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 Training [private]

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PostSubject: Training [private]   Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:32 am


Oki had made his way to Kumogakure for chakra control training, he would use the mountains there to climb up using chakra, he would use the steepness of a mountain as a way to slide down and climb up using chakra to make sure he would not fall. He had set out, just a few miles off the border of Kumogakure. He had began walking, waiting to arrive at the mountains area so he could begin in his training. He had almost no jutsu, only the three academy jutsu. He needed chakra control first, that was really the only reason he was there. He had took notice of the weather, it was cloudy out, the sun barely shown as the clouds forced the sun behind them casting close to no light at all, the few rays of light that shined down on the very field that he was walking had provided a small amount of light, but not much. The wind was pushing the clouds very, very slowly, the clouds had looked as if they weren't moving at all. He continued, noticing the mountains reaching farther up then the ones before, the mountains more steep then the others before. These mountains seemed perfect, one wrong move and it would be death.

He made his way for what seemed to be the highest, steepest mountain there. He focused his chakra into his feet. He began to charge, just a few feet away from the mountain. He began to walk on the surface of the mountain, one wrong move could result in him falling off, which was why Oki had to focus mainly on the amount of chakra in his feet. Oki, remained walking, he did not want to run, for few reasons, the first reason being he would have to give more focus into watching where he stepped then how much chakra was in his feet, thus resulting in him breaking part of the mountain and falling to his death, the second reason was because this had given him more time to focus his chakra, meaning this would be better then running up, more chakra control training time. He had planned to stop once he would reach the top of the mountain and back down to the bottom again. He had planned on sliding down the mountain with chakra in his feet to keep him from falling off the mountain and hopefully keep him from falling too fast. He had kept climbing up the mountain, walking, each time he took a step a second would pass as he kept on climbing up the steep mountain. He had continued climbing, noticing not much change in the weather or really anything else, the only thing that noticeably changed was the height Oki was at. He continued onwards up the mountain, not much change in the view at all looking back he must have been about fifty feet in the air, it had almost been an hour and there was still quite a way to go. He continued walking up the mountains, thinking of plans, of what he would do in life, he needed something. He began to think a bit walking up the mountain focusing chakra into the feet still as he would rise up about a hundred feet off the ground now, it seems to have been an hour and forty minutes since he started to climb the mountain. He looked upwards, seeing that the mountain still had quite a way up. Thousands of feet. He noticed after awhile, that the mountain would begin to go past the clouds, he had to be cautious on where he would step and move slower then he was now. After awhile, night time would fall down upon the earth, leaving it too dark to see for Oki, he had found a small ledge on the mountain, a place to sleep. The ledge was large enough for Oki to lay down on.

Once the light would once again show as the sun arose from it's slumber, Oki began to move out charging chakra back up into the feet, and heading out climbing the mountain once more with chakra control training. Looking back he had noticed how high he was, one wrong step he could fall and die. He continued having come all the way up here for training, most likely no one would ever try this after Oki would, most likely no one has tried it but it is a possibility that someone has done this same thing. He had no weapons, no good jutsu he had to get some, he would after this training. He had remembered hearing something about the chuunin exams in Konohagakure, he would be making a stop there next, all he needed was a scroll, and a jutsu, if he would be lucky he would find something he needed for power, great power, power only few could ever achieve. He continued, going onwards up the mountain focusing chakra as he took each step making sure he doesn't fall. He continued, having plans in the future, this training would help those plans. Oki wanted to be the best, most unstopable person on the face of the earth, and he was willing to do anything to get that kind of power. He was a specialist with seals, one of the best, all Minki clan members would have superb sealing skills, sealing was mostly known as Fuinjutsu though. Oki had used ninjutsu and fuinjutsu as a main offense, and sometimes genjutsu would be on the bench waiting for action. He continued walking up the mountain. The wind, blowing his black and white hair as he continued walking up the mountain for chakra control training. Walking up the mountain, he was far up, hours into the sky, walking instead of running each step taking exactly one second. He looked up, not much more hours remaining til he would reach the top of the mountain, he looked back, remembering one wrong step would be his doom as he looked forward once more heading on, almost at the top now as a few hours passed. he took a few more steps towards the top, and arrived at the top of the mountain, now for getting down he thought to himself. He took a step towards the edge of the mountain, his heart pounding as he looked down, if he fell now, it would be death, no chance of survival. He charged chakra in his feet, taking a step forward, closing his eyes he fell forward, his feet touched the steep side of the mountain and it attached using the chakra keeping him on the mountain, yet he put enough chakra in his feet to just hover over the mountain, he slid down almost as if he was snow boarding down a snowy mountain or surfing on the open sea. He was going fast, he would soon reach the bottom of the mountain, jumping off the side of the mountain landing on the ground when he was about five feet off the ground. He made his way for Kumogakure now, with plans.
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PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:59 pm

Finshed 1184 words
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PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:06 pm

3 JP

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PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:10 pm

and 2 chakra? .>.
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PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   Tue Feb 07, 2012 8:27 pm

uh... ok, this is 5 JP and 2 chakra

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PostSubject: Re: Training [private]   

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Training [private]
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