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 Training Part two

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Training Part two   Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:01 pm

Training Strength , Speed . Stamina

Leji was released from the ninja academy after along hard morning and class session , he then looks at his to-do-list . "........ Shit I have to train today , how am I sunspots to train when I don't even think I could walk up a mountain."
Leji then starts his laps around the whole village , "You know what maybe a nap first ." Leji Yawns and falls out in a local BBQ restaurant .

Leji then falls into a deep sleep , deep enough to we're he is dreaming .
Lei awakes in a dark forest . "Were am I?" Leji then scans the area and perimeter , finding ninja tools with blood on them scattered all around the center of the field , like there was a battle here. "was I apart of this Battle?" then next to him was his headband , or well might be his headband , it was indeed a kumo ninja headband but it had a slash threw the middle of the insignia , Leji then feels for his Shinobi headband . He reaches with his left hand as he holds the headband in his right , "Were's My headband?" "Could it be his is my headband , and Could it be I went Rogue ?" He then looks around in the mist of the Air and looks for some sort of evidence . What he saw next sure was evidence .

Leji then gets back up on his two feet , his arm was badly bruised . He started walking Northwest to we're as the mist lifted as Leji got closer a ninja would appear to be in the same position as Leji was when he first awoke , Levi looks in confusion . He then reaches out with his right hand and stares in the eyes of a dead shinobi . The shinobi was from the earth country , "But why was he dead?"

Leji then walks over to one of the kunai on the right of him, he then see's another ninja , also dead and also wearing a iwagakure ninja headband . Leji news scan the area very well and now since the fog is lifted he can see , 3 Iowa ninja , 3 Kiri ninja , 2 komogakure ninja and 3 sunagakure ninja , he then notices the trees and the deadly insects and animals inhabiting this forest , he then thought to himself "were would I be with two fallen teammates , 3 ninja from every village except konoha , a rogue ninja headband in a forest ," Leji thinks Hard .

It hit him ,"is this the Chuunin Exams, second test the scroll test inside the Forest of death ." He then exams all the ninja for the scrolls every ninja groups starts with at the beginning of the test. Leji finds two scrolls one from his team and other from the sunagakure ninja . "This doesn't add up 4 ninja village squads and only 2 scrolls. Leji looks at his ninja headband sliced ,

*Awakes from the dream*

"oh shit I forgot my training!" It seems Leji doesn't remember what he was currently just dreaming about . He then jumps up back on his own two and begins to run to the village gates , as when he trips over some fruit and his headband flies off , it bounces of the ground and lands in front of him dropping at the sametime he dropped . He then flashes back to him picking up the rogue headband as he was picking up his headband , but Leji pays no attention to the image that just poped in his brain . He just keeps sprinting , he arrives at the village's gates . He then began his training for the day , he drops down and does 50 straight one handed push ups , one after another not even breaking a sweat . "woooo I needed that nap. Leji then gets up and does 500 jumping jacks . Around 280 Levi felt tired by he kept pushing , never giving up he finally gotten to 500 , he takes a mild breathing break , then he attacks again with 50 one handed knuckle push ups , too bad lei couldn't get past 20 to save his life . Levi then quit an puts the training aside , Leji then straps the weights to his arms legs an waist . "this is gonna boost my strength speed And stamina 10 fold!" he ends his sentence screening with YOUTH .

Leji then prepares to run around the village as he adjust the weight on the weights to his liking , he the started a slow rapid jog which would speed up by the Time , the weights start to get to Leji as he starts to sweat very hard , it was very muggy out , the sun wasn't beaming straight on the village today but it was average tempature , which was hot , he stopped in a local tea on the other side of the village were he stays , "can I have some nice refreshing cold water please!" Leji would drink the water which gave him more energy he sprints all the way home from the shop , which wasn't that far .

He arrives at his house and he drops down very exhausted from the laps he just ran which were only two , and without the weights his record was 4 . Why on the ground he does a solid 50 push ups with the weights on an stamina drained , he gets up open the door with his right hand , "wooooo that was a workout, if it wasn't for that nap I don't think I could a did it." Leji goes to his room sits on the bed an now Finnally remember's the dream .

887 words


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Academy Student
Academy Student

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Element(s) : Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: Training Part two   Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:01 pm



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Gnome King Zack

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PostSubject: Re: Training Part two   Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:13 pm

4 stat points rewarded if im correct

Midarou's Stats

Hokage ;D

Health 3000 /3000
Chakra 1750/ 1750

My stats:

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Training Part two   Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:19 pm

I think 4 Jp also


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PostSubject: Re: Training Part two   Today at 8:30 am

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Training Part two
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