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 Deadaro Sword Seal Making. (DONE)

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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 1
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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Lightning
Clan : Deadaro
Bloodline : Deadaro
Ryo : 2600

PostSubject: Deadaro Sword Seal Making. (DONE)   Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:36 pm

Alex awoke one morning in his small apartment house in Konoha with a strong determination to learn yet another secret of the deadaro. However this was not as much of a secret as others. This was just rumored to be very difficult. What Alex was going to do today was preform a seal on his sword and to himself to preform a chakra link between the two so that his blade would actually give him chakra from the earth around him and make him able to use more jutsu consistently. This was obveously very useful. But however it was definitely hard to do and would take a whole day for Alex. Once alex learned this he could use his jutsus much more efficiantly and overall it would make alex a better ninja and a better ninja of the deadaro by learning more of their clan secrets. by learning more if the clan secrets alex is able to become even more elite in his clan .

Alex stood up out of his bead and walked over to the small closet in his small apartment and opened the right panel of it reaching in the back pulling out a large black leathery box. Alex looked at it smileing and set it down on his bed opening it finding a shiny sheath. Alex could not get teh grin off of his face as he opened up the sheath fulling out a long black blade with a red handle. This was the Deadaro sword passed down to all members of the Deadaro. And alex was going to learn how to really use it today. Alex was quite exited. Alex took the blade out fully and felt its full weight in his hand. It was heavey enough that Alex could have good control over it but light enough that Alex would swing fastly with ease. Ale x spoke to himself. "Truely wonderful" He said as he then put the blade back in its sheath and tied the blade to his back. Alex headed out of his house and started walking through the village towards the gate. It was a beautiful day outside. Really beautiful and gorgeous. It was not warm infact it was a little cool outside. Perfect temperature especially sense Alex was going to be outside all day.

Alex was approaching the oustide of the gates and he could see the trail outside. Alex activated his deadaro eye looking far out down the long trail and then his eye started to focus in on the trail and then in a split second alex was out on the trail outside of the leaf village. Alex turns to hir right and started walking down the trail then turned right again taking at turn in the the forest and then he hopped up on a branch then wuickly dashing off of that branch he was hopping through the trees with great speed. After about 2 minutes of that Alex stopped goping through the trees and jumped down to the ground and started walking to his left and after another few minutes of that he was approaching a clearing where the trees parted and there was a small creek passing through Alex stood in the middle of the clearing and sat down catching his breath as he took out his Deadaro blade and set it down in the grass infront of him. Alex stood up and stretched looking around making sure he was completely alone. He was except for the small animals around and the birds. And the stream going by. It was time for Alex to start making his Seal for the deadaro sword. This sword has been passed down through the deadaro and on the elite members of the deadaro can get this seal to work. But Alex was confident because of his 3rd stage deadaro eyes. Those are only ment for elite members of the deadaro so Alex felt like he was more than ready to make the seal for the Deadaro sword.

Alex looked at his Deadaro sword on the ground and thought of what he needed to do to make this seal work. What was told to him when he was young was that he needed to seal part of him in the sword and somehow seal part of the sword into alex. However after further reasearch Alex had learned more about how to do this. And the necessary hand seals needed to be made to do this incredible jutsu. Alex needed to clap his hands together building his chakra up in one spot of his body. This spot is where the seal will form on his body. Once he concentrated the chakra Alex would need to then release all of it at once into his sword this would actually make a seal on the sword. Then once that is done Alexs chakra will be inside of the sword. Then alex will grab hsi hand to thw sword and drain the chakra from it concentrating on that once spot he concentrated on before. After doing this for long amount of time Alex will then have formed a seal oh his back. After this the chakra bond should be made. But as everything else in the deadadro clan. This was probable not going to be easy one bit. Hopefully Alex cold even go through with all of it. But he was still confident. Alex then took one final breath without concentrating his chakra then spoke aloud. "Alright.. i i its time to begin. " So many thoughts were running through the young ninjas head as he was about to start teh jutsu. Like was he going to be able to do it? What if he failed. Oh no, oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no and Alex was freaking out kind of. Then Alex stood up and started breathing more slowly and god control over himself and spoke outloud once more. "ALEX ALRIGHT LETS DO THIS WE GOT THIS. WE CAN DO THIS WE CAN DO THIS" By we alex ment his chakra and him. If Alex messed up alex could end up sealing all of his chakra inside the blade and that would defiantly not be good. But Alex then sat down again this time he was more determined than ever to get thsi done and get it right. Alex was going to do this. And he would have a truly elite blade.

It was time for Alex to begin. He sat down infront of his back bladed and red handles Deadaro blade and looked at it and then claped his hands together in one big boom. Alex started chanting "Aaa aa aa a a aaa aaaa aa aaa aaaaaaa aaaa" As we was charging his chakra up within his body. Alex focused on the spot on his back right below where hs blade rested on his upper back. The seal it woulc make could be a type of pentegram looking shape except with 3 circles getting smaller inside of it. Once this was made Alex would have a chakra link between him and his blade so that chakra would be flowing directly into him form the nature around him. This would not only make him have more chakra but it would also make his chakra more pure considering it comes directly from nature. Alex was still sitting there concentrating his chakra on his back. He was getting tired in his arms cause he had to hold them up but he could not stop this was very imprtant that he needed to follow through with this seal to make it work properly. Alex Was still yelling "Aaa aa aa a a aaa aaaa aa aaa aaaaaaa aaaa" as he was charging his chakra up but he was also thinking about stuff. About how stong he could be if he dept learning the deadaro justus. and more about this smazing clan he was in. And what jutsus of jutsus to learn next to make him more powerful. Alex then clpped a little harder raising the ammound of concentrated chakra. this was real training pain and pushing though the pain. Alex was determined to be remembered as a great ninja. Once Alex learned this jutsu he could be able to use so much more jjutsu and run out of chakra less. this was an amazing achievement for any ninja to reach and especially for Alex who uses alot of big jutsu and if he might fun out of chakra with a jutsu this will regenerate his chakra even more quickly. So Alex can use his big jutsus. Alex then clapped his hands for a few more minutes charging his chakra and then raised his hand high in teh sky and he then smashed his hand down on the flat side of his blade putting all of his concentrated chakra into the blade and not stopping the transfer of his chakra for about 2 minutes and than as Alex was done with this alex about fell down due to how much chakra this took away form him. But he still had a little left and it was time to start the seccond phase oh his jutsu and regain his chakra making the link of chakra between alxs deadaro sword and Alex.

Alex then took one more deep breath as the second phase of his deadaro bladde sealing was about to take place and alex lookde up at the sky looking at how blue it was infact it wa actually aboutt o turn darker Alex had been outside for wuite a long time and he was getting tired but this part here should not take as long as the ohhers and once Alex had finished this then hw could have the powers of the deadaro sealed blade. Alex lookde back down at his blade and gruned and spit on teh ground and then grabbed the red handle of his blade and yelled once more. "Ahh ah ah ahhh ahh ahh ah ah ahh ahh ah a ahhh ah" but this time instead of Alex giving away chakra he was taking it away form the blade but he was still forming it in the spot on his back forming the seal. wich was the final part of his sealing once he had done this and done it secsessfuly alex should have made the link flawlesly . Alex started to concentrate the chakra flowing into his body into the once spot that he ws doing before right in teh upper middle area of his back After awhile of doing this alex could start to feel something start to form on his back. Hopefully this was going right cause if it was than Alex could be even more elite to his clan. Alex had already spent much time training his eyes to get an elite thing of tha clan now he training his sword to get an elite S ranked sword of the clan. Alex was about done sucking the chakra out of his sword as he was lowing down his chanting of "Ahh ah ah ahhh ahh ahh ah ah ahh ahh ah a ahhh ah" And he was getting pretty tired. But all of this was more than worth it. Alex then finally finished fucking the chakra out and pulled his hand off of the sword with a loud yell. he laid there on his back breathing heavily. But then he could feel something. He felt chakra flowing into his body from somewhre and then he took off his shirt and stood above the creek looking and he could see the seal on his back. It had turned out perfectly and alex smiled as he then put his shirt back on and grabbed his sword. He could aready feel this incredibly pure chakra flowing in to his body. Alex had done it. this is wonderful. All that was left now was for alex to walk back into the village and sleep the pain away. Alex didnt even feel like walking back. HE picked up his new blade and strapped it to his back and then thought of his room in his head and then in a slip seccond he transported to his room in an instant. He laid down in his bed and closed his eyes and then fell into a wonderful sleep.

((WORD COUNT: 2054))

Health: 43
Stamina: 17
Speed: 17

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PostSubject: Re: Deadaro Sword Seal Making. (DONE)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:33 am

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Deadaro Sword Seal Making. (DONE)
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