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 Jin's Forest Training (Open to all)

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PostSubject: Jin's Forest Training (Open to all)   Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:33 am

Seeing as there were no dangerous missions Jin was qualified for he decided to take to the wilderness of the forest. He was eager to get started but he still needed to see what he had to work with in his generic area..., 'Well I can definitely say there are trees,' he laughed a little to himself at the lameness of his joke but continued his observations, 'So there are a lot of shrubs too, a slight uphill forwards for the next 20 ft, and the only other feature worthy of note is a large log about 15 ft. above and behind and I see it's suspended by laying across the large branches of trees.' he then thought about what he was going to train this time since he already did his warm up in the training grounds. "I know let's train my chakra and maybe stamina if I decide to go for a while... and maybe even later I'll learn a jutsu or two!" he spoke out loud as a self assurance thing. There hasn't been many to train with since he became a genin so he tries to act like his own teacher and rival.

Jinchu began by making a light jog towards a tree while focusing his chakra a little more with each step to the soles of his feet. Once he actually reached the tree released the chakra and was scaling the tree with efficient skill. The tree Jin was climbing though, was definitely one of the largest in this area both in height and in width (circumference of 10 ft.)so he was already exceeding the normal amount of time he used this jutsu only a third of the way up. Pretty intrigued the challenge he switched his running style, instead of straight up Jinchu began going along the tree horizontally as well to create a sort of spiral path up the trunk, 'Alright I'm gonna make it to the top! I just got to retain focus and stay efficient with my chakra useage and I should be fine.' just passing the two-thirds mark really motivated him to move faster for the prize of victory that awaited atop but with excitement came a deviation of focus. Jinchu nearly fell off with a misjudged left step but he luckily corrected his mistake by pushing hard enough he was able to leap up and reattatch himself with more chakra focus to the right, 'Wow that was close,' was his first thought that came to mind, 'It's the repitition that makes it hard, it gets so boring but to increase chakra capacity and efficiency for stronger jutsu I can't waiver in my efforts!' his self-remotivation served its purpous because from then on Jinchu's concentration remained on his chakra control allowing him to make it all the way to the top of the tree. With his final step he completely let go of his concentration and pushed off with his left foot signifying his victory... Now he was in a complete free-fall about 100 ft. from the ground as he was almost in a sleep sort of state ignoring the aproaching earth below.

'This is very interesting... the amount of focus I used on that jutsu allowed me to climb that very tall tree but with much less of a drain than I did before both in chakra and physical and physical exertion... cool.' it was as if Jinchu wasn't even concious of his situation even though it was pretty obvious he was quickly falling to his deathbed if he chooses to remain idle. Once Jin got very close to that suspended log he saw earlier is when he started to get into action. He formed a very quick single ram seal releasing his chakra to create the Body Flicker jutsu and sped to the same large tree he ran up just to make clean contact of the balls of his feet to the tree trunk and pouncing off towards the great suspended log only a bit of distance away. Landing gracefully on the log just off from its center, Jin rotated on his left foot so he was facing the walking tree. He formed the necessary hand seals to create two clones both to the right of him making Jin the left end of an identical three-man team. He and the clone on the far right lunged into the air doing mirrored backflips with a forward momentum and landed on the ground prepared for battle. The remaining clone leapt for the sky but while in mid-air Jinchu dispersed his clones and then used the body replacement jutsu to switch places with a nearby rock. After performing the technique he was pretty unsatisfied, 'Man I really need to learn some real combat related jutsu... I don't have the chakra capacity to learn the powerful stuff yet, though. Damn, why did I have to be bourne with the affinity for the most demanding element? Well I guess it's just destiny tryin to give me a hint, haha.' he still remained motionless for the next few moments trying to think of what to do next. Jinchu formed the hand seals, releasing his chakra to transform himself into one of his old classmates at the academy. He thought back to when he had that training partner, someone to rival off with... he then thought about what he was going to do if he met him again and he wasn't able to keep up, "DAMN, I GOTTA KEEP WORKING HARD!!!!!!!" he screamed to the sky, causing birds to scatter in an uproar and probably disturbing others training in the forest, "I'm gonna take a little break then I'm going to teach myself a new lightning release technique, the one that I was meaning to try that could make my opponents lose their footing in battle, haha." Jinchu then sat down on the roots of the closest tree trying to prepare himself to learn this new jutsu.

Chakra Training: 983/400 words = +2 chakra stats

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PostSubject: Re: Jin's Forest Training (Open to all)   Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:17 am

2 chakra and 4 JP
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Jin's Forest Training (Open to all)
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