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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Shadow Training (CLOSED, NO INTERLOPERS)   Sun Feb 26, 2012 6:24 pm

[ooc: as continued training from the post in Training (Ask to Join)]

At so began another day in the forest. Although Kyuicho had seen someone in the forest before, Kyuicho located himself further away from that area in order to keep himself in a more secret area. Through the night, Kyuicho had felt excited to keep learning the jutsu, but he didn't understand why he was succumbing to the meaningless need for more power. Perhaps everyone felt excited when they became stronger and that's why they kept training. Kyuicho didn't want that though. There should be more behind getting stronger, not just getting power without purpose. Truly it was the fear of becoming power hungry. The need to keep getting stronger was an addiction that Kyuicho identified in so many people, even himself now. Kyuicho was standing in a small 5 by 3 area that offered a little room with rays of light entering the forest. It was perfect for training.

Now where did I leave off? Oh right I was weaving my chakra through my feet and into the ground. Then I was going to try something with shadows... Oh right he was going to weave his chakra into his shadow. That was his plan from yesterday. Kyuicho's concentration focused into his feet. The chakra in the center of his body flowed down sending tingling sensations through him. His toes started going numb when he forced chakra through his heels. The flexible chakra weaved into his shadow, becoming it. He could sense every detail of the shadow, even what was inside. At last he reached the point of manipulating it. But he didn't know from there, maybe his chakra was still controlled with his will.

He used the same sensation, that feeling of moving chakra, to guide the shape of his shadow. It began squirming into a puddle, kind of gooey and formless. The two D shape was difficult to control. The further away it was the more difficult it was for Kyuicho to keep stable. The next thing he wanted to do was test it on someone, to try and link a connection of shadows. Looking around, he couldn't see anything but the trees and grass.

If his father was here maybe he could help... Wait his father had shown him more than just instructions. There was a link that time when he had Kyuicho practice the hand signs. Kyuicho felt the iron will of his father move his body. Like mind control but with him awake and seeing his body move. It felt helpless and like he was trapped. He would need to try later when someone else was with him. A theoretical knowledge of what to do wasn't as good as experience being trapped in the jutsu. Te next time he would use the jutsu it should work.

Behind him there was a scratching sound, in the taller grass. Something was there, Kyuicho could try his jutsu there. He turned around slowly, and his shadow turned and twisted around his body. It darted into the bushes and tall grass. Kyuicho caught something in their. He could feel where it was as well as it's size, which was pretty small. Kyuicho knew it mimicked his actions with their shadows connected. He took a step forward and then a rabbit came out of the grass. The small creature watched him as Kyuicho looked at it back. Their heart beast were in sync, and Kyuicho could move his body to move the small animal. His jutsu felt flawless now, like it was a new skill he could use to do anything. But then he realized what would happen if he wanted more power. He'd become someone he didn't want to be, a power hungry fool who was worthless. So many were on that path. He didn't want to become them.

His shadow released the rabbit and it instantly scurried off into the forest. The ability to control somebody's will felt like a powerful way to fight. Was that the way he should fight? It felt like cheating really. Kyuicho's chakra felt exhausted again, like it had been used up. He would need another break in order to use the jutsu again, but he caught it so fast it flt like there was still more to it. Once his father got home, Kyuicho would consult with him about the jutsu. Overall he felt it was completed, the phases of the jutsu were completed in order and pretty much as fast as he could get the sequence to work. Shadow manipulation was hard business.

[774+1073=1847 words]

Health: 13
Chakra: 14
Stamina: 14
Speed: 13
Strength: 8
Charisma: 12

In all the things we do, what is there to gain? Power, control, money? What else waits in the things that we do? Is what we find, our selves?

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Kino R. Kyodo

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Training (CLOSED, NO INTERLOPERS)   Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:16 pm

9 JP, you do not need to train a jutsu, you need to buy it using JP, follow this template http://naruto-role-play-rpg.forumotion.com/t1681-what-this-is, place the jutsu you were training in; jutsu unlocked
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