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 [Mission; D] Medical Mushrooms

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Altair Cantaro
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water
Ryo : 1025

PostSubject: [Mission; D] Medical Mushrooms    Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:46 pm

Altair was summoned by the Hokage, Altair was one of the newer Genin and needed some experience so it seemed the Hokage knew this. Altair walked into the Hokage’s Chamber and bowed to him as he customarily would.
“Altair, I am sending you on your first mission, you will gather a mushroom with healing properties for the hospital. They are running low on supplies and need to be restocked. This is a priority for you and I expect this to be accomplished in a timely manner.” The Hokage explained, while handing him a bag to store the mushrooms he collects.

Altair accepted the mission, not that he really had a choice, Altair began to leave the village in the direction of the Tornado village. Once Altair got on the move he activated his Byakugan, at this point it was not very strong but would still give him enough heads up to react if something bad happens, after all he was alone on this mission. Altair continued on, seeing the animals from behind him and even traders moving between the villages. Altair was amazed at how the Byakugan worked, but he needed to focus on his task at hand, he was sure the Hokage was waiting for him. Altair began to speed up to get to his destination. Soon Altair saw someone in the distance but they seemed to be looking at him, Altair slowed down slightly to see how this would turn out and it seemed it was a good idea because the man was coming toward Altair, through the trees. Altair stopped in his tracks to see what was going on. The man stopped a few branches short of where Altair stood.

“What are you doing here? Outsiders are not welcome after the last incident with outside villages.” The man said, obviously from the Tornado village. "The last ninja of your kind to come here wrecked half our crops and storage houses, we have enough to last us till the next harvest but it will be tough, GAH im monologuing. Well now we keep you outsiders away from the village, since we have alot of medicine to trade which is why you are here i bet." he said with a smerk.

Altair was found out, he was here for medicine, but what he didnt understand was how could this man must feel to not let other get to the medicine. Altair decided that he would have to fight, though was discusted by it because this was not a nessicary fight, but he needed to get the medicine back to the hokage. Altair pushed forward, at first trying to just pass the man but he was slightly skilled with speed. Altair rotated himself and kicked at the ninja, which was subsiquently blocked. Altair began to think this was going to be tougher then he thought

Altair began to fight at full strength if he was going to get to those mushrooms he needed to get past this ninja. Altair formed a few seals....

"Wind Style: GREAT BREAKTHROUGH!" Altair thrust his arms forward throwing a gust of wind to his opponent, the intention of this wind was to throw the ninja off balance, however this was not that case at the Tornado ninja performed the same jutsu and they both negated each other, Altair was surprised by this as he didnt think that he would run into another wind user.

"Well there goes those jutsu....ill have to try something else." Altair pushed into fighting with some Taijutsu, he was fairly skilled for his ranking and hoped to take the edge here. The Tornado ninja seemed to be at a slight disadvantage in this regard, he began to get a little frantic and soon used another jutsu "Wing Fist" to augment his power in wach strike to begin to push Altair back. Altair was now at a disadvantage.

"Still a fool i see...." A voice said, its whereabouts were unknown but Altair had heard this voice before, Altair was caught off guard and looked around with his Byakugan but couldnt see anyone.

"I see you still dont know, but you will soon enough." The voice faded and Altair refocused on his fight. Altair had one ace up his sleeve but if it didnt work he would be out of ideas, with what he knew. Altair jumped back and formed a few more seals, "This will end it!" Altair cast the only Genjutsu he knew, the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique; this was successful the Tornado ninja heard screaming and as he turned around he saw the village on fire. Altair took the oppertunity to attack the ninja and pinned him to the ground.

"Look i dont want to fight you anymore, all i want is the is some of the mushrooms so that our hospital is stocked and can aid those who need them." Altair explained, "i have brought funding from the Leaf Village and will gladly pay for all that i take." The Tornado ninja continued to struggle, "Why should we help you!"

"The leaf does not wish to fight with you, we are a peaceful village and only fight when we have to, if you recall you attacked me." The tornado ninja stopped his struggle and agreed to take him to the village to and sell the mushrooms, Once Altair had filled the bag he recieved from the Hokage he began to return home. Once he arrived he went to the hospital to turn in the supplies.

Altair returned to the Hokages Chamber to report back in, explaining the situation with the ninja and explained how no one was hurt. Altair also noted to the Hokage how he began hear voices that not even his Byakugan could detect, yet it felt close. The hokage lowered his head and smirked slightly, "You will understand one day but for now just keep on listening." Altair nodded and left. This mission was complete and Altair was ready for the next one.

WC: 1000 (HA so didnt plan that)



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[Mission; D] Medical Mushrooms
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