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 Kursiu's Strength Training (Done, Please Check?)

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Kurisu "Fifi" Ametsuchi

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PostSubject: Kursiu's Strength Training (Done, Please Check?)   Sat May 05, 2012 1:02 am

Kursiu stood atop one of the taller mountains near the outskirts of Kumogakure no Sato. The mountain’s peak was flatten from pervious ninja testing out powerful ninjutsu and taijutsu, breaking it down and forming a large circular area that contained a few remaining large rock pillars and boulders, it was am area perfectly suited for intense training. Nearby were more mountains and the rest of the village just a few hundred yards away. The drop off point from this specific mountain was nearly 3 miles down, meaning a fall from this height could very easily be fatal. Wind blew light amounts of dust around the top of the mountain peak, clouds occasionally passing through the area making whatever they were covering harder to see.

He clenched his fists and then unclenched them, letting his body relax one last time before he began. Seconds later he dashed forward quickly, raising his right hand into the air. His elbow bent to a nearly a 90 degree angle with his fist parallel with his head. His target was one of the rock pillars on the mountain peak located near the southern edge. He finally clenched his fist tightly, thrusting his fist forward he felt his biceps and triceps constrict firmly adding a great deal of power behind the punch.

His fist made contact with the rock pillar, the force behind his punch caused the rock pillar to instantaneously crack at the point of impact. As his body went through the rest of the motion, still going forward, the rock pillar nearly broke into pieces at the impacted zone. In just a moment after striking the rock he came to a stop, his right fist stuck inside of the rock pillar. His punch may not have been strong enough to break the rock into pieces or even break it in half he still managed to break into it. His fist still stuck inside of the rock, he leaned his body backwards angling his left shoulder away from the rock as his left leg bent at the knee and raised up. His knee quickly unbent, slamming his left foot in-between the area where his fist had hit the rock and where the base of the pillar was at.

The power behind his kick, combined with the damage the pillar had already sustained from his earlier punch, made the upper part of the rock to be broken off from the base with his right fist still stuck inside of it. He didn’t expect the rock to weigh as much as it did, as it immediately pulled him forward as the pillar began to go over the side of the mountain. ’This is bad,’ he thought to himself as he tried to get his right fist out of the pillar’s rocky grasp, trying desperately hard to get his fist unstuck. It was no use, as his feet started to lift off the ground. In only a few seconds he was going head first over the southern side of the mountain’s cliff.

Reaction time had to be precise and quick at this point but it was going to take a lot of strength for him to get himself out of this dangerous situation. He pulled his knees to his chest and rotated his body upward, only his right arm pointed downward due to being stuck in the rock. He grabbed his right forearm with his left hand and began to pull while kicking both of his feet down towards the pillar, directed at the spot just below where his right hand was caught. He yelled out as he put every ounce of strength he had into the double kick, if it failed he was basically dead.

His feet impacted the rock pillar making them fall faster for a second, but with his left hand pulling on his right arm, he managed to pull his right hand out of the rock. They had fallen nearly a mile and half, but now things got more interesting. He turned around and put his arms outward, trying to grab onto the edge of the mountain side. He was falling too fast to actually stop himself on the first try. His hands simply bounced off whatever rocks that were sticking out that he tried to grab onto. ’I can’t die here, not like this; I’ve got to try harder.’ his thought seemed to help him focus better on trying to make himself stop from falling. He made another attempt to grab onto the mountain side.

This time it worked, not easily but it did work. Intense pain coursed throughout his body for a moment as he felt like his arms were nearly ripped off by the momentum change. He went from falling at an incredible speed, to nearly stopping all at once. He refused to let go though, holding onto a small ledge that was stick out of the mountain side. He was still only a mile or less above the ground so he couldn’t let go at this point. Constricting most of the muscles in his body he began to pull himself up. Pushing his body to its limits had made his muscles a little weaker, but he overcame his own limitation. He had managed to stop his fall and pull his body up onto the tiny ledge, barely able to stand on the ledge that was barely as wide as his feet. He stood there for a second, looking backwards and down, the ground was so far away, ’There’s no way I could survive that, I’ve got to get back to the top without falling again’

This wasn’t the time to try and practice using chakra to run up the mountain, because there was no guarantee he could even accomplish going all the way to the top without messing up at least once or twice. He’d only just learned how to use chakra to try and climb a tree, let alone scale a full mountain. This was going to be all muscle trying to get back to the top. ’Mind over matter. I can do this.’ He looked up towards the top of the mountain, unable to see the top of it due to the common cloud coverage Kumogakure experienced. He raised his right hand up and felt for some kind of spot he could grab and lift himself up with. Once he pulled up with his right hand, he raised his left hand up and found yet another spot to grab. Lifting his feet off the ground, he quickly reached up with his right hand and found another spot sticking out and grabbed it, pulling him body up. He placed his right foot on the spot his right hand had once been grabbing onto. He used his left hand to find another spot to grab and pulled up again, placing his left foot where his left hand had been holding.

He continued that pattern of lifting his body up slowing along the side of the mountain. His muscles burned as the lactic acid buildup began to grow in them. He ignored the soreness that was overcoming his body, while he got closer to the top of the mountain. At one point his right foot slipped off a tiny ledge spot, nearly sending him down to his certain death. It nearly took every last ounce of strength in his body to pull himself up and reset his right foot onto a more stable spot. Nearly 45 feet away from the top ledge, he grabbed a rock sticking out with his left hand. As soon as he pulled on the rock with his left hand, the rock broke off the mountain, sending him backwards. He held on tightly to a more stable rock with his right hand, refusing to let go as half his body dangled off the mountain. That moment nearly took his life, but that was final complication he had in scaling the mountain.

Reaching the top of the mountain, he pulled himself up and back on the mountaintop. He sighed heavily in relief, his heart nearly pounding out of his chest. It was exhilarating to come that close to dying and yet he survived unharmed, although his muscles were screaming out in pain. He wasn’t done with his workout though; all that had happened was not what he had in mind for training. He took a few steps forward and felt his legs nearly give out on him, the muscles aching from the hard work of trying to climb back up a large scale mountain. ‘I guess it would be better to stop for the day.’ he thought to himself. Hell, he had done enough with that predicament, that soreness his muscles felt only meant that they were stronger now, even if it felt like they were weaker.

With his training completed, he walked towards the northern part of the mountain, and exhaled. He jumped into the air, towards another mountain top that was only 15 feet away. It was the mountain top which led back to Kumogakure no Sato. He underestimated how sore his muscles were, as he didn’t quite make the jump. Luckily for him, there was a large ledge sticking out under the cliff of the mountain, and he grabbed onto that, and pulled himself up onto it. ‘Damn it, I should have been able to make that jump, I need to get stronger.’ the thought of needing to be stronger coursed through his mind as he made the small climb up onto the top of the mountain. Finally he was truly done for the day, walking to the edge of the mountain where there was a bridge leading back to Kumogakure no Sato, specifically leading to the housing area of the village. He slowly made his way back home, his muscles still extremely sore from the intense workout he just went through.

(1654 Words. Strength training, maybe some stamina training. Rather it just be strength though.)


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Kino R. Kyodo

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PostSubject: Re: Kursiu's Strength Training (Done, Please Check?)   Sat May 05, 2012 9:36 am

8 Strength, 8 JP
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Kursiu's Strength Training (Done, Please Check?)
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