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 Send in the Reinforcements! {Private}

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Fame : 200
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Water, Earth, Wood,
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan - EMS State/Rinnegan.
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PostSubject: Send in the Reinforcements! {Private}   Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:30 am

Name:Send in the Reinforcements!
Rank: B Rank
Words Required: 2000 words
Other Requirements:
-Kiri or Konoha Ninja
-Any One Stat (40+)

Reward: 975 Ryo, 2 Shuriken
Sameonna needs you to assist her Mist Assailant Unit (M.A.U.) in the
attack in the Iron Country on Samurai. They have been fighting them for
days and are saying they are in need of reinforcements. Sameonna says
that you are the perfect candidate for the job, and trusts in your
skill. She also says that if you complete this mission, she will reward
you accordingly - and may have another mission for you. Head to the Iron
Country, and find the unit's captain, Ebisu Ubari. He will brief you on
the positions of the Samurai, and their reinforcement outposts.


Viper sits within his shed at the outskirts of Konohagakure no sato's remains, currently, he is resting upon his bed, Viper seeming more relaxed than normal,
this having to do with him finding his brother Echo during the Chunin exams and passing it with flying colors getting the chance to team up with him for old times sake.
Within Viper's right hand is a ornately decorated scroll, it's origin is unknown, all that is known is that it came from Sameonna Hoshigaki days before, he peels the edge of the scroll up and
unrolls it to read it's contents; it speaks of a mission, one involving a war between the mist, and the samurai of the land of iron, he reads over the specifics for the mission and chews on his
bottom lip slightly, once finished he rolls up the scroll and places it upon his bed at his right, he lays back upon his bed and debates whether to go or not, he is tired of war, after what happened to
Konohagakure no sato it has become something he loathes with great passing due to he himself being directly influenced by it, he mulls over the thought for some time and finally reaches a decision,
he is a shinobi, he can not simply sit here and pout over events that happened, the scroll told of a substantial reward, something he would require if Konohagakure no sato was to ever be rebuilt.

Viper stands and begins making preparations for the trip, he grabs his Chunin flak jacket from the make shift hook on the far wall and slips it on, he pulls a scroll from under his bed and slides it in one of the
empty scroll slots on the jacket, he does the same with the mission scroll, Viper in this jacket has a more matured appearance, his goals growing ever closer with the obtaining of Chunin rank,
under the jacket he still wears his Uchiha Uniform, an article of clothing that stands as a reminder of the fallen Uchiha that gave their lives to defend Konoha, he reaches under his pillow and pulls forth his head band, he
slides his spiked raven hair upwards and slides the cloth part of the headband along the back of his head, he ties it in a knot and fastens his headband tightly around his forehead, he pats his hair a few times making it
lay back down successfully hiding the cloth behind his hair.
He thinks over his materials, he pats his hip pouches with both hands feeling his ninja tools and ensuring he has them all, with a nod he walks towards the door, he twists his locking stick and steps forth from the opening and closes it, twisting the stick back to lock the door,
only one thing is on his mind besides the mission, leaving his brother alone once more, he decides to pay him one last visit.

Viper walks along the ruins of Konoha to the opposing side where Echo has made camp, he carefully sneaks through the foliage avoiding the traps Echo has set up to protect his home from creatures, he hears
a slight whimper and looks to his right, in a the distance a wolf is suspended in the air by its hind legs, Viper shakes his head at this and continues on, he knocks on Echo's shed and waits, regrettably there is no answer, he slips a letter through the space under the door
detailing his location and where it is he will be if needed, he also asks that Echo look for Koroshi and wait for him.
After getting what he needs done Viper sets off, he weaves through Echo's traps, and travels past Konohagakure no sato's remains, he reaches a dirt path which is normally used as a trade route for the other villages, Viper travels down this road for a good half a mile, he looks back
with a slight sigh, he was finally leaving his home behind, he raises his right hand and curls his ring finger and pinky downwards, his thumb curling to press upon the finger tips, his index and middle finger extended as he flicks his hand lightly to preform a salute
towards his home, signifying that he will be back one day.
He proceeds to travel, he makes it a few miles after walking the first part, he notes the sun going down he looks towards a surrounding mountain range and locates a small cave, "This will make a good temporary camp site" he thinks, just to be safe he preforms the seals for the great fireball technique,
his hands locked within the tiger seal, he breaths inwards and puffs out his chest symbolizing the chakra built up within, he shoots his head forward and releases a wide stream of fire from his mouth which flies in to the cave illuminating it, this allows Viper to see how deep it goes, but also allow him
to scare anything that may be inside, out.

Luckily, nothing is inside, Viper walks to a nearby tree and leaps upon a low hanging branch, he breaks off an arm full of branches and tosses them to the ground, he follows after them landing beside the pile of lumber,
he positions them just within the stone cave so each are standing upon end and making a cone like shape with the opposing ends leaning against one another, he forms the tiger seal and blows forth a small fireball on to the
set up for his camp fire, the fire hit it's mark and sets the wood on fire but due to it being low grade it simply burns upon the bark freely instead of obliterating it outright,
Viper sits behind the fire facing the outside of the cave, he watches the smoke rise from the flames and seemingly pass over the full moon which has risen in the distance, Viper watches as the smoke
seemingly takes different shapes, small wisps form kunai and shuriken, one even forming the Sharingan eye, Viper watches this interesting show for a few moments before he yawns and stretches, he lays back upon the stone floor and closes his eyes, he leaves the fire to free burn to detour animals from his location.

Viper awakes early in the morning to scraping sounds, he opens his eyes and sits up to find his fire has burnt out, squirrels now scratching upon the remaining lumber and carrying it away, Viper watches
them confused but shrugs it off after a few minutes, he really needs to reach the land of iron soon, Viper exits the cave and breaks off in to a full on sprint through the forest, Vipers training paying off as his being
seemingly blurs due to his super human speed, he smirks as he traverses the land.
Even though vipers speed is high, the journey is still not a short one, the weather continues to grow harsh, the once summer weather replaced by a frozen tundra, he wraps his arms around himself
and shivers, it was truly stupid of him to wear shorts and a T-shirt to come here, oh how we wished he knew, he could of at least brought his cloak, he forms the tiger seal as he flows his chakra around him,
he nature change it to fire as he has it glow upon his skin to warm him, the snow melting and evaporating instantly upon his heated layer of chakra, Viper takes shelter in a cave near by, he cancels the shield of fire and reaches inside the scroll pocket
on his chunin jacket, he pulls forth Sameonna Hoshigaki's mission scroll and reads over it, he looks towards the end and finds the general area of Sameonnas special forces and an image of the man he is supposed to find, he rolls the scroll back up and puts it away, he exists the cave and
travels through the tundra once more, he breaks in to a full on dash whilst preforming the shield of katon around himself once more, he has to find this base fast so he can get out of here, after some time
Viper reaches the described location, small tents are visible as Viper stands at the front of the tents, a trip wire going off that viper ensures to inspect as nothing more than an alarm, the leader comes forth
from his tent to see whom is there, after a while of conversing Viper shows him the mission scroll and gains his trust, Viper now awaiting further orders.

{Awaiting Reply, Current Word Count:1,432}

Now I'm invincible~

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Fame : 200
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Water, Earth, Wood,
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan - EMS State/Rinnegan.
Ryo : 33200

PostSubject: Re: Send in the Reinforcements! {Private}   Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:26 am

Viper takes the paper within his right hand and looks over it, he studies the locations present upon the map carefully taking in every detail with his Sharingan.
Once finished he folds the map in half, then places it within his jacket pocket, Viper dashes in to the surrounding woods and looks around, he has to map out the area, he forms the clone seal by making a cross with both of his index and middle fingers, this would activate Viper's Bunshin Daibakuha {Clone Great Explosion}, with this technique he is capable of forming exact replicas of his being known as the Shadow clone, the only difference being that the clones can opt to explode on their own, or upon destruction.
The clone forms at Viper's right flank one meter away, Viper turns towards it and crouches, he lases his fingers together and faces his palm upwards, the clone then runs towards Viper and steps down upon his palms, the original hurling his clone high in to the sir, the clone leaping off his palm, the clone under the guise of the harsh winter weather is undetected by any of the Samurai as his Sharingan details the forest below before vanishing in a cloud of smoke, the Intel gathered being sent to the real Viper below.
Mapping out the Intel gathered from the map, and the forests appearance thanks to his clone he begins to plan out exact distances of the campsites from his location, viper sets out for the first of the camp sites, he stays on high alert due to being in hostile territory, he crouches behind trees and makes his way to the outskirts of the first camp, several samurai can be seen huddled around a camp fire, a large tent behind them that is large enough to fit the entirely of the team within, Viper forms the tiger seal, his middle,ring, and pinky fingers lasing over one another, his palms pressed together, his index finger and thumb extended outwards and pressed against one another, he gathers his chakra within the core of his being and projects it outwards to the physical world as a layering aura of invisible energy around Viper, he focuses the chakra to his right index finger,he curves around the tree silently leaning just enough he can see the tent to make his target, but still remain hidden, the chakra upon his finger flows forward rapidly, suddenly, the chakra at the tip of his finger is nature changed to the fire element, a miniature fireball blasting forth as if it was fired from a gun being only one inch in spherical diameter, the fireball shoots through the side of the tent only to impact the beds of two Shinobi, this causes an inferno to begin within the tent which quickly spreads through it, the samurai get to their feet, they draw forth their blade and look around the area knowing a battle has been started, it is when they take their attention off the burning tent and look for the culprit is when they seal their fate.
With Viper's chakra flowing through the flames inside the tent he molds them, this spares him any extra chakra usage due to the flames already being present to be manipulated, they burst forward on to the stationary samurai only to engulf them in a whirling inferno of fire.
Viper watches this with a light smirk,"Weaklings" hes says to himself under his breath, he repeats this similar tactic upon the remaining camp sites casually dispatching of them before returning to the starting base of Sameonna's forces, mission complete.

Word Count:604

1,432+604=2,036 - Mission Complete.

Now I'm invincible~

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PostSubject: Re: Send in the Reinforcements! {Private}   

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Send in the Reinforcements! {Private}
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