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 Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]

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Impudent Nova

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PostSubject: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   Sun May 06, 2012 10:01 am

[Speed Training]

Xzelaxer walk quietly on the cluttered dead leaves. Both of his Katana are hung at his left waist, this time, and as usual, his spear lay on his back with string attatched on them. He walk quietly on the silent path, sun light flash on the road showing dark yellow leaves. He finally stop his pace and look around. He want to grow stronger and develop himself into a well-known Ninja and promote his weapon. But with his current stat he can't do anything but run like there's no more tomorrow when facing his opponent. He hasn't get rid of all of his fear yet, and he hope he can get rid of it today, where he would face those scary beast face to face. He heard that this beast were blood-hunger and no show no sympathy but he's well-prepare. The "Three Blood" has been howling for blood lately, and now...it's time to stain some beast's blood.

Xzelaxer pace forward a little more aware of his surrounding. Something is creeping him lately. He felt that he's been watched. A sound of growling was heard from his back. The forest was so quiet that any sound can be heard, and the first sound which come to Xzelaxer's ear is the water that drop on the dead leaves. He turn back to face his predator, which was a tiger spilling it saliva all over the leaves. Xzleaxe grin. "Welcome to my hunting game! I'll split you into two" said Xzelaxer as he unsheathed his sword making a clinging sound that echo in the forest. He may have won if the tiger is alone, but it's not. Another tiger has come out from another side of Xzelaxer, and another appear. 3 in total which block all of his way to run. He glance at all the tiger. "Catch me if you can" said Xzelaxer starting to pace to the way that there's no tiger. All of the tiger follow him. They've prepare for a counter-attack. Xzelaxer breath heavily, dodging the tree ahead of him, and try to outrun the tiger behind him.

Xzleaxer hastily kick his foot to one of the tree which led him up high. As he got high, without hesitation, he jump back down intending to slice the tiger that just follow him into two. But thing doesn't work out as plan, the tiger dodge it and Xzelaxer land on the wrong spot tripping himself. He face the tiger which growl and prepare to jump off toward him with it sharp claw and fang. It finally jump heading form Xzelaxer's head but Xzelaxer crouch down narrowly dodge it. Xzelaxer try to stand back up but the tiger stand back up again dashing toward him. He dash off toward his which he able to narrowly doge the tiger. As he run toward his left, another tiger is already there stopping his way. He confront with the tiger which stand firm blocking his way. Xzelaxer doesn't stop nor hesitate but smirk instead. He prepare to wield his Katana. Obviously, he tempted to slice the tiger into two while he's running.

Xzelaxer try to run faster, but his lung and legs refuse. He almost out of his breath and he's dying for a rest but what's important is the well-prepared tiger in front of him. As they get close enough, the tiger jump up heading for Xzelaxer. Xzelaxer hastily wield his sword...and the upshot...the tiger had been sliced into two. The blood stained over one of Xzelaxer katana and he's quick enough to cut the tiger before it land. "Sorry about that, my sword is howling for blood and you just happen to stand there in front of my way. It alway cut anything which oppose, a beast, a human...Anything"

[Changing Font: Baddass Quote. I figure it out that in manga they use Bold to mark important word, now I use different font to mark important word]

Words Count: 632

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Impudent Nova

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PostSubject: Re: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   Sun May 06, 2012 11:04 am

[Health Training]

Xzelaxer smirk resting his Katana on the ground as blood rush through it end. He glance at both of the tiger who just walk his way and counter him again. This time they growl stronger glaring at Xzelaxer with their intense eyes. One of the tiger lick it lip, and another wipe the ground like a bull. Xzelaxer gulp his saliva sheathing his sword preparing to run. He glance to both of the tiger and begin to run. He couldn't catch his breath properly yet and he's tired. But this time, the tigers didn't let him escape. One of them jump in front of Xzelaxer's way blocking him from going any further. Xzelaxer change his direction toward the right but thing turn out worst. The tiger jump up in attempt to scratch him. Xzelaxer notice it and try to dodge it but it's too late. The tiger has made three scratch on his shoulder. It start to bleed but Xzelaxer dismiss it and try to run away again.

Again, his escape didn't turn out good. More predator are coming. They walk out of nowhere. There's now two more tigers. "Shit!" said Xzelaxer as he try to dodge the tiger that jump off toward him. Again, it make a scratch on Xzelaxer's chest tearing his shirt. He felt the pain on his body, and he fight hard to ease the pain. Running won't be a good choice anymore since the amount of predator have increased. Xzelaxer try to concentrate so that it'll be easier to fight. Another tiger jump toward him which he notice it on time and slice it into two. "One down" he murmured as he slice the tiger. But all of a sudden, the tiger behind him jump to his back pushing him down to the ground. He's now on the ground defenseless. The tiger bite his ankle craving blood and wound as he hastily kick his foot to free himself. "I'm gonna die! Oh right!" mumbled Xzelaxer break free from the grip but still lay on the ground. His ankle hurt much that he can barely stand up and now the tigers are surrounding him well-prepared to hop into him and devour him. Finally all of the tiger jump into him, biting every part of him. He's dead--No, he's not dead. He used Subsitution Technique and he replace himself with a wood. The tiger confused but then start to look down for it prey, as they see a shadow figure running away. Indeed, it's Xzelaxer running with all his might in order to escape from them while his ankle is hurting him pretty much. Even though it's hard but he need to endure it and survive all of the beast, getting out of the forest alive. "Damn!"

Words Count: 460
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Impudent Nova

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Clan Element : Crystal
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PostSubject: Re: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   Wed May 09, 2012 3:39 am

[Strength Training]

"Ahh damn, those tigers are disturbing and they're following me to" murmured Xzelaxer as he try to run. He struggle to run quickly, as his ankle is killing him with all the pain. It remind him of the older day when he used to train hard, under rain, under pressure. He get many wound and he think he can endure this one too. Before he enter the Forest, he consider it many time. It might be like putting his life on the line but it's a quick way to train. He can't just wander around doing nothing. Time will alway fly and it won't wait for him. He need to move quick and reach for his goal. He turn his head back a few time to see the tiger dashing toward him, getting closer from time to time. He look up to see how tall the tree is as he hastily jump to the first branch of the tree. As he land on the first branch, one of the tiger seem to arrive before all the other. Xzelaxer think of a way to slash him down but there's only one way that come to his mind.

Xzelaxer drew forth his spear. He prepare his aim and throw it forcefully heading for the tiger. The spear narrowly hit the tiger as it's already dodge it but Xzelaxer take the opporunity. While the tiger is escaping it's not aware of him as he swiftly jump off the tree heading straight to the tiger. He attempt to slash the tiger into two but it sharp and firm fang stop him in time. But the sudden contract really hard that struck the root of the firm fang. "Don't compare my strength to you, little insect" Xzelaxer said as he push a little more with all his might and strength. He able to break the fang and slice the tiger into two. "Too weak..." Xzelaxer mumbled as he success, picking up his speae and glare at the four tiger which just arrive.

"I won't hold back anymore" Xzelaxer said coldly as he pace toward the tiger swiftly. This time he's the one to attack, not retreat. Xzelaxer get closer to one of the right tiger as he jump up attempt to split the tiger into two. The tiger dodge to the right but Xzelaxer notice it. He quickly drove his katana to the right to block the fang of ttiger that just jump to him. He try to oush back the claw, but as he try another tiger junp from his left. He hastily unsheath another sword of his with his left hand to block the tiger's claw. Xzelaxer is trying his hardest to block them up with all his strength. He felt his hand aching from them. Xzelaxer cut the fang of the tiger a little making a scratch as he jump up. He prepare to wield his swords, as he nearly land he attempt to slice both of the tiger into two. The tiger wanted to escape but they fail. They got sliced into two. Xzelaxer land back on the ground moving his hand around from all the pain. He thrust his katana to the ground and sheath one of them. He stare at both of the tigers. [color=orange]"Next please"[color] said Xzelaxer as he smirk.

One of the tiger jump toward him. "Not gonna be too easy" Xzelaxer said as he spot a a boulder near him. He use his Katana to raise up the boulder, pushing it with his strength and might. The blocking successful as the tiger bump into the boulder falling back. Xzelaxer push the boulder a little more as it end up falling on the tiger presurring the poor tiger which struggle to break free. Xzelaxer doesn't wait as he spot some part of the tiger was left open. He raise his sword up. "Sorry...it might be cruel but..." Xzelaxer said as he cut the tiger into stopping it from struggle any longer.

As sson as he finish his cut another tiger jump toward him which shock him. He barely dodge it but got scratch at his waist. Again, the tiger attempt to bite Xzelaxer as it jump again. Xzelaxer this time, use his Katana to block the fang. But the force is intense this time and he's having hard time pushing the tiger back. Instead..the tiger push him back and reach the tree. It hurt him as the sudden contract of his back and tree took place. Xzelaxer surely can't hold it longer and he can die in any second his grip broke free. He's trying his hardest for one last push as he push it harder up, blowing the tiger back a little. With the opporunity, he quickly unsheath another sword and swiftly split the tiger's head before it cam reach him. Blood spatterrd on the ground as Xzelaxer stand up from all of the force he use.

"I completely eliminate them" Xzelaxer said as he sheath his Katana. "I better leave now before any other beast come" said Xzelaxer as he began to leave. It's one good day and he could relax himself at last...and..he felt stronger.

Words Count: 865
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Kino R. Kyodo
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PostSubject: Re: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   Sat May 12, 2012 3:32 am

3 speed, 2 Health, 4 strength, 9 JP
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Impudent Nova

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PostSubject: Re: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   Tue May 15, 2012 2:36 am

[Next Day]
[Chakra Training]

The breeze of cold air, and the windy cold wind bring forth to Konoha in the very morning. Dawn passed as most people are on their bed, except one. The strong wind blow the man's coat lifting it flying revealing the handly of the sheathed Katana. He stare at the tree that marked into an X sign, as he start to step backward. He put down his arm that crossed on another and grin. "Thsi will be great" said the black ahired guy as he start to run and hop up trying to balance on the tree.

He read the scroll of how to climb tree using legs therefore his lack of skill using chakra and lack of skill in training, he never train it before. He has the urge to grow stronger from what he face. Everybody are strong even the genin who are younger than him, and he need to try his best. Everybody are growing non-stop except him. The will to grow better...the will be win...the will to live, all the will have arose in his heart and soul. His mind is burning in flame, to become stronger. What determine his will, is his own soul. Therefore, he can't back down.

"The book say, i need ro balance my chakra on my feet. Not strong, not weak, but average" Xzelaxer mumbled to himself as he try to control over hsi chakra, moving it to his feet. Chakra barely move, since he's nto really good at using it, therefore, he fail from the tree heading his face down to the ground. The impact wasn't so strong due to low height. Xzelaxer stand up, wiping off the dust on his clothe. It's expected,

He attempt several more time but in the end, it's alway turn up as a pathetic attempt without any success rate. He keep falling back down to the ground smashing his face against the dirty and thick ground. He would stand up back again and wipe the dirt on his face and try again. His body start to ache, and he can feel that some rib is broken. He can barely stand up anymore and his clothe is all of a mess. He try forcing his chakra to his feet but it just won't move properly. "One more try....' he said as he bite his own lip, getting up from the ground. He prepare for it and jump to the X point where he marked. Surprisingly, this time he stay on the tree. "Hey!! I can do---" he said cheerfully but the joy didn't last long. Hefall back down to ground shamshing his face hard. He use too much chakra and make a hole on the tree. It's a good start...but he's still nothing at all. 

"Damn! I nearly have control over my chakra! Just a little bit more!!" he said as he hit the ground twice with hsi head after the last attempt. He's really pathetic. Even though no one shout at him, no one reprove his over his patheticness, hsi soul blame him. He's weak...he's a coward, and he can't do anything at all. All he can do is laying on the ground and wiping his clothe. And hhow could he aim for his goal in his current stat? Everybody are moving ahead of him, even the bird in the sky, fly pass him. He need to grow better.

Xzelaxer get up, easing the pain everywhere on his body. He look around and his vision is starting to get vague. All of the wound really did something. He remember reading a scroll on how to control chakra, and inner peace. He need his inner peace to bring out chakra correctly. Xzelaxer sat down on the ground and start to close his eyes. He try to reach out and feel the chakra that's mocing inside his body. He slowly, start to feel the chakra that gradually move up and down, along his body. One by one, he try to move it to his feet whether he could feel it or not. The chakra start to move as he command, and Xzelaxer got litted up by the joy of nearly control over his chakra. He can finally feel it in his feet. Slowly, he try to balance the chakra, not too intense, and not too weak, as he place it all over his feet. Finally he open his eyes in happiness, his mouth smiling. "Yes! I think i can do it" said Xzelaxer at last as he get up from the tight spot.

Xzealxer channel his chakra slowly, to his feet balancing it like what he did earlier. He take a deep breath, close his eyes and prepare for his final shot. He stand firmly, and he can feel that he didn't feel the wound anymore...but maybe it's just because the excitement attract his mind. He pace slowly, and finally jump up to different rree since the lest one got destroyed from the hard chakra he release ot earlier. He manage to grt on the tree somehow, and he keep him mind concentrate hard so that he won't fall and won't destroy the tree. His eyesbrow raise a little more, and he close hsi eyes hard but the very last attempt fail. Just about time, he fail down, Xzelaxer swiftly get his feet to the ground to stop himself from bumping into the ground.

Xzelaxer glance at the broken branche, and hastily run toward another tree, relaxing himself, walking upward little by little. He feel that he can control it better than before and he can walk on the tree, now to keep staying on it. Once again, he closed his eyes, ignoring the scent nearby, the environment and everything around him. He can feel pewce inside him and he try not to recall back any memory. He gently and slowly open his eyes, to see that he's upside down. He look back and forth, up and down, and finally to his feet. "I did it!!!" he shouted, in joy jumping down to the ground. He rest hos back on the ground, looking at the beautiful sky, enjoying the cold wind. He smiled with the D shape mouth and the newrly close eyes. "Just a little more" he added.

Word Counts: 1050
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PostSubject: Re: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   Wed May 16, 2012 2:19 pm

5 chakra, 5 JP
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PostSubject: Re: Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]   

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Ain't a Fairy Tale [Xzelaxer"s Training]
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