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 Training [private]

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Kino R. Kyodo

Fame : 24
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Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : -
Ryo : 66500

PostSubject: Training [private]   Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:53 pm

Kino, had awoken, still in the village of Konohagakure, for the chuunin
exams. He had not passed the exams yet, but also had not failed. He was
an Uchiha, having achieved the first two tomoe of the sharingan at a
young age, more early then other Uchiha would have. Kino, had gotten
some food from his apartment he was staying in, and then headed out. As
he took a step outside, out of the shade of his door step that the sun
had caused, the sun’s rays had hit him, his cloak had casted shade over
his face, and his tired eyes as it was still early in the morning,
normally when the sharingan was activated there would have been a glow
coming from his eyes, a red glow. As he took his first step out of his
small temporary home, as his foot hit the ground, it had launched dust
as his foot dragged a little once it had hit the ground, it flew about
to the west, the same way the wind was traveling, though not very fast,
the wind could barely push what little clouds were in the sky that day.
He motioned his arm upward, towards his face, then wiping his eyes of
the morning sand everyone would normally had woken up with in their
eyes. He placed his hand on his chin, and pushed it to the right,
letting his neck, or spine make a snapping noise. He then titled his
body back, letting his back snap; this was just a morning routine for
Kino, now he needed to decide on what to do today. He began to drag his
foot, turning his body around towards his door once more, he motioned is
hand towards the doorknob, grabbing it, then shutting his door, taking
out a key with his other hand and then locking his door.

began walking, randomly, nowhere to travel to he was just now wandering
around Konohagakure, looking at all the shops, some sold weapons, others
medicine or maybe just food or other sort of things. No store in
Konohagakure seemed to have nothing Kino wanted, he didn’t want anything
really, but nothing caught his eye, nothing he looked at made him think
he needed it, nothing made him want it.

He continued walking,
looking at the strangers going by, walking mostly in the opposite
direction of him, some others going his way, others turning right or
left at the end of the streets Kino traveled on. Kino began to think of
Kumogakure, what may had changed, what was going on, the thought races
through his head thinking of home, he didn’t care too much of it, but it
was his home village, he had a little concern for the village. He
continued on, still wondering on what to do this very bright day,
nothing seemed to pop in his mind as he traveled seeing children playing
in or near the streets, their parents close by. He decided to travel to
the forest and think; it would have been much quieter there.

a bit of traveling through Konohagakure, he had arrived at the village
gates, he was traveling to the forest to think in peace from the noise
of this village, though, he wondered if the villagers of Konohagakure
could still be heard when he was out in the forest, all he really wanted
to do now was travel away from konohagakure for a bit, but that could
have meant he may fail the second exam, by missing it. He decided to
train, so he could be better prepared for the chuunin exams, weather he
fail or not, it didn’t really matter to him, he was just using the
chuunin exams to see if he was strong enough to take his revenge on the
Konohagakure shinobi who called himself Uchiha. The question rose, what
would he train, speed, strength, or more chakra control, Kino didn’t
plan enough to train today, he decided to train a bit in everything. He
found a nice tall tree, and began to store chakra within his feet
getting ready to run up it, hoping this time he would be undisturbed in
his training, most of the time Konohagakure ninja liked to bother Kino
during his training in the forest, he had planned on traveling back to
Kumogakure right after the chuunin exams would end, or if he failed,
though he planned on passing. Kino had been training for the chuunin
exams quite a bit now; a few days have passed since Kino first arrived
in Konohagakure. He was now running up the tree, with chakra stored in
his feet so he wouldn’t fall off, he had hoped that he would have the
right amount, if too much chakra was stored then he would break the bark
off the tree like he did once before, more than once actually. If too
little chakra was stored into his feet, then he would simply fall off
the tree leaving no damage to the tree. He had gotten half way up the
tree when he stopped supplying the amount of chakra he had been to keep
on the tree, he had now stopped supplying enough chakra to stay on the
tree and fell off landing on his back.

He had gotten up, then
leaning back snapping his back a little. It was not a far fall; he had
not been hurt too badly. He charged chakra in his feet, this time
focusing mainly on the amount of chakra that is stored in his feet, so
he would not fall again or break the tree this time, though as Kino
walked up the tree, each step taking about three seconds with how Kino
was focusing, about half way up the tree, a little further then when he
had first fallen off the tree, he had supplied too much of his chakra
and had fallen off the tree, as well as breaking some bark off of the
tree, the brown bark had fallen off the tree just a few seconds after
Kino had fallen off of the tree, Kino landed on his back yet again, this
time though, the bark had landed on his face. Kino brushed off his
face, all the dirt and bark off of it, and got back up, storing chakra
within the bottom of his feet yet again, this time he was determined to
get to the top of the tree. He charged at the tree, then running up it.
Each step went faster than a second. About the time he got half way up
the tree, he had an even amount and the right amount of chakra within
his feet. He had gotten to the top of the tree, pulling himself up,
climbing onto a branch and scanning the forest from the top of the tree.
He looked around, viewing the forest floor, looking around at all the
much larger trees around the area, then looking at all the smaller tree
in the forest around his area, there were much, much more trees smaller
and taller than the tree he was sitting in now. He continued looking
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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

Fame : 34
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Element(s) : Wind, Earth, Lightning
Clan : Fubatsu
Bloodline : Joubuna
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:11 am

Yin walked through the Konoha area, into the forest It was a brief break in the chuunin exams. She needed something to do, so what better than train? Maybe learn from the scroll she had found recently. It detailed how a person or thing could be used to catalyze chakra. Since Yin could not do it for herself, this would be a good technique to have in her arsenal. From what she understood, the Nibi could be used to get her fire chara. In addition, another shinobi could be used to get her other chakra natures. Or a tool like the Kiba swords. So, she figured she would work on channeling her chakra through Nibi so that she could cast fire jutsu. She traversed into the forest, where she heard a thud. Venturing over to the where she heard the thud, she saw a boy laying on the ground. Then he got up and ran up the tree. He succeeded this time. He was looking around, not down. Yin decided to be a little mischievous. She snuck up directly under the boy, and then yelled "HEY YOU!" at the top of her lungs. She was hoping he would be surprised and fall to the ground.

((I have been trying for days to get any inspiration beyond this and have epically failed x.x. Sorry for short))

don't want to remove but don't need:

The main modding account of Shiroi Shinzo/Dol Havard
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Kino R. Kyodo

Fame : 24
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : -
Ryo : 66500

PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:31 am

Kino sat there in a tree, waiting for nothing, planning on getting back to training. He remembered that every time he had trained in this forest a konohagakure shinobi had attacked him. This time he had planned on winning if attacked, or not being attacked, he had liked his second plan better. He was tired of fighting in Konoha's forest, he would rather travel back home to Kumogakure and take a break, but he needed the chuunin exams to end before he could go back. The only reason he was in the chuunin exams was to test his power, not caring on if he got chuunin or not, but he at least wanted to make it to the third exam if anything.

He was now falling asleep, he slowly closed his eyes thinking that it would be alright if he had taken a short nap now, he had scanned the area and no one was in site, then again he had not looked to good around the area. He closed his eyes slowly, not worrying about anything, right before he finished closing his eyes he heard someone yell "hey you" loudly, it sounded as it was right below him. He jumped up, nearly falling off the branch but managed to keep his balance barely. Not another Konoha ninja.. he thought, taking out his sword and preparing for battle as he started jumped down branch to branch trying to reach the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   

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Training [private]
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