echo who blinks down at it the wolf sniffs him up and down and wags it's tail before glancing back at the pack and making a few noises the pack all brightening up and wagging their tails at Echo who now recognizes this wolf as the one he let free during his stay in the shack. Echo grins and nods at the wolf before kneeling down at eye level "Hey you guys mind splitting and not attacking this farm anymore..? Your pissing the farmer and his hot daughter off and more Ninja will come...ones that know fire Jutsu and have no problem making Wolf Kabobs..." he states in a deadpan voice the wolves eyes widening before yipping turning tail and running far across the fields Echo standing an grinning wide "Well.....Mission Complete then..."


Mission Complete!
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Big Bad Wolf! D-Rank
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