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 Chakra Evolution. [ Private / W.I.P. ]

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Chakra Evolution. [ Private / W.I.P. ]   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:23 pm

That freaking Konoha Ninja offered me training, I heard his one of the best ninjas in this country. I will have to see with my own eyes" Ryu eyes changed colour to a sparkling blue. " His a Hyuuga, so he must have quite a bit of knowledge about chakra."
Ryu waited outside Hokage buillding where the konoha forests where nearby." He might even be watching me right now."

Hyuuga Trainer arrives in the Konohagakure forest, barely navigating himself throughout the forest as he read his book. Hyuuga Trainer had challenged the boy to a training session so he could test his new clan's abilities. The boy seemed to have a doujutsu that Hyuuga Trainer had never heard of. Hyuuga Trainer wanted to see if he was a threat to the Hyuuga Clan, or were they just some wanna be Hyuuga Clan. Hyuuga Trainer sighed, as he stopped in front of Furuchi, and read some more of Shuriken and Kunai throwing. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he examined him. Hyuuga Trainer smirked, about the training they were about to do, he was going to take this kid to the edge of his power, and test him.

He analyzed the boy, and noticed he was dark skinned, unusual in Konohagakure, but fairly common in Kumogakure. He stereotypically asked the boy a question. "Are you from Kumogakure?" Hyuuga Trainer asked, as he somewhat regretted asking this, thinking the boy might take offense to it. Hyuuga Trainer sighed, as he still read the book, and started to stretched. Hyuuga Trainer got into a stance, as he had one palm forward, and another in his book in his other hand, as he began to read it.

"My Byakugan does enhance my vision, but I don't use that much, unless I absolutely have to. It constantly consumes a nice amount of chakra, and its useless in battle unless I can get in close range." Hyuuga Trainer said to Ryu, as he sighed, and read some more of his book, that talked about kunai and shuriken throwing, a thing he didn't do much do to him being a close range fighter, and using kenjutsu. He did use his Giant Kunai, but he was more of a close range user when it came to it.

"No sir, I was born in in Kirigakure. My Mother was assciotated with Kumogakure, but My father Pure-breed from Kirigakure. I am not an average child that you'd normally meet." Furichi had seen the amazing Byukagan for the first time in his lifetime. The clear white eye with a pupil.

"What, eventhough your born into Hyuuga family are able to access Bloodline. Your still strong, your pretty intresting guy Hyuuga Trainer." Ryu carefully analysed Hyuuga Trainer for any hidden blades he might have. He wore the standard Konoha Headband." It drains a fair amount of chakra, so even the Hyuuga have their limits."

Ryu wandered as he read the books title. He wandered why would someone Like Hyuuga Trainer need to read book like that, He is a pretty exprienced Shinobi, Maybe his reading something else or I mis-read the title.

epeda nodded, as he said that he was from Kirigakure. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he had previously visited Kirigakure, he didn't as much go into Kirigakure, but trained at the seas there. Hyuuga Trainer nodded, as he said his mother associated with Kirigakure. Hyuuga Trainer looked at Ryu, as he stated his mother was asscioated with Kirigakure, as he nodded. "I see, well as you can tell I'm from Konohagakure, lately I haven't really been there, I've been busy on a journey, training my skills. Also, I have been hunting, Mitsu Doriabu, the leader of Akastuki, and Doriabugakure." Hyuuga Trainer looked at the boy, as he wondered, what skills the boy had, and he noticed he was looking at his Byakugan eyes, many people did, as he felt embarrassed by it, he often intimidated people with his Byakugan, because of the tales of how he has defeated people with his Byakugan.

​"Why thank you! Am I really that interesting, I'm just some Konohagakure Hyuuga, I'm not that interesting. I am a kenjutsu specialist, I'm decent with Elemental chakra, I can control the elements of fire and water, but I'm quite the amateur in that field. He said in a lie, to lower his guards. "I pretty much suck in other ninjutsu, and my taijutsu is only good with Byakugan, I'm only good in kenjutsu." He lied again, as he had to train Ryu not to over or underestimate anyone.

"This book is called the Fine Arts in Kunai and Shuriken Throwing, thats another field I'm somewhat rusty in." Hyuuga Trainer said, as he had read this book before, and only used it to hone his skills some more. Hyuuga Trainer was lying some more, to make Furuchi let his guard down somewhat, as he turned the page, he read something about accuracy, as he had not need to hone his accuracy, with his Byakugan eye. Hyuuga Trainer looked at Ryu, as with one hand, he waved Ryu. "Enough Dialogue, this isn't a filler episode, we are training, now someone play the montage music, and lets get this started."

Ryu's Initate Senses make him jump back almost instantly." Hyuuga Trainer I can see that you Conceal information, you really are one the best." Ryu begins to grin, " Today is 20/03, The day after my brithday. Know that I'm 11 years old I'm able to unlock my clan techniques. Even at my level I'd be able to do some serious damage."

Ryu claps his Hands, Birds in the local area fly away in sereparate paths. The sun know nearly falling into the horizon. A humid day, Perfect for Ryu. People in the local area started to appear, Teachers sending to Academy students to observe this. An open space with a few rocks, Anything could happen.
Ryu Started to focus his transfer, Since he was still young it would take much longer period for it to travel to the desired part.

As Ryu chakra levels finaly seem to charging and overlapping, He rages out in a scream. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARHGHH ! " His eyes had gone a much brighter colour, the skin around it suddenly grew pale. Unable to control this mysterious change in chakra. One of his eyes reverted back to normal but the veins around it changed to a much darker blue. " I can see this weird chakra within in me, is this my gift?"
Ryu thought, I have to distract Hyuuga Trainer untill I figure out how to use this thing properly.

Ryu, Quickly used his Hand signs, creating 2 water clones. He approached one of them and as soon as his right arm reached into contact of it instantly Reverted. But as it reverted it left Icicles on its place. The Clone Looked at Furichi and Ryu at the clone. His right eye had reverted back normal." That was amazing, The God's have truly blessed me today. " Ryu shouted.

Unaware he left his guard down forgetting the his oppononet was right next to him.

Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as the boy found out about his lies, he looked and saw as the boy started to grin. Hyuuga Trainer, smiled, at his compliment, as he said he was one of the best. That was Ryu mistake, as Hyuuga Trainer would continue to let his pride take advantage of this. Hyuuga Trainer got into a stance, as the boy jumped away, and got ready to fight, as he smiled. "Wait, yesterday was your birthday, happy birthday. Unlock your clan's abilities? Allow me, to unlock a can of whoop a** on you then." Hyuuga Trainer said jokingly, as he didn't plan on hurting the kid too bad.

Hyuuga Trainer heard his comment on his clan's abilites, and how he could still do some serious damage, as he wondered if the kid was bluffing, overestimating his own abilities, or was he serious. Hyuuga Trainer was excited that the boy was talking about his immense new strength, as he prepared for their battle. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as it seem a crowd gathered around ​them, he smiled, as he had to show off for the girls in the audience, as he waited for Ryu to end his little ice show so they could begin.

Hyuuga Trainer could sense the amount of chakra Ryu was summoning, as he started to smile. "Nice, now let me check out your chakra reserves." Hyuuga Trainer summoned the Byakugan, as he began to examine his Chakra Pathway System, he was quite impressed, for only somone who was only an academy student to have such power. "A gift? You need to learn how to actually control your new power, we can't have you using it the wrong way can we? We would have some problems wouldn't we?"

Hyuuga Trainer looked, as his two clones were formed, he smiled, as he then was confused at why he dispersed one of the clones, he wasted some of his chakra, as he started to run toward his way, as he noticed he was distracted by his new powers. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he approached, he attempted a series of strikes to his chakra points, attempting to decrease his chakra by large amounts, as he began to laugh.

Ryu Began to hear Hyuuga Trainer's footsteeps, he heard the pattern left, right, left ,right. Ryu broke out into his new battle stance that allowed him to Use his abilities more efficently. His Clone blankly stared waiting for orders and actions to be told. Ryu dashed Forwards into his own clone. In the that short period of time he was know able to Re-activate Aikitatchi. He had directly hit The clone in its stomach.He had used the palm of his hand the main of the hand that tranfers energy. "Aiktatchi! " Ryu shouted as his eyes changed again but staying for a longer duration of time.

By Now Ryu sudden use of Jutsu, Has caused his body to negate in Temperature. Resulting in Body to change in colour turning paler and paler. But as his face changed the passion in his grew to a new level.
By Now a normal clone would have reverted straight away but instead this water clones temperature had been negated by Ryu's direct Impact from his Aiktatchi. It had completely reformed entirely. It now beared and weak Icy armor around the water of the clone. It looked like Ryu performed a transformation on the simple clone.

Ryu stood patiently waiting for Hyuuga Trainer to attack, Aikitactchi now activated all of his chakra at the very moment was converted to its single use on contact his foe would be an instant ice-block.​

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 4
Home Village :
  • Volcano

Element(s) : ?????
Ryo : 3580

PostSubject: Re: Chakra Evolution. [ Private / W.I.P. ]   Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:49 pm

Hyuuga Trainer's hand hit the center of Ryu's stomach, as it began to freeze. Hyuuga Trainer looked forward, as he began to assess the situation. [i]What the hell is going on here, how do I get out of this? Wait, what gets rid of Ice? Fire! But I can't do hand signs with my hand frozen to this guys chest. Wait, I have a jutsu that doesn't need hand signs. Get ready, for this Ryu, you never count a chunin out!" Hyuuga Trainer finished thinking, as he looked Ryu dead in the eye, as he winked and smirked at the boy.

"I shall show you, never to take your eyes off of an opponent, especially someone like me!" Hyuuga Trainer shouted in his ear, as he focused his Katon chakra into his fist, as he unleashed a giant stream of fire out of his fists, directing it toward Ryu's way, this would melt the ice, and go straight for him.

"It might hurt but your wrong, this isn't ordinary Ice jutsu it's built up from my raw chakra converted into ice energy form. Just like your Byuukgan it takes a rich amount of chakra, I haven't entirely mastered it yet so the effects of the jutsu would probably to reverse the effects on me."
Ryu's Face became more serious, as the battle music became more intense.

But before Hyuuga Trainer's Fire Jutsu was able to hit Ryu's Iced Water clone attempted to throw it's fist at Hyuuga Trainer, As Ryu slowly released Aikitatchi. Letting go of the hold of Hyuuga Trainer.
"I might not be physically strong but I have a brain."

Hyuuga Trainer smiled, at Ryu's comment on how his fire wouldn't hurt. "Impressive, your ice is a nice defense, I have to examine more of your power, if you aren't already drained of chakra, I know Academy Students don't have high chakra levels just yet, but show me what else that ice can do!" Hyuuga Trainer shouted to Ryu, as he jumped backwards away from him. "I'll show you what us Hyuuga's can do!" Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he planned to show Ryu something amazing. "I hate to use an A Ranked Jutsu on an Academy Student, but I see potential, I think he can handle it."

Hyuuga Trainer ran forward, as he ran from side to side, he analyzed Ryu. "Get ready, for my ultimate Gentle Fist Technique. Eight Trigrams, Crumbling. Mountain. Bombardment!" Hyuuga Trainer shouted as he homed in toward his way. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as when he got close enough, he attempted to place his palm on Ryu's chest, and unleashed a giant wave of chakra toward his way, this would cause him to be knocked back, and shoot him away at high speeds to the surface behind them.

Ryu Stood there with limited chakra remaining, he saw Hyuuga Trainer talking to him he only listened to a minimal level until he Heard Eight Trigrams. His eyes instantly turned to fear, “I have to do something quickly. I don’t think I’ll be able to Use Aikitatchi again without having dangerous effects.” Ryu sidestepped and began to perform hands. “Aikitatchi: Advanced Form!” Nothing began to happen, His chakra started to get drained. “I SAW THIS IN OUR ARCHIVES WHY ISN’T IT WORKING!” Ryu began to rage with himself. With Aikitatchi in its primary form only able to detect the chakra movement. He saw as the chakra depleted.

Hyuuga Trainer, started to advance forward get closer and closer to Ryu, He clapped his hands once again restarting the flow within system his hands onwards. The chakra stopped at a certain point within his hands, “What’s happening to me” Ryu mumbled something’s blocking my chakra. Maybe the jutsu is actually working. Ryu soon began to re-do the jutsu faster this Time “Aikitatchi: Advanced Form ICE BLADE!” He held his arms in an x position Ice started to sprout from lower his wrists on his fists onwards and formed ice blades in both hands. With his arms still an X, he defended himself. Chakra gone, He used his remaining chakra to allow itself to​ regenerate.

Hyuuga Trainer looked forward, as it seemed the boy dodged the attack, of course, he made it quite predictable to dodge by shouting the name out. Hyuuga Trainer looked forward, as it seemed the boy was training to reach some new form of his kekki genki. With his EX-Byakugan's abilities, he was able to analyzes his jutsus, and it wasn't quite impressive beside his kekki genki. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he looked at his chakra points, as his hand began to itch, screaming to strike them, but he wanted to preform some more recon first. Hyuuga Trainer looked, at his organs, through his skeleton, as he began to laugh.

"You have Ice Crystal in your blood, let me experiment something right quick." Hyuuga Trainer approached Ryu, as he saw him form a ice blade. "I have something to show you too!" Hyuuga Trainer put his hands out, and formed two, nice sized chakra blades. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he ran toward Ryu, with his chakra blades cutting through the ground. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he lifted them both up, and glared Ryu in the eye as he got close, he attempted a two slashes at his sides, as he began to laugh. "Chakra Sword:Great Cross Slash! Feel the love of the Hyper Combo, I mean the Chakra Sword!"

Ryu glared in shame, His eyes know began to zoom out. The background and emviroment slowly fading around him, Family memories returning. Now in a open white space. A calm breeze flows, a bright light in the corner of the open space.
He sees a younger version of himself. Remembering who he is "I must become stronger, to salvage the dream."

Ryu goes back into normal time, his eyes re-focused. His muscles become tense, The Blades withdraw, as he takes a breathe in, His chest inflates. Eyes close, The battle music stops.
A little breeze starts to project from around Ryu's body, His eyes widen peering with a great rage, The blades now reform sharpened and longer.
Ryu now slashed by the sides of his body, the clothes with slashes. His blood peeped out for a mili-second. As cold vapour started to come out, instead of the average bleeding.
"That hurt" Ryu started at Hyuuga Trainer.

Ryu paces then starts to move backwards, trying to diagonally cut Hyuuga Trainer in the chest whilst his legs are lifted from the ground because of the motion.

Hyuuga Trainer stepped back out of the path of the ice swords. Hyuuga Trainer looked forward, as he raised an eyebrow, he smiled, as he began to ponder ways to take Ryu's ice powers on. Hyuuga Trainer got into a stance, as he shrugged his shoulders, and took out his book, and began to read more pages, he read how speed is important on throwing ninja tools also. Hyuuga Trainer smiled, as he put the book away. He was excellent at speed, and he planned to take advantage of Ryu with his immense speed, as he looked at him. "Get Ready!" Hyuuga Trainer shouted, as he got ready.

Hyuuga Trainer dashes forward toward Ryu, as he homes in on Ryu, he looks at his Chakra Pathway System. He jumped behind him, as he attempted various strikes at his Chakra Points.

"Get Ready for what!?" Ryu was instantly caught off Guard, Ryu grinned as Hyuuga Trainer approached "Maybe I should buy some books too" He thought to himself how the hell did I end up training with this guy, his so fast. His a good fighter but his still eager to learn more. Ryu reverted his just and decided he was going to try fight Hand to Hand.
Before Ryu was even able to release his jutsu, Hyuuga Trainer directly hit him in his chakra points. In Ryu's eyes Hyuuga Trainer, was barely in motion the moment of his first strike. But when it seemed like he was finished. Ryu just began to feel more and more. "Such speed" He​ closely glared at Hyuuga Trainer.

Hyuuga Trainer examines his status, as he seems to be hurt. "Let's end the training for today, we can continue this on another day, now if you excuse me, I need to finish up this book." Hyuuga Trainer said to Ryu, as he took it out again, and flipped through various pages. "Your quite impressive, all you need to do, is master your kekki genki, and you would be a deadly ninja. Now, I shall leave you, goodbye." Hyuuga Trainer said as he body flickered away.

Ryu stood their in shock, his chakra levels dropped to zero. He was low on energy, this training session gave him an idea to what power tastes like. Standing still in un-able to move propely. He fell backwards into the calm grass, as the breeze blew into his face whilst he was in mid air. He landed calmly into the soft grass. " Thank you so Much, Hyuuga Trainer maybe next time I might be able to show you a few tricks of my own. Till next time , I guess Hyuuga Trainer." Ryu now glared at the sky, the clouds moving in the distance, the trees going the same direction of the wind, the leafs riding the wind and the birds flying up and down. He smiled gratefully and closed his eyes so he could relax easily. He felt the presence of Hyuuga Trainer dis-appear.

Ryu began to dream, he body now without motion except when he inhaled and exhaled. The last words Hyuuga Trainer said to Ryu began to have an effect on him.​

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Chakra Evolution. [ Private / W.I.P. ]
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