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 Training. [Private]

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PostSubject: Training. [Private]   Sun May 13, 2012 3:23 am

A leaf, falling to the ground slowly, oh so slowly. After a short while, it would be near the last branch, slowly floating towards the ground. A rush of wind, would force the leaf upwards back up, rapidly. The leaf would now be high off the air, further up off the ground. Urakoro was the reason the leaf was launched back up in the air, we was jumping through the tree branches, causing a slight push of wind which followed him. His black cloak, flying behind him as he jumped through the tree's branches, going no where really, he was just getting a slight work out done. He would stop, on a branch that was just strong enough to support Urakoro's weight, and large enough for him to stand on.

The day was a cloudy one, barely any sun getting through the clouds. However there was a bit, for what Urakoro could see anyways. A small area, had rays of sun light shining down into it. It was a small circle surrounded by tree. The leaves would block it a little, but it was clearly the brightest place near Urakoro, even with the tree's branch's leaves blocking it a bit. He would notice an animal, a deer standing there chewing up the grass, eating it's dinner. It was dinner time, late in the day, about two hours away from sunset. The wind would slightly blow, softly. The grass was being pushed over, each blade of grass leaning over the one standing up right next to it. Few leaves from the branches over head would fall down to the ground, floating slowly. The deer's head would lift up, and it would look right at Urakoro. After a minute the deer would run off. Urakoro, standing up would lift his right arm up into the air, and push back his red hair slowly, until it would be going straight back, and then let out large sigh. He would put his right arm back down to the side of his body, then lean down. He would get on the tip of his toes, on both feet while bending his legs forward, and then dash forward into the large leap, landing in the center of the rays of light.

He would continue to run, quickly heading for the next set of tree. As soon as he got closer to the tree, he would begin to slow down, knowing he would need to if he didn't want to harm himself. As he got close enough to where he could jump to the bottom tree, he would take one last step with his left leg, and then bend it towards the ground. He would spring himself up, not being able to jump high enough to where he could stand up on the tree. He would grab the branch with his left hand quickly throw his right arm up, and grab it with his right. He would throw his body forward a bit, still holding on tightly to the branch, he would throw his feet above, then using his feet to stand on the branch. He released his hold on the branch. With his legs bent, he would leap forward, beginning to jump through the tree's branches yet again.
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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Training. [Private]   Tue May 15, 2012 3:34 am

A bubbling was heard. Out of the crater rose a white substance, a sure sign of what was about to come. Whistles blew in the area, warning people to get back. Several dozen people backed away from the crater. The citizens of the world watched in awe as this whole in the ground erupted. Several trembled. In moments, the scorching temperatures started reaching the onlookers. White clouds of heat flew out of the crater at incredible velocities. An incredibly hot fluid rushed out and sprayed the air with its power. No animals dare ventured near here. No animal was foolish enough. None, except the human. The human was not immune to the stupidity of curiosity. Then again, this was fairly safe. The heated liquid, the high temperature gas, it was water and steam, respectively. The crater spewing these two forms of hydrogen two oxygen was a geyser. The park was filled with them, along with the dozens of hot springs that dotted the landscape. Zachariah was standing near one such hot spring. It was one of the least popular. Several others had large forests within view of them, some sat atop hills, others could be found hidden in caves that dotted the larger hills. This one was located in a low cave. You had to crawl to get to it, over wet, slimy, and slippery rocks. It was one of the worst springs for enjoyment. The odd visitors would come in to get away from the rest of the world, but it was unkempt.

Today, Zachariah was alone in the cave. With swift hand movements, he started forcing the water up. It coalesced around his hand, become a large, human sized clump. Then, forming a seal with his other hand, the sphere disappeared into the paper at his knees. This was done thrice more before Zachariah picked up the pack and started crawling back out of the cave. He watched as a geyser erupted not too far away, and then continued into the village of Konoha. Well, not quite. He decided to detour into the forest first, to get in some training. He was on another “mission” as a spokesperson for the leaders of his clan, this time to Konoha. They were getting into a similar trouble as the clan members in Kumogakure were getting into. So, as such, seeing as Zach had appeased the Kumogakure faction, he was sent to do the same in Konoha. However, he was not expected for another day. This would give him some time to train.

Zachariah Walked into the forest. It was slightly windy today. Leaves fell from the trees. Floating around, it circled on its way down. Near the ground, a boar ran by. The leaf, having been at the boar's eye level, did not get caught on the boar. It did not even hit the boar. No, it circled. It rose above the boars head, flying higher into the sky, cleanly avoiding the wild beast. It circled away, then began falling again. This inspired Zachariah. What if he could move like a leaf? A leaf danced in the wind, avoiding contact with almost anything. If Zachariah could just learn to do that... that would be amazing. Flowing around opponents as if they were the wind itself, using the steam to cover his movements. So, Zachariah started practicing how he would do this. He started first by going in large circles. However, it was hard to do this with roots everywhere, crisscrossing the area, causing him to trip several times. So, he moved over to a small clearing. It was perfectly circular. So, Zach started moving around it. To further imitate the leaf, he moved in little circles every now and then as he went around the large one. Over time, he started decreasing the size of the circle. However, he did not get far into the clearing, before he saw a deer approaching. He hid behind a tree to watch the magnificent beast. Slowly, it bent down to eat the grass. However, not long did it stand there before looking up and running off. Shortly after, the reason it had run was revealed. Another shinobi ran through the clearing, soon zooming back into the trees. Zach, curious, followed shortly behind the man. His pack was with him, and his goggles hung around his neck. So, jumping into the trees, he started practicing flowing with the wind. Zach quickly started catching up with the boy. When he once again reached the treeline, he bent down and leaped, using both legs to propel himself not just onto the branch the boy had had to grab, but over it and to the other side, in front of the boy. “Well hello there. Where you going in such a hurry?”

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PostSubject: Re: Training. [Private]   Sat May 19, 2012 1:29 am

Urakoro continued to glide through the tree branches. His red hair being pushed back by the wind, along with his cloak. His black cloak with white flames at the bottom, going up to his body was flying behind him. He would land on a branch ahead of him. Upon landing he would bend his legs quickly, and then push up once more jumping forward towards the next branch. Someone would quickly get in front of him, Urakoro had no idea who it was, though he guessed it was a hunter ninja. 'Well hello there. Where are you going in such a hurry?' The person who got in front of him would say "Hmm.. Hello. Where am I going? No where, just wandering around." He would say, continuing to jump through the branches. "Anyways, I am Urakoro Uzumaki, who are you?" He said, wondering. As he said his name, he would slow down a tad bit, keeping his distance from a random person, most likely shinobi who had just shown himself to Urakoro. Though, Urakoro thought for a moment, the person showed himself, which means it is unlikely that he is a hunter ninja, also unlikely that he would attack.
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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Training. [Private]   Sat May 19, 2012 11:26 pm

The tolling of the bell. Thirty two strikes. An even hour. Six strikes. Six o'clock. A line of people. Everyone dressed in black. Everyone following. A small wooden box. Carried by four people.


Zach heard crying. His aunt. Collapsed on the side of the street. Hands cupped her face. Her hands. Liquid dripping. Off the sides of her hands. Tears. His mom. Patting a back. Talking to someone. Hunched down. Holding back tears. With his aunt. His father. Head down. Hat on his chest. Eyes closed. The sides of his eyes twinkling. Completely silent. The box. Open faced. A person. Tall. Pale. Long hair. Red hair. Closed eyes. Crossed arms. An old item on his chest. Goggles. Hand made. Complex. His favorite pair. Zachariah's Uncle. A great man. The hero of the village. The sole protector. The iron defense. The One-Man Army.


Killed. Comrades. Stabbed. Left to die. Alone.


Zachariah awoke from the slight side trip his mind had taken when seeing the red hair of the other ninja. His uncle, the last leader of Skyscraper, had hair just like that. At least, he did. Before he was killed and left for dead by a man he trusted. Before one of the most trusted members of the village left. And why did he leave? Because he wanted money. He took a job to kill a politician. Zachariahs uncle had come to know too much. He was eliminated. The traitor was marked as a nuke nin. Zachariah was only five at the time. He had no clue what was really going on. But he felt the pain of everyone else, as well as his. And now he knew what had happened. He knew that there were people in the world that did bad things for the sake of doing bad things. However, Skyscraper was an isolated village. There was not much communication with the outside world from there involving missing ninja. There was really nothing there to take, to attack.

Snapping back into it, having had just a split second in his thoughts, Zachariah saw the person continue on, ALMOST ignoring him. A simple sentence was said in reply as the other person slowed down, but did not stop. Zachariah turned around, and moved after the man. “I am Zachariah Zarakami Delamoure. I also am wandering this day. Have almost a whole day to waste. I was working on a fighting style till that deer came along. Might you consider helping me perfect it?” Zachariah said this calmly, realizing the first things he had said to the person, and the way he had appeared in front of him, might seem quite odd. As such, he made an effort to be nice this time around, but also tried to not be weird.

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Kino R. Kyodo

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PostSubject: Re: Training. [Private]   Mon May 28, 2012 1:14 am

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PostSubject: Re: Training. [Private]   

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Training. [Private]
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